Thursday, 25 November 2021

Eviction City vs Doom United

This is a follow-on from Electrical Persecution

This upheaval is a harsh aspect of the blueprint operation, akin to winter (a female quality).

The attacks on me from the Divine Mother's hierarchy grew much worse from 13 November because they and the Druids had both confirmed that my initiation was due to end on 14th. As always, when they say it's over, things get worse. Packing up all of my belongings and all of my work, and dismantling all of the blueprint branches etc., is heartbreaking. It's like one massive, heavy box that's being loaded on top of all the others I'm carrying as a result of the condensed growth programme. I would be keeling over as it is but the 'evil monsters' are holding me up. This one, however, would floor me in an instant, straight down. The reason I am still standing is that I'm being propped up all the same. If it was an ELEPHANT they would still hold it up. The load may require 2 or 3 strong beings to hold it up. But the Machines of Mother can do it on their own!

The Divine Mother is my chairman-manager. And She appears to have a vested (evolutionary) interest in losing the game. Lawyers I may contact are potential goalkeepers (professional ones). The lawyer who showed an interest in my case at the beginning of this eviction ordeal was my goalkeeper for all of one day (because the court resides in another county). I have had no goalie since then. The 'support worker' who has been protecting me from my oppressors in the outside world is my defence. I'm in midfield. The nonphysical Druids are my centre forward. The younger representatives of the Divine Mother's hierarchy who are preparing to replace my star counterpart (who withdrew five years ago) are my centre half. They're the ones who prevented me from getting a lawyer when I was running out of time. ("Look, YOU lost the game for me. Fuck off!"). Not the outer team but the inner section.

Any electricians I contact are potential wingers. Again, they tend to offer some information or advice and promptly withdraw which equates to coming on a subs, kicking the ball once and falling over due to 'injury.' They are on the right since the energy company is on the left wing (never quite as far over to the left as they should since privatisation crushed poor people with its bulldozer). They've been there all along, but no one has kicked the ball to them until now. The energy company that owns the electrical equipment in the cellar are shared with my landlady even though she cancelled their maintenance service last year. Her team avoids kicking the ball to them since she's better off without their involvement.

My landlady is their club chairman-manager. She may not need or have a goalkeeper. Her lawyers are her defence. The older representatives of Mother's hierarchy (aka 'monsters') are her midfield - kicking the ball to them and into my half. The Eviction Specialist is the landlord's centre forward. He looked genuinely chuffed last time he came here. "Who do I contact. You?" he smiled. It's a whole different ball game without a legal defence.

Boris 'Ball Crusher' Johnson gives away another penalty

The electrician company are her right wing, with the managing director on the right. Their approach (as capitalists) is single-minded. They want to score the contract. And they only look at the game from one angle, with a belief in what they've been taught and an emphasis on 'progress.' Their 'professional opinion' does not accommodate considerations such as tenants rights or actual needs! They are prepared to bow safety issues out of proportion to make their point. "Three people died in the town as a result of electrical faults in the past two years!" Right but they won't tell you it was from old wiring or fuses. In fact, although there is concern about the quality of some household appliances with regard to being a fire hazard, the electrical  fatality rate has decreased over the years.

The referee is the judge, the representative of the law.

"Well, we went to court. And I stood before the judge. He said: "Mr Voltage..." "Yes, sir." And he burst into tears. But not really.

I'm always in midfield. Running around, getting the ball and passing it on. A bit of attack here, a bit of defence there...And spending the rest of the time with my head in my hands: "Oh no!" "Oh no!" "Oh no!" "Ouch." Always relying on other players to perform to their optimum. And never succeeding. If I had one decent winger or centre forward we might be able to take them on and score at least one goal.

I kick the ball to my centre forward thinking it's going in the right direction but they keep kicking it back towards MY goal. Their job is plainly to keep the ball in my half throughout the game, even though they occasionally make it look like they mean well and can be trusted as advisors.

"We're one step ahead of him." Yes, in the wrong direction! It has been suggested that their centre forward has said to my defence, "I've got a solution. Let's kick the ball in the net together." "Yeah, OK." And their wingers kick the ball to my defence and it's returned to them as they advance towards my goal. So they have befriended my defence who is well aware of their power and wealth, as well as my weak position in the food chain. These are indirect own goals. "We won!" Yet they let in goals and lost the game. Too busy fending off the Eviction Specialist who was determined to score. And the managing director of the electricians firm who wanted the contract. "Their centre forward and right wing were threatening us so we had to comply."

However, it could just be that, with no lawyer present, I am simply a sitting duck because my defence is weak and I have no goalkeeper. My defence have been looking after me by keeping possession of the ball - until now. The opposition assumed I had a defence, or a half-decent goal keeper, because they got wind of it on Facebook. But then they finally learned that there is no solicitor at my end protecting the actual goal.

In fact, the local council are acting as my goalkeeper. I might as well not have one since they do not cover the whole net. They only shuffle a few steps and defend the central area because their priority is to prevent me from becoming homeless. They are less concerned with fighting on a legal front because that's another ball altogether. It's a much harder game to play.

I have more supporters - friends and people who have 'seen' the Druid page on Facebook, and at least 'liked' the pretty pictures. If anyone is willing and able to join my team they become substitutes that I can call onto the pitch to play. They don't mind losing a game as long as we don't get relegated. So losing 5-nil is a result! "Didn't we do well!" And, from their point of view, we did. It's fine to lose at football. Their goal is to keep the club open in order to remain in the league. Low expectations in a capitalist world ruled by greedy corporations and savage opportunists. Most people watching the game only flick over to the channel briefly on their televisions. The defence let in 5 goals so it's not as if it's 10-nil at full-time. No, but I still lost.

My landlady's family are her coach. Mine is the person who has been petitioning the Goddess for assistance on my behalf. I'm asking him to find some subs to bring on or whatever miracles he can muster. And he's going, "OK, no problem, I'll send more prayers." "I said PLAYERS, not prayers!" (A little joke). He confidently says "Have faith. I've done this before and it usually works wonders." But it never does in my case. Also, he can only lip read from the sidelines. "OK!" *wink*

Her ex-husband (my previous landlord) WAS her midfield but has now retired from the game and supports another team now. He is watching the game on TV as well, not terribly concerned WHO wins.

The hidden Elite (bloodline families) are the FA. And the faction under them  that is currently meant to be in the process of standing down own the tops clubs that always win. They run the show and are out for themselves. But at least this motivates them to keep the game alive and persuade as many people (mostly men) to follow a team and keep track of their position in the division.

"Have you started packing things into boxes?" It's like asking, "Have you started destroying your home yet?"

Sob sob the landlord can't get insurance because she needs an electrical safety certificate. Had she remained with the previous supplier they could have inspected THEIR equipment and no doubt produced one after a little remedial work. They are arguing that she is having to operate illegally because of ME. Yes, of course it's MY fault!

The players are destroying (the representative of) humanity so that the Divine Mother et al can start from scratch, with a clean slate. What's left is also being sabotaged now. Yes, I am attached to my home and the inspired decor which doubled as a physical aspect of the blueprint of Fulfilment on Earth.

In terms of chess, lawyers would be my bishops and electricians my knights - if I had any on my team. A legal defence would be something to build on. My support worker is my knight(s). However, the recent contributions from electricians in terms of information and advice do constitute knights that come and go. And I have no bishop. Whereas my landlady's electricians are her knights and her lawyers her castles. The Eviction Specialist is her bishop(s). She is her own queen and mine is the Divine Mother (who is more interested in losing!). It might just as well not be there. The Druids are my castles. In this game of chess, the opponent swept most of my pawns off the board in one go. All I can do I try to push one of the pawns that survived the massacre forward to claim a queen at the other end of the board.

As for blackjack, I was dealt such a poor hand that I was bound to lose from the beginning. A lawyer would have equated to a pair or a few cards of the same suit. Again, something to establish further with a view to winning. I've been fighting a losing battle all along.

Too little too late. They're trying to evict me. And the compromise is moving out with nearly everything I own placed in storage for TWO days! For an electrical upgrade at the tenant's expense under the guise of risk of electrocution (all of a sudden, after ten years). Or an electrical safety certificate will be withheld. Extortion in other words.

The removal operation is only a 'solution' because it's been left too late to find a lawyer. This has been done to me deliberately because I represent the human condition generally.

A Druid tells me that life in a matriarchal world is more secure but that comes at a price, mostly for males.

Anyway, once this is over, I will always remember who has done what to me! And it goes all the way up to the government and beyond, trust me!

"Yeah, so where are all these 'gods' then?"

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Electrical Persecution

I rent a two-bed house in West Yorkshire. I have lived here for 10 years.


Sock it to me!


1. On February 17th, I received a brief email from my landlady notifying me that an electrician was going to phone me to arrange for electrical safety tests to be carried out. They made an appointment for the following day. Nobody explained that I needed to clear some space around each socket in the house. Two electricians went round the house testing the sockets for the quality of current or something. The one who was using the device was flustered and complained that he couldn't get to every socket. And he said that certain sockets were under par and weren't earthed or something. I'm pretty sure this simply excused their objective as planned. "Oh good, an old house!" They also didn't approve of the shower switch for some reason. I mean it's worked perfectly for well over a decade! I believe they were brazenly applying pressure on me to comply. It's really urgent and important! Ooh!


They also told me that they were unable to turn the electricity off completely to perform their tests properly because the mains board was old and had rusted into the wall, by which they must have meant that the screws are metal and reside in a damp cellar! I though the trip switch, which I have only used once (successfully), was enough but apparently not. They told me it would need to be replaced with a digital consumer unit before they could perform new tests and that it would be very sensitive and shut the electricity down if it picked up a weak signal. This meant that some rewiring would be necessary. They would contact me in a few weeks because their schedule was full, I was told. In addition, they require access to the street level wires that are shared with the neighbouring house, which would require moving more logs from the cellar to the street.


It's like they are saying that my previous landlord didn't know what he was doing and never had the electrics checked or anything  - which simply isn't true. The cut-out unit itself cannot be 100 years old. And there are stickers on it suggesting that it was at least approved in 2009, two years before I moved in. Yes, ideally, that and the fuse box ought to be replaced along with the wiring. But we do not live in an ideal world. Electricians may earn a decent salary but the majority of people struggle to make ends meet. And we still have some rights as well, believe it or not. I have now taken photographs which I am sharing with people.


Evictions R Us


2. Two weeks later, I received a text, an email and a (missed) call from a man calling himself an 'Eviction Specialist.' I phoned him back and he assured me that he hadn't been hired to evict me. He runs a company that offers to 'take control' of properties on behalf of landlords. And had taken over the management of my tenancy on behalf of my landlady. He booked an appointment to look around the house to see what work may need doing in the future. While he was here he told me that rents had generally increased by 25% as a result of the lockdown, which I simply dismissed as nonsense. As you do.


Sock...I mean Shock Therapy


3. The Intimidation Specialist then put my rent up by £99 a month (from £375 to £474)! They never stop to consider the fact that I have rights - any of them! And I received 2 or 3 emails a day from both him and my landlady, bullying me basically. I was traumatised by the onslaught and could no longer look at my inbox. They were pushing me to remove the 'decorative' branches that have been part of my home since 2016 (and they're too elaborate to reinstall). And I was told that I needed to move as much stuff as possible to the middle of each room - a task which I started getting on with because I was also informed that the work was due to be carried out that Saturday. Then I was told that the work may take two days and that the electricians don't work on Sundays! Haha. So it was postponed. In fact, I told the Eviction Specialist that I could handle going without electricity for one day (Sunday). But they had no intention of pursuing the proposal further, it seems. Did he expect me to say no? It turns out the reason the electricians said this is that they planned to avoid doing PAT testing and making a full report before doing any work. They're meant to go away and consider the options or something. I don't believe they were ever really interested in doing an EICR. Just that juicy cheque for £5000! It does look like they want everything removed from the house so they can perform a full rewire on behalf of my landlady without consulting me. They are simply ignoring my rights as a tenant. This issue isn't covered in their belief system. Empathy being one of the Devil's 43 toenails!


Morticia Addams: "Everything in our home is real Mr. Pomeroy."

- 'The Addams Family Tree' (The Addams Family, Season 1,

Episode 5, 1964).


I was then told that, in fact, the electricians required me to take everything out of the house and leave for a day or two! I think that may have been the killer blow from which there was no return. I was even sent a copy of a letter by the managing director confirming this and saying that I was in danger of being electrocuted. I don't think so! Never had a single problem with the electrics in the house in ten years, nor in 38 years as a tenant, nor even heard of anyone being electrocuted due to old or faulty wiring etc.


I told the Eviction Specialist that neither myself nor any of my belongings would be absent on the date provided. And everyone I spoke to believed that he had intended to come and change the locks. Other tenants advised me to get the hell out of there and move. But I can't afford to do that for now. I told the guy I was seeking help for all of it.

Darth Sidious and the electrical discharge from hell


4. My original landlord was a relaxed, friendly man who'd set up a company with his Indian wife (who has been described as 'aggressive') to buy and renovate houses. We got on fine and it was very pleasant living here from 2011 until they got divorced in 2017. His ex-wife, to whom I'd only ever spoken once over the phone, put my rent up by £50 a month when she took over the house, and sold the other 3 or 4 they had owned (it was her money!). It went up again by £25 in 2019 perhaps in an attempt to squeeze me out, I don't know, and she carried out an 'inspection.' She was actually escorted by her ex-husband and asked if she could take some photos. I thought she meant one or two of each room. But she took millions - of all my belongings. Two weeks later, she sent me a letter and official notice that I would be evicted if I did not remove all of the wood from the property. I have an open fire here so I also have logs for that (in addition to decorative branches on each floor). She'd initially complained that there could be a woodworm infestation. When I told her it was old, dry wood and had been here for 3 years without any such issue, she said it was a fire hazard. Anyway, she had the Fire Service round and they were more interested in finding out how responsible I am as an adult.


The conductor takes a bow


5. The Eviction Specialist sent me two eviction notices: a Section 8 for anti-social behaviour (branches, hoarding and noncooperation) and a Section 21 possession notice (because she wants to sell the house but is using all of this as an excuse!). I turned to a lawyer in Manchester because I couldn't get any help, even from the CAB. She sent me an assessment of the situation but said she was unable to take on my Eviction Specialist and electrician company, which she said was newly formed, because the court would be in Bradford. A friend advised me to contact a local Disability Support office because they have a list of services, such as solicitors, who do support poor, vulnerable folk like myself. And, for the first time in 55 years, someone has actually been helping me because of Aspergers Syndrome! Quite amazing really. They were concerned that I was not reading emails from my landlady. She met both the electricians and Eviction Specialist in a Facebook group for (greedy or naive) landlords. And were clearly there in the capacity of financial predators 'advertising their services.' Or opportunists, you might say (if you were being nice!).


Scare tactics


6. The S8 was filed but not sent to the court but we only found out in June when the proposed hearing date came and went. The Eviction Specialist then arranged for a private fire protection service to come and inspect the branch structure around the fireplace. By that time, I had invested in a bottle of flame retardant spray. That guy was trying it on as well but I had predicted that he would. He wanted to profit from the situation by installing a wired smoke alarm system around the house and spray the wood with his own chemical concoction himself. For a nice fee, naturally. Capitalism sucks! I use the free Fire Angel smoke alarms provided by the Fire Service because there is a broken wired system in the house that probably hasn't been in use since the property was purchased by my landlord(s).


My advocate was present and the Eviction Specialist agreed to deal with him instead. Not long afterwards, I was informed that the Eviction Specialist had admitted that they were using the situation to try and make me remove the branches from the house (or move).


"Who'd have thought it? I'm getting on really well with the Eviction Specialist. He's offered us this amazing deal where you've only got to take everything out of the house and..."


Mission Control, we have a problem


7. I was informed that a date had been set for PAT testing and that I needed to clear a space around each socket in the house. Plus the mains. So I did and I was not told to leave the property on this occasion. I let the electricians in at 8am and went back to bed because I struggle with early mornings. I went back down at 9 and they'd gone! I was later informed that it was because I hadn't moved all or most of my belongings from the house, which would be impossible. They want as much of the wall space as possible cleared and ample space to move and use their rewiring machine. I was told that they don't know which way round the floorboards are and will only know when they pull the carpet up. They not only plan to replace certain (or all) sockets, but also have to install more sockets in order to satisfy the demands of the new consumer unit.


This again. This is a tiny house and I have important work that I'm doing here which takes up a large amount of space. The new owner was already using this as grounds for eviction. But she did not succeed in convincing others that it was legitimate. Although the threat of eviction for noncooperation remains (for refusing to place everything into storage for two days). "One shock for 'no,' two shocks for 'yes.' Oops. He's copped it!"


A king's ransom


8. Disability Support and the local council's department for helping tenants who are on the verge of being made homeless went out of their way to raise £2,000 to pay a removal company to move everything into storage. I live on £60 a week so I can't afford to suddenly move, even if it's back to the house in which I already live! In fact, they were hoping to secure a DHP for half of it from the council. But that department found the proposal as absurd as I do at first. I had a sort of nervous breakdown which bided them more time. And this has enabled them to find the money.


What does this button do?


9. I'll have a few weeks to box everything up. I am being threatened with a court hearing by 1 December if I don't comply with these demands. My landlady's finger is on the S21 trigger. At least this is what the Eviction Specialist claims. He is still saying he doesn't want to evict me! 'What a nice man.' lol. I mean, facing these characters in a court of sounds like an episode of Batman or something. Catwoman, the Joker and Two-Face teaming up to get one over on the law! She already told the council she 'wants me out' when they phoned her to ask why she'd issued both types of eviction notice. She told them never to contact her directly again.


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.


10. I am already struggling to find a few things since the space around the sockets has been clear for several weeks now. I am unable to open one of the wardrobes very easily owing to stuff piled up in that corner that doesn't belong there. I consider myself to be very organised. Everything has its place. There is also nowhere for guests to sit since both sofas are full of logs for the fire! Some people might define that as a mild form of abuse. But it's not my fault they have to stand up!


"Ask me my three main priorities for government, and I tell you: tests, tests, tests." - Boris de Piffle Johnson.


11. An electrician to whom I spoke on the phone (a friend of a friend) told me I could pay another electrician to do tests and make a report of their own which I could show the judge. But he was unwilling to assist me any further. And British Gas told me they wouldn't perform tests in the house unless they were commissioned by the owner of the property because they would be liable for any damage caused. An independent electrician might take responsibility since he would only have himself to trust and would know what he was doing. My advocate says that the landlord chooses the electrician so what they say goes. That's convenient!


"Where there is a will there is a lawsuit.” - Addison Mizner.


12. I also spoke to a local lawyer recently but I have learned that solicitors don't like touching 'domestic disputes' these days because there's no money in it. In fact, most only seem to offer a Will-writing service in this day and age - which anyone can do, if you haven't heard. So he had no advice whatsoever to offer. And even the lady from the council department said that they have never heard of or dealt with a case like this ever, which sounds suspicious in itself! I mean is my situation unique? My argument is that there are millions and millions and millions and millions of properties across the globe that still have the original wiring. And that this is not a good enough reason to impose an unwelcome upheaval on a tenant - unless there is an actual safety issue. Which there isn't.


Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Throw...the third switch!

Igor: [shocked] Not the third switch!

Young Frankenstein (directed by Mel Brooks, 1974).


13. And no specific issue has been stated even! The managing director of the company has simply claimed twice that I'm in danger of being electrocuted. Well, having lived here for ten years it is clear to me that this is quite plainly untrue. He also told me that tenants usually just comply! But I believe that was another ploy to make a weak-minded person accept their nonsensical, profit-oriented arguments. This would probably constitute a crime in a socialist country! Just saying.


"It's not the house I need protection from, it's the electricians!"


Why did the fireman refuse to work from home?


14. My advocate claims that the lady to whom he spoke at the fire service in Halifax told him they are obliged to check the sockets and wiring themselves as a result of the new electrical safety legislation. I don't think so! They aren't qualified to do electrical safety tests.

Tony Montana: "Me, I want what's coming to me...The world, Chico, and everything in it."

Scarface (directed by Brian De Palma, 1983).


15. I don't believe there are sufficient grounds to launch an assault on my right to 'quiet enjoyment.' I believe in justice and, unfortunately, I am unable to assert my rights in England, 2021. When I told a friend it's going to cost £2,000 to store everything for two days he immediately replied: 'That's extortion.' So there is that as well. Has the world suddenly gone mad or what? It's looking that way.


The unnecessary rewiring of a house is an upgrade that cannot be imposed on a tenant without their consent. This also happens to be the first step towards putting a property on the market, of course. It increases the value. They are all out to make a profit at my expense, in other words. I'm the only thing standing in their way. If I know I've got rights and they cannot carry out such work on the back of the new electrical safety legislation then I'm able to put up a fight. As I said, all of my friends who are tenants advised me early on to move when these people ganged up on me. I can't afford to for now. Simple as that.

This has now reached the critical stage where, unless I find someone in a position of authority to stand up in my defence, both my life and my work will be on the line.


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Saturday, 20 November 2021


Lurch Learns to Dance

The Addams Family. Season 1, Episode 1. 1964

Morticia and Gomez are supportive of Lurch and encourage him to follow his gut feeling and take dance lessons.

Sunday, 17 October 2021


The Cure (1989)

Try these sit-ups with head-twists ladies. You'll never look back!

Oh, I miss the kiss of treachery

The shameless kiss of vanity

The soft and the black and the velvety

Up tight against the side of me

And mouth and eyes and heart all bleed

And run in thickening streams of greed

As bit by bit, it starts the need

To just let go, my party piece

Oh, I miss the kiss of treachery

The aching kiss before I feed

The stench of a love for younger meat

And the sound it makes when it cuts in deep

The holding up on bended knees

The addiction of duplicities

As bit by bit, it starts the need

To just let go, my party piece

I never said I would stay to the end

So I leave you with babies and hoping for frequency

Screaming like this in the hope of the secrecy

Screaming me over and over and over

I leave you with photographs, pictures of trickery

Stains on the carpet and stains on the scenery

Songs about happiness, murmured in dreams

And we both of us knew how the ending would be

So it's all come back round to breaking apart again

Breaking apart like I'm made up of glass again

Making it up behind my back again

Holding my breath for the fear of sleep again

Holding it up behind my head again

Cut in deep, to the heart of bone again

Round and round and round

It's coming apart again

Over and over and over

Now that I know that I'm breaking to pieces

I'll pull out my heart and I'll feed it to anyone

Crying for sympathy

Crocodiles cry

For the love of the crowd and three cheers from everyone

Dropping through sky

Through the glass of the roof

Through the roof of your mouth

Through the mouth of your eye

Through the eye of the needle

It's easier for me

To get closer to Heaven than ever feel whole again

I never said I would stay to the end

I knew I would leave you with babies and everything

Screaming like this in the hole of sincerity

Screaming me over and over and over

I leave you with photographs, pictures of trickery

And stains on the carpet and stains on the memory

Songs about happiness, murmured in dreams

And we both of us knew how the end always is

How the end always is

How the end always is

How the end always is

How the end always is

How the end always is



Tuesday, 21 September 2021

The Magus

The Magus British mystery drama directed by Guy Green in 1968. The screenplay was written by John Fowles, based on his acclaimed novel of the same name, published in 1965.

A teacher (Michael Caine) on a Greek island quickly becomes involved in bizarre mind games with the island's magician (Anthony Quinn) and a beautiful young woman (Candice Bergen).

[Nicholas hands a book to Conchis]

Nicholas Urfe: I came to return this.
Maurice Conchis: You came here to meet me. Please, life is short. My name is Conchis.
Nicholas Urfe: My name is Urfe. From the school. I find life long.

"An English teacher arrives on a sleepy Greek island to take up a vacant teaching post. The last man to hold the post committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. Slowly but surely, he is drawn into a bizarre game engineered by a reclusive local magician. The deeper into the game he is drawn, the more he senses danger... yet cannot seem to untangle himself from the fascinating and compelling influence that the game is having on his mind." (Film Affinity).

Note: People who don't like this film are idiots! Such as film critics. What went wrong in film is that the real creativity and consciousness dried up! I find it interesting that this film came out a year after Patrick McGoohan's Prisoner series ran on television.