Sunday, 22 November 2020


Killer Kid

Directed by Leopoldo Savona, 1967

"The ruthless and brutal Captain Ramírez (Ken Wood) hunts down and kills revolutionaries in his search for The Saint (Howard Nelson Rubien), the latter is a pacific revolutionary who advocates lookalike Gandhi non violence against the dictator Porfirio Diaz, he is the righteous leader of the Mexican insurrection against the Federales. The Saint is accompanied by his gorgeous niece Mercedes Hernandez (Luisa Baratto) along with a reluctant rebel and other Guerilleros commanded by the boastful Vilar (Fernando Sancho), a slant-eyed mercenary who has other ambitious plans. Meanwhile, Captain Morrison/Killer Kid (Anthony Steffen) in order to save himself escapes from an US prison and goes to Mexico and he decides to join the Mexican revolution permanently. In the meantime, Captain Morrison/Killer Kid ensures that weapons destined for the Mexican government don't get there to avoid a diplomatic conflict and he clears a ravaged Mexican border town of murdering soldiers. When the villagers are attacked by the cruel Ramirez (Giovanni Cianfriglia as Ken Wood), all of them flee to the mountains pursued by his troops. Killer Kid is resolving a weapons smuggling issue and he attempts to bring peace and order for the revolutionaries who are intent on killing the soldiers responsible for Mexican slaughters. The film is dedicated to the Mexican people." (IMDb).

Arizona Colt Returns

Directed by Sergio Martino, 1970

"Famed gunman Arizona Colt is sent by Moreno to rescue his daughter from the grips of Arizona's old enemy, Keane. But certain complications make the mission far more dangerous than expected." (IMDb). Starring Anthony Steffen as Arizona Colt and Marcella Michelangeli as Sheila

Night of the Serpent

Directed by Giulio Petroni, 1969

"Hernandez, commander of the garrison in a small village, joins a group of townsmen with the intention of robbing orphan Manuel of his inheritance. Luke, suffering from a traumatic past and now an alcoholic, is chosen by revolutionary Pancho to be the pawn of the conspirators." (IMDb). Luke Askew, Luigi Pistilli, Magda Konopka and Chela Alonso.

Friday, 6 November 2020


Directed by Edward Dmytryk, 1965

Based on the novel Fallen Angel by Howard Fast (1962)

Starring Gregory Peck, Diane Baker and Walter Matthau

A New York accountant suddenly suffers from amnesia. This appears related to the suicide of his boss. Now some violent thugs are out to get him. They work for a shadowy figure known simply as The Major (Leif Erickson). David Stillwell traces his past back into the middle of a murder plot in this American neo noir thriller film. Meanwhile Diane Baker is haunting as Shela, the attractive woman who's loyalty to the company is finally overridden by her love for the scientist who  came up with an important formula for making nuclear missiles less dangerous and easier to control. He was being kept alive only in order to extract this information from him. Directly in the end, when The Major discovers that the formula was burnt. The source of Stillwell's amnesia is also uncovered eventually. His boss, whom he admired, had fallen out of the window in his office several storeys up in a tussle to save the formula as it was being burnt to a cinder. And the Private Eye he hires to help him solve the mystery winds up dead, this being his first ever case.

Saturday, 31 October 2020


John Cooper Clarke, 1979

John Cooper Clarke Performing at Alexandra Palace, London, August 1980

Like a nightclub in the morning, you're the bitter end
Like a recently disinfected shithouse, you're clean round the bend
You give me the horrors
Too bad to be true
All of my tomorrows
Are lousy 'cause of you
You put the Shat in Shatter
Put the Pain in Spain
Your germs are splattered about
Your face is just a stain
You're certainly no raver, commonly known as a drag
Do us all a favor, here, wear this polythene bag
You're like a dose of scabies
I've got you under my skin
You make life a fairytale
People mention murder, the moment you arrive
I'd consider killing you if I thought you were alive
You've got this slippery quality
It makes me think of phlegm
And a dual personality
I hate both of them
You're bad breath, vamps disease, destruction, and decay
Please, please, please, please, take yourself away
Like a death a birthday party
You ruin all the fun
Like a sucked and spat-our Smartie
You're no use to anyone
Like the shadow of the guillotine
On a dead consumptive's face
Speaking as an outsider
What do you think of the human race?
You went to a progressive psychiatrist
He recommended suicide
Before scratching your bad name off his list
And pointing the way outside
You hear laughter breaking through, it makes you want to fart
You're heading for a breakdown
Better pull yourself apart
Your dirty name gets passed about when something goes amiss
Your attitudes are platitudes
Just make me wanna piss
What kind of creature bore you
Was it some kind of bat?
They can't find a good word for you
But I can

Sunday, 25 October 2020