Monday, 31 December 2012

Transform and Transmute Fear

By the Team

Channelled through Peggy Black, September 2011

We are here. Once again we are here to remind you of who you are. We acknowledge you for your courage as you welcome more and more light awareness to unfold in your life. We are aware that you are being flooded with information, options, projections regarding upcoming events and timelines. Much of this information is generating fear, fear of the possible disasters that could occur, the end of times, the collapse of your reality as you know it.

We acknowledge the great changes occurring; however, we invite you to hold the intention, the vision and the focus of the events unfolding with incredible ease and grace. We remind you of who you are; remember you are beings of Light, consciousness in physical form, you are multidimensional beings of great understanding, courage and love.

You are here at this time of evolution, this time of wondrous transformation as a conscious vehicle anchoring a new reality for the coming ages. In this field of all possibilities, there are always multi-realities that are available to manifest.

When you recognize and own your personal power and responsibly to influence this field of all possibilities you are truly doing the work that you came to this planet to do. We along with other galactic and celestial ones have continued to encourage you and support you in this incredible endeavor.

You are on the front lines so to speak, you are the conscious interface with this dense, dysfunctional reality. You are here to shift and uplift all that does not serve life and the sustaining of life. We have shared this with you each time we connect in as many ways as possible because we understand that there has been an energy permeating your planet and controlling consciousness for eons of time.

This is shifting; it is shifting because of you. As you anchor this new conscious octave in the quantum field it becomes more pronounced and it simultaneously triggers this awakening and awareness in others. There is an enlightened collective that is reaching a point of power to truly call forth and stabilize the new era of peace and harmony.

As you hold firm your stance, as you continue of offer your physical vehicle as a willing anchor of divine light and truth to be embedded into this energy field, you are the cosmic shift. You become the benevolent pulse of change and transformation.

These prophesies, the harbingers of the end times, the ending of creation cycles, the quickening, these are all generating much fear and uncertainty in the collective hearts and minds. It is from this uncertainty and fear that your reality is unfolding. Now consider the waves of compassion, and the universal harmonics of consciousness that are being triggered and offered by the divine forces of light and love. It is your invitation to welcome this wave of energy, to anchor this reality.

It is the collective together that will create and design the coming times, locking in new vibrations and a new reality of true oneness. Many humans are connecting with these energies of compassion that are being offered and are taking advantage of this momentum to connect with one another and with the celestial realms of truth.

Consider for a moment that 99% of all reality is invisible. We will let that statement settle into your thoughts. Can you stretch into this awareness? Imagine that all that you see, and experience in your physical reality is only 1% of what is available. The rest, the other 99% is vibrating at a higher rate than you can perceive. However just because it is invisible does not mean you do not interface with it.

You are always impacting this hologame/hologram, both the visible and the invisible energy field. That is the exciting part, which can stimulate your awareness. All life on earth connects to this field. All life in the galaxy is linked with this field.

It is your vibrations, your thoughts, especially your conscious heart's radiance that influences this field of all possibilities. You can take action now, realizing that you are able to connect and contact anyone anywhere in time and space. You are becoming aware that you are able to move in and out of density. You are becoming a true light being.

Now with this awareness, began to practice using your extrasensory abilities that are available. Realize that you can offer a healing focused coherent heart intention to any situation on your planet, personal or collective. Step up. The consciousness of your aware heart is the fastest communication in existence.

When there are broadcasts of extreme weather events, the cause does not matter. Whether they are generated by the energies of this planet, whether they are the of mis-qualified energy from the collective shadow or whether they have been manipulated, know that you can offer a vibration that will assist and defuse the power as well as any harm.

Consciously connect with the Elements, those forces that enact these events. Imagine that you can honor and respect as well as lovingly influence the consciousness of air, water, fire and earth. Begin to own this ability. Together as a collective you will bring balance to a planet that is undergoing a deep and profound transformation and uplifting.

This is why you are here, to assist and support this evolution of consciousness. When you hear of some impending doom, when you read words that trigger your fear or see images that are fear provoking, counter this with your awareness and call forth a positive shift in this outcome. Hold a vision, focus your energy and anchor a different reality.

When humans experience fear, they drop into a place where they are operating on automatic, they become unconscious. It is in that place of unconsciousness, that mental place of operating on automatic, that the mass populace usually vibrates. When you fear something you become powerless, you are easy to manipulate, you operate on automatic. You disconnect with your Divine Source.

Be ever diligent, be ever aware, and watch closely what experiences, what thoughts, what images, what words trigger your personal fear. Expand your curious questing mind and begin to observe what images, what statements, what visuals trigger the fear in the masses.

Be aware of the ways that you personally divert your feeling of fear, the ways you distract yourself, the tools you have learned to keep fear at a distance. Most humans are very skilled at hiding their fear from themselves and where there is hidden fear there is a place of deep unconsciousness. There is a place of denial, a place of powerlessness, which allows the human to be controlled and to be manipulated.

When you hold fear in the psyche, it is a vulnerable weakness; until it is discovered, expressed and honored, this fear will contaminate your actions. Once it is brought to the light of consciousness, the compressed energy behind the fear, will release, will soften, will begin to dissipate. When you experience fear in the moment, grab it before it hides; expose it, express it and love it free. Fear keeps you from staying in the NOW.

So when you recognize your personal fears, deactivate them. You can use your tools of sound, of expression, and explore why the fear is there. Where did it come from? How long have you hidden it? You can process your fear lovingly, consciously and as you do you are more available to yourself, you are more available to others, and you are more connected to your Source.

Remember fear is insidious. Fear is the most disempowering of any vibration. Fear is like a virus that spreads quickly in the hearts and minds of others. Fear contracts the cells of the body, slows growth and stops expansion. Fear disables one's ability to find positive solutions. The frequency of fear attracts even more fearful experiences. Fear is commonly used to manipulate the collective. Fear lives in the 1%.

Our messages are always the same; remember that you are powerful beyond measure. You are divine beings of creation. You happen to find yourself in a rather small physical form, dealing with the day-to-day challenges of the 1% of visible reality that you interact with. We realize that this 1% can and often does occupy your entire attention.

We are here to shake you up, remind you that this is just a hologame/hologram. It is time for you to open to the 99% of what is truly reality in all its stunning, amazing and complex beauty. Imagine for a moment that our lowest vibration is ecstasy. We invite you to begin to allow yourself to feel more joy, more gratitude and appreciation.

These are vibrations that influence the field, that invite well-being, that offer healing to yourself, your loved ones, and your earth. These vibrations allow you to absorb more light in your cells and tissues, these vibrations allow your cells to anchor the crystalline light particles that are being offered by the celestial energies flooding your dense physical body. You are awakening to the other 99% of who you truly are. You are energy, you are light, you are alchemist, you are transformer.

Yes we know that the 1% of your visible reality is in a huge shift. There is a falling away of all that is familiar; there are great challenges on all fronts. You could even say that these are the end times, the dark times, the times of great fear. Or you can truly say these are the wondrous times before the dawn of a new reality for humanity, these are the times of a new reality for this planet.

Welcome this radical shift of consciousness on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical as well as celestial. Do all that you can do in holding a pure frequency within your heart to preserve the precious gifts of life on earth. Welcome the loving light of the cosmos which embraces you in this service. You are not alone in the work; call upon the consciousness of other humans who are awakening. Call upon all the divine forces of love, light and truth from all timeframes and dimensions.

Celebrate this opportunity to be of service. The entire multi-verse is watching and supporting your ascension and this planet's ascension to the higher dimensions and realms of divine integrity. We are grateful for our connection with you; we are always honored to share our thoughts, words and invitations. Let us be an energy that you call upon to support and assist you in your challenges, for we see you in your magnificence.

The 'team'

©2011 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.

That is what is meant by ‘the end times’

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 2 October 2011

God’s Love for humanity and for all of His creation is limitless, eternal, and indiscriminate, He loves all with equal intensity, and so called ‘sins’ are no barrier to His Love. Without His Love no one can exist, so no one is without His Love, ever, and that is divine truth. Those who judge anyone as being unworthy of God’s Love, or separated from it, are themselves misguided, confused, or hallucinating – remember, your human condition is illusory; it is a nightmare in which loveless situations are constantly occurring; it is not Reality – and so they too will awaken, because all will awaken, into the divine wonder that is Reality.

Presently, your planet is being inundated with Love from the divine realms to assist and ensure your awakening, and signs of your imminent awakening are apparent everywhere. Look for those signs – truly you cannot possibly avoid seeing them – and rejoice that you are incarnate at this moment in your history to actively take part in this fantastic event. All pain, suffering, conflict, disagreement, disharmony, distrust, and disappointment are to end – permanently. That is the divine Will, and yours, because you are one with It. Your will and God’s are identical; you just chose to be temporarily unaware of it, and that time is approaching its end. That is what is meant by ‘the end times.’

Prior to your awakening, there will be some confusion and anxiety because the change from deep sleep to full wakefulness is a vast change, an enormous step, a little bit like the temporary disorientation you can experience when you awaken in the morning from deep sleep. Don’t be alarmed. You are about to awaken into full-conscious awareness of who you truly are, and that will be an occasion of extreme exhilaration as you experience the wonder of knowing God and His Love for you directly and personally.

Charles Addams visiting the set of The Addams Family

As you wait to awaken, continue to hold your Light high, demonstrating love and compassion in every moment, and relax in the peace that your loving attitudes bring you. Even in the illusion there are no accidents or coincidences; all that occurs is directed by intent, and the intent is to learn and to evolve, and that is what you have been doing. The rate at which you have been evolving has accelerated enormously in recent years in preparation for your awakening, and it will continue to do so until that moment arrives.

Focus on keeping your hearts open in every moment and in every situation – to accept, absorb, and share the Love that surrounds and envelops you, and that desires only to embrace you and share Itself with all with whom you interact, and who are, of course, in the same situation – embraced by Love and sharing It with you. Those with whom you interact and who do not respond in like manner are fearful, in pain, and desperately need your love and acceptance which they receive just by entering your energy field. You need do nothing to enable this loving energy interchange except to refrain from attack or defence, which blocks your outgoing love flow. It can seem frightening not to defend yourselves from an attack, so remind yourselves that an attack is just a desperate call for love and acceptance from ones who have severe doubts about their self-worth, because you know that all are of infinite worth, as all are perfect divine creations. Be strong, be love, and your strength will grow as does your trust in God. Your energy field will demonstrate this by bringing peace and calm to every situation you encounter, allowing the healing balm of your love to soothe and comfort everyone with whom you interact, as you carry your Light high in the service of your heavenly Father. Your awakening draws nigh, and a grand celebration has been prepared to welcome you Home.

With so very much love, Saul.