Sunday, 26 August 2012

Encouragement & Invocations for Challenging Times

This morning, preparing for the monthly conference call with members of the Legion of Michael, I was feeling terrible.  I am still processing deep shifts within my own energy field from recent healings. 

These days deep healing is occurring and may require
you to make difficult choices about your life. It is certainly happening with me. And I know things I need to do which I kind of frankly DREAD. But I will do them, as an act of love for myself and what I know is my path and what is right for me.

While preparing, I called out to Michael about the current state of my being, and I received both a very loving message from Michael and then one from Lady Faith. I shared these during the July Monthly conference call.  I see many of us are going through this time feeling the energy is creating "shaking us down to the bones kind of shifts" and that we're being "cracked open" (as members of the Legion described it today).  After that, I wanted to share these messages, and especially the invocation from Lady Faith with us all.

Love and blessings,

(The transcript is below.)
Message from Archangel Michael
14 July 2012

Dear One,

it is okay that you are feeling as you are. 

This is a sincere expression of where you are at and what is happening within you.  the clearing energies are quite strong and supportive of this transition within you and  you are meeting it with grace and willingness to transform.  Others are also feeling this way and it is comforting to them that they too are not alone.  Live as the light you know yourself to be--even when you do not feel like it, even when you do not feel joy, live as the light you know yourself to be.  Have confidence that this will pass and live as the light you know yourself to be, with faith and trust.

Message from Lady Faith
14 July 2012

These times are trying for all of you.  The intensity of the experience of your energy clarifying while the vibration on the planet rises, is challenging and when you lose your joy, it's disorienting.

It is easy for you to forget, in these moments, the glory of your being and the love that you are.  That is okay.  When you can, remind yourself of this.  When you think of it, when you want to feel better, reorient.  Do not feel a need to change your experience, simply ride it out with deep companionship.  This will evolve your experience more quickly and thoroughly than anything you might "do" otherwise.  The willingness to be one with yourself it the entry to Divine Love.  This willingness opens the flow removing all obstacles the Source of Divine Light and it realigns you with who you really are.  Be willing to be you in whatever way that shows up, while maintaining the intention to arise in Light with Gaia and your fellow Light Bearers.

Each of you will have different areas of life that are more painful, more difficult to return to wholeness.  So each of you will make different changes.  Recognize what you resonate with and use that as a mirror of your inner guidance.  But do not feel compelled to make life changes just because those around you are doing so.  The true guidance is within you and is customized to you, to your uniqueness, to your beauty, to your needs, your preferences and to what is arising currently for you.

It arises most clearly when you are fully present to yourself.  When you feel like doing nothing, do nothing.  When you are experiencing the release of old energies there may be times when there is an absence of joy.  Do not separate from yourself in an effort to change your feelings.  Allow your feelings to change naturally, knowing it is your natural way to be joyful and free and that if you are not consciously focusing upon things with a negative or dis-empowering story, and you feel lower vibrational feelings, you are simply allowing them to arise and clear.

Affirm this:

I NOW RELEASE ALL FEELINGS THAT ARE NO LONGER MINE.  I now release all feelings that are illusions, that in some way are distortions of the true nature of my being.  I trust the love I am to cleanse my being of all that is not love. I am willing to release all that is not love now, with ease and grace.  I am willing to allow my being to transform.  I will support myself with rest and water, with kindness and patience as my physical being remakes itself into a Divine Image of LOVE shaped as me. 

This invocation enlightens your being and lifts your spirits even while in the midst of cleansing, clearing, releasing, transforming.

This is dear ones, the focus for this time period between now and the end of 2012.  There are supportive energies from many streams entering your domain on the planet to further empower your energy systems and to give you the frequencies that you need to rustle up and out the old energies that are no longer suitable for your evolutionary intentions.

Trust in our collaboration with you and call upon us whenever you lose FAITH.

Michael and I are here and this is the moment of time we've long anticipated and waited for.  We are honored to be present with you in this way and to co-create with you, as light and love.

I AM that whom you call Lady Faith.

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Lady Scream

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Drowning Man

By The Cure

She stands twelve feet above the flood
She stares
Across the water

The loneliness grows and slowly
Fills her frozen body
Sliding downwards

One by one her senses die
The memories fade
And leave her eyes
Still seeing worlds that never were
And one by one the bright birds leave her ...

Starting at the violent sound
She tries to turn
But final
Slips and strikes her soft dark head
The water bows
Receives her
And drowns her at its ease
Drowns her at its ease

I would have left the world all bleeding
Could I only help you love
The fleeting shapes
So many years ago
So young and beautiful and brave

Everything was true
It couldn't be a story

I wish it was all true
I wish it couldn't be a story
The words all left me
Breathing like the drowning man

Oh Fushia
You leave me
Breathing like the drowning man
Breathing like the drowning man 

Live From Your Heart

By Archangel Uriel

Channelled through Jennifer Hoffman, 20 August 2012

The potential of your life exists within the knowing of your heart and soul. Yet you use your mind to determine what is possible and its limitations prevent the highest potential from being available to you.

It takes courage to live from your heart, where the true nature of your dreams exist, as well as the outcomes and miracles that can allow them to happen because this requires an expanded vision of your life and potential that the mind cannot comprehend or envision for itself and for you.

The limitations of the third dimension are reflected in your life challenges, which are also the separation between divinity and humanity. In a divine world, the heart/mind partnership leads with love; in a human world the mind leads by itself, with the emotional heart (also ruled by the mind) choosing the present based on the past.

Living from the heart means choosing the highest heart aspects, the unconditional love and peace that are your divine birthright. Humanity’s birthright is karma and the potential for love, which is found in the heart through embracing and partnering with your divinity. The Ascension path leads to incorporation of the divine when you can live from the heart and choose to express its energies, which exist beyond emotion.

The world does not create peace, love and joy, they are created by your intention for these higher energies in and for the world. The world is a mirror of humanity and cannot reflect more love, peace or joy than each of you allows to exist in and flow from your own heart.

Raising the world’s vibrations is the work you have each committed to. There is no single enlightened teacher or master who is responsible for this. You are each other’s teachers and masters, and you shift the world’s energies with every shift in your own vibration.

Choosing to live from the heart requires that you choose a higher aspect of every experience and make a conscious choice for love, surrender, peace, and joy. These energies are all available to you and they exist within each experience, but it is a choice you must make willingly and intentionally.

When you live from your heart you allow your heart’s unlimited potential to expand your reality beyond the limitations of the mind and venture into what has been unknown to you until that moment. Every moment of darkness has a potential for light, every aspect of fear contains a potential for love, and every bit of sadness, pain, despair and powerlessness has the potential for higher aspects when you choose them.

Go within your heart and find the courage to expand its knowing and embrace your highest potential so you can become this in your life and for the world. Heaven on earth is created from following the path of living from your heart and allowing your divinity to expand into your humanity.

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Monday, 20 August 2012


By Dante Micheaux

(for Ishion Hutchinson)

The thing about entertaining them,
about keeping their company,
about fraternizing,
is you must remember
they are bloodless
and have many faces,
though it’s easy enough
to walk in sunlight,
where either you or they
become invisible,
never together seen;
easy to get in bed with them,
to bed them,
to be seduced by them -
listing in their own dominance.
Remember what makes one
animal, is not the high road
but the baseness in the heart,
the knowledge that they could,
at any moment, betray you.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

The illusion is your own collective invention and it is not of God

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 29 July 2012

Humanity has been most successfully impregnated with God’s divine Love.  The seed was always there, and now the nourishing rain of the divine energy field encircling the Earth is bringing it enthusiastically to life.  It has lain dormant for a long time – although it has occasionally been tempted to respond to God’s constant outpouring of Love – because humanity was not ready for the enormous shift in perspective necessary for it to flourish.  That has all changed, and the constant nourishment it is receiving from that divine energy field, to which is added humanity’s own intense desire to awaken, has sparked an irreversible chain of events that will culminate in your awakening.

From our vantage point in the spiritual realms the view is amazingly beautiful. The brightness of the field of Love enveloping you all is stunning!  So much progress has been made in such a short time, compared to the eons during which the illusion held you fast in its thrall, when Reality was hidden from you by the fog of chaos and confusion, prompting your sense of separation which soon enveloped you completely, and cutting off all memories of who you were and where you came from.

That fog is dissolving, and already glimpses of Reality are appearing, as integrity, honesty, and transparency start to replace the dissemblance and corruption with which your worldly affairs have been conducted for so long.  The old order is crumbling all around you, despite the frantic efforts of those it supports to prevent this from happening, and its demise cannot much longer be prevented. Clement conditions, in which you will live and thrive, will soon be upon you, and you will find that the time during which you have been waiting and hoping for this has been exceptionally well-spent.

An environment in which you can thrive and flourish has long been prepared for you; all that remained was for you to embrace it whole-heartedly.  And that is what you are now in the process of doing, as you work to release all the unforgiving attitudes and behaviors that have kept you very firmly anchored in the illusion.
Reality — the environment towards which you are heading — is Love: a place of peace, harmony, creativity, acceptance, inclusiveness, and cooperation, in which nothing unloving could ever exist, because there is nothing else.  Anything unloving is illusory and serves only to hide from your view the wonder of God’s divine and all-encompassing Reality.  Because it is illusory, all you have to do is release it, by refusing to play any of the games it attempts to entice you into – fear, anger, judgment, blame, righteousness, victimhood, hate, envy – which are all illusory but nevertheless very damaging concepts that only confuse and distract you from the joy and bliss of living.

The illusion is your own collective invention and it is not of God.  You built it to prove to yourselves that you had no need of God.  And look where it has landed you.  You did a great job!  It is so convincing, that to you it seems absolutely real — so real that enormous numbers of you believe that it is all that exists, and that is the spiritual realms that are illusory.

Your sciences – physics, engineering, mathematics, medicine (pharmacological, surgical, preventative, psychiatric), psychology, etc. – have, for the most part, wholly denied the possibility of anything existing that cannot be measured and sensed through your bodily senses, or through any extensions to those senses, such as microscopes, telescopes, and various other electronic and electrical devices that merely enhance the physical faculties of the human body.

Now, however, it is becoming increasingly apparent to those who are willing to be aware that this picture of reality is really quite inadequate, that there most definitely are realms other than the ones to which you have become accustomed to experiencing physically, and that cannot be measured by your scientific instruments.

This is a tremendous step forward for you.  It means that it is no longer frowned upon to investigate the spiritual realms, although mainstream science still has some problems with this.  Once, any scientist who publicly admitted to investigating the possibility of a reality beyond the physical one was promptly disowned and ostracized.  That is changing, and those who have the courage to expand their areas of study and investigation beyond the restrictive fields of which mainstream science approves are finally being heard.

This growing acceptance by mainstream science of the reality of the spiritual realms is part of humanity’s awakening process.  Many people require science to endorse new concepts and beliefs by declaring them scientifically proven before they will accept them.  This new and successful scholarly research into spirituality is assisting them to make the necessary changes in their personal beliefs, so that they can embrace spirituality and accept into their hearts the energy of the divine Love field that constantly surrounds you all.

This is truly a wonderful time to be experiencing life on the Earth plane because all the planning that has been leading up to this moment is coming to fruition, and you will all be present to take part in this extraordinary and momentous event.

With so very much love, Saul.

Your awakening will allow you to interact fully with all of creation

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 1 August 2012

We are all one – there is no separation.  Your human perception of individuality is caused by the severely limited state of consciousness that you experience, and this makes it extremely difficult for you to perceive very much at all.  As individuals, you engage in apparently separate disciplines, areas of interest, of study, of entertainment, of activity, etc. which further emphasize your sense of separation and hide from you the all-encompassing oneness that is your original and eternal state of existence.  Your awakening will remove those severe limitations, allowing you to interact fully with all of creation and to offer all your diverse skills and talents to enhance God’s ongoing creative enterprise, in which all participate gloriously and harmoniously.

Because of your presently limited state of consciousness, you have only a very slight awareness of your skills and talents as you use them to earn your living or to entertain yourselves, but you are all extremely talented and creative beings, and this will become apparent and will delight you when the illusion dissolves and you are once more able to access the infinite knowledge of the divine realms.  To fully partner with God in your creative endeavors is, and always has been, your destiny, and you are shortly to engage with it.

Your destiny is your natural state, the state in which God created you as eternal beings always at one with Him.  You have never left it; it just seems that you have, and your present ongoing life experience is a distraction – an extremely powerful and enticing one – with which you engage continuously through your bodies and all their senses.  Yes, your bodies are powerful, distracting attention-grabbers, and that includes your thought processes and emotions; and it is very difficult for you to withdraw your focus from them for very long because they always seem to have needs requiring your attention – food, drink, exercise, sleep, entertainment, worry, competing, winning, etc.

Meditation, quiet relaxation, feeling the earth, the trees, enjoying the beauty of a view or the sunset can help you reach a “non-ordinary” state of consciousness, where the pressures of living in a body can be greatly reduced to the extent that you can become momentarily unaware of it.  When that happens, you experience a sense of sublime peace.  Most of you have at some time had an experience like this, and you never forget it.

For some it is very intense, for others just an extremely peaceful release from the stress of daily living, but it is unforgettable. It is a veiled glimpse of Reality that you would love to experience more frequently and easily, and yet it seems to elude you no matter how hard you try to re-experience it.  And of course the trick is not to try, and that too is very difficult.  Once experienced, you cannot help yearning for it and looking for it whenever you think that you are close to that inner place in which it occurred.

But of course a non-ordinary state of consciousness is really an extremely ordinary state!  It is just that because of the distractions of the illusion it is very rarely experienced.  The illusion is an all-encompassing environment that demands your constant attention.  The thing is that you do not have to respond to those demands.  It is incumbent on you to be aware of them, but then you must decide whether or not to comply with them.  That is what free will is all about.

Far too frequently your ego succeeds in convincing you that as you live in this world it would be foolish, even insane, not to cooperate with it fully – you need to earn your living, sort out your relationships, attend to your children, keep your body in good shape, take out health insurance, not make yourself look a total idiot by trying to be honest in a dishonest world – and its reasoning seems so reasonable.  But, deep within yourselves you sense that something about this reasoning is seriously amiss — and you are correct.

Everyone experiences dissatisfaction with human existence, and yet you often reason that that is the human condition.  But that does not ease your dissatisfaction. You may bury it as you actively work very hard at playing out the hand that you have been dealt.  Nevertheless, deep within you there is a sense of anxiety, a sense that you are missing out on something, that there must “please God!” be more to life than this endless struggle to survive.  Others do not seem to suffer from this angst, so you dare not discuss it with anyone, and you just soldier on.

That inner yearning is your divine wake-up call.  It is not a psychotic threat to your sanity.  But because you all experience life as separated, individual, you cannot see how others feel, and you worry that you are horribly different from all those basically normal people you see all around you.  And when you see someone trapped in some sort of addiction, or homeless on the streets, it confirms for you that the world is a very dangerous place and that you must conform or sink.  So you keep your angst to yourselves, as a closely guarded secret.

Yes, some of you may enter psychotherapy in the hope of achieving some kind of relief, but you are also aware of people who have spent years in therapy with no obviously beneficial results – they just keep changing therapists – unless they are lucky enough to find someone who is open to deeper discussions of their issues and who will look at them from a spiritual standpoint.

So that angst, that dissatisfaction, is your intuition attempting to make contact with you by distracting you from the distractions of the illusion.  It feels like an inner conflict between “shoulds,” as part of you feels honor bound to do them and part of you wants freedom from doing them.  It is very confusing for you.

Keep reminding yourselves that these feelings are to encourage you to spend time quietly, alone, without distractions (phone, TV, children, spouses), when you make a point of not focusing on the anxieties and worries of daily life (it can help to play some soothing music quietly in the background), and just let go!

Maybe you will weep, maybe you will laugh, or maybe nothing will apparently occur, but by allowing yourself that time, and by thus honoring yourself, even if only for five minutes during the day, you will strengthen your self-esteem, your God-given right to be yourself (after all, who else can you be?), and in those minutes your heart will open to accept the constantly offered gift of God’s Love for you – and you will feel it as a moment of peace or of self-validation.

You owe yourself that personal, private space every day, because it is where you can find the peace and the stillness you need to strengthen your ability to hold the Light and allow it to burn ever more brightly within you.  You are all bright jewels, piercing through the gloom and despondency of the illusion, and showing the way towards awakening.  This is your duty and your joy as the divine way-showers that you are, and by making time for yourselves daily, you will experience that joy and know you are on your path doing precisely what you incarnated to do.

Others may well try to dissuade you from offering love, compassion, and honesty indiscriminately in every situation.   But you know, deep within yourselves, that this is your path, and that just by living it and demonstrating it you are changing the whole world!

With so very much love, Saul.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

King Arthur's Disasters. Splinters in the Knight

All Knowledge Is Within You

Message from P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, August 2012  
Beloved ones, all of the knowledge of all of the world is within you. And you know, to tap into it, you do not have to read another thing. You do not have to go to another workshop. You do not have to have another therapy.

Do you realize that all of that is simply stories that you hook into so that you will not have to feel? Well, if you will not feel, you will never come to know the Gods and Goddesses that you are.

We do not tell you anything that has not been said to you a thousand times before. We do not say anything which has not been said to the humanities for eons of time. It is simply that you do not hear. You are so busy in your mind saying 'but' and 'if', so busy hooking into the stories, that you do not hear. And you do not hear because you are terrified of giving up that which you call the addiction to your condition now.

What we tell you is the utmost simplicity. What we tell you works. What we tell is that which will create freedom - free dominion - freedom from fear, freedom to be who you are.

What we offer you is simply a reminder that you create it all. If you really desire change, if you truly, truly want freedom, all there is to do is to begin to be. It is not so difficult.

And when you forget to be, that is all right - do not run what is called 'heavy judgment' and do not worry that you will miss the boat. You will not. You have already committed yourself to the change simply by birthing yourself here and now.

So it is not that you will miss out. And when you miss an opportunity to transmute the pain, to embrace the fear, that is all right. There is only one thing that you can be absolutely sure of and that is you will re-create the situation again, hmm!

And time does not matter. What is it that is hurry? There is no hurry because time, outside of this time-space continuum, it is all occurring at the same time.

This life was meant to be easy. This life was meant to be joyful. This life was meant to be played. Are you ready to give up the struggle? Ready to start playing? Ready to embrace that babe within you that is so afraid? Are you ready, really, to be who you are?

"It would be nice if i could just frantically smash down ctrl+alt+delete to solve my problems but alas life isn’t a windows operating system." - Kitty.

You see, beloved people, are you ready to stop being spiritual, to stop playing the game? Because while you are busy being spiritual, while you are busy being this person that you feel you should be, while you are busy taking all of what are called belief structures from your religion and from the social structure and bringing them into what is called this new religion, called New Age, you are not being who you are. You are simply re-creating other structures within that framework of belief to keep you from feeling, because all the structures feel safe.

Even the fear feels safe because you know it. The pain and the anguish that you have known from your birthing feels safe. You know it. You are intimately acquainted with it.

And what is called 'leaping into the abyss without a parachute', what is called the 'act of faith', is simply to leap off when you are not really sure that you can fly! It does not matter what we tell you. Even if you believe it with your intellectual mind, you do not KNOW it.

So, as you may turn around your belief structures, as you may identify that which keeps you where you are, as you identify how wondrously you create your reality moment by moment, soon that belief up here (points to head) that says you can fly becomes an absolute knowing within your heart because all of those beliefs up here really are only up here.

What we are concerned with, absolutely, is your heart. Your heart, so that you feel safe to become vulnerable, so that you feel safe to be absolutely who you are. And that occurs when you know that who you are absolutely, every facet of you, is simply an exemplification of the Source - of Creation. And you may do it step by step.

Wondrous indeed, is it not?!


Friday, 17 August 2012

Understanding Fear

By Lord Buddha

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 29 June 2010

May the abundant blessings of the Creator shower onto and into your being now, bringing forth the greatest existence of joy, happiness and bliss. My dear friends it is not only your privilege to be happy on the Earth but it is your truth and the natural existence of your being. Happiness is an emotion of love and love is the truth of the Creator's soul. At the high vibrations of the Creator universe it is only the vibration of love that is in existence, this is because every essence, consciousness or focus within the Creator's soul is of love and so this emanates limitlessly into the universe. It is important to realise that it is your divine right to align with the Creator's soul and to receive sacred energy and illumination. It is also your sacred right to become one with the Creator and embody the soul of the Creator on the Earth and the many levels of the inner planes. With the realisation of your divine right you are able to take action and focus your existence on accepting these sacred blessings, which you naturally are anyway. Due to the fact that every soul on the Earth is an aspect of the Creator when they align to the Creator this creates feelings of comfort, joy and happiness as the soul is reunited with and reminded of its truth. In fact, happiness and a sense of relief or safety manifests because the illusions, fears and limitations of the Earth are stripped away at that point of reconnection with the Creator which brings an immense liberation.

When we enter onto the Earth as souls we descend into a low vibrating energy which feels abstract and somewhat uncomfortable after the high vibrations of the inner planes. Whereas on the inner planes everything manifests with precise speed and vitality, the slow vibrations of the Earth allow for a feeling of heaviness and restriction. For many it can feel as if the soul is being caged and trapped. The slow vibration of the Earth means that we experience all emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions at a slower rate, it is as if they hang in the air for you to view and examine before letting go or accepting. The process of growth is slowed down and all experiences are intensified for greater development and further exploration of the Creator's energy. When we are aware that everything we experience is at a slow rate, is therefore weighty and can sit heavily on our shoulders then we have a realisation that allows us to break through the illusions that the slower vibrations create to connect with the high vibrations which bestow a greater appreciation of the truth of the Creator.

When we allow our mind especially to be drawn into or embedded in the slow vibrations we truly feel the reality of fear, limitations and hopelessness. This can be overwhelming creating the awareness that no other reality is true other than the reality of fear. It is this reality that causes so much emotional, mental and even physical pain, allowing an experience of the numerous manifestations of fear. It is important to realise that fear is a manifestation of the Creator's energy, but it isn't a manifestation from the Creator, rather a projection from our own energies within us when we are off balance or disconnected from the truth and love of the Creator.

As I stated previously the soul can feel trapped or caged within the slower vibrating levels and this manifests numerous fears within the mind and being as it no longer feels supported by the energy of the Creator and can feel separated from everything else. If we were to rise up to completely embody the higher vibrations of the Creator's light then all fears would simply flow away and we would see their lack of importance, but because we are constantly in existence within the slower vibrations even when we reconnect with the Creator we can still feel or recognise the fears rising from within us. It is almost as if there is a lack of trust in the Creator's support and this is evident because of the continued manifestations of fears. When we place our complete and absolute trust in the soul of the Creator then fear has no place within our beings as we are cradled in love entirely. Love becomes our only reality and truth prevails.

With the understanding that fears are magnified due to the slower vibration of the Earth and that all fear or negative situations start within us and are projected into our reality, we can then begin work on dissolving and removing fears to exist as love. The slower vibration means that we will experience fears more fully but we must be aware that this doesn't make them real; they are still delusional projections from within your being. When you begin to learn what is the truth and what is false within your reality then you will gain a greater perspective of clarity and balance. This doesn't mean that we can pull away from our reality and responsibilities but simply signifies that we do not have to allow fears to affect us as fully and can avert our concentration to the truth and our alignment with the Creator.

These are realisations that most light beings on the Earth will accept at a certain stage of their growth or already realise, but to place the perceptive into your reality and examine when you are being grasped or deluded by fears brings forth a great illumination to all aspects of your being, allowing for a greater connection with the mighty soul of the Creator.

In many ways we can state that all fears are false because the only truth is love; the love that pours from the Creator's soul and exists within your being in abundance. To experience and truly embody this love simply requires a shift in perspective from fear to love, allowing yourself to remain focused on love at all times but not forgetting the valuable lessons that can manifest from fear. Many people believe that fear is needed on the Earth and that one cannot live without fear but when fear is released the soul becomes prominent and guides you accordingly creating perfection and purity within your reality. When we cling to fear we are holding on to the greatest fear of all, fear of connecting with the Creator's soul and of being loved completely and absolutely. It is every soul's divine right to be loved; it is now time to allow this divine right to come into fruition through your acceptance of the Creator and understanding of fear.

The love of the Creator encapsulates you now,

I am Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos

Shedding the Fear of the Planet

By Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 17 June 2010

Beloved light and love beings of the Earth I send to you my deepest respect as a greeting as we connect our energies as one. I am Archangel Metatron, I extend the most sacred angelic energies, vibration and consciousness to you now, drawing from the abundant generosity, love and devotion of the angelic kingdom. We the angelic beings are the loving heart of the Creator and we encapsulate you now in the immense purity and love that we hold. We are here as an example of the Creator's love within the mighty soul of the Creator and the love that the Creator holds for you. We are also symbols to you of the sacred wealth of love that you hold within your being, which is your essence and truth. Allow yourself to open your heart to us and the symbol of love that we exist as and know that as you do so you are awakening to the powerful love that you naturally manifest as.

There are so many energies, qualities and vibrations that extend from the Creator's soul and exist in manifestation on the Earth, these energies can cause such confusion within the minds and hearts of many resulting in a disconnection from the Creator's soul or a separation forming within your being. It is important to realise that there is in truth only one core energy within your being and reality and that is the energy of love. The Creator is present in everything you are, do and experience, the energy of the Creator is always love and so as you accept the love of the Creator you will experience the love of the Creator on the Earth and within your reality. When we allow ourselves to become unbalanced or out of alignment with the Creator we see that an additional energy or existence manifests, this is the energy of fear which brings forth a mind of or concentration on illusions and false impressions. It is almost as if we create a reality for ourselves that is a complete illusion as it does not hold the truth of the Creator. This reality feels so real and can mean that we question the existence and will of the Creator, because through fear we blame external source for any pain or misfortune we experience. The false reality that humanity creates is one that offers numerous lessons and realisations of growth that lead the individual away from their false reality born from fear to the truth of their being and the Creator.

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It can be a terrifying experience when you realise that the reality that you experience and have created for yourself through your mind and thought processes holds so many illusions and fears. This notion can cause a period of disturbance but it is an essential comprehension that allows the truth and purity of the Creator to flood into your being and reality bringing forth a mind of truth, balance and perfection. When we are aligned to and embody the light and consciousness of the Creator it is as if we are viewing a crystal clear lake; everything has a reason and a purpose in your reality and being, what lies before you and within you is the truth and nothing more. After experiencing a reality and state of mind that is crowded with fear and illusions to exist as the truth of the Creator with clear thoughts of love and clarity within your reality can be somewhat overwhelming as if you are standing naked within a reality that is bare, but once this is overcome we begin to see the immense wealth of love that is available to us and within us when we hold a clear and pure focus that is no longer cluttered by delusions or fear. In my opinions this is the greatest journey of all, the shedding of fear and the reality of illusion because it allows the truth of your being to be shown and examined, with the opportunity to gain a complete oneness with the Creator.

Through my communication today I wish to assist in the shedding of fear and illusion within your reality and from the planet Earth also. As more fears are cast aside then the wall that separates the truth of the Creator from the delusion of the mind will begin to thin allowing humanity to gain insights into the truth of the Creator, turning their devotion to manifesting and focusing upon truth rather than fear. This would create such a transformation on the Earth allowing tremendous healing light and divine consciousness to anchor onto the Earth with humanity's full awareness.

Please be aware that the delusions that I am speaking of within your reality are the delusional beliefs of the mind, it is these that need to be examined in order to manifest a reality that is born from the truth of the Creator.

The Luminosity of the Cosmos

By Gloria Wendroff

Heaven Letters, May 2010

It is not that I will take care of you some day in the future. I am taking care of you now. I am with you from before the moment of inception, and I am not idle. I am Stillness, and yet you are in My care every moment.

This is hard for you to accept because you see disarray in life. Beyond what is seen am I, and beyond what you see is an order such as you can only guess at. You can only guess the feasibility of events, the intricacy of events and people. It is all perfectly orchestrated, beloveds, despite what you see.

If the planets revolve in the luminosity of the cosmos, and the seasons return every year, and flowers grow, and babies are born, and the sun rises, and stars come out, can you not know that I have set you in motion to the same degree?

The difference is that all of nature follows My Will. The sun, the stars, the moon follow the course I have set out for them. They seek no other. They have not free will while you do. Free will is what you have that the planets do not. Of course, they are perfectly happy to move along at the pace they do in the manner they do. They are not seekers, while you, My beloveds, you are seekers. Of necessity, you are seekers.

You seek to do My Will if you but knew what it was. You comprehend in a vague way that it is to love. Beloveds, the great service of the sun, moon, and stars is great love. Their dependability is great love. Do they not give great service to the Universe? They do not even have to think about it, their love is so great, their service so generous and affable. You, on the other hand, sit on a rock and think what to do next. A statue has been made of you sitting and thinking and wondering.

The free will that is yours is a blessing. It gives you opportunity to discover that which you seek. It makes you a hunter. It makes you a grazer. It gives you the possibility of choice, and choose you do. Choose love only, beloveds. Let go of judgement. Judgement is the thorn in your side.

Were you not to judge, everything would be all right as it is, and yet, if you were not to judge, the whole world would be different.

Without judgement, there would be no suspicion. You would not connect dots. You would not look for reasons why you are right and someone else is wrong. Letting go of judgement would not be laissez-faire. The world would not sink. It would rise, and it would leave despair behind. Disdain is the precursor to despair.

Without judgement, you would not question value. You would simply know it. You would know the value of love. Without judgement, you would know love, and you would know it without mathematics. You would know the circle of love that you are engaged in. And that means you would know Oneness, not as an idea, but as Oneness.

Judgement is your bugaboo, and yet you see it as a saving grace when, in actuality, it is a great fall from grace. Judgement puts you up, or it puts you down. With judgement, someone is always going up or down. It prevents someone from rising. It certainly prevents the one who judges.

And are you now weighing what I say the same way you weigh the value of people? This weighing delays your evolution. You want to evolve fast? Well, then, let go of judgement. Shove judgement aside, and let love ascend the throne of life in the world.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best...

And...always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the light side of life...

If life seems jolly rotten
There's something you've forgotten
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When you're feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps
Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing.

And...always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the light side of life...

For life is quite absurd
And death's the final word
You must always face the curtain with a bow.
Forget about your sin - give the audience a grin
Enjoy it - it's your last chance anyhow.

So always look on the bright side of death
Just before you draw your terminal breath

Life's a piece of shit
When you look at it
Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true.
You'll see it's all a show
Keep 'em laughing as you go
Just remember that the last laugh is on you.

And always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the right side of life...
(Come on guys, cheer up!)
Always look on the bright side of life...
Always look on the bright side of life...
(Worse things happen at sea, you know).
Always look on the bright side of life...
(I mean - what have you got to lose?)
(You know, you come from nothing - you're going back to nothing.
What have you lost? Nothing!)
Always look on the right side of life...

- (Words and music by Eric Idle; from Monty Python’s Life of Brian, directed by Terry Jones, 1979).

‘Avatar’ gives film fans the blues

3-D spectacular is leaving moviegoers depressed that ‘it’s just a movie’

By Stephen Jones
(an article in the Epoch Times, E2, 3 February 2010).

“A luminescent, idyllic world populated by peace-loving aliens may have captivated cinema audiences across the world, but for some the ‘immersive’ experience of watching the film Avatar has threatened to overshadow their own lives.

Hundreds of fans of James Cameron’s blockbuster 3-D epic have complained that they feel despair after leaving the cinema that they can never live in a world like the mythical Pandora, in the film.

An online discussion board titled, ‘Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible,’ has received more than 2,000 posts from fans beating their breasts over their relatively more pallid life on Earth.

‘After I watched Avatar for the first time, I truly felt depressed that I was awake in this world again,’ one post reads.

Another says, ‘It’s so hard, I can’t force myself to think that it’s just a movie, and to get over it, and that living like the Na’vi will never happen.’

On a separate forum, on the website, fans have even considered more extreme action.

‘I eve contemplated suicide, thinking that if I do it, I will be reborn in a world similar to Pandora, and that everything will be the same as in Avatar,’ one post read.

It has been speculated that the reason behind the widespread depression may have been due to the release of the bright and visually stunning film during the middle of one of Europe’s bleakest winters on record.

But UK psychiatrist Dr Jacqueline Scott said it was unlikely that a film could trigger seasonal affective disorder.

‘I think that the people who are feeling depressed may have already had a predisposition toward this,’ says Dr Scott.

The film is based around the story of how humans wage war on eco-friendly aliens of an idyllic planet called Pandora, for a rare mineral substance called ‘unobtanium.’

Avatar, which took 14 years to make, has been lauded as a revolution in film-making – not least because of its presentation in 3-D.

However, some say that the effect of 3-D cinema on audiences has not been fully accounted for.

In his latest book, The Age of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes it Hard to be Happy, Michael Foley argues for a reappraisal of the effect of film on our emotional state.

‘With Avatar, the technology has become so highly sophisticated that it makes the screen world seem more vivid than reality can ever be,’ he told the Times Online.

‘What you’re absorbing is so stimulating, and what it offers is so frenetic, giving you a new stimulus every second, that it makes real life feel sluggish, slow and impossibly dead in comparison.’

In a bid to recapture the same emotions of the film, a group of fans in Florida have announced that they will create a commune inspired by the ecological principles of the Na’vi.

The bizarre fallout from the film has even prompted the eccentric London Mayor Boris Johnson to pen an opinion column in a newspaper titled ‘Stop pining for life on Pandora and come back to planet Earth.’

He predicts that in 10 years’ time the British census will show more adherents of Eywa, the earth goddess of the Na’vi, than there are of Jedi.

‘I can’t believe that many of these gloomy post-Avatar Westerners, when they really think about it, would want to up sticks to Pandora and take part in Na’vi society, with its obstinate illiteracy, undemocratic adherence to a monarchy based on make primogeniture and complete absence of restaurants,’ he said.

‘The final irony, of course, is that this entrancing vision of prelapsarian innocence is the product of the most ruthless and sophisticated money-machine the world has ever seen. With a budget of $237 million and with takings already $1 billion, this exquisite capitalist guilt trip represents one of the great triumphs of capitalism.”

Well, cynicism aside, this is a fine example of how to use the capitalist System in order to increase awareness, inspire vision and hope and promote progress.

 ‘Sacred Sites - Magical Realities’

By Michelle Eloff, February 2010

The Full Moon in Leo (30 Jan 2010) was marked as the activation date of the dimensional portals into the realms of the higher dimensions of nature, opening the passageway between the worlds of what we believe is reality and the worlds in which the magnificent ‘mythical creatures’ exist. According to Mary Magdalene, these creatures play a vital role in us better understanding the power that lies within resurrecting our connections to these amazing beings. The time has come for the re-connections to be made with these beings who are returning so as to fulfil their call to service by serving with and through their human counterparts.

During Atlantis these beings lived amongst us, clearly visible to our naked eye and played key roles in moving and merging the energies between worlds. They were also responsible for guarding and holding the energies for most of the sites on our planet we know today as Sacred Sites. These Sites embody very powerful energies, energies that are able to penetrate the densest of vibrations and tear through the shackles that bind human souls to karma and suffering, and transform the energy fields of people physically visiting these sites. The newly transformed energy fields are recalibrated to vibrate in perfect unison with the Sacred Sites' signature, resulting in the person becoming a light beacon emitting the code embodied within the Site's energy field and simultaneously breaking free of the wheel of karma and meeting their true destiny.

These people are initially ‘awoken’ by a deep inner need to travel to a specific site, this is often referred to as ‘a call to service.’ When this happens one is inspired to move heaven and earth to either visit the site, or move home to live close to such a site. The call has been sent out to all who are destined by soul contract to reconnect with the ‘mythical creatures’ of the other worlds, and help them return to the humans visible world so as to shatter the matrices of illusion regarding their existence. Their return to the physical world marks the final turning point in merging the worlds in preparation for what is to become our New Earth post 2012.

Although this will take time within our current linear reality, the effects of the presence of their energies will be felt more strongly resulting in further stripping away the veils between our worlds. Once their energies are reconnected through their physical human counterparts and grounded within this time-line, the overlapping of worlds will be secured. This enables the ‘Beings of the Light Worlds’ to reveal their presence and over ride the devices blocking our vision which enables us to see beyond the physical.

According to Mary Magdalene the latest release of the movie Avatar has been a magnificent gem of awakening for the collective. Every person who sees this movie experiences a very deep inner remembrance of the power of being at one with all the worlds of nature and the nature of love. I unfortunately have not as yet had the opportunity to watch this movie, and believe me I have tried to see it four times now and every time I have been blocked. Therefore, I trust that those of you who have seen it know what she means by that.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Many are now choosing peace instead of reaction

Reacting to emotions is a choice you make

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 8 August 2012 
We are getting very close to the event for which you, the Light-workers, have been hoping and praying.  It seems to many of you that the waiting has been interminable, even though you know that time and your experience of it are illusory.  But, as you have discovered, even though it is illusory, the illusion is a tough and frequently very unforgiving environment.  However, you have continued to hold the intent to awaken despite your anxieties and doubts, and as a result the Light you bear has brightened enormously and is helping others, as you demonstrate peace, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance, mainly unhampered by self-righteous discrimination or judgment.

It is difficult, because you are subject to all the same emotions that everyone else within the illusion has to deal with, and while you do have the advantage of knowing what is going on, and why, you still undergo those experiences and feel motivated to react.  But you are more frequently allowing those emotions to flow through you without reacting, and that intensifies the divine Love field so that it induces in all of humanity a strengthening awareness that to react to emotions is a choice that you make.  And many are now choosing peace instead of reaction.

All on Earth are intuitively realizing that the emotional issues flooding into their awareness – unexpectedly and often unsought – need to be released.  At first there may be a strong desire not to let them go without first forcefully expressing them because they seem so justifiable; but quietly, underneath that feeling, their intuitive realization is gently persuading them that to let them go will bring a satisfying resolution and a sense of peace.  And, as everyone wants peace, they will mostly respond very positively to that persuasion.

As you release your issues and open yourselves to the Love field in which you are immersed, you will encounter unaccustomed tranquility and your stress will decrease as you relax into that very satisfying sensation.  It is analogous to having to hold your breath because of bad odors or toxic fumes in your vicinity, and then moving out into the fresh air and being able to fill your lungs once more, bringing relief and a new awareness of the joy of breathing.

And of course when you physically breathe you are inhaling Love!  It is probably not apparent to you, but to breathe is to live and Love is the very powerful energy that enables life.  It is the eternal creative force that imbues all living entities and provides the power for growth and evolution.  It is the power that you used to build the illusion, and it is the Light that is showing you how to release yourselves from it.

Love is your true nature, but how you use it is a choice that you make in every moment.  In the illusion it has mostly been used for personal empowerment because you see yourselves as individuals in an unsafe and threatening environment, and this has led to conflict, fear, intense hate, and almost constant suffering.  Personal egoic agendas are your attempts to escape from that fear, and on the whole they have proved themselves to be disastrous, often leading to catastrophic consequences.

Finally the truth of that is penetrating your conscious minds, and you are trying to solve your problems through negotiation instead of through confrontation.  Doing so reduces the sense of fear that has been endemic, and encourages cooperation for the benefit of all involved.  When you use the power of Love in this way the possibilities are limitless, bringing peace, harmony, and wonder to everything you do.
Fear is the absence of Love: it is a shutting down of the awareness that all are one, all are connected and interdependent.  Using Its power for self-oriented agendas is like severely restricting the conduit through which It flows – a kink in the hosepipe – until, when people shut themselves completely off from others, there is no flow at all and intense fear invades them.

As an analogy: when the flow of water into a pond is cut off, the pond becomes stagnant and toxic and cannot support life; and when people shut one another out in mistrust and fear, they become like small islands attached to the flow of life by kinked or knotted pipes.  Then the essential flow of life becomes toxic because it is no longer being constantly renewed, and misery and suffering ensue.

In the last few decades it is as though numerous maintenance teams have been dispatched to undo the kinks in the pipes and, where necessary, replace those that are beyond repair.  The result is that the life force is flowing more freely and abundantly than it has for eons, and, depending on which analogy you prefer, the water or the air has once more become clear, sweet, fresh, and invigorating.  And under those conditions your awakening is guaranteed and inevitable.

With so very much love, Saul.