Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What you are having as life experiences makes no sense at all

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 28 November 2012

"And because in Reality there is only Love and all its myriad loving aspects, only loving intentions, thoughts, words, and actions are possible.  Anything unloving is as illusory as the illusion. Nevertheless, within the illusion you can cause pain and suffering that seem very real."

The ride towards home is accelerating as the divine Love field continues to expand exponentially, and more and more humans start to engage with it — as is essential for your awakening.  It is amazing to see the Light from each one of you grow brighter and brighter as you strengthen your intent to be only loving in every situation, and thus become more firmly interwoven into the divine Love field by that intent.

It is impossible to overstress the importance of Love!  As you have frequently been told Love is the life-force, the energy field in which all of creation has its eternal existence.  You built the illusion to experience life devoid of any connection to that field, but your Father ensured that it would be impossible for you to break that connection.  However, due to your free will, you were able to shut down your awareness of it, and pretend that you were masters of your illusory domain where you thought you had no need for God.
Finally, enough of you have become sufficiently disillusioned with the unreality you created to seek seriously for an alternative to the very real-seeming environment in which you are presently ensnared, and where so many are suffering.

That disillusionment is the key to your awakening.  Previously, you just accepted your environment as the only one available, hunkered down, and did your best to make it work for you, basically on an individual basis.  That has not worked, and cannot work: it only builds further separation and disconnection between you all by ensuring that you each choose to experience different and incompatible personal agendas as humans.  Those lead to almost constant arguments and disagreements, frequently followed by conflict, as you fail to resolve your differences.

Therefore, disillusionment is good.  Deep within yourselves you know that there is far more to life and existence than you can possibly conceive of, let alone experience within the illusion, which is why you have become so disillusioned with it.  What you are having as life experiences makes no sense at all, but for eons you have denied that fact.  Now you are realizing the validity of that reasoning and are turning to love and compassion instead of anger and conflict as the way to interact with each other — and you are finding that it works.

And if Love works, then evidently there must be a loving Source that created you all, because self-creation is not something that could have developed within the illusion.  Your science, however, has always tried to discount the value or the reality of love — let alone God — but it has recently had to accept that everything that exists is interconnected, that in fact there is no such thing as separation, and that such a state is a physical impossibility.  However, in your daily lives that is not immediately apparent, and large numbers of you continue to live as though you were separate self-sufficient beings, who need take very little if any responsibility for your behavior and for its effects on others or on the environment.

Your loving Source is always calling to you, and now that you have, as it were, removed your ear plugs, you are beginning to hear Him through your guides and angels.  That is an inspiring experience which is happening to more and more of you as you acknowledge the insanity and unacceptability of the illusion as an environment in which you wish to continue experiencing life.  That acknowledgment acts as a call to your guides and angels who respond instantly with loving embraces and by sending you unexpected experiences that surprise and intrigue you, and which lead you towards an opening into an awareness of your true spiritual essence.

You Light-bearers and way-showers will often be the catalyst, the unexpected influence that helps a sleeper to seek a spiritual meaning to her life.  And mostly you will be unaware of providing the nudge that someone needed to start them on their path to awakening.  But it is happening now on a vast scale as the momentous event of your awakening draws ever closer, and the rush is on to prepare you all to be part of it.  Your loving attitudes and behaviors are smoothing the paths and paving the ways that the sleepers need to follow, and are providing a lot of the Light by which they can see to do so.

Just remember that within creation — where everything that is real has its existence — there is no separation; all are conjoined.  And therefore whatever you do or intend affects all of creation.  Consequently, whenever you pray and meditate the intent that you hold is for all of creation, for the oneness that we all are.  And because in Reality there is only Love and all its myriad loving aspects, only loving intentions, thoughts, words, and actions are possible.  Anything unloving is as illusory as the illusion.

Nevertheless, within the illusion you can cause pain and suffering that seem very real.  There are therefore two self-evident reasons why you should make only loving intentions (1) any that are not loving cannot occur and do not therefore assist you in any way, but (2) within the illusion one can, and many do, build antagonistic energy fields around themselves with unloving thoughts and intentions that cause severe pain and suffering to themselves and to others.

It is those unloving and basically unreal aspects of yourselves that you are all now in the process of releasing, so that the illusion dissolves and the mists that cloud your vision melt away, allowing you to see the wonders that await you.  So be loving, compassionate, accepting, and forgiving, and look forward with confidence to your glorious awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

'Legendary' by Whitewolf

Monday, 26 November 2012

Proper Use of the Mind

By Jesus

Received by Lytske, November 2012

The reason why I want you to use the name Jesus, rather than Michael, is because most people who chance to read this message will identify more with the Man Jesus, rather than with the Ruler of a wonderful and well-ordered universe, who goes by the name of Michael. Please give me your full attention for a short time as I have been following your thoughts about how make proper use of your God-given talents and also how to make the fullest use of your mind whilst still living in the flesh.

The reason why I desire to ‘jump’ into your thought-stream is because it is extremely important for my human children to become increasingly aware of the workings of their minds. Since you can only think one thought at a time, and since whatever you think about finds its way into the very tissues of your being, you can bring about health or ill-health from anything on your mind, depending on the force or desire behind it.

The Father has endowed you mortals with free will, so it is entirely up to you to curb the less than wholesome thoughts, lest you bring into existence something you really don’t want. It is ever so that what a man or woman thinks about, will come about. Think healthy thoughts and the whole body benefits, think mundane and ill-conceived thoughts like anger, un-forgiveness or resentment, or any other spiritual poison, and you can harm your body beyond repair.

Humans are in charge of their own thoughts, no one else is. So I counsel you to become more mindful about the thoughts arising in your mind. Therefore, the most important point I am making is this: Practice an ever increasing present-centered awareness, and when you engage your mind in this, the gathering of new information will become easier. Your memory will also become far more accessible to you, ‘brain fog’ will be lifted, and timely re-call of important matters will be closer at hand.

‘Sloppy thinking’, out of control, random thoughts, and hasty actions have brought no end of misery to this wonderful planet. Therefore, if each day people would consciously engage in well-directed thoughts, it would bring the mind to more elevated thinking. Such training benefits the entire system as one would truly be on the way to self-mastery, which is a requirement for spiritual progress and which will benefit you all enormously with progress at your next level on the mansion worlds. It is here in your mortal estate where you can make the most progress.

Think about what this would mean to you individually, to be able with a measure of self-discipline and self-correction and with proper use of your God-given mind, to make your life more joyful. See yourself becoming an island of peace with a closer connection to your Creator, who desires that all his evolving children experience this wonderful connection. It is your choice and free will decision to do so. I leave you with my peace.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.

Without you, the mass awakening could not happen

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 25 November 2012

The intensity of this now moment is intensifying even further as the actual moment for your awakening moves ever closer. The excitement and enthusiasm mount, and restraint is becoming increasingly difficult because this magnificent event, which has been planned for so long, is almost upon us. Yet, to most of you on Earth at this time, it in many ways appears to be business as usual as reports of scandals, conflicts – on many levels of society and in many areas of the world – and disasters of various kinds continue to occupy the mainstream media.

The wonderful changes that are occurring in many areas are barely noticed, let alone reported on – but that is most definitely set to change! The changes are of a spiritual nature, but they are very visible because they are demonstrated by the changes in attitude, thought, dialogue, and behavior that have already occurred. They have occurred because of the spiritual changes that so many of you are undergoing, as your spiritual evolution advances rapidly due to your intent for this to happen, and because of the limitless assistance that you are receiving from those in the spiritual realms. You have asked for help, you are receiving an abundance of it, and the results are indeed phenomenal.

You, who are reading or listening to this message, know that enormous changes for the benefit of all humanity, and for the Earth that supports your human existence, are happening at an increasing rate as the assistance necessary to bring them into effect strengthens and intensifies. The more you focus on bringing your own spiritual essence into action on behalf of the human awakening process the more powerful and effective your efforts to bring it about become. This is your task, this is why you are on Earth at this time. You all chose to be involved in this mass awakening, and without you it could not happen. Do not underestimate the importance of your presence or the significance of the task that you have so willingly and lovingly undertaken.

Without you it could not happen, which is why you are so honored in the spiritual realms – even though some of you occasionally even doubt the existence of a loving God! You chose to be on Earth to help, and being on Earth means that you have accepted an enormous memory loss to enable you to experience the same kind of confusion as the sleepers you have come to help. Like them you feel lost and confused, but with a deep underlying sense that you have a divine purpose, which of course you have. That sense of purpose is breaking through most positively into your conscious awareness at precisely the most appropriate moment so that it can assist you to assist others. And with it comes a more conscious knowing that you are most definitely on the right path and doing what you came to do.

The full understanding of what you are on Earth to do is still not clear to you because the illusion is a very foggy place! Rest assured that you are responding magnificently to the demands that are being made on you, and that progress towards the awakening is moving rapidly and most effectively forwards. Keep on keeping on! You are doing a most fantastic job, and a successful conclusion to your demanding endeavors on the Earth plane is inevitable.

Remind yourselves regularly that what you are presently experiencing is illusory, and one sign that is highly indicative of that is the fact that every single one of you perceives life differently. No two of you have exactly the same views, beliefs, or opinions, and that fact, when expanded to the whole planetary population, explains why you have such an impossible task ahead of you in trying to establish peace on Earth. The ego is the stumbling-block, and what a block it is! It was the first step in building the sense of separation, of aloneness that the illusion provides. That naturally led to intense fear which in turn led to mistrust.

Being loving – which is an act of will – in every situation is the way to disarm the ego. However, the ego resists . . . sometimes very forcefully indeed. What is happening now on Earth is an enormous inflowing of Love which is affecting every human, and breaking through into their conscious awareness, and insisting that they question and reassess all their opinions and beliefs. And for most of you that is extremely unsettling. The ego has been your home, your castle, the place to which you retreated when threatened, and from which you judged and blamed others for your fear, pain, and misery. The Love entering your hearts is showing you very clearly that this is not so, that your problems, anxieties, and fears are all self-imposed.

You see it quite clearly demonstrated when you observe small children who have become excessively overtired and then throw a temper tantrum. Nothing you can offer to appease or pacify them has the least effect. They have retired into their egoic fortress from which they attempt to repel all invaders. When they have slept and recovered from their overwhelming tiredness they are once again the adorable beings that you recognize and delight in.

But, as adults, you still retain that inner egoic fortress – although the majority of you no longer throw temper tantrums – to which you retreat when a situation overwhelms you. The divine Love field enveloping the planet is penetrating all those egoic fortresses, and for those who remain deeply asleep it is very unsettling indeed. Nevertheless, Love will embrace and then dissolve those stalwart fortifications behind which you have hidden yourselves for so long, and when that happens each of you will be amazed at the beautiful and enticing prospect that It displays before you.

Love is your savior, your guiding Light, your ticket home to Reality. So embrace It — as It offers you “the Peace of God that passeth all understanding.” It is what you have all been seeking since the moment of apparent separation. Reach out and joyfully accept your Father’s loving embrace which is offered to you constantly in every moment of your eternal existence; discover that there is absolutely nothing more that you desire, and sink into that wondrously calm and soothing state as all your fears, worries, and anxieties just dissolve.

With so very much love, Saul.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Smear Campaigns

Author Unkown

What is a smear campaign?

"A smear campaign, smear tactic or simply smear is a metaphor for activity that can harm an individual or group's reputation by conflation with a stigmatized group. Sometimes smear is used more generally to include any reputation-damaging activity, including such colloquialisms as mud slinging." (Wikipedia). It means to attack someone's reputation; attempt to defme another; character assassination.

What Happens To People Who Are Victims Of Smear Campaigns?

Here are some of the examples of the results:
They are alienated from their family and friends.
They lose contact with their children for months or even years.
They lose their jobs.

They spend tens of thousands of dollars or more fighting false accusations of the Abuser attacking them.
They have restraining orders placed upon them based upon false accusations.
They end up in prison due to false accusations
They develop severe mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and others.

"Let us all take a moment, and be thankful that spiders don’t fly." - Anon.

Some commit suicide.

Smear campaigns destroy people’s lives, even becoming lethal. This is particularly the case when the people around the victim do not understand how emotional abuse works. The victims of smear campaigns need extensive support from others in order to survive such an experience without life-altering damage. Most people have trouble understanding how severe, damaging, unrelenting, and widespread these campaigns can be.

And many of the victims of distortion campaigns consequently are left without effective support systems and suffer far worse damage than might have been the case if their friends and family understood they are being victimized.

The smear campaign also tends to damage many relationships outside the home. Divorce situations in which the children are taught by an emotional abusive parent to hate the other parent based upon lies is very common. This is also known as “parental alienation”. Parental alienation can be so severe that it may permanently damage the relationship between the target parent and the children. It is important to keep in mind that parental alienation is a form of emotional child abuse.

The damage does not stop with the immediate family. It tends to spill over into all relationships around the target as the target is accused of crimes, immoral and unethical behaviours, embarrassing incidents, and so forth. Your siblings, parents, new spouse, friends, and employers may all suffer serious damage from the distortion campaign. You may be unable to function normally, have insomnia and other sleep disorders, not be able to work normal hours or focus on work, and even feel afraid to been seen in public. This may be a time during which those around you have to band together to help you in a safe setting.

However, by doing so, your support system itself may become a new target for them. It is not unusual for abusers to proceed to attack people they see as helping you. As a way to protect everybody, it may be useful to minimize knowledge that they obtain about the people around you. You and those who support you may need to become very secretive about your lives in order to protect yourselves from ever-widening and intensifying attack by them.
truth not lies

Friday, 23 November 2012

Letting Go

By Master Jesus

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 28 February 2011

My dear most beloved brothers and sisters, I am Master Jesus and I come forward to you with special wisdom which I hope that you will absorb, accept and acknowledge as truth. I share with you my deepest of joy and delight at being able to connect so beautifully with you now.

To connect with the energy of the Creator especially when it is within another is the greatest of blessings and allows for such tremendous growth. We all have the power together to amplify the light of the Creator so magnificently until light is all that we can see, breathe, hear and feel. When we see or understand the Creator within ourselves and acknowledge the Creator in others then we are holding up mirrors to each other to understand the magnificence of the Creator. We are essentially reflecting the light of the Creator backwards and forwards, out into the atmosphere, allowing it to build and build to the most glorious energy. Every person is acting as a mirror, radiating the light of the Creator so fully and powerfully. Even when you are focusing within your being, you are reflecting light because it naturally radiates from the truth that you hold. I stand here as a mirror for you, look or feel deeply into my energy and you will see yourself existing so beautifully, purely and lovingly. I always see myself and my truth in those that I work with on the Earth, because I am searching for the presence of the Creator and always find it within each of you. We are all the Creator on the Earth and so can act as reflections of light.

Many channellings at this current time speak of love and fear, they explain how love must be energised and heightened while fear must be eradicated and dissolved, allowing suffering to be energy of the past. When we are speaking of love and fear we must remember that we are simply speaking of energies. Visualising love and fear as energy allows us to realise that they hold power but this power is activated by us, we direct the energies, give the energies purpose and a role in our realities. To allow the energy of love to descend into your being from the soul of the Creator is uplifting, transformational and blissful, when you accept the energy of love and then use it as a tool, force or power you can achieve so much with the energy of love; it becomes healing, wise, enlightening and connective. When we ask to receive the energy of fear it has the opposite effect on our bodies and frame of mind, taking us into a negative, low and heavy way of living. You may have notice that I stated that when you ask to receive fear, this may seem an odd comment but it is the truth. You always ask to experience fear, it is never thrust upon you, and you always call the energy of fear in and accept it, because no person but you can cause you to feel fearful. Even when you are holding the energy of fear and it is lowering your energy vibration, you still recognise it as a power that you can weld in whichever way you wish but it is usually to cause more self pain.

Truthfully love and fear are the same energies with different intentions, when you view them in this way you understand how fear can be easily transformed into love. This is the process that is occurring on the Earth now. Every person who holds the desire in their heart to master their being, to live in a world of love and to become one with the Creator is now accepting the process or challenge of converting all fears into love. Suffering in all its forms is now being seen as an old energy of the past that is no longer relevant or conducive to the human or soul way of life. It is important to take note of the channels that speak of fear and love as they will come forward in greater number to remind humanity of the task in hand, to offer guidance and inspiration. When you begin to see that the world is speaking more of love than fear you will realise that the Era of Love is upon you.

My message to you today is to change the way that you look upon fear, suffering, pain and negative habits. View them as an energy. Then view them as an energy that can be transformed into love. Finally view them as an energy that can be let go of or an object that can be put down and forgotten about with ease. Imagine that fear, negativity, pain and suffering of any form is like an apple! I could describe the energy as a knife or a dirty cloth but that is adding to the negativity of the fear. To imagine fear as an apple, or any kind of fruit, is to realise that the fear doesn't threaten or harm you it is just present.

You are naturally a positive, loving and blissfully joyous being of light. To exist as love is the only way that you really know how to live and breathe, because every aspect of your being was created from love. Even a person with a really dark and negative energy was created from love and so therefore love is their natural energy and way of being, they have just forgotten this and become distracted.

The words that I am using now are important to notice and understand, I will highlight them so that you can understand my meaning.

Please remember this that a person holding onto fear is a person who is naturally loving but has become distracted or has just forgotten their centre, their truth.

We very rarely think of negative people as holding onto this fear or being distracted by the fear but it is true and this is why we must offer our compassion and love to all. To exist with fear is to be lost or confused. The way of love is so strong and yet we can be easily distracted from love by other fearful thoughts or reactions.

When you see yourself as a naturally loving person, a beacon of light, then you realise that you have taken on fears, negativity, emotional pain and habits that cause suffering. You have accepted them and now hold them. Imagining yourself as a pure being of love you have then walked along a road, seen an apple and pick it up. You have taken hold of the apple; it has become your possession. The apple is a positive representative of negativity.

Once you have hold of the apple, it becomes very important to you, it is almost as if you love the apple. You hold it where you can see it; you make sure that you acknowledge the apple, that you give it your attention and time. Your mind is focused upon the apple and becomes distracted from the loving nature that is your being. The apple never becomes a part of you, you just hold onto it tightly, bringing your attention back to it often to energise and nourish the apple. Any negativity that you activate or experience in your reality adds to the size and power of the apple, until you are beginning to imagine yourself not as a human being but as an apple walking on the Earth. Now I know that this sounds amusing that your physical body would transform into an apple, but actually to some extent it is laughable because we take on the negativity as if it is our truth and wear it with pride, it becomes our new identity.

Ourselves existing as an apple becomes all that we can see or comprehend and we begin to live a false life not acknowledging our truth or the love that we are. The important understanding to remember is that you are holding onto the apple, the apple isn't holding onto you. You have the power and can drop the apple whenever you wish to; you can simply let it roll away from you, without any pain or care. You can of course thank and bless yourself and the apple for the learning and understanding that has been given.

When you begin to analyse fear and suffering in this way you realise how powerless fear is, it is only you that gives the fear power, you open the door and welcome it with open arms, encouraging it to make its self comfortable within you. As a being of pure light, you don't have to open the door to fear and you can just let go of all fear and pain from the past. It doesn't make your life any better by holding onto the pain, nor does it punish anyone who may have been involved in causing you fear or pain. Now is the time to let go of the pain forever and set yourself free, to exist as an expansive and limitless being of light.

You can of course sit in meditation asking to let go of all unneeded negativity and fears from your past and present but it is important to be aware of letting go of fears and pain as you journey through your day. Do not allow yourself to pick up the apples that may tempt you. It is not so much that you are tempted by negativity but that you have adopted a habit of collecting negativity. Please observe the word, you are essentially collecting negativity but you can transform this and collect the love of the Creator, sharing it as a vibrant beacon of light to all.

So when you notice yourself thinking negatively, rerunning a negative memory in your mind, taking on the fear of another or becoming fearful, stop yourself, take a few deep breaths, realise and observe what is happening and imagine it as an apple and drop or throw it away. Then distract your mind or bring yourself back to your centre with loving thoughts or mantras.

If you can master this habit you will begin to transform fear into love and bring your attention away from fear into the loving presence of your being. This is what many mean when they say, remember who you are, discover your truth, be a beacon of love, recognise the Creator presence within you.

I wish to thank you for your time and creating a space in your energy and life for me to share my thoughts; you are greatly appreciated and honoured.

With love as always, my beloved brothers and sisters,

I am Master Jesus

Only Love Allows Things to Change. Transforming Resistance

From The Messages from God

Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 17 January 2011

Beloved ones, only as something is loved is it free to change into something else. I want you to take these words and write them on your wall in big letters because so often this is the way that the mind hooks you into its domain – by continuing to show you all the things you resist, which keeps them alive, of course.

In a moment’s shift to the heart, none of it matters anyway. In a moment you are this Love and you have no boundaries. In one moment of this sweet communion, this song of life is Heaven within you and it doesn’t matter what the mind sees when it looks at you.

And yet, the mind is a trap. If you pay attention you will notice again and again that even when your heart affirms what I show you, the next day or the next moment you are back in the same pattern, looking at those things that you resist again and again.

Sometimes it gets more subtle. Other times it is obvious. It is only when you are feeling this Love that things can transform. Love makes everything good. It lifts you to the vibration of the Real of God. It brings you into your Real energy as the heart of Love. Anything you focus this Love upon is brought to its highest potential, effortlessly.

When Love touches the world, what it sees is the truth behind the illusion. It sees the precious hearts of God that are whirling like star fields or like petals of the cosmic lotus. All of it is free and moving, open, resplendent and glorious – right here, right where you stand in this Now Moment.

I cannot encourage you enough to take every step that is necessary to keep yourself shifting to the heart and to learn how to maintain it. The heart will make your world holy. All the things that the mind sees as shadows will disappear in the Light of your consciousness and be transformed in this Love. I Am present here fully in your heart and I Am your limitless consciousness that will bring you your unlimited truth, rather than the dream of duality.

Beloved ones, the heart sees everything and it will show you just how perfect it is. When you see a life revealed before that single eye, you will see every reason for every connection for the unfoldment of the awakening of the heart in its perfection. It is a different way of seeing the world and it is so much more inclusive.

It shows you the pattern of the heart awakening, right where it is focused, right here in the timeless space of God, dancing forth right now as the world. But every molecule is still made of Love. In reality there is no shadow. There is only limitless peace and joy and the deep trust of the unfoldment of perfection, regardless of how it looks in the moment. In the heart it is perfect.

When you make this shift, it can take a little effort but sometimes not much …to begin to feel how things sparkle and dance and how all life is part of this communion…. The moment that you open to this flow, then your resonance, your vibration completely changes and brings you into harmony with the flow of Good, with the perfection that I Am with you. Your world begins to change and to manifest the expression of your perfection more and more effortlessly.

You can see that it is a continuous escalation. One shift to the heart and Love is available. Love’s availability will melt the illusion of separation, limitation and boundaries. One moment in the heart’s field of grace and the ecstasy is once again present.

The resonance of that joy within you begins to magnetize your good exponentially, which lets you shift more easily into a greater experience of Love – which magnetizes more Love to you. Ever more grand is the opening of your heart. More filled with ecstasy is your consciousness and your feelings. More and more you are the open heart of God loving the world and thus freeing it.

And loving your own life, which allows it to change. Wanting it different keeps it in place. To the mind this seems counter-intuitive. But to the heart it makes perfect sense. Love, beloved ones, is alive. Its living presence makes everything molten, makes it filled with the movement of God and open to the glory of the cosmos. The resistance of the ego keeps you bound and locked into the illusion of separation where nothing is truly alive. Not as this is!

You will experience this more and more as you make the choice for Love, as you say “Yes” to Me and trust your heart for everything, as you allow My voice within you to open you to limitless freedom, to join you with the endless web of life that you might sing the song of the harmony of Creation and move effortlessly beyond thought into the perfection of Love, allowing Love to transform all it touches.

When you are focused through the little mind on your world, you would say to Me, “Well, God, this is alive. Look at this world. Look at Nature. Look at plants growing… Look at all that I do and feel and accomplish…”

And yet I tell you that one shift to the heart, one immersion in this magnificence of Love and you will be electric with the dynamic explosion of life that is moving within you and through you to all things within Me…and back again, as you commune with the circle, living in an expanded state beyond boundaries that is indescribable in its exquisite intensity and in the power of the movement of Love to bless and expand all good in everything.

That which you have lived as life in the world truly is just a shadow of what really is, so if there is a shadow, beloved ones, this is it. It is simply the lack of the atomic and endless energy of the explosion of Real life, Creation fully “en-conscious-ed” in each of you.

What I am saying to you is the shift to the heart is worth everything and it is certainly worth some effort. It is worth taking a stand, making a choice and finding your own keys to the “kingdom” or “queendom” of God – finding what opens the door for you, dearest one, and for you… What brings you the delicious experience of being lifted into the reality of Love, that instead of taking you upward and outward, makes you fully present in the Heaven that is the world that the heart sees and experiences.

So much seems to need to be changed when you look at the world through the ego mind. So much strife, so much lack, so much loss, so much anguish, so much longing. And yet when you shift to the heart, Love reaches through and brings remembrance. All those things that seem to be negative, that are shadows in the reflection of your heart, melt like ice before the sun, melt and open to Love’s intensity…melt, and leave you God with God in a world of indescribable beauty.

As you allow this spiral of awakening, the choice for Love and what it brings, then your Love begins to thaw the illusion of separation from All That Is In Me. I Am only Love’s perfection and so are you. As your heart becomes the vehicle through which you live, then they truly do become ever more powerful, more and more magnetic to the truth, until just your presence drops the veil and fires up each heart of Love into its own remembrance of this communion, that you might be in the world just as Jeshua was (still is for that matter though not physical). The physical is part of the illusion because Love is ever moving and fully flexible and continually expanding all that it touches.

May I ask you, beloved ones, to create for yourselves a way of entering into your days that brings about this shift to the heart, even for a moment? First, before you leave your bed in the morning and second, before you really start your day, feel the dynamic heart generating its field of Love that becomes the entrainment of all it sees. You already are aware, even in the physical, of the powerful field of the heart. How much grander is the heart’s field as energy beyond the confinement of the physical when you give yourself permission to be Love…

Oh, beloved ones, you become the miracle. You become that which shows forth the truth, heart-to-heart, to all who touch you. Any who are willing may be free, may “pick up their bed and walk,” so to speak. I am not talking about physical healing. The physical is just pictures that you have painted with your consciousness built on duality. Your heart is the reality of God. Therefore, as you are present as this Love, it gives permission to all those who touch you, and since everything is a hologram (is connected), then permission is granted to all who are experiencing the possibility of awakening to Love and letting it lead them.

Your mind wants you to think it contains things. Yet you already know how unbelievably slowly the ego mind allows you, for example, to transform things that are buried in the subconscious. How much easier, more powerful and freeing to simply shift to the Reality of Love and allow the vibration of God I Am as you to magnetize the illusion of your little self back to the Reality of Love. Then the world you see may be a reflection of this joy.

Will it be perfect? That depends on the perfection you are looking for, beloved ones. If you judge what is perfect with your mind, then, dearest ones, it is doubtful. Sometimes the heart makes the choice to create a path of deeper connection by presenting that which makes Love accessible in the form of the story of a human life. Where the ego mind might have endless resistance, the heart sees pathways of Love’s extension and knows it as perfect.

Please be careful of the judgments of the ego, but be aware that Love is only good but what is good? It is that which expands Love’s purpose and multiplies the experience of Heaven on Earth as felt by the heart, beloved ones. Not as judged by the ego but the connection with grace -- that plane of Love that brings you a new reality that instantly moves beyond the mind into the place of the heart’s communion and sets you free.

Can you feel how life sparkles and dances? how charged it is with the essence of Creation itself? how alive to the presence which allows you to be present anywhere you focus? Any part of the cosmos is available, for your heart is the center of the hologram and I Am the limitless and perfect Love of which you are made, holding you in this communion, endlessly.

This is a heaven-sent opportunity to short-circuit the wheel of karma

 By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 21 November 2012

We have often talked about Love — capital L — and yet the meaning of that word is really not only very difficult for you to understand, it is quite impossible for you to understand. We have said that It is the life-force, the divine creative intent, the field in which all of creation has its existence, and to attempt to speak of any of those concepts is to immediately put a limit on That which is utterly limitless.

When you awaken, you will understand.  But until then you might find it helpful to think of Love as the space in which all the galaxies that you might refer to as the “known universe” have their existence, along with all that is invisible and immeasurable at your present level of spiritual and scientific awareness. And that idea only makes it possible for you to think that you have a handle on It, when in fact It is beyond comprehension. Here in the spiritual realms we have a better notion or perception of It, but even our understanding of Love, of God, of our Father, is nowhere near complete because it is impossible to understand the ineffable, the limitlessness that is God.

He shows us constantly that we are loved, cherished, and of inestimable value, because we are constantly enveloped in and embraced by His energy field, His Love, where we want for nothing, and anything that we can conceive of is instantly present.  It is a state of sublime joy and happiness which can only be experienced.  It is beyond comprehension, except by Itself — God, the Source of all being — because of Its nature which has always been.  As the Bible states, “Before Abraham was, I am . . .” There was no beginning, there is no end, God Is.

With humanity’s love of puzzles, and its delight in solving them and in working things out by reason and logic, many have spent lifetimes attempting to understand and explain God instead of just sinking into the warmth of His loving embrace.  Working things out and attempting to understand them is part of the game of separation that has enthralled and mystified you for so long.  But it has also constantly set you against one another in your endless struggles to be right, to be first, to be best.

Now that is all changing as you allow Love entry into your hearts, bringing with It increasing awareness that the way you have been living and relating to one another (or not) throughout your known history — and way before that — is and has always been a recipe for disaster, which is why humanity has experienced so many of them. And while this new awareness, this new way of perceiving, is causing you pain and anguish as you look around and see so much of humanity suffering horrendously in its never-ending struggle for survival, your awareness is what is enabling you to change your intent, your collective intent, and bring all this insanity to an end.

Increasing awareness indicates the initial stages of awakening, and for that be glad. You are changing yourselves and the world, and you are, therefore, bringing in the new age for which all have been longing.  You are not alone as you each work your way through this process of increasing awareness, heart-opening, and, finally, awakening, because you have abundant assistance available to you on every step of the path you have each individually chosen to follow on your way Home.

True, there is only one path, but to each one of you it appears in a different form that is tailored to your individual needs and choices, and for that it is totally appropriate. As I have mentioned before, your path is your path, and either to envy another’s or to gloat over the apparent pain that another’s is causing him is not only unloving, it is a time-wasting distraction that seriously delays your own spiritual evolution.

Within the illusion you can, and many have, spent lifetimes doing just that. However, at this moment in humanity’s history there is a “heaven-sent” opportunity to short-circuit the wheel of karma, to obliterate it from your lives, and, by embracing loving attitudes and behaviors, awaken once more into your natural state as a divine being ablaze with the Light of God. That Light desires only to shine forth through you, as you and your Father have always intended, bringing sublime peace and happiness to all who experience Its loving warmth, which of course includes you!

Your task remains one of discarding old attitudes, behaviors, and excess emotional baggage as you open your awareness to the true meaning and purpose of human life — which is to awaken into the Love that surrounds you, waiting for you to accept Its loving embrace.  The way to acceptance of what is constantly divinely offered to you is by relaxing into a prayerful or meditative state, even if only for a moment, frequently during the day. It is your assured path to your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

I am never upset for the reason I think


(A Course in Miracles)

The review for today covers the following ideas:

Nothing I see means anything. The reason this is so is that I see nothing, and nothing has no meaning. It is necessary that I recognize this, that I may learn to see. What I think I see now is taking the place of vision. I must let it go by realizing it has no meaning, so that vision may take its place.

I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me.
I have judged everything I look upon, and it is this and only this I see. This is not vision. It is merely an illusion of reality, because my judgments have been made quite apart from reality. I am willing to recognize the lack of validity in my judgments, because I want to see. My judgments have hurt me, and I do not want to see according to them. 

I do not understand anything I see. How could I understand what I see when I have judged it amiss? What I see is the projection of my own errors of thought. I do not understand what I see because it is not understandable. There is no sense in trying to understand it. But there is every reason to let it go, and make room for what can be seen and understood and loved. I can exchange what I see now for this merely by being willing to do so. Is not this a better choice than the one I made before?

These thoughts do not mean anything.
The thoughts of which I am aware do not mean anything because I am trying to think without God. What I call "my" thoughts are not my real thoughts. My real thoughts are the thoughts I think with God. I am not aware of them because I have made my thoughts to take their place. I am willing to recognize that my thoughts do not mean anything, and to let them go. I choose to have them be replaced by what they were intended to replace. My thoughts are meaningless, but all creation lies in the thoughts I think with God.

I am never upset for the reason I think. I am never upset for the reason I think because I am constantly trying to justify my thoughts. I am constantly trying to make them true. I make all things my enemies, so that my anger is justified and my attacks are warranted. I have not realized how much I have misused everything I see by assigning this role to it. I have done this to defend a thought system that has hurt me, and that I no longer want. I am willing to let it go.

The Foundation for Inner Peace, 1976

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tired of Ascension Symptoms? Here's a love filled embrace

By Archangel Michael

Channelled through Meredith Murphy, 20 February 2010

Last half of message

Allow yourself to choose an elevated perspective in regards not just to Aha! moments, but in regards to all views you regard. Yes this is a tall order, so to speak. But it is also what you are capable of and the stretching and flowing of your energy in these ways will expand you joyfully! Will expand all of our experience joyfully! Will lift you beyond the 3rd dimensional limitations of your body and gradually the form in which you reside in this focused aspect will be transformed and will be capable of transmitting light to others as well as embodying so much more energy than you are currently capable of running through you and into creation. The purpose of your expanding energy capacity is as you know to elevate your physical form so that you might participate in the creation of your own desires within the framework of the emerging new earth. This beautiful planet is releasing and transforming like a shedding reptile. Stepping completely out of its prior form with new and tender “skin” covering her…and unlike a reptile, she is transformed entirely, not just on the surface.

I know it is hard to consider that although the earth looks the same to so many, that she is, indeed, becoming something entirely new. Remember that certain principles are in play here: much of form is created energetically before it is visible in form; and that you are able to see and consciously participate only in that dimension in which you are a vibrational match. So in the same way that you might have said earlier in life, “he’s so out of it. He lives on another planet” you might begin to realize that these words may be much more true than you have realized in the past. Experience is holographic and each of you chose your experience and create it.

All physical form is more than the form that you see.  There are countless versions of form created holographically by each viewpoint within reality. Each viewpoint, each perspective creates what it experiences and sees. You in human form do much of this with the astonishing mechanism of your eyes and touch, your ears and smells. Your tongue and your focus create together your experience of a liquid flowing into your mouth which smells or oranges and tastes of Bergamot…Earl Grey.  There are countless interfaces and microcosms you are creating throughout each instant of your experience that are not solid! They are being created in a collaboration between your body and your consciousness. 

Little ones, I know this is heady stuff to contemplate, so let’s simplify it by saying this: nothing is as it seems.

I meant to be comforting and instead I have been going on and on about the glorious creative capabilities and the awesome powers within your experience that you use daily, minute to minute, instant to instant which you are largely unaware of!

Is this comforting? I suggest to you that for your soul, which is alive and well at the core of your experience, that YES indeed! These are comforting and strut-your-stuff reminder of how much fun it is to be. Still I feel your hesitation and your thick and heavy heart at times as you face these difficult experiences in form. 

When this is your experience, in these moments you must let things come to you. You must allow yourself to receive love and light in any form which you can feel reach you. If it is the boundless energy of a dog, the warmth of the sun or a hot lavender scented bath, the hug of a friend, the un-knowing kindness of a barista at your local coffee shop—take it all in. However the light and love of the universe can flow in and through you, let it come to you. Let yourself too be a channel for this love and light. Share kindness and warmth whenever you can as this will lift you up. Do not go looking for ways to share it, simply let things come to you which call upon your humanity and your heart to simply be love in action. All of these experiences will keep you close to me and closely aligned with your soul, which does indeed know exactly what is needed for you to come into full alignment with your largest self, to arrive full of light and unencumbered at the same time at the frontier of your own emerging existence in this body. Bless your life.  Bless those around you. Bless the beautiful and courageous energies of all that are taking this enormous leap into the unfamiliar energies of the new earth dimension. Especially with all the unaware beings walking around some of you, this is a courageous sand brave shift in experience.

Know that you are NOT alone, that you may call upon me and any of the Archangels, any non-physical being of light to support you and comfort you. We are here with you and we understand the difficulties which exist in form re-birthing itself while the awareness of you, a divine being, remains present and your heart pumping, your life continuing, the juggling of all these aspects of your experience while undergoing such an enormous change is truly breath-taking for you, and awe inspiring for all of us who witness your astonishing strength in following the inner urgings and paying attention to this unseen process taking place in your experience.

You may feel at times you have lost your way. Certainly others who do not understand may say this to you. Remain steadfast in your focus and know in your heart of all hearts, that you are waking up to life, just as you have chosen, just as you planned, just as you are being guided and led by your soul, your essence, your eternally valid and unique focus.  Know that nothing in your experience is too much for you. It’s your experience. It is created by and for you. You have all the resources you need to manage life within your own landscape. Be not afraid Masters of the emerging universe. Be not afraid.

I AM the Archangel Michael. A warrior and companion on this journey of yours. Call upon me so that I may be with you and you may feel my companionship at all times and know that you are loved.

© 2009-2010, Meredith Murphy, Expect Wonderful | Modern Paradise 

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