Tuesday, 30 April 2019

In My Blood

By Pia Toscano

(Shawn Mendes cover)



Lay Me Down by Pia Toscano

(Sam Smith cover)

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Martial Arts for Self-defence?

Q&A with the coach

"I grew up in a small farming town in rural Idaho (USA) where my first interest in martial arts began when I was terrorized by the school bully as a child. Yep, I'm one of those guys who learned how to fight because I got picked on when I was young. Years later, I became a professional fighter out of pure financial necessity. I fought to pay bills, plain and simple.

I have over 20 years of martial arts competition experience in multiple combat sports including: MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sanda, K-1 kickboxing, American Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Full Contact Karate, Catch-Wrestling, and Boxing. I also study judo, taijiquan, capoeira, kobudo, and kenjutsu."


Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The Event That Changed Everything

From Victim to Victor: "Take the journey with Marvin as he is instructed in the KT3 system. Learn as Master Wong guides him through the basics and on through the four pillars of his lethal style of Kung Fu Tactics 3. A style that will guide not only Marvin but you yourself to become more than you ever thought possible!

Master Wong is known for his popularity on YouTube as one of the most recognised Martial Artists online. With almost 2,250,000 subscribers and 260,915,456 viewers on his channel, Master Wong is the most honest and direct Master you’ll ever come across. Known for being brutally honest and funny, he’s shown the world that being fearlessly authentic brings home the most loyal fans."

"Master Wong never had an easy life through childhood. Being bullied from and a young age till his late teens, Master Wong has overcome this problem by changing his mindset which you'll read in this book."

“For a character driven story, I loved it!. You’re immediately drawn into the worlds of the people portrayed, This is a look at people in extraordinary circumstances and how they behave, plus the sometimes hard choices they have to make in the friendships and relationships that prevail. The characters we meet and their stories are set incredibly well. The book is very savvy in the way it portrays how the Martial Arts systems of today can assist in the World of the Anti Bullying story telling. The characters, their interactions and what happens to them brings a visceral realism. I highly recommend this book!" - Master Ermar ‘Alex’ Alexander, 6x World Champion Stick Fighter.

Self-defence against someone bigger and stronger

How to defend yourself from a bully | Self Defense Techniques #1

TF: What is the single best tip you would give someone who wants to better protect themselves in public?
MW: Know yourself, know your enemy, know your ability, and know your surroundings. Then you’ll have a better chance of survival in the streets.

TF: What do you think is the most common misconception people have about martial arts?

MW: They watch too many movies. All the fancy movements don’t work in the real world. There is a time and a place for specific techniques to be effective. The basic rule, in my opinion, is surprise, speed, and action.

Tai Chi Fight Moves

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Blood Money

(American title: The Stranger and the Gunfighter)

Al Tung as Wang checks the tattoo of his Russian mistress (Betty Sheppard)

Written by Barth Jules Sussman and Miguel de Echarri

Directed by Antonio Margheriti, 1974

Blood Money is a kung fu Spaghetti Western comedy film produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio in collaboration with an Italian company, and filmed on location in Hong Kong and Spain.

Lo Lieh as Ho Chiang

Half Spaghetti Western and half chop socky

Gunfighter Dakota (Lee Van Cleef) arrives in the town of Monterey, a town in the American Southwest, seeking the fortune of Mr Wang (Tung-Kua Ai). "Blowing open the four safes in the bank, he discovers nothing more than photos of women in all four of them. But Mr Wang walks in on the fourth explosion and is killed. Dakota is charged with the murder of Wang and sentenced to hang. Back in China, warlords are furious to learn that the money they entrusted to Mr Wang's to invest in America is missing and send forth a young warrior (and Wang's nephew), in search of it. Meanwhile, his family is being held hostage by a powerful warlord back in China until he returns with his uncle's fortune.

Wang Ho Kian arrives in time for the hanging and saves Van Cleef from the noose. Together, the two form a friendship and set off in pursuit of the late Mr Wang's bounty. The Chinese stranger and the gunfighter soon find out that the tattooed bottoms of four ladies are the key to the secret treasure.  Utilising the acting talents (and one or two other features) of various lovely ladies - and a plot device used in Dick Emery's 1972 film Ooh...You Are Awful (namely that the tattoos on four women's backsides hold the key to a fortune) - the film shows that while the golden age of Spaghetti Westerns was beginning to come to an end, the industry could still produce little gems like this. 

Blood Money is a Spaghetti Western with a nice touch of comedy and action. The characters are quite funny, especially the main villain, a psychopathic religious fundamentalist gunfighter and preacher who comes to different towns to "preach the word of God" and and shoot those whom he arbitrarily considers to be sinners. (IMDb). He is accompanied by a strong native American ringfighter.

Patty Shepard - Russian mistress & her twin-sister
Femi Benussi - Italian mistress
Karen Yeh - Chinese mistress
Erika Blanc - American mistress

Patty Sheppard as the Russian mistress


Patty Sheppard as the Russian mistress