Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Thought vs Feeling

By The Federation of Light

Channelled through Blossom Goodchild, 24 January 2014

Hi. It was good to have a little break last week … not really from you, more so the onslaught of emails after we’ve ‘sent out’ a chat. Don’t suppose you’ve got a spare secretary around to work with me on that little issue! I have been trying to tune in with you when reading them, so that you get a general consensus of what we ‘down here’ are FEELING. I am hoping you were able to pick up on that and if so … how YOU FEEL about what WE FEEL?

From THE LIGHT THAT WE ARE we are happy at all times to converse with you … for we find it most assisting. We indeed have held council ongoing  … regarding the possibility of sending you a ‘GUIDING LIGHT’ in some form … so that one’s spirit may be lifted and given ‘hope’ to carry on. We must stress, that we did not understand or speculate the ‘fullness’ of how things had become for you all … whilst living under such duress of lower energies … and we have come to the understanding that it is indeed a ‘fight for Light’ sometimes … that brings your energy to such a low ebb.

And how are these ‘meetings’ panning out in their discussion?

They are making progress. May we say dearest Blossom, that you have caused/created quite a stir amongst those of us who desire to assist your planet into its newer Higher embodiment. The name of Blossom Goodchild was once causing a stir many years ago, whilst sending out our message regarding Oct 14th … yet this, we say, was a stir amongst the Earthly people. Now, it is that this same name … is once again being ‘bandied’ around the ranks in many realms that are not of Earth.

Oh dear! Or is it? If it is that my little ‘outage’ will get something done to move things on a bit, well actually, not a bit … A LOT … then I can cope with that! So … can you give us ‘the minutes’ of the meetings so far?

We would calculate that there are many that consider ‘the possibility’ … and please note we say ‘the possibility’ of an uplifting display to be ‘the way to go’. Yet … as to what that actually would entail is also causing quite a stir. You certainly have the melting pot full to the brim with ideas Blossom.

There are also some that feel it would not be a necessary function to do so. For it would/could also cause a reaction to many, that may bring the energy of confusion and therefore, bring plans that are fully underway concerning the EVENT to a different phase from where it is currently at.

There is indeed much to be considered from all angles and yet it has been NOTED that it is YOU ON EARTH … YOU, THAT ARE HOLDING THE LIGHT UPON YOUR PLANET … that are in need of assistance … and is that not indeed why we are so closely by your side?

Well , this is what you have told us and I really do FEEL that … although from some emails ‘we’ may have read together, you can see that some FEEL you are not who you say you are … and are just leading us along. Some FEEL we are just a food source for you. Mmm! Definitely add some ketchup when your gnawing into me … I can be a bit tough in places!  Yet, as you know, in general … most emails are asking for your assistance … not to save us … we KNOW that … Boy! Do we KNOW that! Yet, as you say …‘to assist’. With all respect … your words of wisdom have helped us enormously … yet we FEEL it really is time now for action.

This, we have invariably understood from our chat at the beginning of this year. And all we can tell you at this time … is that disputes are still underway.

Can I ask … ‘disputed’ between whom? If you are the Overseers of the Overseers  … wouldn’t it be YOU who make the overall decision and then the ‘underlings’ … Bless ‘em … would KNOW that what YOU say ‘goes’ … for you are indeed the wise ones. Isn’t that how it works?

We would say that all things must be ‘run through’ us for confirmation of approval. Yet we are very keen to gather as much information from many sources, in order to categorize importance and to irrefutably be certain that our decisions are for the greatest good of all.

The ‘sign’ that you have asked for Blossom … the ‘sign’ that you FEEL will uplift the spirits of so many of you … is, from our point of view, something that we had not considered necessary until you spoke of it in the earnest manner that you did. For indeed, we could pick up on the many of you that are FEELING so keen to have this take place. Yet … it is not just a matter of pressing a button and ‘There it is’. Much indeed, must be considered … as to the form that it should take and …

When? Because you know, the ‘when’ it shall take place is a BIG PART OF IT.  For I am sure you are aware, that there would be no point in you saying ‘Ok, we give the go ahead and ‘eyes to the skies’ etc.’ … only for it to be another thing that we end up waiting for! Just another thing to add to the ‘waiting list’. I fully accept that our main confusion has been the use of the words ‘soon’ and ‘imminent’ … would you not agree?

We have learnt that these wordings have been misconstrued …

With all respect … by you. We KNOW what they mean to us …

This is correct … yet in ‘our space of NO TIME’ … they mean the same to us as they do to you. For as we have stated in the past communications … compared to ‘the space in no time’ where this plan originated … it is indeed imminent.

Someone wrote in asking if you could assist us on the deprogramming of our souls from the ‘darker energy’ that seems to prevent us … some days, so strongly … from BEING THE LIGHT THAT WE ARE. I wrote back saying that you would probably say ‘BE LOVE … ONLY LOVE’. Yet the thing is chaps … the ‘programming’ can make us FEEL so yuck at times, that just ‘BEING LOVE’ isn’t an option … because we are drained of it. I KNOW it is readily available for ‘top ups’ … but TRULY … if you were down here for a week or so … you would surely FEEL the heaviness that we are having to fight through on a moment to moment basis … Hence our tiredness and need of a boost . Any advice?

We would like you to firstly finish what you wanted to say … yet refrained.

Really? O.K … I wanted to say that there will be those ‘bright sparks’ who read this … and I DO mean this with respect … who are further up the ladder than myself and many … and will write in to tell me that I have to go within and tune in / tap in / turn on to the LOVE that I AM. I do ‘get that’. Yet, this is the thing … my ‘programming’ can sometimes get the better of me … by far … and the ‘mindset’ takes hold and tracks straight to the heart. And yes … I KNOW about positive thinking … I KNOW quite a bit that I have picked up along the way … and I have tried for many, many years to improve my BEING. We are all trying that … well, those who are awake. Yet … surely by now, after all this DIY … one should FEEL in a better space. So … hold on … what was my question again? Ah yes! How do we break free from the programming that holds us back from BEING who we TRULY ARE?

Better now?


When you replied to the soul that sent in the question with ‘BE LOVE … ONLY LOVE’ … you were completely on track. Yet … in order to break through this programming … you have to allow your BEINGS to be connected UP at all times … and it is a requirement to be of great persistence in the KNOWING of being indeed … tuned in / tapped in / turned on ... PERMANENLTY … FOR YOU ARE THEN … BEING YOU.

Then, who are we when we are not doing all those things?

You are a lesser part of you. When you watch a toy soldier beating a drum … when the batteries are fully charged … he beats to the drum in full strength and marches in consistent rhythm. When his batteries begin to wane … the whole ‘system’ that is ‘him’… goes awry. It is the same with you … when your batteries get low … nothing seems to work as it should.

Yep … so we meditate … and we meditate some more … and then some more … and we say our daily affirmations to manifest that which we desire for ourselves and the Highest good of all. Many, many of us do these things … for we left kindergarten a good while back now. Yet, this is our point my friends … Like with the batteries here on Earth … not like crystals for energy from where you come from … after they have been used over and over … they no longer top up as they should. They have to be chucked out and replaced with new ones. Eh … do you get my drift here?

Blossom we are getting your drift more and more clearly. It seems the more detail in which you relate these FEELINGS … the more we ‘get the picture'. And this is very helpful as to how we view the situation in which you of Earth find yourselves.

I guess it’s all in the timing. Although … maybe I should have been more specific years ago! Just a point here ... regarding you understanding us more by what I am saying. Some FEEL that if you are the Overseers of the Overseers … you would KNOW exactly how we are FEELING, for you have said you can pick up on our energy etc.

Yes we can. We have said many times that we can ‘view Earth’ and see how it is doing by the energy Light that is in any one given place. We can indeed pick up on where there is Laughter and where there is pain or warfare … due to the ‘colour and vibrational swirl’ if you like. Yet Blossom … this is an energy. This energy tells us a general overview of ‘one's energy’ … not the thoughts of how that energy is FEELING.

So … are you saying that … because you have never been on Earth … I mean YOU CHAPS in particular … you can tell when we are low, medium or high … yet you do not know how, that low, medium or High FEELS?

To a certain degree … more so, we do not KNOW what that low, medium or high is ‘thinking’ … for we work on ‘vibrations’ from you.

Yet you think, don’t you? So … I am a bit bemused by this. Are you saying you do not know, that when we are made aware of something terrible that has taken place, you only know of how we FEEL on a vibrational level as opposed to what our minds are ‘going through’? And the same when something wonderful happens?

More or less …

What is more and what is less?


Therefore, we have not experienced the density and thought patterns that this may carry with it.

And the programming … Let’s not forget the ‘Let’s be miserable and underdogs, for there is nothing else’ programming!

We … the Overseers are FEELING energy.

Yet you must ‘think’. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to have this conversation.

We smile … for as advanced as we are ‘in your eyes’ … the ‘language of words’ is something we have had to ‘learn’ in order to communicate.

Yet, you MUST think! To converse in your meetings about ‘the sign’ … requires you to think does it not?

Yes … yet that is why we say more or less … for it is quite different from the human ‘level’ of thought process.

Dare I ask in what way?

Because we communicate telepathically on a HIGHLY ADVANCED communication thoroughfare!

FEELINGS are ‘sent’ on a vibrational frequency that offers ‘the thought’ … for want of a better word …

Oh please try!

Would we perhaps say ‘sentiment’?

That‘ll do for me!

… that offers the sentiment … of what is desired to portray. Telepathic FEELING is immediately translated by another on the same level … not by words … by FEELING.

And what? Visual?

Correct. The FEELING that goes with the Visual!

So, a bit like my readings then. I get the visual and then have to interpret it by the FEELING that accompanies it. COOL … I ‘m clearly far more advanced than I gave myself credit for! AH! The joy of humour!

We are aware that it is over our allocated time to converse …

I would be happy to go on …

This we know … yet WE KNOW … that although FEELING fine now … the energy would ‘be missing’ for you later on.

I completely get that … and believe me; these days … I need all the energy I can get. Like many … still feeling stupidly tired at times. And you are going to say ‘It’s the energy’ aren’t you?

It’s the energy!

Ha Ha!! What energy and why is it making us so tired?

It is the intensity of the new energy coming in … and as your bodies are Lightening up and renewing … the ‘old’ part of yourselves’ are finding it difficult to deal with … as it falls away. Remember … when first coming into the Earth world as a NEW BORN … one sleeps most of the time in order to adjust to the frequencies it finds itself in. The same is happening as you move into the NEWER HIGHER frequencies that you are finding yourself in … and YOU ‘think’ there is not much going on!

Yet … BE as US … and FEEL … REALLY TUNE IN AND FEEL … then you would not be in such need for that ‘sign’ you are asking for.

Wanna bet? It has been a pleasure … Many thanks to you. IN LOVE, LIGHT & GOLDEN RAYS.

The pleasure is reciprocated Blossom … and we thank each one of you who reads these words for your continual marching onwards … even when the going gets tough. Until we speak again … KNOW we are learning more of your situation … and through learning comes understanding!

Indeed … Indeed … Indeed! Toodlepip!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Monstaville Book II. Monstaville 2

[Note: Each book in the trilogy commences with a Monstaville section which offers some background in the form of related history]


 “Dealing with difficult people is dealing with their fear. Most people who create pain are unaware that they are doing so. As you deal with their reflection or criticism, you are really dealing with your own doubt and fear. The difficult person is a catalyst that brings your own wounds to the surface. Often, when you change your way of responding, the difficult person changes his response to you. Removing characterisations is the place to start making that change. When you’ve removed your judgements and characterisations from your heart, when you have removed the mask you’ve made for those people you call difficult, you will find yourself interacting with people more openly and honestly. Your mere presence will be an extension of love and will be felt by the difficult person. Such a change doesn’t happen overnight, though. It happens gradually as you heal your bag of ‘stuff.’”
- Betty Perkins (Lion Taming. The courage to deal with difficult people including yourself, Tzedakah Publications, CA., U.S., 1995, p.69).

This book covers the remaining period to the end of my journal. After I stopped keeping the journal I continued to enter the odd note here and there but I did not write down my thoughts on subsequent conflicts until I started writing these books. I have, however, written a brief account of the couple of years following the period covered by book two in the Monstaville trilogy.

After Pigsy, the next person to move in was a large woman from Zimbabwe. We spoke often. She was friendly - and quiet - at first. She was trying to suss me out though and I learned the reason was that she was another selfish manipulator. She called me up to change a light bulb for her. I obliged, and while fitting the new one (not believing that a former school teacher was that ‘helpless’), she told me that, in Africa, they didn’t know how to change light bulbs but they were very good at pulling the heads off chickens (or something). She was effectively telling a vegetarian how barbaric she was!

I became aware that, whenever I mentioned the hateful activities of the family next door, their intimidation would increase. They started making loud noises late at night just after I mentioned to her in a conversation that I needed eight hours sleep and that I was more likely react negatively to the neighbours if they prevented me from getting the amount of sleep that I required. Their campaign of wall-knocking, each night without fail between 11.30 p.m. and one-ish, lasted for a whole year. I simply stayed up later and got on with my work. In fact, it helped to fuel my literary enquiry into life in multicultural Britain (which is lying around somewhere waiting to form a project at a later date). Statistics show that one in three Londoners come from an ethnic minority so this is an important topic and, in my view, requires more debate than we find in the media at present. Later, just two days after explaining to her that I was going to bed after the neighbours’ absurd, childish attempts to torment me, they started playing Islamic music late at night. Basically, it looks like I trusted someone who was not to be trusted. After all, wasn’t this the answer to my positive affirmations? No! I was forced to recognised that the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ paradox is so rampant in our society, as a friend points out. ‘Just sickening!’ she adds.

Billy Balowski (Alexei Sayle): I've not always been mad, you know, but um...I was actually driven mad by the indifference of architects and council planners. You see, I live in a tower block, and um, the thing about those is, there's terrible noise problems, 'cause there's no noise insulation at all, you know, and eight floors below you, there's always some bastard who's got a Yamaha home organ, you know. You're just about to go to sleep and you hear this ‘DOOT DOOT! TCH-TCH, DOOT DOOT! TCH-TCH, ROLL-OUT-THE-BARREL! DOOT-DOOT, TCH-TCH, DOOT DOOT, TCH-TCH’ And, like, the people who live upstairs from me, I can't understand what they're doing, you know. I’ll listen. And all I can hear is this weird noise that goes, ‘Voom voom! Blap blap! Voom voom! Blap blap!’ It sounds, right, it sounds like two elephants on a motorbike riding round and round, while a seal bangs a kipper on the table! I went upstairs to complain, and the door was answered by this elephant in a crash helmet! Standing behind him's this seal going, ‘What is it now, Ralph?’ [Places his left hand on his hip and mimics a female seal banging a kipper on a table – hilarious!].
- The Young Ones (additional material written by Alexei Sayle: Season 1, Episode 3, ‘Boring,’ written by Ben Elton, Rik Mayall and Lise Mayer, 1982).

There was hardly any sound from upstairs at all for a year (caution breeds discipline and responsibility and fear, respect). Then, all of a sudden, her every step became a resounding THUD. Naturally, the next time we met in the hall after a couple of weeks, and talked, I mentioned this and asked if she had started wearing shoes at home. She said, ‘no.’ The noise was very loud. She asked me if the noise was a ‘creaking’ sound and I said no but she insisted on walking on a certain floorboard so I could hear it. So, I listened and could hear the creaking but went back to tell her that was not a problem and that what was so loud was her every step, everywhere in her flat! Furthermore, I had heard no sound at all as she had walked around for a whole year! She then said, at some point, that she had bought a new pair of slippers. She showed them to me and I almost laughed at the spectacle of this large African lady wearing these tiny-looking, pink, fluffy slippers. It was a sight! So, she went back into her flat and I confirmed that the loud thudding on the ceiling had resumed. She pointed out that the soles of her new slippers were not soft and must be causing the loud noise. She promised not to wear them but never kept her promise and continued wearing them each day.

I also started hearing the creaky floorboard regularly, not that it bothered me, and another piercing sound of which I couldn’t figure out the cause. Eventually, I realised that it was probably her bouncing on the sofa positioned on another loose floorboard. Then, she started having parties every weekend, which is not terribly unreasonable except that I was not in a very understanding mood by that time. I was being driven mad by the noises more than ever in fact. In addition to loud music being played off and on, I had to endure these incredibly loud, booming voices upstairs. I played some music myself to block out the partying, not intending to retaliate or anything, and I was very taken aback when she turned her music up even louder. She became just like Pigsy, listening for sounds and reacting to them aggressively, like I am in a submarine and the enemy is in a battleship above! Consequently, I made sure I was quiet so that she did not know where I was or what I was doing and had no excuses to react to the more innocent of noises. Yet another clash of cultures. My genes, or sensitivity, simply have not prepared me for tolerating such loud music and talking from neighbours, or a lack of spatial awareness for that matter.

Nothing lasts forever - not even your troubles.” - Arnold H. Glasgow.

“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.” - Charlie Chaplin.

Thus began another noise war! I had not previously played my own music so loud as to overwhelm the partying upstairs but I did now. And, I hardly cared about my other neighbours who had been turning their television up very loud for months without any response from me. So, I had to endure all the noise coming from the flat upstairs and she and the other neighbours had to endure my loud music. I would have preferred a quiet life and wearing my headphones but I was mainly trying to make a point. Namely, that if they had no intention of respecting my space why should I respect theirs? I think she was very sociable and wanted to make friends so she thought that renting a flat all by herself was an ideal opportunity to hold weekly parties and invite people she had met. Perhaps she was looking to meet a man, and she did find one eventually; at my expense, it feels, if this is the way she went about it! I reckon she had been trying to suss me out to make sure that I wouldn’t cause any trouble and just put up with it. It’s difficult to fathom what games manipulative people are playing. All I know, in retrospect, is that I was wrong to be so trusting and open. She moved out after she heard me swearing at the neighbours next door that day when they were still playing excruciatingly loud tabla drums at 2 a.m. So, I assume she must have been up and perhaps believed that I was swearing at her because it was at the opposite end of the flat to where she slept. [In other words, she probably assumed I knew that she had not yet gone to bed and that she was in her front room, which I did not].

Looking back, it seems almost humorous, like a Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck cartoon! At the time, in the thick of it, of course it was not funny at all. Nowadays, however, I can see the funny side of this situation. After a succession of selfish people and a clash of energies and interests, I felt - and still feel - blessed to have a wonderful neighbour living upstairs now. [Retrospective note: Hahahahaha!]. We have a good rapport and she seems to understand that I have been learning to stand up for myself in this place. She does not feel terribly safe in this area, she says, and plans to move, which is a shame from my point of view, but I wish her every happiness wherever she may live. Soon after she moved in, I expressed gratitude that she lives quietly and peacefully like myself. She walks around in shoes for brief spells nowadays, daily in fact, but I just ignore it. She knows it disturbs me because I have mentioned it (I explained that it was loud enough to be an effective alarm clock in the mornings). I simply accept it and forgive. I see no need to mention it again whether it is deliberate or inflicted out of indifference or some other reason. I explained the situation with the neighbours to her.

“Let us be slow to judge and quick to forgive.” – Unknown.

El Phaba [the nickname I later gave to the current tenant living above me] said she wouldn’t play loud music and she hasn’t, and I assume that she agreed it was anti-social (although she did play loud music on the day she moved in and I got the impression she would have done so regularly had I not mentioned it and may even resent feeling inhibited in this way)! We have a good rapport and she did a couple loads of laundry (whites) when my washing machine broke. Meanwhile, the Bengalis next door use their cars as stereos and play extremely loud music as though the street is some kind of disco for their personal pleasure. Evidently, the mother doesn’t allow them to play loud music in the house so they listen to it in their car - which must sound equally loud indoors and to everyone else in the street as well. Another family up the road often has loud music on in the house all day with the front door and windows open. I don’t know how their neighbours endure it. And, dare I mention this, but I know of three local black residents who regularly play extremely loud music with the windows open. I can’t begin to imagine what a nightmare it must be for their neighbours. I would definitely be on to the Noise Abatement team if it was me living so near to them.

“Positivity is not about being soft. It’s about being smart.” – Quoted on a t-shirt.

Perhaps it is just that a degree of selfishness sets in after a year of living in a flat. One day, after I had played some loud music when El Phaba was out in retaliation for all the tabla drumming I was enduring at the time, I overheard a guy from the neighbour’s house informing her of this as she was walking home. She replied, ‘Oh, is he, right, OK.’ Since her parents are from Pakistan, I did wonder if she’d been approached by them and had agreed to something. They are cunning and very good at indirect, but prolonged intimidation that slowly injects poison into their victim whilst it appears that they have not engaged in warfare on a radical level. The drama is hidden from view. They could easily have contacted her on her mobile if she was around so she could come home, forcing me to turn the music off, since I would certainly refuse to enter into any kind of noise war with her as well! Well, if that is true, they must have discovered that such a strategy could not succeed. I’m simply too smart! Then again, she may have just been humouring them, knowing what they’re like.

At that time, El Phaba also started wearing shoes in her flat much of the time but since that nightmare did not continue for long, it is not a problem. Anyway, I reserve judgement on that one. It does appear that she involved herself, particularly because of the timing as well as suddenly being reluctant to chat to me as usual, but appearances aren’t sufficient things from which to draw conclusions. When someone is friendly and helpful, it is difficult to imagine that they could wish you harm (or believe or sympathise with the nasties and join them for subjective reasons). I endure the brief spells of daily stomping, the ‘status quo,’ patiently, not wishing to make things worse.

You've changed
You're not the angel I once knew
No need to tell me what we're through
It's all over now
You've changed
- Sung by Billy Holliday (from ‘You’ve Changed,’ written by Carl Fischer and Bill Carey, 1941).

If you live with people in the same house and you are disconnected and do not feel able to sit down and talk, sometimes the weaker-minded person can gradually believe all manner of things. They feel insecure and paranoid about what you are ‘up to,’ especially in relation to themselves because they are living in their subconscious pretty much all the time. They don’t meditate and, therefore, they are closed in on themselves. They see life through a dirty pane of glass and they only want to know people with similarly tarnished vision; for, these they feel they can ‘trust.’ They fear what they do not know. The reason is so clear: the caterpillar doesn’t want to know it has the potential to be a butterfly. After all, who really wants to go through the chrysalis stage and lose everything to which one is attached in order to change? Not knowing the beauty and meaning of freedom, human beings have been stuck in a rut for so long. They may simply test you selfishly in order to see what they can get away with because they cannot be bothered to show you any respect. Not respecting themselves, they demand respect from you. The wild person does not wish to recognise that their behaviour is ‘wrong.’ They want to behave however they want. Being undisciplined, they are not up to living in this kind of situation. It requires strength and sensitivity, and a civilised attitude towards other people.

It is when people behave selfishly and destructively over a long period (especially through such thin walls in one’s home) that one cannot help respond in some way in an attempt to put an end to the ordeal. So many potentially mutual learning processes with myself at the hub! Well, I have learned a great deal anyway! Hence, unseen forces led me into this precarious position. I looked on the Internet not long after the trouble kicked off in the beginning for information, or anything that might help me tackle this situation, tips on dealing with selfish and noisy neighbours. I could find nothing. I don’t know what is out there now, but I am offering my own experiences and insights anyway. [I have included some information that I later found on the Internet in 2009 in Appendix I of the first Monstaville book].

How to shift that energy - of someone who’s a pain in the butt. (Notes from ‘Who Are the Ascended Masters?’ a talk by St. Germain and the Ascended Masters channelled through Ashamarae McNamara, 12 June 2009,

  1. Own that they are there in your service. Ask why they are in your life? The answer is, ‘To serve me.’ Everything in your reality is there to serve you. Some things you would like to stop serving you. What do I believe about me that I require this service? They don’t leave. If you dismiss them they reappear. They change bodies in order to show me what I believe about me whether I believe it in this moment or not.
  2. They are here to show me I don’t like that one because that is not me for sure! I never act that way. And maybe you do not but in essence you do. If you are not moved by it then you are not doing it yourself.
  3. Pay attention. Witness it. Look at it. Take it in. This is an opportunity to learn about me, a belief I have about myself. It is all an illusion but it is still dancing in the form of another. Is this what I’d like to hold onto, to keep? In that moment, give it to God. Ask him to clear it at its root and let it go.
  4. Decide if it is something you’d like to keep or not. Offer it to God. You brought them into your life in steps. When you are a child your mother says you’re a brat and you accept it because she is your God telling you who you are. When you realise you are not that you clean it up with the Grace of the Divine. It is a foolish step to do it alone. It is foolish because you are not alone anyway but also because you need extra power. Say, ‘Please help me with this.’ You created it and you can uncreate it. And when someone shows you kindness it’s something in you too: kindness.  

    Friday, 24 January 2014

    God’s Will for you is eternal joy

    'Love connects you in a harmonious and eternal concatenation of links that bring you together in joyous and everlasting communion'

    By Saul

    Channelled through by John Smallman, 24 January 2014

    Here in the spiritual realms all is ready for your awakening.  On Earth you could expect a feast, fireworks, and great music to celebrate a momentous occasion such as this, except such an occasion has never before occurred.  What we have prepared to greet your arrival is far, far grander than anything you have ever experienced or even dreamed of during any of your earthly lives.  You will all experience an absolute abundance of amazing enjoyments as we rise to greet you and offer you presents chosen specifically to resonate with your most deeply cherished individual desires.

    Yes, all are One, but within that Oneness there are numerous individual aspects that enhance and entrance the One through their infinite selection of creative talents and possibilities.  It is for each of those individual aspects of the One – each one of you – that these gifts have been most carefully chosen for their incomparable suitability. There will be no disappointments!  All will receive gifts that absolutely amaze and delight them.

    After all these apparent eons of pain, suffering, and betrayal the only appropriate reward, appreciation, or compensation that could in any way undo the ostensible damage inflicted, or bring into harmony and accord those who it seems have been relentlessly at war with each other for eons, will be the peace, the acceptance, the love, the awareness and the utter joy of the realization that it has all been unreal, an ongoing but unreal dream that has come to an end.  The distrust, confusion, and resulting chaos of the illusion are finally over, finished, terminated, and Love, your true nature, now flows freely, constantly, and abundantly among you all who are and always will be God’s beloved children.  You will realize the truth of your Oneness, your inseparability, as the Source field, Love, connects you in a harmonious and eternal concatenation of links that bring you together in joyous and everlasting communion.

    God’s Will for you, for every single one of his beloved children, is eternal joy, and so He created that state and placed you within it.  You chose to leave and set up an alternate environment, an illusory one, where you could play at being independent individual beings who could provide easily and instantly for all your desires.  Those desires became needs – in Reality there are no needs, everything you could ever desire is instantly yours – needs that you could no longer satisfy because you had detached yourselves from the energy field of creation, from your Source. Disappointment, rage, and fear replaced the experience of peace and harmony that God had created for you, and you engaged in conflict and deceit to try and steal from one another those things or items that you valued and did not have.  And now you are in the last moments of that intense and unreal collective experience as you realize that none of your systems, organizations, or technologies as they now stand can resolve the conflicts and chaos that they appear to have generated everywhere on Earth.

    You are ready for change, enormous change, because only enormous change can resolve the issues and problems that you have brought upon yourselves.  And for enormous change to occur you need help from those in other realms who have themselves learned that Love, and only Love can bring the peace and tranquility that all truly desire.  Until now that help was unavailable because it would have interfered with your freely chosen decision to “go it alone,” to sort out your issues and problems on your own without interference or assistance from God, or from any of the myriad other realms of His divine creation who were ready, willing, and able to help as soon as you to chose to ask.

    You have finally made the collective decision to seek assistance from your wiser and elder brothers and sisters who have watched over you lovingly for eons waiting for the moment when you would seek their help.  We have observed your pain, your suffering, your misery, but until now we have been powerless to help you because it was not your collective intent to be helped.  That collective intent has changed, increasing numbers of you have called on us for assistance, and that assistance is now at hand.

    When you make your regular visits to your quiet inner space from which you can reach out to us and into which we can pour our love for you, just open your hearts and release all the preconceptions that you may have as to what needs to be done to “turn the ship around.”

    A very large number of your human cultural preconceptions, beliefs, and perceptions are far too prejudicial and inflexible to allow you to work harmoniously together for the good of all.  But by opening your hearts to the divine field of Love that surrounds and envelops you, you allow the peace, the acceptance, and the forgiveness that flow from it to dissolve all the controversies and difficulties that have been dividing you against one another.  You open yourselves to see with new eyes, and to engage with loving hearts so that all that has driven you apart into various warring factions is recognized as mere egoic nonsense, an insane need to be right and to prove others wrong.

    What you will now discover, as you release all that egoic baggage, is that your aims are identical!  You all desperately want to feel worthy, acceptable, and loved, and to know that you are – which is, of course, your natural and eternal state – but you thought that for that to happen you had to prove to yourselves and to God that you were better than others.  You believed that there had to be winners and losers – and you were all terrified of being losers.

    But your Father created only winners, and by opening your hearts to the Love that He constantly offers that will become increasingly apparent, and you will find yourselves most easily able to cooperate willingly, creatively, and harmoniously together as the differences and conflicting viewpoints that were always setting you against one another are seen to be completely unreal.  You are all loving brothers and sisters, beloved children of God, who temporarily became lost and confused about your true status, and that sense of being lost, alone, even abandoned is dissolving rapidly as you once more become aware of who you truly are.  There is absolutely no need for fear, doubt, or anxiety of any kind because soon you will awaken into everlasting joy as the brilliant Light of God’s eternal day bathes you in Its glorious Rays.

    With so very much love, Saul.

    Sunday, 19 January 2014

    Transitions of the Emotional Body

    By Mother Mary

    Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 11 December 2013

    Every day upon your Earth is a powerful energy day. In the past there have been noted days where powerful surges of energy flow into the Earth and your being, powerful surges now flow with each and every day you walk upon the Earth. You have moved into a stage of your transition where you are constantly open and there is always an opportunity for powerful and transformational surges of light to flow throughout your being and reality more frequently than not. The energy is building your energy vibration while creating purification and strengthening within your being. No longer do you need to wait for certain calendar days to boost your awakening, every day upon the Earth is a powerful awakening and ascension process for you. With such powerful and strong energy vibrations anchoring, this can cause periods of tremendous bliss and peace alongside periods of chaos with both inner and outer suffering. It is important to realise that any form of suffering in the past was a spiritual lesson or challenge for evolvement. Many people are still using old energetic patterns of learning as this can take some time to be observed, healed and released. The energy surges also have a purpose of bringing all that is no longer needed or that is causing hindrance to the surface for you to observe, heal and release, thus allowing yourself to step deeper into the new era focused primary and completely upon love.  The new era is to love yourself, to love others and to experience the love of the Creator. Some energy surges also have a powerful influence upon your emotional body. Much focus is being placed upon the emotional body at this time as it is preparing and moving through transitions in order to be able to serve and merge with your soul more fully. This signifies that great volumes of light and energy are being poured into your emotional body and the Earth’s emotional body which can cause your emotional body to become very active in your reality, actions and reactions.

    It is important to ask for the emotional body to be balanced, soothed and for its energy to be smoothed down in order for harmony to unfold into your emotional body and your entire being. You may wish to affirm,

    ‘With the support of my soul, guides and the Creator I ask for balance to be restored within my emotional body. Let my emotional body be soothed and calmed by the light, love and support of the Creator, merging in harmony and peacefully with my entire being. Please bring tranquillity to any over activity that is no longer necessary within my emotional body. I experience my most appropriate ascension emotional body, experiencing my emotion as beautifully flowing, peaceful and healed expressions of my being.‘

    Libatius Borage was a wizard author who wrote Advanced Potion-Making 
    potions textbook used at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for NEWT-level classes

    Often the emotional body holds onto ideas of suffering and pain which you automatically draw upon as a valuable way of releasing the past, experiencing your true self but also experiencing your ego and feelings of lack or separation. Some emotional challenges, reactions and processes of release or learning can cause you to become unconscious of your reality and the truth within your being. Being unconscious of your spiritual path and the beautiful light being within your physical being can be a source of pain but can also cause pain, suffering and confusion as well as unneeded experiences. I wish to offer insights and reminders for you to use whenever you find yourself influenced by or trapped in your emotional body and its processes. Your journey upon the Earth is a process of remembrance of the Creator and so your reality each and every day is a process of remembrance of yourself as the Creator. Tools and practices that remind you of your truth or bring your focus and attention back to being consciously aware of your truth, even if you do not understand your truth, will serve you in remaining in a space of balance, peace, love and bliss whatever is occurring within or around your being. Often when high surges of energy enter your being the body and energy bodies become extremely active, this can be projected into your reality in many ways. If there is something that needs to be healed, it can be projected into your reality for a powerful healing process and experience.

    In times of suffering, pain, confusion, turmoil, chaos, fear  or such like energies bring your attention, focus and memory back to these thoughts. I will be with you, supporting and loving as you read through my words of remembrance, supporting new star bursts of light awakening from within your being.

    If you are experiencing suffering or pain in this moment, recognise that the light is building within your being and reality. Your current experiences are allowing for major blockages or unneeded energies to be released eternally so that you may recognise yourself as a greater being of love and light.

    Allow yourself to be conscious of love. Love is the essence of the Creator. It is the natural healing energy for your body, being and reality and will bring everything within and around you into perfect alignment, harmony and bliss. Breathe within the vibration of love.

    Your outside experiences with the world, your reality, people and even yourself are all a projection from within your being. Your beliefs, opinions and understandings of yourself and the Creator can be projected into your reality. To heal any situation whether small or large first look inside yourself for the answer. Blaming yourself or another will not bring enlightenment to any situation but simply cause more pain. Sit within your own energies and realise the source or purpose of your creation.

    All energies are malleable and can be altered by you. There is nothing in the world that is permanent especially at a physical level. The divine flow of the Creator acts as a natural rhythm for change within your reality. This means that if you experience a situation or feeling which is not aligned to the truth of the Creator know that you can change it instantly if you wish to. You can change any energy and your reaction to it instantly especially with positive and expansive thoughts. Imagine what you would like to experience or how you would like to feel rather than focusing upon an energy being permanent and unmoving.
    Your emotions, thoughts and body can express the highest and purest vibration of the Creator. Let yourself be conscious of this awareness.

    Remember that you are a strong and powerful beacon of light and love. This is your truth more than any other realisation, thought, emotion or experience that may enter your reality.

    Program your mind to instantly seek for a solution to all experiences and feelings which you may perceive as not being aligned with the Creator. Encourage your mind to enter deep into your soul’s vibration seeking for an outcome and inspiration to create a solution. Often, many people focused upon spiritual growth can become sensitive to the energies around them. Often, many situations or experiences can come to a positive solution through energy work, whether it is sending energy, accepting energy, creating an energy exchange or creating energetic foundations such as bubbles of light to maintain, support or protect energies.

    Transitions occurring within you often require you to be patient and compassionate with yourself and those around you.

    Often you can take yourself out of situations and feelings by imagining yourself in a space of love, surrounded by love and love building from within your being. This can be achieved energetically and instantly. You can then enter back into your reality and allow the remembrance of yourself to merge with your reality thus, raising the vibration and possible outcomes.

    Understanding the transitions and situations you move through is not always essential. If you become preoccupied with discovering and understanding then you may be distracting yourself from receiving valuable insights and ways to move back into deep spaces of love.

    I am love, I am peace, I am bliss, I am truth, I am the healed perfection of the Creator. I trust in the truth of these words and allow divine remembrance to emerge with ease from within my being.

    Emotions can entwine themselves deep into your being and energy systems. It can take loving observation of yourself with a remembrance of your truth to bring forth healing and freedom of emotions. The experiences of the past has caused emotions to be used incorrectly but now your emotional body is moving through a tremendous transformation which will allow you to use your emotions to fuel your spiritual evolution, connection with and experiencing  the Creator in every present moment.

    Take time to be aware of your emotions; send love, healing and support to your emotions as your emotional body moves through a powerful transitional period. Please know that I Mother Mary am with you loving you eternally in truth and with divine remembrance of the Creator.

    With love Mother Mary