Thursday, 8 March 2012

Love is Power

"LOVE IS POWER, for it carries the Essence of Creation, and all energies that are infused with this Essence are transmuted into a more refined or purer level of frequency patterns. It is this DIVINE ALCHEMY that will save humanity and your world: THE POWER OF LOVE, THE POWER OF RIGHT INTENT, THE POWER OF RIGHT ACTION...That is why what we ask of you at this time is of such vast importance. We ask you to shine your LOVE/LIGHT more brightly than ever before. We ask you to take your LIGHT out from the closet where many of you have had it safely hidden so that you do not have to experience ridicule or criticism from your family and acquaintances, or seem ‘different.’ We ask you to take your LIGHT from beneath the basket of compliancy, and rev up the power so that its radiance shines forth for all to see - sweeping wide like the beam of a LIGHTHOUSE, filling the shadows and dangerous shoals with Light so that others may find their way through the obstacles and barriers of fear, hate, guilt, and bigotry." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Ronna Herman, ‘A Time of Drawing Together,’ 11 November 2001,

‘Transforming Your Physical Body into a Sacred Light Body’

By Mashubi Rochell

Your physical body is a sacred vehicle of light, which was created by God and joined with physical matter in order to accomplish a holy purpose that your soul chose before incarnating. It may seem as though your daily life is mundane and has little in the way of divine soul purpose, but one day this veil over your perception will life, and you will see and feel deeply the full splendour of your soul's radiance and beauty as a child of God.
            When this realisation comes of your divine nature, you may also begin to feel shame and remorse as you look back upon previous times where you acted out of harmony with God's love. This is the time to open your heart even more, to feel your true emotions, and pray for healing and forgiveness. As you see and feel the truth of who you are, light will open within you and heal the pain, and release you from the cycle of negativity that can be created when we create actions that are out of harmony with God's love.
            Today we live in a time where a great transformation is happening upon the Earth. Up until now this transformation has been largely invisible, except to those who could perceive other dimensions of reality. Now, these changes are beginning to manifest more clearly in the physical realm, and each embodied soul on the Earth is experiencing a process of transformation as well. The higher dimensions of God's light are entering the atmosphere of the Earth and accelerating the subatomic frequency of all physical matter.
            This can be seen as a quickening, which manifests in many different ways, in the development of technologies that enhance global communication and in a greater collective understanding of our relationship with the Earth and our responsibility to care for her, who supports all life. This quickening also is having a major purifying effect on our physical bodies, creating changes that open us more to God's love and to the spiritual realms, and that also cleanse our beings of emotional and physical toxicity that we have been carrying.
            There are some who are already experiencing the quickening effect of greater light, which is causing an upsurge of past emotions, thoughts and physical symptoms. In this situation it is important to create supports for yourself so that you can be helped to understand what is happening, and to cleanse and heal your body, mind and spirit. There are more and more supports available now as God's light is awakening many souls who have incarnated at this time in order to help humanity through this time of transition.
            Dearest ones, at this momentous time in the history of the Earth, all of our physical bodies are undergoing a process to transformation so that we can vibrate in greater harmony with God's love. Our bodies are becoming light bodies, which can greatly accelerate our own healing processes, and our ability to help others to heal.
            There are a growing number of supports available to help smooth the way in this process, and your own faith in God and desire to live a life of love and purity will attract to you exactly the right people and resources to assist you in this process. As each of us becomes more light filled and capable of radiating God's light and love to others, we become a positive force for change that will help our entire planet to heal.

Mashubi Rochell is a spiritual counsellor and the founder of World Blessings, an online spiritual support community which offers spiritual guidance and healing to people of all faiths. For more on the light body please see

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