Friday, 26 October 2012

All you experience, no matter what, helps your soul to grow

The Nature of Achievement

By Sananda

  Channelled through Christopher Sell, 25 October 2012

Achievement plays an important part in your life, and you may find yourself wondering about your value and your contribution to the world. One measure of achievement is the admiration of those whom you yourself admire. It is a warm feeling to be appreciated by those whose judgement you value. Might you allow that feeling to come to you from your soul?

How might your soul assess your achievements? In one way we might say simply that your soul does not assess your achievements at all, since your soul admires you unstintingly all the time and holds you in a state of unconditional love. Yet we can also say that your soul is growing just as you are and that your growing helps your soul to grow.

It is still the case that all you experience, no matter what, helps your soul to grow; everything is grist to its mill. But your soul does hold a vision for you, and so we may say that your fulfilment of that vision is a measure of achievement that is recognised by your soul. Your soul's vision is very simple: it is a vision of your joy. In this age your joy comes about through the expression or realisation of the light and love which is your essence.

Every time you discover or create a resolution of something that has felt difficult for you, every time you heal a hurt, every time you leave behind a pattern of behaviour that no longer helps you, every time you permit yourself to notice a source of joy in your life and appreciate it, every time you are truly present in this moment, every time you use - and celebrate being able to use - your gifts, you are adding the light and love of your Divine Self to your human presence.

It is this simple process of bringing light and love to the thousand little choices of every day that spells achievement. Accepting the admiration of those whom you admire may be a valuable part of this process, but there may also be so many achievements every day unknown to your friends, perhaps even unknown to you, that are recognised by your soul.

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