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Monstaville Book I. Chapter 8


“The greatest prayer is patience.”
– Buddha.

Hara: The Vital Centre of Man by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim RE: the sayings of Master Okada Torajiro, Japan (George Allen & Unwin, London, U.K., 1962).

p.188. Patience in such a way that nobody will ever again be able to constrain you. You should not alter when circumstances alter. In all that concerns the way you should show yourselves incapable of being led astray.

p.186. Strong people cannot be disturbed by anything. They may have weak intestines, fever, consumptive lungs and yet they are healthy because they are never in the least unquiet.

p.187. I have met all my misfortunes as though they were my honoured teachers. Therefore I have no place for pity towards anyone who complains, no matter how unhappy he may be.

“I think that everything that happens to us is our own fault - but that’s not our fault!” - John Hurt as the “vulnerable, defiant’ Quentin Crisp, making a one-man life-affirming stand for homosexuality in prudish, sneering, Bible-bashing England” in The Naked Civil Servant, directed by Jack Gold, 1975. (

“This then is our first premise; that GOD is - in the material experience of man - time, space, patience.” - Edgar Cayce.

“It takes guts to be gentle.” - Morrissey.

“As the group’s aspirations began to gather speed, the decision was made to align themselves more fully with their dandified heroes. [David Bowie, The Sweet and Roxy Music]. Hence, at the grand old age of fifteen, the trio arrived at Catford Boys replete with dyed hair and carefully applied make-up. Sylvian’s naïveté to the predicament in which he was placing himself still seems touching to this day. ‘We thought the kids would rebel and follow us,’ he later told the Melody Maker. ‘They didn’t.’ In fact, what his classmates did was beat the living daylights out of him. His reaction was to return to school the next day in even more distinctive apparel. ‘It made me more determined,’ he told Flexipop’s Huw Collingbourne. ‘I’ve always been extremely stubborn, and that helped me along at the time.’ While David was content to receive his daily beating, his parents were beginning to worry. ‘It was a cause for concern for them...they often used to try and persuade me to change my appearance, mainly for the sake of a peaceful life.’ Despite their repeated attempts to get him to change course, Sylvian persisted.
                “One of the few kids not to run a mile every time David and Mick turned a corner was Richard Barbieri. A model student at the time, Barbieri shared many of the same classes as Sylvian and Karn. However, his prowess at sports meant he had little to fear from associating with Lewisham’s most effeminate-looking duo. ‘Catford Boys was dead rough,’ Richard later said, ‘and David and Mick always used to get beaten up for wearing earrings and dyeing their hair. I never had any trouble though, because I was the captain of the school football team!’
                “...After months of playground scuffles and warnings from teachers regarding his appearance, Sylvian was eventually asked to leave Catford Boys School. With no trade or profession in sight, the onus was now on him to turn an obsession into a career. ‘Being in a band was a means of getting away...’ he later told Record Collector’s Mark Prendergast, ‘...of making money and sticking together as friends.’”
                - (David Sylvian: The Last Romantic by Martin Power, Omnibus Press, p.16-18).

Try to be gentle and sweet...true to your feelings, true to your soul.

Restore and keep harmony. Then you have done your part.

If you show resentment, or anger or aggression (or even weakness and fear) - he will be able to believe that you are to blame, that you are on his level, that of an animal. You will enable him to feel that he has every right to attack and intimidate.

Master Po (Keye Luke): I have three treasures which I hold and keep. The first is mercy; for, from mercy comes courage. The second is frugality; from which comes generosity to others. The third is humility; for, from it comes leadership.
Caine (David Carradine): Strange treasures. How shall I hold them and keep them? In memory?
Master Po: [Laughs] No Grasshopper, not in memory but in your deeds.
                - Kung Fu (Season 1, Episode 8, ‘Sun and Cloud Shadow,’ 1973).

Be patient. That is the key.

Be what he cannot. Set an example. Make him realise that you are above his childish, macho games. Be detached. He can’t reach you and don’t let him.

A Chinese guy from America (a passenger on my longest route to date) told me to stay away from Pigsy. Keep right out of the way. Avoid him. Perhaps at any cost.

Auric field: You must conquer fear. Fear leads to worry and steals your power.

Generate positive energy with your will and mind: love and happiness. Make your aura strong using these energies and it will comfort you and protect you from fear - which arises as a result of having an empty, vulnerable aura that has not been strengthened. The aura can be strengthened through interaction with close friends and others with whom there is harmony - and who especially make you feel love or joy. Without people to assist in this strengthening process, you must try to achieve it alone, perhaps using music, but also Tai Chi, meditation, and feeling joy and love regardless of your circumstances. Plus, you can call friends on the telephone to bolster your aura. It is time you learnt to fill the gap, protect your own aura using your own will through layers of positive energy.

In life, it is best to be practical (or realistic) but without expectations. Be patient and detached - although you can but try, and slowly train yourself, as these arts of being become easier over time, and especially as you grow older and naturally slow down physically and mentally.

Be practical:
  • without attachment to results, to the fruits - Taurus
  • without attachment to perfection (you can only do your best) - Virgo
  • without attachment to striving, achievement and success - Capricorn
Learn to live appropriately in all circumstances - these are skills. But, as you start to worry about not coping or handling life situations, you lose the practical thread. Then, you need to increase patience and detachment in order to recover your centre and refresh you approach.

earth - patience and attachment (be still and know God)
air - immediacy and detachment (add more sky/space, permit all to exist, and float like clouds while you observe them - circumstances as well as thoughts and feelings)

You have to deal with problems in a practical way.

“The chapter of patience, my child, ends with the vision of God.” - Sai Baba.

Retrospective inserts.

Anger may be appropriate for us to choose if we feel relief from it, says Abraham-Hicks. ‘How do you feel and how would you like to feel?’ they ask. Indeed, although so many people tell us that anger is completely off-limits, angry thoughts may be an improvement for us since, when we value our feelings and allow them to guide us, we can make progress towards manifesting our desires. By consciously choosing a better-feeling thought to a more resistant one we can move up the Emotional Guidance Scale towards full alignment via emotional states such as worry and frustration! Ooh yummy! (See Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA., U.S., 2008, p.160).

We can be, do or have anything, according to Abraham. The better we feel the more aligned we are to our true Self, whereas the worse we feel the more we are obstructing this connection rather than allowing the good – the energy of love, joy and abundance - to flow to us from deep within. In order to attain our natural state of joy it is important to make the best of our circumstances; the intention to feel good must take priority.

“Patience is good. Synchronicity is better. Patience can be defined as bearing or enduring without complaint. It is the act of ‘giving time’ to that which will come to fruition. It is the hope of things to come. Note that patience implies the waiting game, that is, ‘I don't have it now, but with time it will come to me’...On the other hand, synchronicity is that which knows no waiting or enduring. It recognises that all is complete in the moment. It provides all in this very moment. It knows there is a perfect time and place for all, and one who experiences synchronicity knows of the harmony between the person and the completeness of the moment...So rather than focussing on what could be done, I instead focus on that which is in the moment and what is given to me irrespective of my plans or wishes. From a separation consciousness point of view, patience is that which fills the chasm of time. From the position of now, I project that I want something to occur that is currently in the position of later. There is a chasm - between the present and the future. That is the ‘reality’ of time that we create in our heads, and yet time is not real. Or, it is real only so far as we construct it out of our separation consciousness.” (From ‘The Nature of Synchronicity,’ an essay by Scott Rabalais, which is now

The Divine Melody by Osho (Chapter 8, ‘Trust is a touchstone,’ 8 January 1977, Buddha Hall, Rajneesh Foundation, Pune, India, 1978).

Someone asks Osho if it is sometimes appropriate to resist his intermediaries in the ashram:

They are not always open passages for me, they are sometimes hindrances - but that's how I want them to be. If they were always open passages to me they would not be needed. They are needed to create a certain situation: they are needed to bring your resistance out. And if you are really surrendered to me you will be surrendered to them - this is my will. And that will help you tremendously. It is very easy to surrender to me; it is very difficult to surrender to Krishna on the gate. But Krishna is me. When you surrender to him you will have more understanding of surrender.
                When it is very easy to surrender, it is meaningless. When it is difficult, it is meaningful. All these people here around me are doing everything that I want. Sometimes they are rough to you; then remember, I want them sometimes to be rough with you. Sometimes they are indifferent to you; then remember, I want them sometimes to be indifferent to you. Sometimes they seem to be simply hindering you for no reason at all - right. Remember, I want them to be that way.
                You may find such situations here: surrender!...It is easy to surrender to me, to my love. It is not difficult at all - you are all for it. But then I have to create a few hindrances. These are devices for you. If you use them you will be tremendously benefited. If you don't use them you will unnecessarily be worried, in conflict, in anger, in anxiety. It is for you. It is up to you to choose whatsoever you want.
                Remember one thing: you are here to disappear - that remembrance will always help. So whomsoever, in whatsoever ways, helps you to disappear, feel grateful to him.
                And many times it may not be the gate-guards, it may not be the group-leaders - it may be just YOU who feels that way. It may be just your idea of how you have to be received and welcomed that may be creating the trouble...
                Remember, it is more possible that you see your own face. I provide mirrors here: don't start fighting with the mirror.
                I have heard that in the twenty-first century they invented a mirror to reflect your mind... just as the body can be reflected, someday one is going to be discovered so that you can just look in the mirror and your mind is reflected...And everybody was purchasing it and millions of mirrors were sold. But within a few days, the mirrors were thrown and broken and the sales simply dropped to zero.
                The inventor was very much puzzled, and the company that was producing them, and hoping to earn millions of rupees, was simply at a loss - what has happened? First they were selling so fast...Then the inventor looked into the matter and found that nobody likes to see his own mind, so people dropped them - sometimes accidentally...but knowingly, very deliberately; the accident was false. Sometimes they destroyed it themselves, sometimes they threw it out, sometimes they forgot it in the train...and by and by, they all went to the junkyard.
                Then he invented another mirror which showed you as you would like yourself to be - and that has been selling and selling and selling...and there is no end. Each person has spare mirrors too, in case sometimes one is broken. It shows you the ideal one - as you would like yourself to be, as you really think, imagine, yourself to be.
                These people here on the gates, group-leaders, Maneesha smelling you: all these people are the first type of mirrors. And I am not in favour of the second type of mirrors.

19. “When Christ Mind is established, there is a sense of release of all resistance to the flow of constant change, for Fear has been replaced by Radical Trust.”
20. “Radical Trust is not merely trusting that 'good will come of this.' It is the startling
recognition that only good comes of all things, whether in their birth, or in their apparent death, or ending.”
50. “Resistance automatically dictates that the Lesson will come around again in a new Form.”
Jayem (‘Way of Mastery: Foundational Principles,’

“The human race has one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” - Mark Twain.

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