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Are Cancer Foundations Fraudulent?

13 March 2012

Dr. Leonard Coldwell says that many foundations that raise millions of dollars for cancer research are fraudulent. Hear why he says that and how he says the money raised really doesn't help treat cancer patients.

Scott: You touched on the American Cancer Society. What's your thought on organizations like that, the Susan G. Komen Foundation. There's a Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there's fundraisers every week in every town raising hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and yet we're not any closer to winning this war on cancer. What are your thoughts on those organizations that raise just unbelievable amounts of money with no progress?

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: First of all, to me, it's all a hoax, it's all fraud. Even with people in it, they often think they do the right thing, but here's the answer. Where does the money go that they raise? Back to the pharmaceutical industry, back to the medical industry for research. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: We have 400 known cancer cures out there, natural cancer cures, there's no side effects. There's no need to research any more for the cancer cure because there are more than enough out there. 

Having personally been known as the person with the highest cancer cure rate in the world by independent studies, by so many experts out there, I can tell you there are so many cancer cures out there. Dr. Tullio Simoncini spoke cancer as a fungus. He just puts baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, with a watered down solution on the cancer. The cancer tumor disappears on contact because the white mass that every cancer has is a fungus, and if you alkalize a fungus, it instantly disappears, and therefore the tumor disappears. The cancerous growth disappears. 

We all need to really look into not walking for the cure, not buying a pink ribbon, because it's all fraud. It all goes in the pockets of the same people that cause your cancer, the pockets of the same people that live off you having cancer. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: They're creating more complicated treatments and surgeries to charge more and more and more, because today, as far as I know, if you're diagnosed with cancer, if you don't have the right kind of health insurance. You're kind of broke after three months. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: And that's what they like, because if you're broke, you are willing to do everything the government tells you to do. You have no money for a lawyer, you have no money to fight back, you have no money for research, you don't even have money any more for alternative natural cures. People need to stop donating to these organizations instantly, because they waste their money and the money goes directly to the criminals that are responsible that the cancer rate is that high.

If you just research all these people out there that are curing cancer. Why don't you go to people that produce results and say, 'How did you do that?' Let us research that. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Why did they get rid of Gerson? Gerson cured all these people just by changing their diet, or the Budwig diet, the cottage cheese and just sodium bicarbonate, baking soda with some maple syrup. You warm it up a little and it becomes kind of like a candy kind of a thing, and you eat that to alkalize your system. Because if you just look at the facts, Otto Wahlberg and Mark Platx got a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1936 by proving cancer cannot exist in an alkaline, oxygen-rich environment. Why didn't we move on from there? Why didn't we do more research, saying, 'Oh, how can we get the body alkaline?' 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Oh, we just need chlorophyll. Everything that's green, choose it, eat it. Your body will really be flooded with oxygen. 

And how do you get it alkaline? The green, too, because everything that's green is full with calcium. That's where an elephant or a vegetarian like a cow gets their strong bones from, from everything that's green.

Then, of course, there's good calcium. You cannot use a coral calcium any more because thanks to the nuclear reactor accident, as you recall, calcium is radioactive and you don't really want this any more. Anything from Okinawa you cannot touch any longer, or at least you shouldn't. 

There are so many easy ways. If you have a gallon of water with half a teaspoon of pink salt in it a day, Himalayan salt that still has all the trace minerals. Most of all, if you just look for nature. If it didn't exist 150 years ago, you do not need it. You don't want it, you don't need it. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.
Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Most of all, it's a cowardly way of getting rid of guilt donating to organizations. See, we all have neighbors that need help. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: And we all know of good people that need help. See, if I really want to help, that's the people I help. I help my neighbors, I help my fellow Americans. I don't need to fly to Africa when there are 150 cameras there, and feed a couple of starving kids just because I'm on camera. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: The second the camera is turned off, I fly back home with my private jet. I don't need to do that. 

I can help my neighbors here, and I can go to West Virginia and I can see people sleeping in boxes where washing machines are delivered in. That's when you help somebody. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Then Katrina happened, and our fellow Americans went there before FEMA stopped them. FEMA stopped them on purpose because they wanted to try a gun confiscation and mass control and all these kinds of things. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: That's the entire reason why all of this happened to begin with. All the Americans were already out there with blankets, with food. We love each other. See, we are Americans, we are not our government. Our government has nothing to do with us.

Everything is out there to me, in my experience and my thinking of the law, is treason to begin with. Taking away healing substances, healing treatments, it's murdering or raging a war against your own people. This is, by my definition, high treason. I don't even know how they get away with it any longer, but there are more and more people waking up, there are more and more people being ready to fight and willing to fight, because everybody now has one or two people in the family that died of cancer. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Now we have parents whose children get taken away because they refuse vaccination or they refuse killing, murderous treatments for cancer. 

If you just look at the information sheet that comes with the chemotherapy, it says death as a side effect. That radiation causes cancer, everybody knows that. Chemotherapy is based on mustard gas. Mustard gas, after the Geneva Convention, is forbidden as a war chemical. It was created in the First and Second World War to kill soldiers on the battlefield, now they put it directly into the bloodstream. After one single chemotherapy, you cannot donate blood or be an organ donor anymore. What does that tell you about your health?

Please don't donate to any organization. 76% usually stays only in their own pockets to begin with, and the rest usually goes back to the medical and pharmaceutical industry for their research on cancer. Not on the cancer cure, not on curing the patient, it goes back to cancer research.

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