Monday, 14 April 2014

Breathing into Emotions

Message from P'taah - April 2014

Channelled through Jani King

Q: I've got some questions about handling emotions. I have done your technique for loving the baby me and I have found that it works very well to make the feelings go away. But quite often the feelings return when other things happen and I get those four basic fears you talk about when they get triggered. So I am thinking that something is holding that feeling in place, the one that gets triggered, and I think that something is belief. I also think that belief creates our reality. So I was wondering if you can recommend any other techniques for how we can unhook those beliefs that seem to keep everything in place?
P'taah: All right. Now let us first say that it is not only the beliefs that hold the framework. The beliefs in a way are the structure, but what helps to recreate and recreate the stories that trigger the old feelings is the emotion itself, the frequency of the emotion.
Now, you know, beloved, the first thing is to say that it is not to get rid of the feelings, but simply to allow them to be. To understand that as you can allow them, then indeed, they will float into a different frequency. So one of the things is the very fact that you judge these emotions to be no good, not a good thing, to be gotten rid of, as quickly as possible.
Well you know in a way, it is also to understand that your emotional body is part of who you are. It is part of your framework. That is you will not in the human condition be without emotion.
So it is not the fact that you have emotion, but it is the negative judgment you have about the emotion. So we suggest that you contemplate this idea - that there is nothing bad, nothing wrong, with the emotion per se, hmm?
Simply to say, as you have experienced the first years of your life, as you have built this framework of beliefs...and, beloved, also in terms of the belief, when you find yourself tapping into one of these old beliefs that do not serve you any longer, then stop and reframe it.
For instance, for some people, there is a belief, "Oh bad things always happen to me just when I think that I've got it right." You understand?
Q: Yes, I do.
P'taah: So the moment something that you judge to be "not so good," occurs, this belief pops into your mind, "Oh yes, here we go again. Bad things always happen to me." Then you stop and breathe into that, because that unto itself triggers a feeling. And simply rephrase that to say, "Every experience I have is an un-foldment and a learning how to be more. How to know more about love." And just breathe into it. Breathe into it.
And as you pay attention, and of course, the more you are focused in the present, in the Now moment, the easier it is for you to do this. As you come into the habitude of this paying attention to the old belief patterning, then indeed, it will take you not so long to reframe these old beliefs, to make them positive, to make them more in tune with this new you, with how you desire your life to be. Does this make sense to you?
Q: Yes, it does. That makes a lot of sense.
P'taah: All right. 

Q: I'd like to go on from that. When you are talking about each of the emotions we have, I work as a counselor. If somebody is coming in with a particular emotion and I want to help them feel it or move it, is there a particular range of emotion? For example if one emotion will go into a frequency, is there another emotion that I can move them to when I help them move through what they are feeling? Do they sort go in a spectrum like a rainbow?
P'taah: In a way it does. You may say that the spectrum is that which is from fear to love. So the transformation from fear to love changes the frequency indeed.
So how do you assist those peoples who are in trauma or very distressed to change it? Well, the first important thing is for them to breathe it. To breathe. Now, as we have discussed before, everything in your physical reality, in a way, is a mirror or reflection of that which is in a greater reality. So, the breath in your physical reality equates to life. If you are not breathing you are not living,
Q: Right...
P'taah: But in the greater reality, life is really Goddess/God. Life is love, which is simply another word for Goddess/God.
So when you can, in the midst of the emotion, be still and focus on your breath and breathe into the belly, into the emotion, then what you are doing is you are opening the channel. You are touching the emotion. You are in the allowance of the emotion.
What usually happens when you get into a great emotional state is that you stop breathing altogether, or you breathe very fast and very shallow. So you are blocking it off, holding the emotion down - holding it down there in your belly.
So the moment that you stop and you breathe, what you are doing is saying, "I recognize you. I allow you." In other words, there is a kind of acceptance of this feeling, this tightness in the belly. So, the moment that you breathe, you focus the breath into the emotion, already you are changing and transforming the frequency of it. As you will practice this for yourself, then indeed you may use that for other people when you are counseling.
Q: Yes. I find that when I practiced it for myself, when I am in the midst of the emotion and trying to do it when I am in the here and now, sometimes I am so in the here and now that I can't think straight. Then I have to wait a while until I am on the edge of the experience and then I can still do something with the work, but not yet when I am right in the middle.
P'taah: Just the breath, beloved, just the breath.     
Q: Thank you!


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