Friday, 25 July 2014

Mind control is one of the most pernicious tactics of the darkness

Excerpt from Revelations for a New Era: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth (Matthew Books, 2001), p.310.

By Matthew

Channelled through Suzanne Ward

SUZY: Is mind control itself ever part of any pre-birth agreements?

MATTHEW: NEVER!!! It absolutely is outside of ALL soul level agreements! Mind control is one of the most pernicious tactics of the darkness! Its tools on Earth are the souls willing to carry out that dark power's plan to capture all souls. Consuming all of creation is its goal, and as a total force, the darkness believes its power to be greater than Creator's. It is greatly in error!

However, because of mind control, many millions of lives on Earth no longer are according to agreements, and there is an incalculable negative ripple effect from this that touches lives far beyond the principals. Despite the increasing abundance of light, this vicious practice of mind control still is so pervasive that it is a pollutant enveloping the planet. The basest of its motives are behind wars, behind such widespread Satanic torture and killing that you would reel at the scope, behind abject poverty and disease and assassinations and ungodly distorted values of world leaders.

Mother I feel your deep distress at what seems to you as no escaping these evils on Earth. I know I spoke with unusual vehemence, but not so you would despair, because that will not help anyone. Despair leads to fear, and fear is a virulent, contagious form of negativity. That is exactly the intent of the dark forces, because the energy of fear is incompatible with the energy of light! Earth has more than enough to deal with in 'innocent' pollution created by those billions of souls who are unaware that their fear is immeasurably helping their worst enemy, the dark forces.

Mind control is why the planet and her life forms who assimilate the light are even now transcending the third density atmosphere into the fourth, where mind control cannot flourish - it cannot exist! In this ascending motion, the viability of all negative pollution is being scattered, dissolved, and weakened globally, and this process is commonly called planetary cleansing.

The penchant for controlling others is not new. From the beginning of life on the planet, the stronger captured and controlled the weaker by one means or another, and this mentality persisted and evolved into manipulating a persons mental and emotional makeup, the zenith of interfering with their soul's growth. Just as ideas for progress have been swift in other areas, so has this been true in mind control methods, with current technology employed rather than outdated means, like the town crier who was strategically misinformed and thus passed false news to the unsuspecting townspeople.

Considering the swift pace of technological developments, today's ideas as described in those articles you read about implants and the physiologically based methods, would not necessarily be all that farfetched by comparison with that disinformation specialist of centuries past. However, the methods actually in present use are not that sophisticated. The technology of the most outrageous methods is only projections - ideas, or plans, but NOT 'developments' anywhere near operational status. These non-perfected plans and devices still can have a powerful impact on your world though, IF the news of them is not kept in silence by the darkness. For how, then, would anyone know to be in fear of them?!

With the effective purposes of mind control combined with peoples fear that it even exists, this most sinister of weapons of the dark forces is the sharpest of double-edged swords. The reason for the word getting out on these new approaches is the same as it is for many other reports being released: to create FEAR. Someone who believes reports like you read and has no knowledge whatsoever of what I have just told you, could be frightened so severely as to become totally dysfunctional.

On top of that, fear is the energetic open door to the dark forces, and once they get even the tiniest crack in the door, they will stop at nothing to capture or destroy the soul. The fight for souls has heated up intensely, and the most effective fighting tool discovered yet is the magnified energy of fear. Not only is the fear filled person useless to himself, but his fear is contagious. Fear is incompatible with laughter, joy, clear perceiving, sound judgement, and most vital, it's incompatible with knowing your inseparable connection with God. Fear is incompatible with light!

Mother, let me back up a moment - I did get ahead of myself. The efforts of the light beings are working! I neglected to give that crucial point and I need to edit myself. The success of the persistent light attacks against the various types of mind control is evident to us - the light forces are winning this conflict steadily, decisively! There is no technology that is beyond their ability to prevent or combat through cellular level light infusuion. Of course the dark forces don't want you to know that, they only want you to know what they have afoot so that fright-induced vulnerability is all pervasive.

The overall light and dark conflict will continue for a while, and mind control will continue to be the biggest gun in the dark forces' arsenal even as its effects are lessening more and more. It is true that what you hear and see via the media doesn't bear that out - media control is another instance of mind control! Just know that this is true: Darkness is losing steadily; the light is gaining steadily! In a last ditch effort of the darkness to turn this around, you are being force-fed fear through every possible situation that can be contrived and highly publicized, such as terrorism, wars, new diseases, the ozone layer, drugs, loss of civil rights, joblessness, chemicals in food and on and on! Even those conditions reported truthfully are designed to give you the message: BE AFRAID. The message I give you from the highest light beings is BE FEARLESS.

This is why it is imperative that information gets out about the profoundly beneficial effects of the light forces on a global, galactic and even universal scale. It is not known at this level for certain, but it has been suggested by messengers from the highest realms that, cosmically, there is a shake-up also. There is such a thick crust of ignorance and negativity yet to be cleared away that those who expect dynamics of celestial proportions will be disappointed as the days and even a few years roll by with the darkness being exposed, its horrors brought to the light. That is how the healing of Earth is happening.

Love and care for one another. Hold true to your soul's mission by being quiet, listening, and feeling your partnership with God. Love, serenity and balance are tools of the light warrior! Arm yourselves!

So, do not despair that truth is being exposed in so many ways that could be frightening IF there was no understanding of what is transpiring. This is a time for calm discernment - which is yours just for the asking- and a time to rejoice that the dark situations are being exposed because it means that ever-greater light is prevailing. Otherwise, these atrocious happenings literally could not ‘come to light.’ As I said, it is better, surely, to have knowledge and to spiritually arm yourself in faith than to live in ignorance and become swept into an ocean of non-understanding.

Put mind control in the same light - literally! - I've told you regarding other disturbing facts of life on Earth right now: They are coming to an end!

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