Friday, 27 February 2015

The time to be free is here

Excerpt from 

'Stepping into 2015 as Multilayered Beings of Inclusiveness'

The Messages From God Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 14 January 2015

This is the time when you become multi-layered beings. When you are available to recognize all the things that are happening at once. Where you can dance as a human being, participate in the storyline of the world that you choose, while all the while being completely awake to your open heart rejoicing in your limitless true nature and participating in the great cosmic movement of Love.

All of life is part of this great creativity. And because I Am creative, beloved ones, so is every quark. Every tiny part of the spectrum of energy is a creative engine creating with Love. So the only thing that has been missing, or out of alignment, is the mis-perception that there is anything but Love. The ideation that there can be a world of darkness now, beloved ones, is meant to come to an end. You, as humankind, may rejoice in being the creative heart of God, taking delight in every aspect of the movement of Love and dancing it forth as a wondrous performance. The great romance of God as I discover more of Myself…

So enter this year as an open heart and a limitless consciousness. Be aware that Love is creating itself here as you. Make the choice to be absolutely unlimited. And then approach every moment as an explorer who is waiting to find the next unfolding of beauty.

So step into this year as a conscious creative heart choosing to live beyond the ego-mind. To instead be the powerful vortex of Love that meets every projection, every thought of duality and instantly performs the translation and becomes the vehicle of transformation into the experience of only good, only God and only limitless possibility…

Thus, beloved ones, you can dance with every moment as it arises. You can meet the perfection of Love in absolutely everything. You can experience this endless bounty, this wondrous true prosperity. You can rejoice in this wonderful life in which everything is possible. And you can leave behind the human identity that you have carried for so long. For the time to be free is here. 2015 is the year of awakening consciousness and the glorious power of Love.

So, beloved ones, when you recognize that you are everything, that this now moment is pregnant with limitless possibilities, you don't have to choose either/or anymore, but can embrace with your heart this holy and endless inclusiveness of which everything is vibrant with life and you are my prayer of gratitude.

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