Sunday, 28 June 2015

Aligning Judgment

By P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, June 2015

Music of the Spheres by Bernared Xolotl

Q: P'taah, when I get to the place where I align my judgment, all of a sudden I feel free. I mean it frees me up to just go on. It is a wonderful feeling.

P'taah: Of course! It puts you in your power-centerness. It puts you in the place to make outrageously creative choice.

Q: Right, exactly. It feels wonderful.

P'taah: Indeed and that is your true state of being, you see? It is to be centered then in your power base so that your intellect is mainly concerned only about fulfilling your hearts desires.

None of that 'running a game' to protect you from facing that which are the fears and beliefs. Because all of you have spent all of your life running like hell away from it all, eh?

Q: It serves as a great barrier.

P'taah: Indeed! And it also keeps you separate from each other.

Q: Yes! But it's very tiring.

P'taah: Indeed. And you see what is occurring is that all of you are coming to that place of being very bored with running the same old game over and over and you want the more and you desire passionately that transformation. 

Q: That is exactly right! You hit the nail on the head.

P'taah: I did. I like to do that! (Laughter) 

Q: When I have some deep-seated or deep-rooted fears or angers and everything seems to be okay for the moment, how are some ways that those fears might come out to be embraced?

P'taah: All right, you will simply create situations that will bring forth the feeling. Now you know, my beloved ones, it does not have to be grand and dramatic. It does not have to be of dire circumstance. And you can state forth that you desire indeed to come into the expansion; to come into the allowance and the embracement of those issues that are still keeping you stuck. And you can state forth that you desire it to be in a gentle fashion. You see?

Q: Just state it out loud? 

P'taah: Indeed! From the God/Goddessness of you. To say, "From the God/Goddess of my being I desire that that which is not aligned come forth in a gentle fashion that I may come into this expansion without the dire circumstances and pain and anguish."

Q: Okay. Thank you!

Q: Some of us like the crashing cymbals when we do this! 

P'taah: Of course you do or else you would not recreate this for yourselves lifetime after lifetime on this plane. It is wondrous theater for you, mmm?

Q: One of the things you said had to do with speaking without the actual verbalization. Is it more effective to verbalize or can one think those things as well?

P'taah: Well, of course you can think it. But you know sometimes it is very good for you to hear your voice announcing to the universe out loud your intentions and desires. 

And we have stated forth to you that a very good place to do it is when you are bathing because you are feeling warm and comfortable and the water is a grand magnifier. This is a wondrous place for you to state forth each day your desires, intents and expectancies for your day. 

But you know, beloved, it is simply to be in the allowance, in the moment. It is not that you must leap over great mountains with a single bound.

Q: Okay.

P'taah: And when you are living in your future, you see, it becomes overwhelming sometimes for you. And also when you are living in your past so you are dragging along all of the old baggage and that certainly does not serve you. 

As you can be focused with how is it at this Now moment then you are allowing the flow. As you are being in the Now, and particularly when you are doing that which makes your heart sing in the excitement then it is, as you know full well, beloved, that the ideas and the creativity comes forth and you are allowing the greater knowing. You are creating a space in that focus of the Now to allow the grand knowing to flow, you see? Rather than having to struggle and work.

You know I will say this to you about that which is work. There is great judgment around this word 'work'. It is all about perception. When you are doing in your day to days what makes your heart sing, it is not work. There are civilizations upon your plane unto this very day that have no word for 'work' in their vocabulary. It is very much of this society, your work ethic. 

And much of your self-judgment is tied up with this business called work. "If I do not work I seem to be not worthy. If I do not work hard, I will not make money. If I do not work hard, I cannot enjoy the fruit of my labor. If I do not struggle with enlightenment, I certainly will not get there, even if I am worthy of it." You see? 

So there is much about your belief around work and we would say to you that it would be most beneficial if you would take the word 'work' out of your vocabulary. And whatever you are doing each day, if you will change your perception around that then you will gain a lot more joy out of it. 

And you know, beloved, we have said this to you about your workplace. Change your perception, change the reality. And indeed, although you are desirous of changing your lifestyle - and we heartily are very, very enthusiastic about this - we say to you, and this is very important for all of you, whatever you are doing in that moment, look at how you perceive it and what you believe about it. Because much of your stress level involved with work is only because of your beliefs and perceptions. When you change it here (points to heart), automatically you change it out there. In exactly the same way as the people with whom you work. 

There are many of you who go forth every day with a heavy heart and who may have an altercation and feelings of diseasement about the people with whom you are interacting during that day of work. When you realize that you have created it all and that when you change your beliefs and perceptions and judgments about the situation, then indeed the whole situation will automatically change. 

Q: It's true. That is such a key thing. Because when I take responsibility, I see my part in it. How can I be a victim?

P'taah: That is right.

Q: And really that is such a basic thing. Take responsibility for whatever it is that I am creating in my life - whatever condition I am in.

P'taah: Indeed. 

Q: It's exciting. Thank you, P'taah.

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