Friday, 12 February 2016

Psychic Communicates with Angry Leopard


This touching story of a black leopard that went viral a few years old. He was angry, hated humans and had injured his new keeper at the cat. Then a brief visit from animal communicator Anna Breytenbach at Jukani Predator Park which was then located in Mossel Bay, Western Cape (now Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary near Plettenberg Bay) in South Africa and the traumatised leopard suddenly relaxed and began to trust humans again.

On Anna’s recommendation Diablo’s name was changed to Spirit

"Animals are much more conscious than we give them credit for. Their souls are connected to all that is and therefor hold a space of intelligence.  They may not have evolved the ability to speak with their mouths but if you can learn to listen then you can begin to understand the animals around you.

Diabolo the leopard was struggling in his new home. No matter what his care takes tried he wouldn’t come out from hiding. He would snarl and become very angry whenever someone came near him.

Desperate his caretakers tried something they didn’t even believe would work, they called Anna Breytenbach an animal communication expert and psychic. After spending some time with Diabolo she not only discovered the problem but she found out that he wanted a name change.  Watch the video below to find out what was bothering him and the transformation that took place for not only him, but his caretakers as well."


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