Sunday, 7 August 2016

Know with Your Heart, Not Your Mind

Image by Justin Benzel

By P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, June 2016 

P'taah: Greetings beloved ones! This day we are going to do a little review of that which you truly do know, at least intellectually. But until you know it in your heart, your life will not change.

Who you are is a grand and wondrous, powerful multidimensional Expression of Source. Who you are is awesome indeed. Who you are exists in all realities in this Now moment. You create your own reality absolutely in every Now.

Do you realize how important it is for you to know this? You are a grand and very wondrous body of electromagnetic energy and you draw to you in every Now that which shows you who and how you are. That is how powerful you are. There is not one experience or situation in your life ever which you have not created absolutely.

You see, my beloved ones, until it is that you can take responsibility for what you create, you are forever victim. What does it mean to be victim? It means that you are powerless to transform your life. And after all, that is why you have come forth in this reality, in this Now, in this time frame.

In a way you may say that in all of the lifetimes in that which you call your past and that which you call your future, you choose simply for the experience of it. You choose it! You are not ever forced to come into human reality. And why do you choose it? For the intensity of the emotional experience. That is all! You are Gods and Goddesses playing a game called life - Human Life Now.

And you may play the game however you desire it. There is no judgment. For some of you when you look at that which are your life experiences, you say, "I must be mad! Why would I choose such hell?" It is to remember when you look at the horror stories that each lifetime is like the blink of an eye and all of it is occurring Now!

Who wants to be enlightened? Bad luck! Forget about enlightenment! You are already enlightened beings. The only thing that keeps you separate from that knowing in truth is just a tiny fear. You have forgotten the truth of you. You are already experiencing lifetimes as realized human.

How many of you desire enlightenment to escape fear and pain? Bad luck! There is NO escape! There is no escape, there is only transformation. And transformation is a choice. This is your power.

One of your little obstacles is that no one really tells you HOW. The simplicity of it gets lost in the stories of the do's and don'ts, the should's and should nots, the 'do it this way or miss the boat all together.' Who is afraid of missing the boat - raise your hand up. (some laughter) You will NOT miss the boat.

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There are four keys to transformation...

One: You can only transform what you own. If there is anything about you life including fear and pain that you will not own, acknowledge and take responsibility for, how can you possibly transform it? For as long as you will not take responsibility, your life will not transform. For as long as you invalidate any facet of you, you cannot transform it. Make sense? We are very, very sensible. Logical, indeed. You cannot transform what you do not OWN.

Two: You can only transform in the Now moment. In a way, you have no past and you have no future. You cannot transform in your past. You cannot transform in your future. However, paradoxically, when you choose transformation in the Now moment you do transform your past and your future.

Three: This is a very important one. You can only transform whilst you are in the emotion of the pain or fear. We say this again to you, you can only transform whilst you are in the E-motion of pain and fear because your emotions are the power-sourceness of you. If you could transform your world with your intellect, then indeed your world would be a very different place in this Now. Your intellect was designed to implement your heart's desire. It is the servant, not the master.

Your reality is created of thought and belief enwrapped by that power called E-motion. That is the magnetic energy that creates reality. It is through that magnetic energy that you draw to you the experiences that show you who you are. The polarities of your reality are love/fear however all of it is simply energy. The energy of fear is a slower, denser frequency.

You are the Gods and Goddesses who are alchemists. Your extraordinary power has the ability to change matter and to transform dense energy to light energy, fear to love. So that emotional essence of you is the force of your power in your reality.

Four: You can only transform what you own in the Now moment whilst you are in the emotion and then by the total embracement. What is it that you usually try to do when you feel fear? Overcome it? Stuff it down? Try to release it or get rid of it? Invalidate it? Hide it under the carpet or run like hell from it?

It doesn't work does it? When you look at your life, you see how it is that you have recreated and recreated stories that although maybe different in your exterior reality, nevertheless bring up the same old feeling. Of course the bottom line feelings are those of 'not enough', 'less than', 'unworthy, powerless, abandoned', and the belief that you exist in a hostile world. Any of this sound familiar to anybody?

It is the human story and you have for lifetime after lifetime in your terms forgotten the grand truth. And what do you think is the most unlimited, grandest truth? It is that you are in every Now moment a Perfect, Eternal Expression/Extension of the Source. That is your truth! And as we have said, what keeps you separate from knowing this grand truth is a tiny little fear that you are not enough.


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