Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Comet Strikes

Written and directed by Lo Wei, 1971

Starring Nora Miao and Chiang Nan

There was a civil strife in the court. In order to protect the king, some loyal ministers and the king hid in an old house. This old house was known as a haunted house; whoever lived in the house shall die for sure. Mr. and Mrs. Tse went to the haunted house but died in it. Their son Tse Tin Jun wanted to find out the truth of his parents’ death, so he went to the house. At the mean time, another minister knew the king’s hiding in the house. He sent out a military force to kill the king. Actually Mr. and Mrs. Tse pretended to die to deceive the public. Tin Jun stood with his parents and the loyal ministers to fight against the rebels. After the blood battle, they eventually annihilated the rebels

Do you believe in ghosts? That is the question.

Bonus 1

The Bravest Revenge

Directed by Chien Lung, 1971

Union Films Classic, with English Sub. Union films had a unique style, more natural looking then the Shaw brothers, akin to the Japanese Samurai films of the 1960's. Stars Tien Peng, Polly Kuan and Yee Yuen, enjoy this rarity.

Bonus 2

The Brave and the Evil (1971) 黑白道


Directed by Jimmy Wang Yu, Taiwan, 1971

Starring Jimmy Wang Yu as Bai Sifeng, Polly Shang-Kuan Ling-Feng as Hong Tianjiao and Paul Chang Chung as Zhao Yi Long

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