Thursday, 7 September 2017

The House That Jack Built

This is the horse the kicked the cow...that chased the dog that bit the cat...that killed the rat...that lived in the house that Jack built.

The Avengers, Season 4, Episode 23, 1966

Emma holds her old childhood doll as she looks the exhibit of her life


Director: Don Leaver
Writer: Brian Clemens (teleplay)

Mrs. Peel is bequeathed an old house by an uncle Jack, whom she never knew existed. In the event, he did not exist. The house is a former lunatic asylum and it is all a ruse by a vengeful ex-employee of Mrs. Peel's to submit her to mind games which will drive her insane.

Emma comes to Steed's home to tell him she cannot have lunch with him because she inherited a house from an uncle she never knew. She places the key to the estate on photo paper Steed has sitting out. He is developing some holiday snaps. Anyway Emma leaves Steed's apartment and travels to her legacy.

Patrick Macnee ... John Steed
Diana Rigg ... Emma Peel

A plastic mould of Professor Keller's head glows in the blackness behind Emma Peel

The centre of the maze

Elmira Humphries, Radio Queen, 1939

Professor Keller: [voice over] I am dead. I've been dead for quite some time. Only the house is alive. Only the house...

The glass case surrounding Professor Keller's preserved corpse cracks and splinters as the house breaks down



Yoann Pennard

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