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Acceptance & The Path of Love

The Path of Love

By Sananda

Channelled through Christopher Sell, 24 February 2012

The power of your heart to bring well-being and healing is immense because your heart is a doorway to the infinite resources of your Divine Self. Your capacity to accept what is opens that door.

Be gentle with yourself as you develop this power. It may not be easy to accept everything you find in yourself or witness in the world. If you then blame yourself or that which you find unacceptable you close the door through which Divine Love may enter the world. Gentleness, an acceptance of your own difficulties, makes the journey easier for you.

Imagine for a moment what it might feel like to be accepting of everything exactly as it is. I think you will find it is something quite distinct from condoning or acquiescing. When you accept, you come to be with that which you have accepted. You have opened that door within the heart and Divine Love then carries you there. You have taken love where previously you thought love could not be, so that love may do its work. Wherever your love is, you are there. This is how you grow.

When you come to be with someone or something you have found unacceptable the power of your heart can offer its gift of transformation. You have come to be beside someone or something that believed it deserved rejection. Your acceptance begins to shatter this illusion. For everyone and everything within this Universe is accepted by the Source of All.  Each movement of acceptance you make creates a pathway for Divine Love to enter the world. Your presence expands along these pathways. This is the journey to oneness. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

’Harmony’ a Main Key to Embody to Qualify for Ascension

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.” – Marcus Aurelius.

It is now time to distance yourself from all those who do not seek to embrace harmony in their lives. All those who wish to embody harmony or wish to be accepted into the family of Telos must do the following:

• You must strive to remain in a state of harmony at all times, with all of creation and all of nature. For without harmony, there is discord. Then with discord there is destruction.

• Regardless of what people may do or say, you ‘must remain in harmony.’ If someone tries to hurt you, then bless them, and do not let them be part of your reality.

• If you encounter disharmonious situation, then distance yourself. You have no obligation to remain where harmony does not reign.

• Seek truth and harmony at all times, and do not ever again allow yourself to deviate from this course or you will self-destruct. Those who will continue to resist the new energies now flooding your planet will not be able to do this much longer. The new energies are now getting so very strong and intense to bring about the changes and transformations you have been all waiting for. Those who will resist will self-destruct.

• You should no longer entertain feelings of discord and guilt. Never be sorry for what you are or what you are going through to balance your debts towards life. Rather strive always to improve yourself.

• Harmony should be the number one quality in your life, and be assured that it will pave your pathway for admittance into the Halls of Ascension. You will know when you have reached that level because then nothing will bother you. Whatever people say or do to you, it will not grieve your heart one way or the other.

• Someone who is in total harmony is totally happy with Creation. That someone holds total acceptance of what is. When you become that, you are ready for your ascension.

 Excerpt from Telos Volume 2 by Adama with Master El Morya
Channelled through the late Aurelia Louise Jones

What the Ascended Masters, Adama, Sananda, Maitreya, Archangel Michael, St Germain and all other masters, are telling us is that at this time, NOW, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, more important than your personal spiritual and healing work. Everything else is a distraction to keep you away from the ‘real goal’ of your incarnation here...

Adama speaks to us of the Blue Ray/Flame, the Ray of the Will of God. He explains the spiritual benefits of surrender to the Divine Will...

‘Today, I would like to talk about the Will of God as the path of ‘surrender.’ You see, Without the Will of God, you are not going very far on your evolutionary pathway. This is the very first step, the first initiation that must be mastered before you can really progress into all the other steps. If you are not willing to surrender to the ‘greater will’ of your being, the Will of your own ‘Divine Source,’ how will you recognise your new home? If you are not willing to surrender to that which is seeking to bring you all the way back ‘home,’ the home of your divine perfection, joy, bliss and limitlessness, your lost paradise, then how do you expect to ever get there?

The Will of God is not a God outside of you. It is simply the God that you are and that you have always been, although when you are in a physical incarnation you tend to temporarily forget. Your divine Presence is totally omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, and can fulfil all of your desires. You have temporarily forgotten that you are nothing less than an expression of this great I AM, incarnated in a human experience. You came here with an agenda to attain soul perfection, and expand your divinity to the fullness of the God-Mastery and Wisdom. You are here seeking advanced enlightenment and total spiritual freedom. You are here to become an unlimited God in all planes of existence.

This is an agenda of love for the Self, and that Self is no one but ‘you.’ You are still too caught up in your mundane affairs, and are not seeking to attain the goals you have incarnated for. For too many of you, the affairs of your soul path and soul evolution have become the last concern on your agenda.

Well, my dear friends, when you are consciously putting aside the true goals of your incarnation for the sake of momentary human pursuits, your life turns out to be something very different than what you have envisioned for your life experience prior to your incarnation here. Once back to the other side of the veil, as you review the life you just left, there are always deep regrets. There is a profound desire to receive another opportunity for incarnation, to fulfil all of the soul’s desires that you have denied in your present life.

And this is how the merry-go-round of endless cycles of incarnations for the soul keeps repeating itself again and again, one incarnation after the other. Your divine presence, with great patience and compassion, have granted you thousands upon thousands of those opportunities. For so many of you, each time you come here, you ignore the reasons for your coming.

Lifetime after lifetime you did not meet your set goals for your incarnation. This is also why you are still here facing so many challenges instead of enjoying the bliss of the light realms. You will keep coming back again and again, until you finally surrender to the longings of your own soul. Your Divine Presence has watched you suffer, search and work endlessly for many lifetimes. It has observed your pain, your despair, your hopelessness, your fears, your tears, your doubts your shames and terrors. It has witnessed the great wisdom that has been gained in all of these incarnations, individually and for the whole of Creation. And it is longing now to bring you home, to freedom, to love, to mastery, to oneness, and to all that you are as a divine being.

It yearns to bring you back home, but it cannot force you; it requires your willingness, your intention and your cooperation. It requires that you embrace the parts of yourself that have been abandoned and hated along the way of your many incarnations.

This is why surrender to the Will of your own divinity is such a divine grace to bestow upon yourself.

It is ‘you’ who will be the greatest beneficiary of this grace. Someday, you will wonder why you have waited so long to come ‘Home.’ Someday, you will realise that you really never had to suffer; it was your choice. And it was your resistance to the Love that you are that created all the pains and lessons that you have experienced for so long. It is now time to embrace a way of life that will nurture and embrace all of you, instead of one that diminishes you.

When you surrender, it is the human ego, also known as the altered ego, that you gradually transform back into the original consciousness of your divine nature. As you surrender to the process of cleansing and healing yourself with absolute trust, without judgement and without any fear, you can get through this rather quickly. The process reveals itself to be much less painful than it would be if you fight it all the way. The first step is always the hardest, and most overwhelming part of the path. Trust that once you have taken that step, the rest is much easier.

When you resist what is best for your pathway, your soul will simply allow you to have your own way for a while, until you can’t stand it anymore. Time is not of the essence for the soul, but we, as the masters of light, know that all of you have suffered on this planet long enough. We invite you to choose a more joyful destiny...

With our assistance, this is what we are inviting you to do today. We have already treaded the pathway for ourselves, thus opening the way for you to follow our footsteps, holding our hands out to you. Because we are here for you now, the way will be much easier for you than it was for us. For all those desiring to join with us and share the type of life we enjoy, the path of love and surrender is the key to your homecoming.

We have reached the level of divine grace we are experiencing today in our lives only because, a long time ago, we have also ‘surrendered’ to that divine will. By doing so, our lives were gradually transformed, and so will yours be.”

(Included as an article in Cosmic Lighthouse Metaphysical Magazine, Issue 15, November 2008,


aurelia2-a-ar.-reduced-internet.jpgAurelia Louise Jones was born in Montreal in a French Canadian family in the early 40’s. She graduated as a nurse in the early part of her working career, and also worked as a Spiritual and Health Counselor most of her adult life, as a naturopath and a homeopath, using several holistic modalities. She also included in her practice holistic animal care and consulting, using nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences and several other natural healing modalities. She moved to the U.S. in 1989.

Under the sponsorship of the Brotherhood of Light and the order of Melchizedek, she was ordained as a minister in 1998, and devoted a great deal of her time to her spiritual ministry. She was a devoted spiritual teacher of higher consciousness principles leading to the Ascension process.

While living in Montana in 1997, she received guidance from Adama, and the Lemurian Council of Light of Telos to move to Mount Shasta to be prepared for a mission with them that would eventually become the major aspect of her life’s work. She moved to Mount Shasta one year later in June, 1998 and lived the next 11 years immersed in the passion of her mission.

Aurelia Louise founded and owned Mount Shasta Light Publishing and “The Lemurian Connection Newsletter. During this time, at the request of Lady Quan Yin, she channeled through her cat Angelo a touching message from the animal kingdom, now in a book called: “Angelo’s Message to the World”. Angelo was her favorite cat who incarnated to be with her again in order to bring his message on behalf of the animal kingdom, regarding the treatment of animals on this planet.

Aurelia Louise Jones published three books about Telos and the Lemurian teachings that are now published in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Romanian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese and soon to be in Greek and Estonian.

At this time especially, these books are very important tools for the understanding of the future of this planet and for the understanding of how life was really meant to be lived here, and how we can change our present reality to a far better world by creating the consciousness of an enlightened civilization.

Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission. She held Lemurian events in the Mount Shasta area once or twice a year, and facilitated initiatic journeys there in the summer time. As early as 2002, Aurelia held conferences and workshops in various countries of the world including Canada, especially in Quebec, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain. In addition she traveled to the French Polynesian Islands, Peru and Hawaii.

Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age.

Spiritual Hunger

“The Light has never been as plentiful as now, and will continue to be beamed to Earth in more powerful waves. It is your golden opportunity to draw it yourself, and speed up the level at which your evolution progresses. There is just so much being done for you all, so that no one shall be able to say in truth that they did not have the same chances as anyone else. Believe in your invisible helpers, as there are many with you on your journey just waiting for you to acknowledge their presence…If you feel weighted down by the pressures of life always try to set aside time for yourself. It is in those moments of release from them that you can contact those who are around you. Note any change in the energies that may signal their presence, and see if you can sense any meaning to them. Sometimes you need lifting up, or perhaps are unwell and this will attract their attention. You could be carrying a problem around with you that is difficult to solve, and they will impress you with a likely solution if you are receptive to them…Dispense with fear, and replace it with a faith that has the strength to carry you through the most testing personal traumas. Know that all will turn out satisfactory regardless of your experiences, and it will be in accordance with your life plan. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and most happy to be your contact at this time, Call on me mentally if you feel the need to do so, and I shall be pleased to help in whatever way I can. I will close with my loving blessings to you all.”

- SaLuSa (Galactic Federation message channelled by Mike Quinsey, 11 March 2009,

‘Spiritual Hunger’

By Lazaris

Channelled through Jach Purcell

On a very personal, very private level, understand that when the Vortex opened, it filled you with the Light, and that Light is now inside you and everyone else. Therefore, what you are going to notice in your world is that everybody is going to be reaching for their own spirituality – not for your spirituality, mind you, but for their own spirituality. It is not that others will copy you or will begin doing your spirituality. Nor is it as if everybody is going to start reading spiritual books, meditating and talking metaphysics. People will find their own ways, and those may involve ways quite different from your own.

And with the Light, with that energy now inside of all of you, people are going to respond to that hunger, perhaps without even knowing why. They are going to respond to a thirst that they perhaps don’t even understand.

There are so many ways to respond to this spiritual hunger – to this spiritual thirst. For example:

1)      People will seek human dignity for themselves, for those they love, for those they care about, and for all humankind. Human dignity is integral to the spiritual quest.

2)      They will seek to allow the Unconscious to become Conscious with a certain Ease and a certain elegance. The unconscious Mind has always released information into the  Conscious mind. Too often such release is accompanied by crises of loneliness or pain.  The spiritual quest yearns for new ways to allow the emergence of the Unconscious into  the conscious.

3)      Further, people will reach for a sense of longevity and immortality. People will give greater attention to things eternal.

4)      Additionally, they will search for a deeper sense of goodness and truth.

5)      they will yearn for the blossom of desire and expectation – for the blossom of imagination.

'The Spirit,' 4 January 1948. Illustration by Will Eisner

These qualities, these answers, can be found in the pursuit of beauty. Clandestinely, they can be found in the depths of violence. Ironic, but true. Those who commit hideously violent acts often talk of human dignity and unconscious truths finally revealed. They often speak of immortality and eternity. They are often convinced their violence has purpose and meaning: to vindicate goodness and truth. Though it seems insane to most, those who commit such violence often feel content: Their desires, though not the ones of their victims, have blossomed. Yes, the spiritual hunger can be answered, for some, in violence. Though the end results and the form are totally different, the function of beauty and the function of violence can be the same.

Beauty or Violence. In your world, people will either reach for more beauty, or they will reach for more violence. The Goddess is returning, and the battering of women is increasing. Rape is increasing. How can this contradiction of violence and beauty be? As the true feminine energy emerges, some will embrace it and some will attack it. Both are trying to answer a hunger and thirst. This is not to say that violence is OK, nor that one should look the other way. No. but understand: You will have greater violence or greater beauty.


And there are other dichotomies:

Love or Pain. We have talked of it before. The way to know someone, truly know someone, is to either love them or to inflict pain upon them. To truly be loved or truly be in pain is the way to know someone or to be known.

Enchantment or Crisis. In the depth of crisis there can be incredible growth. At the April, 1994, Los Angeles intensive we talked with a woman. Four years ago, she faced her ‘terminal’ cancer and her terrible home situation. She faced the fact that her whole life had fallen (was not just falling) apart. She faced all this four years ago because that was when her husband, in financial ruin, committed suicide. Massive crisis. Now, many years later, she speaks of it as the most unbelievable time of growth, the most enchanted experience. For the depth of crisis, some – not everyone, but some – will answer that hunger, answer that thirst.

Designed Solitude or Chaotic Loneliness. Here again, we do not say it is a good way, but understand that is why some of you are so unbelievably lonely-not just alone. You are desperately responding to a hunger and a thirst. Solitude, designed solitude, would work more beautifully and more positively.

You are going to see in your world those who understand and seek beauty more consciously and those who seek violence more consciously. Those who seek love and those who seek pain. Those who seek enchantment and those who seek crisis. Those who seek solitude and those who sink into loneliness. The Vortex opened and filled you with all the Light and information. It also has awakened a hunger, awakened that thirst, more deeply in each of you. And even for those who have no idea what we are talking about, that thirst and hunger is there. Expanding.

You are going to see it in your world. And depending on your intention and your attention and where you slide your resonance, you will see it in your reality. You will see it in your reality.

And so be aware of it and work within yourself, because everybody is going to respond. Your world is going to become much more spiritually aware. Whatever vocabulary, whatever vernacular, is used, it is going to be there more and more, everywhere. And you are going to feel a little vindication…’Um, hmm, hmm.’ OK, feel it a little bit and get off it…[laughter]…and just rejoice and keep stretching, responding to your hunger, to your thirst.

(Excerpts from The Sirius Connection. A Workbook, NPN Publishing, Inc., 1996, p.78-81).

“You will need to develop a tremendous amount of patience and compassion for those who feel this energy and do not want to respond to it in a way that can benefit them. You are going to have to become very allowing – perhaps even allowing others to destroy themselves so that they can earn the value of life.” – The Pleiadians (Bringers of the Dawn. Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak, Bear & Company, Inc., Santa Fe, New Mexico, US, 1992, p.175).

AWhen a celestial body travels into higher planes of energy, its vibratory levels increase and so do those levels and thus the consciousness of everything that exists on that body. This is what is transpiring on Earth - communication is flowing clearly between Earth and all her life forms and those lives with each other, including energy‑sensitive and clairaudient humans. Even though some people may choose to believe this is not even a possibility, the capacity for telepathic communion is an ingredient of every soul, therefore a totally natural occurrence. Regardless of beliefs, everyone on the planet is affected by the higher vibrations because they are magnifying all characteristics and intensifying patterns of behaviour. The differences between those who have embraced the light and those who have not are becoming glaringly obvious.@ - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 26 May 2009,

“All of these attributes, including the DNA shift, bring you to an awareness level where you're more willing to search for the God within. ‘Is that really related to DNA, Kryon?’ It is! The quantumness of the parts of your DNA that talk to the chemistry will start to realize that there is more. Many will begin searching for the Higher‑Self, and that's when you're going to discover one of the missing pieces. It's something you've always known about, but something you've never given credibility to. I'll tell you what it is. It's an energy that you don't develop yourself. It's an energy that Humans all have, and from the depths of your ignorance, you think it's yours. It can't be. It's too big. It's love.” - Kryon (‘Attributes of the Shift,’ channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon, Moscow, Russia, 23 May 2009,

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Unconditional forgiveness is the great healer

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 20 November 2011
As the days pass and the intensified divine energies enveloping the planet are experienced by ever greater numbers of you, the urgency of your intent to awaken also intensifies. Many, who previously had dismissed spiritual ideas and beliefs as the mindless longings of the weak and ineffectual, are beginning to understand that this is not so, and are starting to reassess their values and attitudes as it becomes apparent to all that unloving ones lead only to conflict and destitution for all. The call to awaken is being heard and responded to with mounting enthusiasm all over the world.

As your progress towards awakening gathers speed, it is essential that all cease dragging their feet with regard to personal issues that they need to address and release. Frequently, the addressing of these issues has been delayed in the misguided belief that they are someone else’s problem, or because they have been strongly repressed or denied and seem inaccessible, or because someone feels that it would be unwise or inappropriate to stir up old and painful memories. But it is absolutely vital to look at all the unresolved issues hidden in the attics and basements of your minds where they continue to fester, and take the necessary steps to forgive absolutely everyone, without exception, whom you feel or believe has hurt you or any of your friends or loved ones in any way. Remember that those who have inflicted pain were in great pain themselves, and that true, indiscriminate, unconditional forgiveness causes a domino-like effect, allowing and encouraging love to flow into even the darkest of places, bathing all in its soothing balm. To forgive is to open your hearts in love and ensures that healing occurs; and much healing needs to occur because much pain has been inflicted through the eons all over the world.

And of course by forgiving you release enormous amounts of emotional baggage – baggage that has weighed you down with resentment and anger – enabling you to find the acceptance and happiness that you have been seeking for eons without very much success. Forgiveness is undoubtedly the most efficacious medicine available to promote healing and wellness. Most of you have at some time responded unduly harshly and angrily to a child’s accidental misdemeanor when you were very tired or stressed out. You can remember how badly you felt later as realization of your overreaction blasted its way into your awareness, shocking you. You immediately sought out the child, forgave her, and humbly apologized for your unacceptable behavior. The child’s relief and joy at being forgiven overwhelmed you as you saw how hurt she had been, and you swept her up into your arms in a moment of intense love and joy as you resolved never to be so harsh and unthinking again. The damage was repaired, your relationship was healed, and what happiness it brought you both!

True, unconditional forgiveness never fails to heal the one who does the forgiving, and an unconditional apology for a wrong word or action can be enormously healing for the one who has been hurt.

To stress and reiterate: unconditional forgiveness is the great healer, especially when it is combined with the strong intent to always behave in only loving ways. When you open in forgiveness, and also in humble apology, your heart sings out its love, and the most profound healings occur, leading to intense joy for all concerned. This sets you up to awaken into the brilliant light and bliss-filled state that is Paradise, Heaven, Reality, Oneness with God.

With so very much love, Saul.

Truly a time of great joy is approaching

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 27 November 2011

As time rolls rapidly onwards in the illusion many events of enormous significance continue to occur all over the world as the changes that are essential for your well-being are put into effect. The non-mainstream media news channels are giving you brief, uplifting glimpses of what is going on, but when the true nature and extent of what is happening becomes widely known, your delight and amazement will inspire you with unbounded happiness.

The process of humanity’s long-sought and hoped-for awakening is proceeding apace as the realization dawns on more and more of you that loving kindness, gentleness, and compassion are the attributes that will allow and enable resolution of problems and disagreements far more effectively, appropriately, and satisfactorily than the resolute inflexibility, disdain, and righteousness that have been the favored methods of negotiation for so long. It has been shown conclusively, time after time, that agreements made in anger, frustration, or out of a sense of hopelessness or desperation cause grave resentment, and are never truly honored or accepted. They may be enforced for a while but in the long run they are failures, and those on whom they have been imposed will rise up against them.

Peace and prosperity can never be achieved by fighting and wars that crush and dispossess, because even the winners live in fear – fear that the defeated will eventually rise against them. Consequently, they spend both their time and their resources on strengthening their defenses, and joy and happiness totally elude them.

Now that this is finally so well understood, the way has been opened for people to come together with honest open-heartedness to resolve their issues and points of disagreement in a manner that produces true solutions benefiting all involved. And these changes of heart and attitude are what will lead you triumphantly forwards to the age of peace and prosperity for all, for which you have been hoping and praying for so long. Many of you have been discouraged as the years have passed and wars, economic crises, and states of social inequality keep recurring, while the lessons that these situations have presented have been unrecognized or ignored. The end of these distressing and depressing repetitive cycles is now at hand as people start coming together with the understanding that winning means that all must be successful, and with the maturity, wisdom, and generosity of spirit to make that happen.

This grand coming together of disparate groups to resolve the issues and problems that have bedeviled you for eons is an excellent and uplifting demonstration of what generosity and kindness of spirit can achieve, as compassion is shown to all who are suffering, regardless of the circumstances that may have brought that state about, and the help necessary to lift them out of their fear and misery is easily and willingly provided.

There is absolutely no reason why all of humanity cannot share in the abundance that the planet provides, and as the essential changes that will ensure that this happens are set in motion, you will be amazed at how quickly the causes of poverty and privation can be eliminated. Truly a time of great joy is approaching when the miseries that have beset so many for so long are completely eradicated, and all can look forward happy in the knowledge that future generations will enjoy a standard of living that will make them proud to honor you for making it happen. No one will ever again lack what is essential for a life that honors them and enables them to enjoy to the full their creative talents, as God’s divine Will and yours join to embrace all in the Love to which all His children are equally entitled.

With so very much love, Saul.