Thursday, 28 November 2013

Releasing Negativity

 By Matthew
Channelled through Suzanne Ward, 22 November 2013


Thank you, Mother. Now let us speak again about negativity for a moment. Some time ago we told you that the negativity that had become deeply entrenched due to millennia of humankind’s brutality to each other and the animals had been released. So, where is negativity coming from now? As ever before, from the citizens of Earth.

In previous messages we have said that everything in existence is energy. We have spoken about the power of thoughts, feelings, and written and spoken words, and we have stressed how crucial it is to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Also we have explained why forgiveness and gratitude are so important. Evidence of these universal truths is in the ancient practice of ho’oponopono, which ties them all together into an “elixir of divine grace,” you might say.

The accomplishment of Dr. Hew Len, formerly a psychologist at a hospital for the criminally insane in Hawaii, is a stunning example of ho’oponopono’s efficacy. Instead of seeing patients during the couple of years he was there, he stayed in his office, sometimes looking at their files, and repeating over and over and over “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” By his accepting responsibility for the patients’ status—in essence, acknowledging the inseparable connection of all souls and that whatever one does affects all others—they started improving and continued until they were healed and released.

This remarkable proof of the power of thoughts and feelings can be enlightening and inspiring to everyone. Sharing that story along with feeling grateful for our universal family’s diligence, assistance and unconditional love will speed the day when life in your world is peaceful and harmonious.

Our beloved family, we are with you every moment of your journey toward your rightful place as citizens of this universe.

Suzanne Ward

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Your science has proved satisfactorily to itself that time is not real

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 23 November 2013

Your awakening is divinely assured and therefore inevitable. Many of you believe that the planned date for this momentous event has slipped, and slipped, and slipped! I have to remind you that time is part of the illusion, and that nothing has slipped. The illusion’s existence was but momentary, however, humanity has attached such a strong belief to it, and to the time-line that it apparently offers as real, that it does seem that you have been waiting interminably for your moment of awakening to arrive and uplift you into eternal joy.

This unfounded belief is fading, your science has proved satisfactorily to itself that time is not real, but in the so called “real” world you still have to cope with it in your daily lives. For you it is an unresolvable and mostly incomprehensible aspect of earthly life with which you just have to deal, and until you do awaken it will remain an insoluble enigma.

All of you reading or listening to this are Light bearers, wayshowers, star-seeds, you are the ones who are holding the Light and the intent for humanity to awaken, and you are being successful beyond your wildest imaginings. The awareness of the collective is changing, its vision is being redirected towards the spiritual aspects of life and away from the increasingly less enticing distractions of the illusion, and this is largely due to the intensity of your prayers, meditations, and powerful spiritual intentions. You incarnated to do this, and you are succeeding, but, of course, your memories of Reality remain hidden from you as you work long and hard to complete the enormous task that you have undertaken with limitless assistance from those in the spiritual realms.

If you could fully remember who and what you are your task would be undo-able because the awareness of the joy of Heaven while you were experiencing the misery, suffering, and betrayals of human life would completely distract you from it. For you to carry out your mission on Earth, Earth has to appear very real to you. On Earth you all have a so called shadow side that has to be acknowledged, honored, and brought into alignment with your full Self. It is the part of you that has suffered over numerous life times, the part that has had to go into denial to survive, and that denial has to be seen and resolved. In the spiritual realms, where you have frequently gone for rest and relaxation after an Earth life, there is no pain or suffering, only Love. Nevertheless, while on Earth and living out illusory lives, every one of you has mistreated others and been mistreated, and the shadow of those painful experiences and hidden memories has to be brought to awareness and healed, because anything that is not in perfect harmony and alignment with Love cannot withstand the intense and beautiful energy that is Reality, Heaven.

Every sentient being, every conscious being is a divine creation, and is therefore perfect. There is not even one soul who does not fit into this category of perfection, because if there was God would not be the Source of infinite Love, Wisdom, and Truth that He is, He would be less than completely perfect, and that is so far beyond possible that it cannot even be conceived of. He is perfect and so, therefore, is all of His creation, of which every living being is an essential and irreplaceable part.

But during the games that you have been playing for eons in the illusion you have attempted to build something that was not perfect, and in truth that too is impossible. However, because the illusion was so cleverly constructed – you are all beings of great power and majesty, creative geniuses in fact – you managed to convince the aspects of yourselves that entered into it that it was real and dangerous. Defensive ideas were developed to protect you from the threats that assailed you as you bought into the idea of separation and individuality.

Trust became a big issue, and you chose not to trust, but instead to protect yourselves from the expected betrayals of others. You built mistrust and betrayal into the illusion and then had to deal with them. The result has been an environment in which Love is rejected because it appears to make you weak and vulnerable, and It has been replaced with conditional love (which is again utterly illusory), a state in which you expect payment for it – to your children, for instance, you say: “if you improve your scholastic grades we will reward you with . . .” and of course many other examples spring readily to mind. Those, to put it mildly, less than totally loving aspects of you became your shadow side which you then buried in denial.

Many of course embraced the apparent power that they were able to wield and enjoyed using it to hurt and control others. What they could not see, because it was so deeply denied, was their own fear and pain. They thought that their power made them invincible and that gave them a false sense of happiness and security. Eventually bodies age, their strength decreases, and uneasiness disturbs their sense of security. Their occupants then become more demanding, more inflexible, but are never satisfied. All who incarnate as humans experience power and powerlessness, you have all abused and been abused, and the only resolution to this ingrained pain and suffering is to embrace Love and forgive all who appear to have abused you in any way.

What is unloving can never meld and integrate with Love, because only Love is Real, anything else is illusory and must be released, abandoned, dissolved so that the entity holding on to those characteristics may return home to Reality, to Love, to the Presence of God. Only the Real exists, the masks and disguises, of which dreams and illusions consist, must be discarded so that an entity can once more be and embrace its true Self, the Self that is eternally part of and forever connected to its Source, and from which all that is illusory, unreal has fallen away.

Your masks and disguises have captivated and confused you for eons, keeping you from knowing Yourselves. Now is the time to release them, to open your hearts to the Love that surrounds You, and to awaken into Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Monstaville Book I. Chapter 39


“Everyone loves a drink; no one likes a drunk.”

"When you forgive, you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future." - Bernard Meltzer.

When Pigsy moved in he didn’t like me putting the recycling leaflet on the wall. I was doing him a favour since only one came through the letterbox. He thought I was imposing ‘goody-two-shoes’ ideas on him. He didn’t like my non-physical orientation, fat belly, etc, and shirt/jumper look in winter. He doesn’t like feeling he should help anyone. And he hated the landlord asking him to lay carpet on the floor [he had a low rent to do the flat up]. Their request gave him the perfect idea for terror tactics: delay carpeting the floor for as long as possible and, in the meantime, make a lot of noise. Deliberate intimidation. He also said he intends to trash his flat when he moves just so the landlord won’t get all the new stuff he has put in. He’s an angry, fucked up, violent, destructive monster! Yet, the last Angel Card I picked regarding all this was Forgiveness and I just picked up the card ‘Tenderness.’ So, you just have to be firm inside and soft and gentle outside, yielding and flexible in the realm of illusory forms but centred in the inner reality, beyond form.

You hold a knife to my throat and then call me a coward? [He made ‘chicken’ noises when he went out one day with his girlfriend and, another time, banged on my door on the way out with her].

He’s jealous of/doesn’t like educated people. He wants to prove that his way of living is best and makes him more powerful. So he displays physical power, albeit cowardly with a knife, and tries to make you feel powerless, weak, and feel that his way is better and gives him joy, power and happiness you can’t have. He doesn’t realise it’s the other way round, especially since you now, as a result, must draw on inner reserves of power, joy and light, and do this through faith, strength and know-how.

“We often pretend to fear what we really despise, and more often despise what we really fear.” - Charles Caleb Colton.

If you have to talk to Pigsy, relate to him as you would a disturbed child who misbehaves and is angry and emotional. You can’t hit him as he’s only a child and doesn’t know any better. He has a lot to learn. Be compassionate, patient and tolerant. Be strong within. Eventually, he might repeat that. Live your life and be happy and at peace. Do not be affected by his monstrous, childish games. If it comes to it, you will call the police, not take revenge. He is nothing. He cannot affect you inside, and the outside is nothing. Accept that. You appear to be weak because you are gentle and practising non-action. You are focussing your centre, your will, and he responds to that, to your ‘magic and faith.’ There is no need to do anything. He relates to you as someone who he has conquered. Let him think that. Don’t react. But, do your inner work to keep him at a distance - and maybe he’ll go away!!

"Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these." - Siddhartha Gautama.

“Children, I grant, should be innocent; but when the epithet is applied to men, or women, it is but a civil term for weakness.” - Mary Shelley.

“I think, therefore I am...not related to you.” - Author unknown.

“It is not death that a man should fear never beginning to live.” - Marcus Aurelius.

“Do not fear death so much but rather the inadequate life.” - Bertolt Brecht.

“Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, ‘Where have I gone wrong?’ Then a voice says to me, ‘This is going to take more than one night.’" - Charlie Brown, Peanuts (by Charles Schulz).

20 December 2002.

Feeling horrified at the prospect of Pigsy coming back and having to hear him come home and be in the house, etc, his presence here, let alone the terrifying thought of ever having to see his (ugly) face again.

Angel Card: Strength.

"I am alone and miserable; man will not associate with me; but one as deformed and horrible as myself would not deny herself to me. My companion must be of the same species and have the same defects. This being you must create." - Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1918).

"’In a fit of enthusiastic madness I created a rational creature and was bound towards him to assure, as far as was in my power, his happiness and well-being...I refused, and I did right in refusing, to create a companion for the first creature. He showed unparalleled malignity and selfishness in evil; he destroyed my friends...Miserable himself that he may render no other wretched, he ought to die. The task of his destruction was mine, but I have failed.’" - Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Pigsy has problems and anything he does to relate to you, however negatively, to express himself in relation to you, to get your attention, whatever, is because he needs your help, peaceful, refined qualities he needs to develop. Perhaps that’s why he’s been brought to you - drawn by his Higher Self, escorted and arranged by the landlord and co, as if bringing a student to teach. He expresses his fucked up subconscious, especially when drunk and with his girlfriend. They’re in their late 40s and they might both be alcoholics. He’s volatile and undisciplined, weak, emotional. Like a patient - a clever one who was never locked away or put in a mental institution, but who has been brought to you because it requires healing/spiritual power. It is a job. It is a responsibility - like looking after your ailing old psychotic mother in the years leading to her death. [Retrospective note: Pigsy just wanted someone to take his shit out on and his father was probably a drunk and did that to him every day at home when he was younger so he is just blindly carrying on the family tradition because it gives him temporary relief from his troubles. Betty Perkins’ book, Lion Taming, includes a wonderful Aikido story of unconditional love calming a violent drunk and saving members of the public from further assaults (p.136)].

“The drunkard, learning his alphabet of the suffering caused by the dominance of the lower nature, is doing as usefully in his own stage as is the saint in his, completing his last lesson in earth’s school, and no more can justly be demanded from either than he is able to perform. One is in the kindergarten stage, learning by object-lessons, while the other is graduating, ready to leave his university; both are right for their age and their place, and should be helped and sympathised with IN THEIR PLACE. This is one of the lessons of what is known in occultism as ‘tolerance.’” - Annie Besant (The Ancient Wisdom, 1897).

Retrospective inserts.

A driver from Bangladesh in one of the cab companies I repped for was sent to collect Neil Morrissey was told he was picking up one of the guys in Men Behaving Badly. He responded gravely over his radio, ‘No, I don’t take man behaving badly,’ believing it was a drunken lout even though the collection point was a posh restaurant. Bless!

The signs of an intuitive empathy – notes from a talk by Dr. Judith Orloff MD (YouTube video).

1.You’ve been labelled overly sensitive all your life.

2.You go home to recharge your energy rather than recharging with other people. You need to be alone to recharge energy (and you also absorb the energy of others).

3.You are very sensitive to smells, excessive talking or loud sounds; for example, people talking loudly in your face.

4.You need to get away from people after 3 hours (a form of self-nurturing and a way to protect your energy).

You “need to protect your energy by nurturing these qualities and by learning to breathe out negativity. You have to let all the negativity out though the breath.” Another activity Dr. Orloff suggests is meditation as a centring process, just for a few minutes, to allow the negativity to leave your body. Set firm but kind boundaries for people so you don’t get overwhelmed by them. Use simple techniques of love and mindfulness so you don’t become overwhelmed by an insensitive world. Instead of using food to centre yourself, meditate for a couple of minutes, or breathe negative energy out. Water also helps to get rid of it, she says. (Judith is a psychiatrist at the University of California, in Los Angeles. Her beautiful energy and wealth of wisdom are immediately apparent. She is the author of Positive Energy and Guide to Intuitive Healing, published by Harmony).

There are three steps in the creative process, explains Abraham-Hicks. Firstly, we must ask. Secondly, the energy of Source answers the asking. Thirdly, we must be in receiving mode and allow and this is where our real work lies. In order to become a vibrational match for that which we want it is important that we do not attract what we do not want by focussing on that instead! Unless we attune our receiver to the same wavelength as the transmitter, says Abraham, we will not get a clear signal. When we can feel the alignment of our emotions with what we are continually asking for (we cannot stop asking, says Abraham, since the very contrast we experience in this world evokes the desire from us) there will no longer be any static interference. The path to manifestation will have been cleared.

“A guy walks into a bar, sits down and has a drink. Suddenly, a man hollers at him, ‘I screwed your mom last night!’ Disturbed, the man tries to ignore him.
                Again, he hears, ‘Your mom was good in bed last night!’ Again, he tries to ignore it.
                The man is just about to speak again but the guy stops him and says, ‘Dad, go home, you're drunk!’”
                – Unknown.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Peacefulness of the Great Ones

By Sananda

Channelled through Christopher Sell, 21 November 2013

The Great Ones are a group of beings who oversee the development of human consciousness in the wider context of the evolution of consciousness across the Galaxy. Their purpose is to help humanity align with Divine Will so that your light may flower into full expression through the medium of physicality.

The next stage of their work has already begun. The emergence of Earth (and indeed the whole solar system) into a new volume of space clear of residues of the past has begun and this signals the emergence of a new kind of consciousness for humanity.

This new consciousness comes in stages and easily; it comes with grace. It begins with the clearing of the human energy field of the residues of the past; for you have mirrored and replicated at the individual level those traumas whose echoes rippled through the volume of space your solar system is leaving.

As those patterns of energy transmute within you, it becomes easier to relax and open your energy field to connect with one another in new ways. One of these ways we call 'shared mind', itself a stage in the evolution of a state of consciousness called 'angel mind', for you all have the potential to think as angels think.

These new ways of connecting, like shared mind, are important; for such is the nature of the gifts that await you that the individual energy field is insufficient to hold and utilise them. It is only when you share consciousness that you create a space large enough. The Great Ones observe with joy the many ways in which you are finding one another and recognising your oneness.

Allow the process of personal transmutation to continue. So much that you have assumed to be you is not. You are simply a beautiful presence here on Earth. Your inner light and the light that comes to you from the Source of All in so many ways, together dissolve the old forms that have disguised you from yourself.

When you are confronted within yourself by the familiar or the unfamiliar, grow used to opening inwardly to connect with all who are sharing something of your particular experience and welcome the peacefulness of the Great Ones to yourself and to all.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Blip in the Totality of Your Being

By P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, November 2013

Q: I'm gonna start by asking, "Why would we play a game called 'I've forgotten where I come from' when we incarnate?"
P'taah: In a way to maintain the integrity of the experience. When you think that you have many, many lifetimes, all occurring simultaneously and your desire is to incarnate to have this most vivid intense experience called "human life," then in a way you would choose to maintain the integrity of that experience by kind of blocking out everything that is not of this experience.
Q: And when we choose to have this experience, we're not looking at the fact that it may be painful or uncomfortable. What we are looking at is merely, "It's intense!"
P'taah: Correct. Because in a way, the greater part of you could be likened unto this present self of you reading a book that is very sad, and you say, "Oh dear, what a sad story." However it is only a blip we would say in the totality of your own being. You understand?
Q: I do understand.

P'taah: All right. So the greater part of you understands that no matter how intense the experience, whether that be what you would term cataclysmic, or whether you would term it a most wondrous time in any particular span of time in your life, the bottom line is the greater part of you knows that you are eternal, knows that you are perfect, knows that you are this extraordinary Extension of the Mind of Creation simply having and creating moment by moment these experiences called your human lives. And of course it is to remember that you have other lifetimes that are not human - well, we would say not lifetimes, but experiences which are not human.
So in a way this human lifetime that you are experiencing in this Now is so large in your beingness of the present, and yet really kind of an in-breath and an out-breath of your greater self.
Q: Very good, and I would think from what you said that the more we come to know who we are, and the more we love ourselves, the less suffering there will be. There may be intense experiences, but it won't necessarily be what we call suffering.
P'taah: That is correct.
A quote from The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls by Emilie Autumn
Q: Okay. So the aim is to become more at one with yourself.
P'taah: That is correct.
And we would say at this time also for those peoples who have experienced what is termed other lives, traumatic experience affecting this present lifetime, we would say really that past lives in a way are just a story and the reality is that you are to deal with and transform in this Now whatever is occurring, no matter where it may have originated from.
Of course sometimes it assists you to put a logic unto this phenomena or that phenomena. But the truth is, everything is just a story, and you are to deal with and hopefully transform the fear of the, what you would call bad experience, into love, into acknowledgement and embracement. So that you change the frequency, you change the energy surrounding or involved with whatever experience it is.
Q: So in a sense it really doesn't matter whether what you are calling the story is true or whether it's something that you at some level made up, it doesn't matter...
P'taah: No, it does not matter. The bottom line is whatever the feeling is, it is that which is to be transformed from fear to love. Of course you may create a story that brings forth the feelings of great joy, and playfulness, and love, and acceptance etc. Well, all of it is just about the feeling, not about the story.
Q: And this seems a good place to ask, "Is there really anything out there?"
P'taah: No, it is only "in there."
Q: (Laughing) Very good. The next question kind of follows along. "How can I myself learn to be fearless, and how can I teach others to be so?"
P'taah: Well, first it is to acknowledge that fear is not your enemy. You see, fear is only that tiny portion of you that has forgotten the greater truth - that you are a Perfect, Eternal Expression of Source. And that you cannot die, that you are really, really eternal beings. Your consciousness does not cease to exist when your body returns to the earth, not at all. Of course if you cannot accept that truth, then indeed it is a most uncomfortable situation for you. However if you would in a way say that the act of faith is to know that there really is an eternal consciousness that you are.
So fear in a way is that little part of you that does not know that great truth. And so we would say, when you can say that fear is a valid thing, but it is only a tiny portion of the greater part of you, then indeed you can have compassion for that fear and not try to get rid of it, but rather simply embrace it as a wee part of you that is not too comfortable.
You see, when you make this fear a great thing, then you become in fear of the fear - kind of what you would call double bind. So the more that you can acknowledge the fear itself, acknowledge and accept it, and accept it as a little portion of you that has gotten lost somehow in a story and is not in the knowing. It is that little portion of you, in a way that child part of you, who has forgotten the truth. And we have given forth many times the little recipe to deal with the fear. But the main thing, we would say, is to acknowledge what the fear is. And it is not your enemy. It is not to be got rid of, you cannot get rid of anything.
Q: And it would seem that if the fear involves other people, for example if you are afraid of what people will think, that that's a good time to practice vulnerability and just acknowledge that.
P'taah: Well, indeed. And of course much of the fear about what other people think is simply a projection of your own fear of not being enough.
Q: Ah, yes.
P'taah: Because the truth is what other people think of you [and] has nothing to do with you, none of your business really. Because everybody looks at everybody else through their own limited perceptions and fears and beliefs, etc.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sadness has something tremendously beautiful to give to you

By Osho

26 January 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
Rajneesh Foundation, Poona, India, 1976

Excerpt from
Above All Don't Wobble, p.159-162


[A sannyasin had previously told Osho that he had powerful experiences of death in his meditation. Osho had suggested he do the humming meditation. Tonight he said he doesn’t feel comfortable doing it: “‘I feel morose. I don't feel happy. I used to feel happy before, but now I'm just going into my shell. I don't feel like doing anything.”]

Osho: It happens…If you have ordinarily been happy and outgoing and enjoying things, it simply means that you have been repressing the other side.

People who laugh go on repressing tears. In fact they laugh so that nobody should become aware of their tears - their laughter is a defence. They are afraid of the tears. So they go on laughing and enjoying, but they remain on the surface. Then they meditate, and whatsoever has been repressed, bubbles up, surfaces. Then one starts feeling morose, sad. But it is a good sign; it simply shows that the other side of your being has been entered.

One has to understand that life is both. The person who is really free and alive, is free to move from one polarity to another. He is not fixed in one pattern; he is neither happy nor unhappy. If he becomes happy, he is happy; if he becomes unhappy, he is really unhappy. If he is loving, he is really loving; if he becomes angry, he is really angry - he lives both the polarities. You can rely on his anger and on his love and on his sadness. He is not inauthentic, he is true.

Your happiness was not true - you were managing it, manipulating it. If it were true, meditation would deepen it, because meditation deepens whatsoever is true. Your real situation inside was morose - but you had been wearing a face, a mask. We all learn how to be happy and to go on laughing and joking…that's how the whole society goes on, a merry-go-round. But everybody is carrying a deep dark night within them, and nobody is even aware of it. 

When you enter a meditative state you will first enter this dark night of the soul. If you can pass through it - and there is no difficulty in passing through it - then for the first time you will become aware that your happiness was not true.

False happiness will go and real sadness will come, and only after real sadness will real happiness surface. Then you will know that the false happiness was even worse than the real sadness, because at least in that sadness there is a reality. If you are sad - but truly and sincerely sad - that sadness will enrich you.

It gives you a depth, an insight. It makes you aware of life and its infinite possibilities and the limitedness of the human mind, the smallness of human consciousness encountering the infinity all around; the fragile life always surrounded by death. When you are really sad you become aware of all these things. You become aware that life is not just is death too.

In a true insight one has to go through both. I know that this sadness is good, so don't be afraid. If you really want to be happy, just don't go on pretending, playing the game of being happy. As unhappiness comes, soon you will see that it will darken, it will become intense. But when the night is dark, the morning is very close. The night becomes darkest when the morning is really close.

So don't lose courage, and don't try to escape into the old ways. Nothing is wrong in being sad, but our whole conditioning is wrong. You have been taught, everybody has been taught, not to be sad. But I teach you to be truly sad, because sadness has something tremendously beautiful to give to you.

Happiness gives you the feeling of vastness, and sadness gives you the feeling of depth - and both are needed. For a really rich consciousness, both are needed. People who have lived superficially happy are always shallow.

They cannot give birth to stars…they don't have that much chaos in them. They are mediocre. People who have touched deep sadness have become aware of many things which ordinarily no one becomes aware of. Everybody has to pass through the school of sadness, so accept it.

And the uneasiness is coming because you are fighting it; the discomfort is felt because you are fighting it. Accept it, relax into it. Whatsoever life gives, accept in deep gratitude. Don't poke your nose in. Simply allow life to take you over, to possess you. Relax into it and then the discomfort will go. Then you will start enjoying sadness - and I tell you, it is beautiful.

Once you stop fighting, once you accept it, there is nothing but to enjoy. It will give you a silence, a deep humming. Of course it is sad, but beautiful. Even the night has its own beauty, and those who cannot see the beauty of the night will miss much.

Once you allow the discomfort that you feel coming, the strain on the body and the tensions will disappear. Just relax, and as you go deeper a totally different quality of happiness will arise - that's what we call bliss, anand.

It is not of that happiness that you have known; it is not shallow and it is not against sadness. It is great enough to comprehend sadness, it is vast enough. The sadness can live in it as a guest, and the blissful state of consciousness does not lose anything because of the sadness; it gains much - it gives colour, it gives contrast.

So just wait and don't be in a hurry. Things are going as they should. But I can understand your trouble...”

Charles Manson's Music

I will be adding quotes and songs by the Indigo shaman/outlaw Charles Manson - who is NOT the serial killer that the mainstream media portray him as) to this page. He was an important voice in the music industry in the 60s whose message of love and peace was railroaded by the criminal Elite (who CONTROL the media, the government, the legal system, the education system, orthodox religions, Hollywood, the music industry, the drug industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industries: i.e. WAKE UP if you don't already know this!!).

"The first thing I’d do would be free Charles Manson. While he’s been in jail America took him and they make a movie villain out of this person. People use his face and his name commercially without his permission and he can’t do anything about it because he’s in jail. It’s not right." — Iggy Pop.

 "The Beatles ain’t gonna save us. They looked at the Beatles and the Beatles weren’t our heroes. The Beatles were punks, poop butts, rumpkins, man they were doodads. They wasn’t saying anything. Their music was good, but what they were saying wasn’t nothing." — Charles Manson, 2010 (Source:

“If I were outside the walls of this prison, I would be living a lot differently. I would be back in the woods somewhere, with my guitar and two kilos of grass hiding from people like you.” - Charles Manson, 1977.

"Music is my soul. Music’s the way I express, it’s my religion." - Charles Manson.

"You know, I don’t have any philosophy. My philosophy is ‘don’t think.’ You know, you just don’t think. If you think, you are divided in your mind. You know, one and one is one in two parts. Like I don’t have any thought in my mind, hardly any at all, it is all love." - Charles Manson (Tuesday’s Child, a short-lived counterculture underground newspaper, circa 1970).

"Everybody wants to be Marilyn Manson, and they think I’m supposed to be mad at him. I’m saying "Ah, he just saved me a trip. I don’t have to do it, he already did it. That’s cool!" I get the credit for it. He built a great image around the world. He named it Manson and everybody’d buy it, whatever it is. I never heard any of his music but I heard he’s pretty good." — Charles Manson, 2009 (Source:

"When you do music or you do anything for the public, you gotta be a slave to that. You got to be there on time, you got to carry clocks, and dollar bills, and tax trips. You got all kinds of things to do. I was free in the mountains, what’d I want a music career for? I got a music career, I play music for music. I don’t play music for attention, I don’t play music to little girls. I’m not selling records, I don’t play music like you guys play music." - Charles Manson (KALX interview).

"A long time ago I started playing music. I still play it in my mind. They took my music away, but they did not take my soul away. You can’t take my soul." — Charles Manson (Dr Michal ben Horin interview, 1992).

Peace In Your Heart by Charles Manson

We'll make us some money
Make the world look funny
As they glance on through a burning asshole
Down to the castles of the vampire dreams
And you know Frankenstein I am
Mean man in a can
Way down on that lonesome road
Where nobody goes, it's a terrible thing
It's just the peace in your heart you know
It's just the peace in your heart that you're playing like a part
Of another world someplace somewhere
As if there was another dream way beyond what you see
Moving right in your mind right there
You've got Christ on twice
Got the rivers on boats and then you're floatin' down the stream
Yeah youre floatin' like an old goat on Bill Grogan's goat
Wasn't feeling mighty fine in the rain
Bill Grogan's on goat and it's tied to the railroad train
You coughed him up a can and you threw away the man
And then you flagged him on down again
Around and round again around and round again
Once on friend like a brother coming in and then
I'm back on my round Again
All down people all down on the down you know what is down on the slide
And everyone told you and everyone told you and everybody told a goddamn Lie
They were lying and the cheat laying in the graves
Way down in the Devil's Hole
He was down with the soul where you do what you're told
Or you die and you never get back again
Yeah on a riverboat ride down to the world you say what you are
Like you said something to some dollar bill
on somebody on somebody else's star
You was ringin' em thing and then am swingin' em ding ah na na
Riding Harley on a Charlie on a Ho Minh Chin trail
Down in a outlaw bout on a mafioso
Motherfucker till ya godfathers met on a telephone ride
You seeing how much you got to spend
He said you keeping my money from acting kinda funny
And ya calling me back to play like your honey
And it comes around and you jump like easter bunny in my mind
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I been down through that old hat dreams on fine and you
You been playing behind yourself you double dirty crossing you dog
You lied and snitched and ran off
Left your father in a grave,
In a grave
He had died and burned in the fire lying there Nuremburg
Freeing bird purest word down on it studersburg(?)
Dreams on the sky said to fly higher than your eye
Beyond everything you ever thought a dream
In your mind I can shine
Way beyond thought
Way beyond to my lizard
And my spiders on my rock
And my deepest down deeper
Than my Devil's Hole
And I cried down again
I said goddamn you lost your soul
You sold out you damn fool
What you end up with
Somebody's rule
You got to play evil
And down in sin
You got to be there
Truss it back again
Cut it on down
Bring it around
And let me go on
To my home where I love
Down on anywhere's OK
I'm just livin' in my own motherfuckin' dream
You've been walking every goddamn day
In my motherfuckin' day death row
Down on the hole
Fix the green submarines you jellybean jerkin' jeans
Down through everybody's mind can't you see
Geneva on the M.X. riding on the world free
How come you wont let me back in and live what I earned. I earned my way
Out of this goddamn can. I told you I didn't break your motherfuckin'
Law. you goddamn fool. 1776, you think I'm gonna die for that again?
Fuck you! you carry it back. you carry that motherfucker back one time.
And then bring it on back to my city in my rhyme and play like you're
Something over me, fool. I'll take my pistol and teach you a rule.
Down through my outlaw swing on a noose
You think I was playing fancy fantail with your bridge party and your
Mother Goose
You better get down on your spiritual mind
Try back through samurai
Moving on a shallow wish know I
Arrows arrows
Sweet purple bug brain
All slave to the one self of all god is all in the wisdom of the one
That lives down inside of you, fool
Don't keep trying to take me back to school
Teach me whose motherfuckin' rule
I read that book crook
I took another look
To seeing the cement was even dying under your feets
And the walls had great cracks
And then you play like your wisdom was God's on some summer mind's
And then you told somebody you drank another bottle of scotch
Then I took up on my Cutty Sark
And I flew around the world on a drunk ride.

Friday, 15 November 2013

US Political Prisoner Charles Manson in 1992

Interview with Dr. Michal ben Horin

"Every one of you people that walk out on that street, you take your rights for granted. You walk up and down the highway and you park your cars and you live your life according to your checkbooks and your accounts and your banks and so on. And one little guy like me that don’t read and write too well loses his rights down there in the basement, you really don’t care about that. You don’t care if I’m down in solitary confinement or if I got my teeth knocked out, or whether I got burned up, or whether I’m whatever. You don’t really care. All you care about is your own individual rights. But when you take my rights, it’s just a matter of time ‘til someone folds yours down...I didn’t get a trial, woman. I didn’t get to call one witness. I didn’t get one day of a defense in the courtroom. Not one day of a defense in the courtroom. I didn’t get to call one witness." - Charles Manson.


Manson: Let me get straight something; something that I want to get straight first. I want to get some pictures of that hand.
Horin: Want to get what?
Manson: Some pictures of that hand.
Horin: Okay, we can take pictures of your hand.
Manson: And some pictures of this hand.
Horin: Okay.
Manson: And then I would like to get pictures of both of those hands sent to me when you get around to it.
Horin: I will. I’ll send you pictures of your hands.
[takes pictures]
Horin: Now give us one of your looks. Just smile.
Manson: How are you today?
Horin: Good, how are you?
Manson: Did Vinny write out questions?
Horin: You’ve been in prison for 22 years, what name can you give to that inner whisper inside? What keeps you going for so many years?
Manson:  Peace. Contentment. Harmony.
Horin: What—
Manson:  You want some new words Fuck. Uh, sex. Satisfaction. Peace, harmony, music, love, now, God. They’re just words communicate feeling; to have feeling, to transfer feeling with motion. That’s the reason I asked to be unhandcuffed. So you could see the motion. Because I say more in motion then I do—
Horin: Listen, listen Charlie. We’ve known each other for some time and you know that I’m very secluded. I don’t understand these things. Imagine that I don’t do these, explain the energy, the music, what do you mean by it?
Manson:  A long time ago, I started playing music.
Horin: Yeah, but you don’t play and you still— What is that inner beauty inside of you called— that makes you, you. That special thing everyone makes of you, writes of you?
Manson:  Life and energy, man.
Horin:  Can you tell me what you mean by that?
Manson:  A long time ago, I started playing music. I still play it in my mind. They took my music away, but they didn’t take my soul away. They haven’t taken my soul, you can’t take my soul.
Horin: What is it about you that makes you such an unbroken spirit?
Manson: All spirits are the same. You can’t break the spirit.
Horin: Yeah, but you have a special spirit, why?
Manson: I don’t think. I quit thinking a long time ago.
Horin: You did?
Manson: If you think, you get confused by things. I got nothing to think about— I know about.
Horin: What do you know about—
Manson: Everything and nothing. Everything. All. Zero.
Horin: I don’t know anything, describe something.
Manson: Huh?
Horin: Why is it that you became such a legend?
Manson: I’m a perfect servant. I serve you perfect and then you say I’m wrong.
Horin: I don’t say you’re wrong. Who does, Charlie?
Manson: The parole board keeps telling me that I’m wrong, because I can’t fix their world for them. They keep wanting me to fix their world in handcuffs. And then they say I’m wrong because—
Horin: Whose world do they want you to fix?
Manson: The mind. The mind. The world’s in the mind, you know. The world’s in the childrens’ minds. The children grow up and the children get old. I stay in prison watching the children grow up in the windows. And I watch the moon and the sun and the moon and the sun and the moon and the sun. If you don’t understand it—
Horin: Listen, listen, talking about children. I read a book about you by Nuell Emmons, in which he describes your childhood as a very painful ordeal. Do you think you became a victim of that childhood?
Manson: Emmons wrote a book about Emmons, it didn’t have anything to do with me.
Horin: You tell me about your life, and about your childhood. Do you view your life, or do you view yourself as a victim of that childhood?
Manson: I’ll explain it to you again: Emmons wrote a book about Emmons and he put “Manson” on it. And then the next book, he wrote about Manson and put “Emmons” on it. In other words he wrote his book first, and said it was my book. And then he took what I said and put it in his book and said it was his book. That way he milked you people for two books— he cheated you out of two books. I mean, Emmons is a good; he’s a crook, he’s a good crook. He made a lot of money.
Horin: Let me ask you the question again: Was he right in how he described your childhood?
Manson: He was right in parts; little bits and pieces. He gathered the information from different places, but that wasn’t difficult to do.
Horin: If not for that tragic childhood, do you think your life might have been a different story all together?
Manson: Nah, how would that be any different?
Horin: You might not have ended up in juvenile detention.
Manson: I might have ended up in somebody else. I might have been Babe Ruth. I mean how you gonna say “may?” That’s like some stupid doctor come by and say, “Do you wish they would have killed you rather than put you in a cell?” I said, “What makes a cell bad to you; you can’t stand yourself? So you don’t like the cell. I don’t mind the cell, my best friend’s in there. I like the cell. The cell is okay, I got peace in there. I can take my own time and do what I want.” He says, “Well you’re crazy, you like the cell.”
Horin: What do you do in your cell?
Manson: I play with myself and I do what I feel like I want to do.
Horin: How do you feel Charlie, about going up for parole?
Manson: I don’t know whether I want to go up for parole. I don’t see anything out there I want to parole out there to. Why would I want to go out there? What do they have out there that I want? Every time I go out there; they get me in trouble and say it’s all my fault. And then they make me into being what they need me to be. I’m tired of being something someone else wants me to be.
Horin: What are you then? Who is the real Charles Manson?
Manson: That’s, that’s a beautiful question. Who is Charles Manson? He’s everybody and nobody.
Horin: Since no one knows you, what can you say to people who want to know you? Tell me about your special characteristics?
Manson: [Stands up] In Malaysia; if you took this to Malaysia. [Makes faces] Take that to Malaysia and see if they got me in stone over there. See if my face is on the walls. See how many different people, how many elephants I am. How many tigers.
Horin: I’m asking about you, rather than others can say about you.
Manson: You, you is a word.
Horin: Tell me things about you, that are special to you.
Manson: I don’t live in that little You trip you guys are in, man. I been in jail since I’ve been 10 years old.
Horin: Why?
Manson: Why? Because.
Horin: Do you feel an injustice has been done to you?
Manson: What they hell is that: justice?
Horin: Listen: Do you feel as if your life is a series of injustices?
Manson: Series of injustices?
Horin: Do you think an injustice was done to you?
Manson: I think justice is a word that people use but they don’t have much meaning in the word. They use it when it does them good— when it does something for them they use it. But when it does something for me, it turns around the other way. In other words, you got right until it comes to something someone else wants, then they take your rights. And when they take your rights, then they tell you to appeal it.
Horin: Do you feel as if your rights were taken from you?
Manson: Why certainly my rights were taken.
Horin: Do you believe this was one big ordeal of an injustice called “How we crucify Manson?”
Manson: Justice is a two-edged thing. How you gonna say justice one way and not justice the other way?. Let me say this to you: they got a Hindu word that they use in Hinduism. Karma. Will, the balance of will and God. Is it an individual thing, or is it a family thing, or a collective thing, or does it get off into the world In other words? You got individual Karma that people judge the world Karma by. They put the world Karma down on me. Judge me and say I’m responsible for the generation of the sixties. And you’re in too much of a hurry with your mind to try and slow your mind down to understand mine.
Horin: I’m not trying to understand yours.
Manson: I know you’re not.
Horin: I’m not.
Manson: You’re rushing right through it and not listening to what I am saying.
Horin: I’m just trying to make some things clear.
Manson: Go ahead, you can figure it out later.
Horin: What was it that made the authorities do all that to you?
Manson: I’m tough. I’m tough.
Horin: You’re terrible?
Manson: I’m bad.
Horin: You’re in prison for 22 years. You say you are free. You say you don’t mind your cell. But still the fact is you’re in this thing called prison.
Manson: Yeah.
Horin: Do you feel your period in prison is an injustice, do you feel as if you should still be here?
Manson: No, I don’t think justice is a loose word. Justice.
Horin: Do you think that you should be here?
Manson: No, no, absolutely not.
Horin: Do you think they are keeping you here in spite?
Manson: Sure, sure, they are keeping me here.
Horin: So, are they holding on to you for no just reason, is that what’s going on?
Manson: Sure, they’re holding onto me.
Horin: Why?
Manson: They’re all scared to death without me; without me they’d go crazy.
Horin: Why?
Manson: I’m holding all their minds. You hear the story about the fool on the hill? Everybody used to go by and make jokes at him and crack fun at him and get off on him all the time. And pretty soon they looked up and he was gone. The whole place burnt down and everybody went crazy. Because he was holding their minds. They’re weak; they’re weak in their minds. They’re like chickens. They got to have somebody to peck on all the time. And when they don’t have somebody to peck on, to pick on they, you know… They look around; where are they gonna flex their muscles Where’s the mirror at? You know, they gotta have the mirror.
Horin: Do you think society holds onto Manson in order to have sense of self?
Manson: No, it’s not— wait a minute— it’s not a personal thing. It’s an individual thing. Democracy is no good. Democracy is rotten. Democracy is built on picking on the little people.
Horin: Yeah, but I still don’t understand what is special about you.
Manson: Why was I picked? Because my grandfather was a veteran in the first world war.
Horin: Oh, don’t start! How do you know?
Manson: You asked me! And then you don’t understand it so you want to be condescending. Why do you want to be condescending for? Now, wait a minute— that man sits on the Bible, on the rule book, on the court, on the regulations, on the sergeant, on the lieutenants, on the ARMY, on the AirForce, the Navy, the court room, and my grandfather’s grave is right down the hallway. And I know I didn’t break the law. And sooner or later he’s going to say Charlie didn’t get his rights. And somebody else is going to say Charlie didn’t get his rights. And whoa the heads are going to start falling then. Because my grandfather gave his life for my rights. So I got one dead person in that hallway already, coming for my rights. And that’s the Holy Ghost there, and I’m going to get my rights sooner or later.
Horin: What do you think will happen this coming parole date?
Manson: What do I think will happen at my parole date?
Horin: What are you going to tell them?
Manson: I don’t think I’m going to tell them anything. I don’t see any use for that. I want, I want— look here, let me try to communicate this. Every one of you people that walk out on that street you take your rights for granted. You walk up and down the highway, and you park your cars, and you live your life according to your checkbooks, and your accounts and your banks, and so forth. And one little guy like me that don’t read and write too well loses his rights down in the basement, you don’t really care about that. You don’t care if I’m down in solitary confinement or if I got my teeth knocked out, or whether I got burned up, or whether— or whatever. You don’t care. All you care about is your own individual rights. But when you take my rights, it’s just a matter of time before someone folds yours down.
Horin: Why do you think it is that your rights were taken away from you?
Manson: I didn’t get a trial, woman. I didn’t get to call one witness. I didn’t get one day of a defense in the courtroom. Not one day of a defense in the courtroom. I didn’t get to call one witness. You know why i didn’t get to call a witness? And if I tell you this, you’re not going to understand it.
Horin: Try me.
Manson: President Roosevelt told the governor of New York city, who was then the district attorney of New York city named Dewey, to put Lucky Luciano in jail whether he had to break the law or not. He gave the district attorney permission to break the law; coming from President Roosevelt.
Horin: Why?
Manson: To put the head Mafioso from New York City in Sing Sing Prison, and Dewey became governor of New York. They paid a prostitute to lie on the witness stand. When they paid the woman to lie on the witness stand, the Italian Catholic Church seen that they were lying in the district attorney’s office. I was tried by Vincent Bugliosi.
Horin: Yeah.
Manson:  An Italian catholic.
Horin: Yeah, I know.
Manson: And Stovitz was a Polish Jew. And the Polish Jew and the Italian catholic changed seats in Rome. And Rambo made fifty-billion dollars off my dune buggy. And just came back from France with my pants, again, you see. In other words, like, you haven’t given me my rights. Now, the D.A. is fighting his case— the district attorney is fighting his case. I’m still fighting mine— I want my rights in a courtroom! My father set a courtroom in that battlefield in Germany [points to forehead]. I got a teardrop in world war one and my father went to World War Two. My grandfather went to World War One. That guarantees me my constitutional rights in a court of law. Now, some Italian from New York wants to come over, and because Roosevelt lied to his father, he wants to lie to this guy. I say, “No man, do that on somebody else’s time. Don’t do it on mine. “Because if you lie on me, I will go to the crypt! I will bring up Hitler and bring him back and give him to you. Because I know the truth. When I was in the courtroom, the district attorney was fighting with words.
Horin: Right.
Manson: And education. I was fighting with what I knew on the level I was on.
Horin: Yeah.
Manson: The district attorney, the district attorney fought his case with words. They wouldn’t give me no defense. I fought my case with motions. As I talk to you, I speak in motions to your soul on a subliminal level. In other words, I live in the subconscious world, because all my life I lived in jail, looking out. So I live inside looking out, you live outside looking in. I live in the subconscious. I understand the infinite consciousness. I knew your leader was sick and dying before anyone else knew he was sick and dying.
Horin: How do you know what happened to him?
Manson: Because I listen to everything. I know what everyone’s thinking, because I’ve been in the hole all my life. I’ve been in jail all my life.
Horin: How come your motions and your music wasn’t strong enough to win their way into the verbal world and make the verbal world change?
Manson: I’m doing this [claps hands in rhythm]. People follow it. But I never show them this [waves his hands]. Because if I show them that, they’ll steal it.  And then they will run out there and they will tell you, “I’M THE GODFATHER OF SOUL!” In other words, I keep it on a certain level here to where they can understand it on the level. And I never take it any further than I want them to take it, so they can steal it and take off down the road with it. That’s music. Music comes from the heart and it comes from the soul.
Horin: Do you want to get out of here?
Manson: Get out of here I’m already out of here. I’m out of here in all kinds of different places. I’m out of here in places—
Horin: Do you want out of prison? Do you want out of SHU?
Manson: If you open that door, I will walk out.
Horin: You will?
Manson: Unless that guy tells me not to. [laughs] If he tells me not to, then I’ll wait till he says it’s okay.
Horin: Let’s say you’re free today, in what way would you make your life different from the life you had before? Before you were incarcerated in 1969.
Manson: I don’t see life like that.
Horin: What would you have done with yourself?
Manson: I don’t live with what happened yesterday. That’s gone. What happened is gone, man.
Horin: How would you make tomorrow different from yesterday?
Manson: ATWA. I’ve been working on a program called ATWA.
Horin: Tell me about it.
Manson: Stop cutting the trees down, for the air, water, trees and wildlife. I’ve learned to project it in the power of music.
Horin: How?
Manson: Well, I come into a lot of new thoughts that I never had before.
Horin: Tell me about it.
Manson: The last time I told someone about it they went to Turkey and I never seen them no more. [laughs] You know, there’s some things you can’t tell people about until it’s time to tell them about it.
Horin: What advice would you give today to a person whose is living like you?
Manson: I have no advice. I’m not an advice giving type of person. I’m not in the business of forgiveness.
Horin: What advice would you give a friend—
Manson: Survive.
Horin: About living the good life, the right life?
Manson: Right life, good life, hmm…
Horin: Meaningful life. Life with value.
Manson: The world is coming to an end. You can’t conceive it because your brain is about the size of a walnut. I can’t lay it into your ass because I can’t get to you. You know— I’m not out there with you enough for you to get to see me and know me. You can’t see me in a minute. You can’t look at me in an hour.
Horin: I’m not trying to see you in a minute.
Manson: I’m a complex entity, man. I’m way on the top of Star Trek. I’m out in the desert, man. I live in holes and pits. I run with mushrooms and wild Indians, man. I’m crazy. I’m loonier than Loony Tunes. You know, I’m on the moon all the way back to a nickel. You know. In other words, like, I ride a motorcycle. I don’t take no shit, I fuck people up bad by just looking at me funny.
Horin: Ah, you’re not bad.
Manson: I’m terrible, I’m terrible.  I tell you, lady, I’m terrible. You know, you people got me in irons. Why do you think they got me in irons? Why do you think they put me against the wall and back up?
Horin: I really don’t know.
Manson: You don’t know? Figure it out in your dreams. You may see me as a nice guy because you’re a nice guy. You may see me as what you think is okay, but I’m not really okay. I’m nasty. I’m really mean.
Horin: Why are you not okay?
Manson: Because I got—
Horin: What did you do that was so bad?
Manson: I got a lot of things in my mind that I’m working on.
Horin: The mind is not violent.
Manson: The mind is everything.
Horin: What can you do with your violent mind?
Manson: The mind is everything.
Horin: In what way do you think you’re so dangerous?
Manson: In what way am I— I’m not different; I’m just like everyone else.
Horin: Do you think you’re so bad?
Manson: I’m locked up in prison for 9 counts of mass murder. So, I must be no good somewhere.  I’m terrible. [stands up and points finger] Bang! [laughs]I’m convicted for murder. And playing a pinball machine. Look here, I’m in jail because people want to keep me in jail. It ain’t got nothing to do with the law. The law ain’t got nothing to do with it. The Mafioso was killed and the back phonebook come up missing. When they did the music wrong and they put half white, half black in the music. And Stromberg burnt my music up in Universal Studios— that’s why Universal Studios has been burnt down twice.
Horin: I know
Manson: And Universal Studios will continue to get burnt down. They will continue to burn Universal Studios down. The county jail runs that town. You get somebody in that county jail and you bust them in the mouth, and say you do what I say and stomp them in the ground. You do what you’re told. When the police tell you to do something, you do it. If you don’t do it, they will put you in the cell and take you down to solitary confinement and give you some medication and lock you up in the nut ward somewhere. You do what you’re told to do.
Horin: You’re convicted of conspiracy, you yourself didn’t murder anyone.
Manson: No one ever said anything about conspiracy
Horin: As far as I know, you are here for conspiracy to commit murder.
Manson: Well, if that’s what I’m here for they should let me out about 14 years ago. Because conspiracy only carries something like 7 years.
Horin: After 22 years in prison, what can you say about all the prisons you’ve been? How do you feel about prison?
Manson: Hmm, I don’t know whether— that’s a waste of time to even think about something that insane. You know, I don’t think about that, that much. I put it— I keep putting it behind me. You know, I just keep putting it and putting it behind me in hopes that it will deal with it itself. I don’t judge. I don’t want to be the judge. They got judges down there on the court. They do that. Judge Wapner does all that. That’s his job; he gets paid to do that. These guys get paid to put people in line and judge them. I don’t get paid to do that. That’s not on me.
Horin: Do you ever think that you will get out of here?
Manson: I don’t know. I got some people with guns out there now working on it.
Horin: If you were a Mafiosi, you wouldn’t be here now.
Manson: I’ve been a Mafioso. For years.
Horin: No, you haven’t.
Manson: There ain’t no Mafioso.
Horin: No, you havent.
Manson: No, no, no.
Horin: You’re just being a 60s type of dude.
Manson: Tell me something about the underworld. I’ve only been in prison for 46 years. So you tell me something you know about the underworld.
Horin: About which underworld?
Manson: Are you talking about the Cleveland barber chair? Have you noticed the streets since I’ve been arrested?
Horin: I wasn’t in America when you were arrested.
Manson: How long you been in the United States now?
Horin: Three years.
Manson: How many?
Horin: Three.
Manson: Three? Yeah, well you don’t know much about what I am talking about, anyway.
Horin: I don’t, tell me.
Manson: It’s been quite a change. The first change— the first— the first change— the first change came from here [bows in prayer].
Horin: Oh, don’t start.
Manson: Wait a minute— why don’t you— why don’t you— aw, bitch! I ought to smack you right in your mouth. I would, I would! And there ain’t nobody in the fucking world who will do a fucking thing about it except him. I’ll smack you in your fucking mouth and make you understand what I am saying to you, see.
Horin: Are you serious?
Mason: Because that’s the only way you will understand. I knew I didn’t want to do this interview with you! Because I knew you were gonna cop this attitude on me, witch! You dig what I am saying. You cop this “I’m better than you, I know more than you.” You don’t know half of what I am talking about! Now, listen. In the barber shop, in the penitentiary, there is a sideburn. And you will notice that the sideburn in the last 20 years was cut up here. If you notice, I was the first guy to start that sideburn being cut. And when I came to jail, the cop came up and said, “You will do this!” I said, “No I won’t do that!” And I didn’t do it. And I kept the sideburn. And I kept the hair. And I kept the beard. And he will tell you that 25 years ago, we was not allowed to have long hair and a beard.
Horin: So, you mean the prison system changed?
Manson: I put long hair and a beard on this prison system. Now, the devil got no power here. You know why the devil’s got no power here? Because I’ll whoop him in the ass every chance I get. I always did. Because he’s a coward and a punk. He don’t even go in the chapel.
Horin: He don’t?
Manson: No. [laughs] I got a hold over there. I go in the garden. I got a whole world back here, man. Got a whole world back here.
Horin: Describe it.
Manson: Peace—
Horin: The whole world you have back there.
Manson: Peace. Harmony, music. You know the good thing about an animal? If you come up to an animal and you show them big teeth you don’t have to bite him. He can see you got big teeth, he’ll get down off of you. And leave you alone. I got nature.
Horin: What is it about you—
Manson: Nothing. It’s nothing, man. I’m just a little runaway kid. I’m just a street kid. Just a throw away child.
Horin: Tell us about you.
Manson: There’s nothing to tell.
Horin: You told me, I want to— I forgot—
Manon: [talks fast and gibberish] See, in other words, I life in a faceless world.
Horin: Do you hope, that deep down, that this interview will change public opinion of you?
Manson: I’m not looking for sympathy. I don’t give a fuck about the public.
Horin: Can you trace your life in some way that can explain how you have gotten you to be this special thing?
Manson: Sweetheart, I don’t live like that. I don’t think like you.
Horin: Try to.
Manson: My life is in that uniform. My life is in the chow. My life is in the CCC camp. My life is in the trees. And the forest service. My life is in the water. In the Feather Rivers; I’m trying to get the Feather Rivers back on the ground again. I’ve got things that I’m doing with my life that’s got nothing to do with Hollywood. It’s got—
Horin: I’m not coming from Hollywood. I’m not trying to bring you as a star—
Manson: I’m not saying you do. I’m just telling that I’m not— that I’m— I don’t give a fuck about entertaining people. I don’t give a fuck about entertaining people. I’m not running for office. I don’t give a fuck. Its better that you hate me. Because that way you stay further away from me. Because I really don’t like people around me. I really don’t like people, I really don’t.
Horin: Why?
Manson: Because they’re rotten.
Horin: Why?
Manson: Because they lie too much.
Horin: Why?
Manson: They cheat and hurt—
Horin: What is it, do you think, that make them so rotten?
Manson: You know, why, why? I’m not a sociologist. Is it my job to heal and deal to the world? I’m not the savior. You know, don’t put saving the world on me. That’s what got me in this mother fucking insanity, man. You put that mother fucking good guy on me, man. They fucking crucified my ass, and then you say you don’t believe in me. I say, “Okay.” Okay, I died a hundred times in this hallway and then you say I ain’t no good and I’m rotten. And I say, “Okay.” And I have to start all over. Every time I start all over, I start building up something, and then you come up with that and say, “We wanna do that,” then you take it out and boom!:  you stick it up my ravaslam, tell a bunch of fucking lies on me, start some more shit in some newspaper, put another one of them stupid fucking books out with a lot of fucking horseshit that somebody wants to buy. People want to buy that insanity. They don’t want the truth, they want fear. They want violence. They want sex and drugs and guns. They want that. That’s what they want.
Horin: What is it that you have, that they always wanted?
Manson: Motion.
Horin: You said people always wanted something.
Manson: Motion. I got motion. And music. I got a creative mind that’s wide open to the universe. I got “individual.”
Horin: Is there anything that you could have told them that might of convinced them that you got what they wanted?
Manson: I did.
Horin: What?
Manson: I’m trying to tell you.
Horin: What?
Manson: Stop construction.
Horin: Stop construction, and do what ?
Manson:  Construction is destruction. You can’t build a house unless you tear a tree down. You’re destroying the tree to build a house.
Horin: So you’re preaching back to nature?
Manson: I’m preaching rebirth. We started a rebirth movement in 67.
Horin: Whose “we,” the Manson Family?
Manson: Well, yeah, the Family— what they called the Family. The Red, Yellow, Green, Gold, all the girls that were singing in the group. We had a group called The Family. And we sang songs about getting back to earth and getting reborn again. But everybody stole that and took it to the presidency. See, you got a lot of double-dealing, see. You know how many movies people steal? They hold us in cells just so they can run and make movies about us. Selleck has been stealing me. Hanson has been stealing me. They come from England stealing me off the Crystal Palace. They come stealing me all over the world. They keep taking my life off. I’m gonna make a movie about convicts who get mad at actors that steal their lives. And when we get out of jail, they’re coming to Hollywood to look them actors up and see if we can’t charge some rent.
Horin: [laughs]
Manson: You’re selling my own mind back to me, man. You’re stealing my very soul. You’re stealing my existence every day, man.
Horin: Why are you kept in security housing?
Manson: Why? All kinds of different reasons. Because they’re insecure. Anything they can find an excuse to get off on, you got a whole bunch of people around and everybody wants to make a decision about something and nobody can make a decision. So I’m in the hallway the other day and I let a fart. And this woman came over with her pen and paper and she wrote me up for a fart. I said, you know, “Gee whis.” Man, I can’t even fart without somebody putting it on a piece of paper and taking me to the disciplinary board with it. I can’t out of lock up. If I try to get out of lock up, everybody they all hate me because I’m trying to live my own life.
Horin: Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world today.
Manson: The world’s coming to an end. You can never look at God when you’re looking down at it. You got to get under him and look up at it. And then when you look up at him, you’ll be surprised what you find.
Horin: What do you mean?
Manson: You can’t understand him looking down at him. You got to look up at him.
Horin: Who’s it?
Manson: Yourself.
Horin: Wait, I—
Manson: Want me to tell you what you have to do?
Horin: Yeah.
Manson: Quit using soap. Quit using bleach. Quit using toxic chemicals to spray waxes on your floors.. Quit using light bulbs. Quit using things that contaminate the earth. Quit using automobiles. Get you some donkeys and some little wagons. Quit building things. Quit cutting trees down. Get all the way back down up underneath that lizard. Get up underneath that lizard. And bow down to that lizard. Because if that lizard dies— whatever you guys do with that war, it don’t matter. It might be better if you all killed yourselves, then maybe the lizard would survive. Because if you kill yourselves in that war over there, you’re going to destroy the world with you.
Horin: Do you think it will arrive to that?
Manson: It’s already there. What do you think it will? What do you think I’m doing in prison? I tried stop it. That’s why I ended up in here. That’s why I’m so insane.
Horin: What actions did you take to stop the world from destroying itself?
Manson: See the first thing, the first thing you don’t understand about— the mind has changed. Change is the mind when the mind comes into change, it comes in through you. It comes in through you. It comes in through you, it creates you. Creation makes news things happen. When you get on your motorcycle and you ride your motorcycle and you [makes sound effects] and you go and smack somebody in the head and say, “Hey how you doing” They don’t realize that you took their mind and you put it in your hand. And told them, “Look, I’m gonna let you live.” And the dude says, “You gonna let me live” I says, “I’m gonna let you live, but you gonna help me quit cutting those trees down now, right?” He says, “Yeah!” I says, “Yeah, let me buy you some ice cream!” And I buy him some ice cream. And I let him go on down the road. And he don’t know that I let him live. He thinks I was joking. Because he don’t think I would kill him. Just like you don’t think I would kill you.
Horin: Well, I don’t think you can.
Manson: Okay.
Horin: What?
Manson: I tell you what—
Horin: What?
Manson: I tell you what. Just ask any one of them girls that I got arrested with, if I’m not up in there. They got Xs on their foreheads.
Horin: I know.
Manson: Yeah. I went all the way through it. All the way through it. All the way to the other side. I yell up and say, “Anybody there?” They say, “No, only you lord.” Only me? Nobody can get over there? They say, “No.”  You can’t get over there, ghost! I got Xs on the head here. [laughing]
Horin: What do the Xs mean?
Manson: Your fingers are black, you see.
Horin: What does this X mean?
Manson: Assalamu Alaikum. It means we’re under the lizard. We’re under the lizard, man. We’re in the desert and under the lizard. We’re putting; we got hoes. We’re planting things. We’re planting things. We got little seedlings and sunflower trees and we’re bringing the water up. We’re bringing the water up out of the cities and putting the water back in the land.
Horin: When you put that X on you, you didn’t associate it with Hitler or anything like that?
Manson: Let me tell you this: You make Hitler into a big person, because he was your fear and you were afraid of him. Your mother was afraid of him. Wait a minute; I’m not afraid of Hitler. Hitler was a little teardrop that fell from the prison’s eye. Hitler was only one little person.
Horin: What does the X mean?
Manson: You know what it is, it is an Alcatraz Indian. It’s an Indian called “Walksontop.”
Horin: Do you have any resentment to any member of the Manson Family? Do you feel they’ve done you harm?
Manson: I don’t have thoughts like that. I don’t think like that. I don’t resent, I don’t— I don’t have thoughts like that.
Horin: Charlie, you made that Mansonite [holes up a scorpion], what does it mean to you making these dolls? Can you tell me about it?
Manson: Occasionally.
Horin: What do they mean to you?
Manson: Something to do. I lived in Mexico city, and there was a whole bunch of nuns in Mexico city.  And these nuns would take this thin string and make these black shawls that they wear. And I would show them out to make cigarettes disappear. And on my cigarettes there would be a picture of a spider. And I always used to identify with a spider, and the nuns that made the little things for Jesus. So, I was sitting in the cell and I was tearing a sock apart and I was thinking about them broads and I was thinking, you know. You know, you know real when you see real. That’s the part of me that they hate. Because they don’t like me when they see the real, because they don’t like the real to be seen. Because most people like to hide the real, because the real is always what gets hurt. The real is what we don’t understand. The real is, you know, the real is what we push under the baby. You know, we put it over by the baby and leave it, you know. The real is difficult. The real is, it says this: “Surrender! Give it up! Every bit of it! I want it all!” One world. That’s the only way we’re gonna survive. One world government. One money. One computer. One zoo. One prison. One person. One. If not, I’m gonna sneak out on you. And when I sneak out, I’m just gonna fuck and kill and party until it’s over. Because if you don’t do it this way [holds up one finger], there ain’t no [holds up two fingers] that. There ain’t no two of nothing. There ain’t no two of nothing. There’s one; there’s only one Japan. I got it already. I got 5 samurais in this same fucking hallway. I’ve already locked them. To the emperor, I’ve already got it. To Germany, I already got Germany. I got France. I got it all locked right here like a big octopus. I’ve already locked it down. That’s the ghost. That’s Idi Amin. That’s Jomo Kenyatta. That’s Mau Mau. That’s African. That’s the world. That’s the black star that shines all around the world; you dig what I’m saying. I got a white star over here shining all the way to Norway. All the way to the Palace. All the way to Sweden. All the way to Latin America. Everywhere. The only person that won’t surrender is you. You won’t give it up because you still want to be the man. We  both can’t be the man. You gonna have to either be the man or the woman. If you want to be the women, you can do it. I mean, for the trees. You know, whatever I got to do. Whatever how I can serve, but I served this house at the end. I keep serving to the end and all you’re doing is picking up and making stupid movies out of me. For TV policemen. You keep making TV and Hard copy out of me for some stupid fucking ignorant asshole can have a silly ass thing that ain’t doing anything for nobody. It’s not helping anything. We got to stop cutting trees now! And the only way o do it is to stand up on top of the world and say, “Do!—” Only way, we’re gonna do it is— okay, okay. The only way we’re gonna do it is get up on top of the world and say, “You either stop cutting the trees, or we’re gonna crucify you.” And you can’t just say it, you got to do it. Because if you don’t do it then they think you’re bullshit.
Horin: Let’s say the parole board decides to let you out. How would you live your life? What would you have done with all of the music and all your power?
Manson: Nothing. It has to be— everything’s in here. The control is inside the ship. This is a big ship that we live in, man. This is a big ship. This is a big ship. The hallways a— it goes all the way to Montezuma. It’s a bottomless pit. There’s millions and millions of peoples’ minds in here. Uh, I can’t even, I can’t see, I can’t realize, uh, parole board. Because, like, the last time I went to the parole board they got the Chinese and the Russians at the parole board. They got a china man named Chong and guy named Slovitch. In other words, they’re letting Russia out of prison before they will let me out of prison. They let the Ayatollah out of prison before they let me out of prison. They let out, uh, Sabo-suku Do-boogie-bow-wow, they let em out. They let all them guys out before they let me out.
Horin: So you don’t think they will ever let you out?
Manson: I don’t— if they let me out, what are they gonna do?
Horin: What are you going to do yourself, then?
Manson: They’d run. They’d clear— if I said I was moving to Compton, everybody in Compton would leave. You don’t realize how much it is. You see a little bit, you don’t realize. You know how many books they put out. Something like 58 trash-head books. That’s more than Hitler had put out against him. When he came to a town everybody stood up in parades. In other words, you don’t realize how big it is. It’s big; it’s so big that only you could bring it home. Only you could really bring it home. You know, because you have to bring it home to the whole world. You couldn’t bring it home to half of the world. You couldn’t bring it to New York. You can’t bring it to Oregon and hide it in the bushes. I wanted to take it to the desert and hide it in the desert. You know what it is; you know what we’re dealing with here?
Horin: No.
Manson: We’re dealing with the majesty of the whole world.
Horin: Meaning you are that connected?
Manson: It’s not only me, I’m just one of all of the Xs. There’s all kinds of other people doing it. We— we just didn’t come here with me alone. Bobby Beausoleil from France is here. He’s eagled all out. He’s got dead people in the bushes. He’s killing, he’s thrilling, he’s covered in blood. Bobby’s out in the— he’s riding his bike. He’s got his motorcycles over doing other— I got shit going on all over this mother fucking country, man. I’m not just locked up in the cell. You seen Vinny come up. Vinny’s one little, you know— the dust off the end of it—
Voice:  We’re on an hour.
Horin: Listen, I’ve got to go. It was nice seeing you.
Manson: Did we communicate somewhat? Did you take one of this hand? Don’t be offended by anything I said, because if this glass wasn’t here—if this glass wasn’t here—I wouldn’t have said half of that stuff. Y’all have a good day.
[After being handcuffed, talking through the prison door.]
Manson: If I don’t have my rights, what have my kids got?
Horin: So you want to stay here for more time, just for a retrial?
Manson: Well, it depends on how the principals— I have principals that I have to live and die by. I have things I believe in that I got to hold on to. If I don’t, then what am I? A piece of meat You can go buy that at a butcher shop and get 150 pounds of hamburger. That’s the thing that—
Horin: So you want a retrial, do you think you have a chance?
Manson: I prefer having my rights. Because if I don’t have my rights, then what the hell am I getting out for?
Horin: Do you really think if you have a retrial, you will just walk?
Manson: It wouldn’t matter if I win or lose. It’s that I got my rights. I didn’t break the law. I know that and God knows that. I know what happened and nobody else knows what happened. I didn’t break the law; it’s that simple.

* This interview was transcribed from four different videos. One video had different questions overdubbed. Another version had answers to other questions edited onto other questions. I tried to sort the interview as best as I could, in what I felt was the best order, with what I felt was the correct question asked.

"I know what I would say now and I don’t lie, so I know I what I would say then. And I certainly wouldn’t tell nobody to go in and do nothing to anybody that I wouldn’t want done to me." Charles Manson (Parole Hearing, 1992).

“I don’t know all the things you know, but you don’t know the things I know either, and I don’t disrespect you and take your rights. So give me my fucking rights. You can’t fool me. You can’t trick me. I didn’t have nothing to do with killing those people, period. I’ve told you that all the way down the line. I wasn’t around anyone when they were killed. I’m not saying I’m not capeable of doing it myself, but I’m just saying this: I did not do that. And I could’ve proved it in a court of law.” Charles Manson (Parole Hearing, 1997).