Friday, 28 September 2012

You Live in a Safe Universe

Message from P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, September 2012

Q: P'taah, who are you and what do you mean when you say 'we'?

P'taah: In a way that which be I - the I AM of this energy - is not separate from the I AM-ness anywhere. So you may say that as I speak forth, it is not only I that speaks forth, but that which be the consciousness of many beings in their own I AM-ness who are part, absolutely, of this energy.

You know, beloveds, it is that the humanities love to have a label, love to have a delineation. Well you know outside this dimension of reality, there is certainly the uniqueness of what you may term to be your 'personality self'. Each and every one of you is a fragment, a jewel of consciousness. So are we, however there is also what is called a wondrous blending and a merging of consciousness. The truth that we speak forth is not my truth; it is our truth. It is called Truth of the Universe.

Q: We've heard much about Earth changes and there's lots of fear about that generally. Can you talk to us a little bit about Earth changes and what you see with that or what that's all about?

P'taah: Indeed it is absolutely so that there will be grand change upon your Earth and there is much fear about what is to occur. However, as we have said many times before, you create your reality absolutely. Now you may understand that the changement to come forth on your planet is likened to a grand birthing. Certainly you may call that which be the changes to be the birth contractions. You cannot have a birthing without the contractions. However those contractions may be as dramatic or as simple as you will create it and they have been occurring and will continue to occur for some time.

So, it is that we would say it behooves you well to be in grand celebration every time you come into the hearing of that which has been a change - that which is called quaking, that which is called volcanic, that which is called movement of waters, etc.

You live in a safe universe - you live in a safe universe! - and you create your reality, absolutely. It is to know that as the Earth is shifting and changing, it is mirroring the shifting and changing of the consciousness of the humanities because you and this grand Goddess called Earth, called Planet Earth, called Starship Earth, harmoniously and synchronistically will move into this new dimension.

So it is that as you are celebrating the changes of the Earth, in truth what you are also celebrating is the expansion of consciousness of humanity. You are grand mirrors for each other, you and the Goddess Earth. She is grand and wondrous, to be sure, and there is nothing the humanities can do to destroy her. It will not occur. All right, beloved? You create it absolutely. It may be however you desire.

Q: I get these surges where I feel really excited about everything. I just feel like jumping up and down. Fortunately, I work alone so I can really get excited.

P'taah: Indeed, beloved, that is what is called the Grand Expectancy. You know this time is so exciting and many of you are experiencing within the breast of you a surge of soul memory - memory of where you have been, memory of what has already occurred in your eons of time before, memories of other lifetimes and in a way, you may say, memories of the change.

You see, beloved peoples, the change, in a fashion, has already occurred. We have seen it. And for that which is called the surges, the expectancy from the knowing of what is to occur, it is to celebrate it absolutely, beloveds. It is to be as the dolphin - to be in spontaneous and joyful play. All right?

Q: A great many people I communicate with feel these things, too, but there are many that don't. I love them so I try and align my fear - that maybe they will climb on...

P'taah: Beloved, this grand journey and this change is about love. This change is love. Do you really think that anybody will be left behind? This is about completeness. This is about wholeness. This is about unconditional love. Nobody will be left behind, beloved, so it is to allow everybody their sovereign right to their journey. That which is called the en-LIGHT-enment may happen in the blink of an eye and the timing of it, for anybody, is about their journey. All right?

Q: So my pushing is not holding my own journey in honor?

P'taah: It is not being in honor of their journey. It is exactly the same as knowing that what anybody else thinks of you is none of your business. (Laughter)

Nobody will be lost and that which is called love, beloved, is eternal, unto infinity, as are you. You are eternal. It does not start and end here. It is eternal. You are grand and wondrous Masters. This is not IT, really! This is not It. This is simply a game you are playing and you can do whatever you desire to do. You have the power.



Thursday, 27 September 2012

Who Are You, Really?

'The Myth of Tragic Relationships'

By St Germain

Channelled through Alexandra and Dan, September 2012

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

"Dear Saint-Germain, How am I supposed to feel? When I listen to my heart, so often I hurt myself, sometimes unbearably. Right now I want to call my ex-husband and tell him that I do not despise him, but that I understand how the heaviness became too much for him and sucked him down into its darkness.

"But if I do that now, call him and talk to him, I will be broken again for many days to come, carrying in me his pain as well. Would it heal me to free him? And free myself towards others? I do not understand men. How am I supposed to feel? In my worst times I feel rejected; a fool for having come out and made myself vulnerable and trusting. I should have known better by now.

"Help me to believe that it is God’s Will that I have a life of joy without the underlying grief in my heart that I have carried for most of my life."

Indeed my friend, I AM Saint-Germain. It is time for joy now. It is time for joy to enter your life, and for the underlying tone of sadness you have been experiencing to leave.

You've been going through these intense, transformational changes for such a long time. And you have been living with grief for much of this, as well. You might say that the experience of grief has become second nature for you. But now I am asking you this -- Is grief your true nature?

My friend, grief has become so familiar to you that you have come to identify yourself with it. You have come to believe that sadness is an inevitable part of your life, and that relationships without suffering are not really relationships.

You have created the potential for love, followed by suffering and grief, to be the underlying tone in all your relationships – no matter what type of relationships they are.

What is Passion?

You live your life and your relationships with great “passion,” this is true. But with the dualistic confusion that often accompanies the energy behind this word.

Passion can be expressed as strong love and fervent desire. But passion was equally and originally meant to express suffering. Consider the Passion of Christ. This kind of passion was the love that was expressed by a man who was martyred for Love’s sake.

Is this you?

Do you really need to play with these notions?

I am asking you now to be honest with yourself, and to look at all of your relationships.

Viewing Relationships as Tragic

Look at the hidden beliefs and assumptions that you hold about relationships, for these are setting the emotional tone for all of your experiences.

Does part of you believe that “true love” is meant to be? That this is the truest longing of your heart and soul? That this is your destiny?

Do you believe that there is a perfect love, or a perfect lover for you? That all you need to do is align yourself with this deeper longing of the soul, and it shall be so? That this is your destiny, and that you will do everything in your power to cooperate with it?

Is there another part of you that believes, with equal fervor, that fate is cruel and ironic, especially to those who love?

Is there another part of you that believes your portion of good and evil was allotted to you at birth. And that despite everything you do to collaborate with your destiny, certain outcomes are fated, unpleasant, and unavoidable for you?

Do you believe that even the will of the gods can be thwarted by the fates?

Do you believe that destiny and fate, good and evil, are in conflict… and that human beings are nothing more than pawns in this game? Something to be sacrificed? Something expendable?

This is tragic thinking, pure and simple.

If you have been allowing these kinds of thoughts and feelings into your life, then there is no doubt that your experiences will have been quite intense. Especially your experiences with love.

My dear friend, you have been living a Greek tragedy. You have been living life with the passionate expression of a classic Greek drama.

The ancient Greeks understood dramatic structure very well. They invented it, and they were masters of it. It is compelling. It is evocative. And it is powerful.

It is filled with noble love, compelling destiny, and cruel fate.

But it is a construct. A story.

It is not a formula for living.

Let it go.

Who Are You, Really?

Now, let's have a look at where this disappointment is coming from.

Your difficulties are coming from an over-identification with the ego, and with one or more of its dominant sub-personalities.

[Sub-personalities are strong beliefs about who you are that seem to have a life of their own. They are the roles that you play and the masks that you wear to feel acceptable. They are part of the “false you,” the ego, which believes it has been abandoned by God. They are not Who You Are in Truth.

You are a Child of God, and God also. This is the Truth About You. Remembering this Truth often, is a way to free yourself from the pain and suffering caused by the ego. – Alexandra and Dan]

Throughout the years, you have held onto a grand vision for your life… and you were expecting things to appear accordingly. You’ve worked faithfully to turn this vision into reality

But there is a part of you, a sub-personality, that has been confronted with a different situation. This part of you has felt challenged and has said, “I don't know how to make this vision work. How can I make it into something tangible and real?”

As you shared this vision with others, including your partners, you have met with resistance. This part of you began to feel badly about itself and say, “I suppose people don't really understand me after all, and I guess I don’t really understand them, either.”

The differences between the expectations supported by the “visionary you,” and the fears experienced by the “misunderstood you,” have created great discomfort, pain, and even suffering in your life. This has placed a high emotional cost upon you, as you continue to hold onto your vision. It has ensured that certain important experiences in your life have felt heavy and limited, and that there is little room for the free expression that you value so much. This has caused you to feel alone in the world with your dreams.

My dear friend, as you started to feel alone in the world, a part of you began to identify strongly with this experience of life. This sub-personality called “Misunderstood” has believed deeply that you are alone with your dreams, and that there is no one to share them with, as much as you might desire it. This same part of you has begun to feel resignation toward experiencing love in your life again.

This sub-personality has seen to it that every time you try to experience love with a friend, a partner, and sometimes even with yourself, you feel alone, misunderstood, and abandoned. It does this to protect you. But its motivation is confused.

Because this sub-personality believes that you are really “Misunderstood,” it tries to protect you in the only way it knows how. First, it populates your life with people who will likely misunderstand you, because these are the only kind of people it is able to recognize. Then when you feel the desire to relate to them, it is virtually guaranteed that they will not be able to relate fully to you or support your vision. “Misunderstood” has seen to this!

“Misunderstood” keeps you from forming close relationships with people, because she chooses people for you that are consistent with her belief about who you are… a “Misunderstood Visionary.”

In this distorted way, she believes that she is loving you and protecting you from harm. But she does this at the expense of the other parts of you that have to suffer alone.

Who Is Protecting You?

“Misunderstood” only sees the potential for experiencing pain in relationships, so even before you have the chance to experience yourself in these situations, she is reminding you to be careful. To be watchful, and wary, because the life of a misunderstood visionary is hard.

This consistent experience of identifying yourself as “Misunderstood” has given rise to another sub-personality. Because “Misunderstood” has felt weak, unappreciated, and unable to enjoy relationships fully, she has given birth to the companion that she feels she needs.

She has given birth to a strong “Individualist”… someone who can hold the vision, keep the flame burning, and stand alone, despite the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as our good friend, Hamlet, might say.

So, another sub-personality of yours has come into play. A part of you that you know so well. A little sarcastic, a little bitter, and even cynical. And especially in relationships with men, it needs to show them (and you) how strong and wise you are. You might have startled yourself at times, when you recognized that this sub-personality was telling you how unworthy they were of your love.

And all these ego games were part of your relationships. You would feel great love toward these people, and then you would feel how they didn’t deserve you. You would want to share your love with them and be vulnerable; but at the same time, you would want to let them know that you are strong, and that your love is incorruptible.

All your life, these sub-personalities have played games with you… this “Misunderstood Visionary” and the “Disapproving Individualist.” Each of them has been giving you their best take on your life. You listen to them at times, but when you do, they always lead you back to the same experiences again and again. The experience remains the same. Only the relationships change.

Breaking Down the Pattern

My dear, now is the time to break down this pattern. It is time for you to step into remembering your true nature, Who You Really Are in truth. It is time to bring Love and Truth into your life again. It is time that you step up and acknowledge the Truth of your Identity.

None of these games that have been played represent Who You Really Are. None of them actually expresses your Divinity. They are just games conjured up by your ego, with players who compete for turns in endless and painful succession.

When you are ready, I ask you to sit for a moment in silence, and breathe. Remember again the truth of your Divinity. Breathe deeply and evenly. Receive the guidance that is offered to you from your Soul. Breathe and feel us all there, by your side, reminding you that you are loved and cherished, and how wonderful you are.

We are here to guide you, and to remind you of the True Love that you hold in your heart. This True Love is your Divinity. It is Who You Really Are.

Bring that Love to the surface, and let it wash away all the pain, cynicism, and suffering that you've endured for such a long time.

And as you do this, feel the peace that you can surrender to. That you can release yourself into.

Please, accept this peace into your life, and let go completely of the need to understand what is going on.

Be still, and listen to the still, quiet voice within your heart. It is whispering words of love and encouragement to you.

And when you are done, and you desire to come back, let’s take another look at your relationships.


A Second Look at Your Relationships

From this new place of silence and peace, please bring into the light these conflicting parts of yourself. These sub-personalities that have been playing this game of hurt, abandonment, and pain with you.

Call them here, and look at them now. They’re exhausted by the roles they've been playing. They have been trying to protect you from being hurt. Trying to protect you from abandonment. Trying to keep the pain of separation away from you.

They don’t realize that the very thing they claim to protect you from, they are actually calling into your life.

So, let’s look at them again. Look at the tactics they use to hold onto you, so fiercely. They are not willing to let go of you so quickly. How else would they survive without the energy of belief and credibility that you provide them?

In order to be free of their dominance, you cannot struggle with them, judge them, or reject them. They are part of you. You birthed them in moments of stress, fear, and doubt. Instead, they need to know that you love them, that you accept them, and that you welcome them back home into the integrated Being That You Are. They need to know that they will be fine.

Can you feel how scared and frightened they are? This is the energy they've been serving you with for so long.

Now, turn back to yourself… Back to your peace and silence. Feel it deeply. Feel that from the depth of your Being, how the love and compassion in your heart comes to embrace these parts of you. It is there for them – completely. Without judgment. It is not forced upon them.

As you embrace them, you are able to make a new decision for yourself.

You choose to let the “integrated you,” the whole and perfect you, be the guiding force in your life.

Feel this, please.

As you resume leadership over your inner life, please recognize that these sub-personalities have scattered and dissipated your energies for years with their unfounded doubts and fears.

Look at the fear – the anger, pain, hurt, and resentment that they have used to keep you cowed and cornered. These are tactics that they use, and you know them so well. They’ve been part of your life for so long. But now you understand them, and you no longer need to bring them in your life.

You no longer need to use them in your relationships. Your relationships can be easy. They can be fun, and flowing.

They don't need to be difficult, or emotionally demanding. They don't need to squeeze the life out of you, or depress you.

As you live your life from this renewed and integrated place, you will discover that there is nothing you really need to forgive of others. The “integrated you” – the one who remembers your Divinity – knows that forgiveness is just the act of correcting any misperceptions that you’ve held about yourself and the world.

Remembering your Divinity is the heart of forgiveness; for the transgressions you perceive against you, the hurts and the injustices, are just illusions. They are not Real.

Experiencing forgiveness means that you have remembered your Divinity. And in doing that, you realize that all struggle and pain is unnecessary and non-existent.

Forgiveness does not require you to martyr yourself for the sake of love, as so often it is represented in the mis-portrayed life of Christ. Instead, it is a simple remembrance of Love and Truth.

From this place, can you look at your relationships again, and at the questions you had?

Can you see that by releasing your allegiance to these various sub-personalities, and identifying with the Truth About You, instead, you can end this pain and suffering?

Then, you will no longer need the approval or understanding of the ones you are involved with in a relationship. Instead you take charge of your inner life fully, knowing that nothing can hurt you, and that you will never be abandoned.

And so, you will progress, step-by-step. From re-affirming your Divinity, you will begin to feel more confident about sharing your Divinity with others.

The recognition of your Divinity will be the standard that you use to invite new relationships into your life. You will no longer use the old and worn-out tactics of these sub-personalities. You will choose to share your Divinity, and not your fears and misgivings, with others.

You will open the doors to relationships that respond to the Truth About You. You will invite people and situations into your life that resonate with your awareness of your Divinity. And as you do, any previous relationships that you have will change, too. Their purpose will become clear to you – as the gift of clarity is one of the attributes of your Divinity.

And so, my dear friend, I see the doors opening for you to experience joy again in your life. I see that you have great potential to experience flow and ease – with yourself, and with everyone who might be invited into your life.

And so it shall be, my dear. And so it shall be.

I Am, indeed, Saint-Germain.


By Sananda

Channelled through Christopher Sell, 27 September 2012

You are living in a time of emergence. It's as if you and your ancestors for many generations have been running through a tunnel towards the light. And now you find yourselves emerging from the tunnel into the light. That, of course, is also rather like your own emergence from your mother's womb into this lifetime. So we could call this a time of birth or rebirth as well. This time of emergence is not as dramatic as these analogies suggest, but it is as real.

One of the greatest - and most enjoyable - challenges you face as you emerge is adjusting to new choices. In the birth canal you have little choice but to keep going. Once born, choices multiply rapidly. You may find you need time to adjust to this opening up of possibility. The newly born baby still likes to curl up in sleep, the person emerging from the tunnel into the light blinks for a while as her eyes adjust.

In this time of emergence the process of adjustment is greatly helped by your willingness, gently and lovingly, to question your assumptions. For instance, suppose that you wish to learn a new skill. Is there a voice within that says, 'I'm not good enough' or 'I don't have time' or 'I'm too old'? If so, ask whether these ideas are true. You may find that you don't know whether they are true or not. If so, allow yourself not to know, for this opens up choices for you.

Look too at the ground from which those old ideas have grown. You are likely to find an emotional tone or mood that has nurtured them: a feeling of despair or sadness or resentment, for instance. Give permission for light to come into these old stuck emotions, for the light will help the emotions to flow again. When the emotions are flowing it's much more difficult for limiting ideas to take root.

To experience yourself as newborn can be very liberating. You are giving yourself permission to discover who you are in that moment, and you may surprise yourself with the beauty of the being you reveal. For each one of you comes into this world as a beautiful presence, giving the gift of yourself to the world. In a time of emergence it becomes easier for you to know this.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Being Christ vs Being Stuck in the Ego

Excerpts from Jeshua

Channelled through Jayem
[This is an email circular I received today]

"For many of you, you have come to the edge of your ring of fear......And yet rest assured, you have chosen to be transparent, you have chosen to reach out, you have chosen vulnerability, and these things are the cornerstone of awakening from the dream of the dreamer. For unless you confess, what is called the shadow, unless you confess and make obvious that which has been secret and hidden - because you thought you had to hold it private or otherwise you would not be loved - if you don’t (hmm) take off the wraps, so to speak, and lay it all out, how can you ever know that you are not that, which has been laid out? How can you be? You are the one doing the laying out, you are the one choosing to expose the ego’s thought system in your own case. This must mean that you have already intuited and put into practice the Truth – that Christ remains unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable forever. Therefore, indeed beloved friends, sing, laugh, dance and play - celebrate your Self......Indeed dance O holy Child of God, for whoso dances not, knows not what comes to pass, but we do know what comes to pass - for we know that together we awaken the Christ in all Beings." (Jeshua's message 3 'Jewels of the Christ Mind').

Jeshua's words seem so appropriate to share with you all at this time......

Also Jeshua's New Letters 1 & 2 have the pivotal practices which he later shares about (Letter10) saying "When the first two practices We gave you ARE permanent within you, the ground for all you do, and all you are ever doing in the midst of all contexts, THEN you will KNOW 'I and My Father ARE One!' WHEN this occurs, the Way of Mastery as a PathWay is completed in you, for you will have successfully evolved from ideas, through feeling-communion, into BEING CHRIST, and shall fully enter the final stage, that of genuine Servantship."

Finally from Jeshua's New Letter 7:

"As you would come to abide in the Heart, say simply:

All of my pain, my fear, my sense of loss in all forms
experienced as actual, and imagined in a future yet to come,
ONLY exists BECAUSE I have given my utter DEVOTION and LOVE to experiencing
AND maintaining it, in one form, or another.

MY DEVOTION and LOVE remain with me;
I can deny this no longer.
WHAT I direct them towards remains
the infinite freedom of Heaven: my Choice.

WHAT, then DO I want, truly?"

- Breathing as One, Felicity XXX

When Happiness and Success Elude You

Ellen: “I am currently facing a lot of difficulties in my life. I was in an accident and then I lost my job. I feel that I am not succeeding in my life and every time I try to do something it goes all wrong. Will I ever be able to be happy with my life and successful in my career? I have suffered a lot from the time I was born; sometimes I even wish I was dead.”

The Voice for Love: “My dearest one, please do not judge yourself so harshly, nor even at all. I do not judge you; I do not see you the way you see yourself. What you call an unsuccessful life is not the way I measure success. In fact, I do not measure you by any yardstick other than Love. In My eyes, you are My dearly beloved child in whom I am always and forever well-pleased. I do not see you as struggling and failing. I see your struggles and I see your pain and I love you completely in every single moment.

“Thoughts of wanting to end your life as a way to end your pain are understandable when one has carried much pain from a young age. The pain gets heavier with the years and harder and harder to bear. Like a stone you are carrying on your back, it threatens to crush you. You want to give in to the weight of it, to stop the struggle of carrying it along. I say to you, My dear one, set it down. Simply set it down and let us consider it together. Take My hand and let us together be with your pain.

“Imagine this huge stone you have been carrying so long. It is now on the side of the road, large, heavy, craggy, blocking the horizon. We are sitting together in the grass, being with this stone you have carried so long. We do not need to judge it, nor hate it, nor bemoan it. Instead, let us extend love to it together. The pain of your life that you have been carrying for so long seeks only to be loved, blessed, healed. All things seek love. And you are the only one who can extend love to your pain and your experience. It is in your power to heal your pain; I can help you.

“Please take time each morning to sit in quiet meditation. This need not be overwhelming or burdensome; even a few minutes will do. Allow the pain you have carried to come into your awareness and then hold it, simply hold it as you would a newborn babe. If tears arise, let them do their cleansing work. If emotions such as anger or sorrow come, let them rise up as waves that crest and fall away. Resist nothing. Be an open vessel to your own experience. For just these few minutes and as you are able, let your pain come into your complete and loving awareness. Do not judge it or resist it. In this way you can begin slowly and surely to heal. In this way the stone will begin to erode and crumble and fall away.

“The circumstances of your life will become more friendly and welcoming to you as you become more friendly and welcoming to your own dear Self. Do not judge your life or your Self as a failure. Do not judge your life at all. Simply welcome and befriend it as it is. Nothing grows from judgment. Nothing thrives on judgment. Nothing can come to sweet fruition under the dark cloud of judgment.

“Finally, My dear one, know that accidents are not accidental. All that happens in your life is for you, not against you. See this accident as having happened to alter the course of your life, and see that altering as a great gift. See it that way so it can reveal its blessings. All is in divine right order at all times. Please trust this and do not worry. Extend love to your life. Lovingly allow your life to unfold and be all that it is meant to be for you, and know that you are greatly loved.”

You are a field of consciousness through which the Father would extend Himself

 By Jeshua through Jayem

Excerpt from The Way of Mastery, p.170-171

Therefore, The Way of Transformation does not require you to change your circumstances.

It merely requires that you change your attitude toward them by recognizing that they are harmless, by recognizing that you have called all things to yourself.

There are many that would teach that you must sit around and ponder wh
y you did this and why you did that. I say unto you: all that is required to begin is the willingness to accept that in the great mystery of consciousness, you are the power and the source for all that you think, all that you see, all that you feel, and all that you would be and do. You abide in that freedom constantly.

The Way of Transformation, then rests simply on that:

How will I decide to use my time?
Finding myself here in this moment, can I remember that I am free to see things differently?
I am free to look lovingly upon the world.
I do not need to wait for something outside of myself to create a stimulus that elicits a loving response.

You do not need to wait for your mate to come and give you the hug that you want so much. You do not need to wait until your mother calls you on the phone and begs for your forgiveness for how cruel she treated you when you were growing up. You do not need to wait until the current president is no longer in the White House. You do not need to wait for the contest that comes in the mail to make you the winner that brings you millions of dollars. You do not need to wait for that to happen. Right now, you are the one that is free.

But perhaps you have imprisoned yourself by waiting for Love to show up outside of you to trigger a response within you – when you feel it or recognize it – so that finally you feel loving. Those that know aloneness are not limited in extending Love. And those that know loneliness yet retain the power to make the decision to love. It can never be taken from you.

Here is a simple exercise that we wish to give you. When next you find yourself alone and perhaps feeling just a little lonely, and you notice that the mind is spinning with thoughts, and you are feeling perhaps just a little weak and out of sorts, pick up your telephone book. Take three deep breaths, and with each breath say to yourself,

In reality, I remain as I am created to be. I am the holy Child of God.

Then merely open the phone book. Place your hand on one of the pages with the many names and numbers and just feel your way to a specific name and number. You will know the feeling. Then, for the fun of it, call that person.

And when they answer the phone, merely say,

“I’m not here to sell you anything, I just need about 15 seconds of your time. I know you’ve never met me, but I was just sitting in my chair remembering that the truth is true always. And I’m calling to remind you that you are loved by God! You’ve never failed. You’ve never done anything wrong. You remain pure and innocent, even now. And I just wanted to give my blessings to you. Have a nice day. Good-bye.”

For you see, the world in which you live has but one purpose. It is the same purpose that all dimensions of creation have: to be the extension of the Father’s Love.

For that is what creation is. And then to extend that Love from that world, from that dimension. Each and every one of you has but one treasure, only one treasure. It is not your child. It is not your spouse. It is not the new car in the garage. Your treasure is your reality as the unlimited, holy and only begotten Child of God. You are a field of consciousness through which the Father would extend Himself.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Embracing Fear

Message from P'taah February 2011

Channelled through Jani King

Beloved ones, greetings! It is an honor to share the energy that is you.

So how is it going, the grand struggle for enlightenment? Are we having fun yet?

You know, my beloved ones, you chose to come forth in this lifetime, in this time lock, in this version of reality, in this Now, to take part in this most wondrous voyage, this spiritual journey.

It is really the most significant time in the history of your peoples for many, many thousands of your years. All of you know that.

The quickening of your universe is coming to a grand crescendo very soon in your time. That you know also. 1999 was first year of your last sequence before it will be starbursts of consciousness.

Many of you have been creating diseasement of your embodiment, change of relationship, change of abode, change of business, employment. Change, change, change.

For some of you, it is very frightening. Some of you are saying, "I don't know if I can deal with this!" That is all right. You have been learning to dance on the moving rug.

How many times have you said, "I thought I had just got all of this together and all of a sudden, somebody has come and pulled the rug from beneath my feet."

So indeed this timing is learning to dance on the moving rug. It is to learn to take that which is the death, the changement, to look at what is occurring and say, "All, all, of this is a gift for me to come to know who I really am!

Who are you really? What is the grandest possible truth of you?

The grandest possible truth is that you are, in every Now moment, no matter how it seems, in every Now, the Perfect and Eternal Expression and Extension of the Mind of the Source. It can be no other way.

Each and every one of you is a Perfect Extension of Source. You are gods and goddesses smelling the rose of this existence. You, indeed, have created it all, this life, all life, every lifetime, every situation. You have created it all, co-created it indeed, and all of your creations are valid.

In the struggle to come to this new way of being in the fullness of who you are, for many of you there is trepidation that you are going to miss the boat or that somehow at the last minute, you will get it wrong.

Well, you know, you can never get life wrong. What a relief! You can never make a wrong choice. You have never made a wrong decision. How could you? You are gods and goddesses playing this game called, ‘I have forgotten who I am.’

But you know, beloved ones, you have been playing this game for so long that now it is boring. It is time to begin to remember.

Many of you are having these experiences, albeit most of the time quite briefly, of the More, of the Oneness, of that place of non-separation. As you are honing your skills in life, so these experiences become more and more.

Ultimately, of course, when you come to that explosion of consciousness, you will really forget that you are ever any other way but in the fullness of love where fear is not any longer even a memory.

We ask you this - how would you like to experience the wholeness and wondrousness of what you call enlightenment or super-consciousness? Do you want to experience this to escape pain and fear? Well, the sad story is, there is no escape.

So if there is no escape, what do you do with all of this pain and all of this fear that not only exists within your own resonance, but also exists within the morphogenetic resonance of your entire planet?

Well, we have given you the four keys of transformation many times before - you can only transform what you own, you can only transform in the Now moment, you can only transform whilst you are in the e-motion of the pain or fear, and you can only transform by absolutely embracing the fear.

Think about what you do with that emotion usually in your day to days from habitude and because you have never been taught otherwise. When you come into this emotion called fear, you will do your best to push it away, to push it down, to release it, to give it away to somebody else, or run like hell from it! Also to put it under that moving carpet.

Well, it doesn't work, you see, because that energy that you utilize to try to get rid of the fear, in fact draws to you more and more of the matching frequency. And you experience that either as diseasement of the embodiment or those situations in your external life like your failed relationships, your extraordinary lack - lack of love, lack of well-beingness, lack of abundance, as well as money. Lack, lack, lack. The more you are in the fear of lack, the more lack you experience.

Again we remind you, you are powerful radiant ones, indeed.

I love you.


Who Is Responsible for Your Life?

HEAVEN #3713

By Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter, 24 January 2011

 God said:

There are no hapless victims. Certainly, it seems that there are hapless victims. What about a battered wife, you may ask? Wasn’t she stunned to be battered? She didn’t see it coming.

Beloveds, even the one who marries a batterer, on some level, chose it. On an unrecognized level, she chose. She chose to be in this role. She wouldn’t choose it, yet she did, just as the batterer chose. He is not a hapless victim either. He had choices to make and made them.

And for all those who are married to men or women who are less than what they had expected and would not consciously choose again had they known, they chose. They might not choose their partner now, but they chose then. They chose to go down one road and not another.

If you are one of those who would not choose now what you chose then, take the responsibility for your choosing. You did choose. You may have hypnotized yourself, blinded yourself, closed your eyes, would not look, yet you chose. You chose to hypnotize yourself. You chose not to see. You chose to be fooled. You chose. No one made you choose as you did. You may say, “If only I had known…”

I am saying that you did see, you did know, you had forebodings although you did not let yourself acknowledge what you saw and, yet, deep down, knew. You saw what you wanted to see. You saw your seeming dream. And then you saw the dream under the dream. You saw what you had chosen. No one chose for you.

In terms of marriage, you may say you chose what your parents wanted. Or you may say the bride or groom wanted you so much and they were so strong, they chose you, and it was their determination that made your choice. Well, then, you chose their determination. That was your choice.

You can wonder forever why you chose as you chose. It has been said that there are no mistakes, no accidents. At the very least, you chose as you chose because you chose.

If you must put responsibility somewhere, get on with it and put it on your shoulders. No matter what transpired, you chose.

Chalk up hard times to experience. From every experience, you gain. Unwillingly, even painfully, you gain. You do not have to be worse for wear. You can make the choice to come out like a shining gilded rose. Your choice.

And sometimes you have hard choices to make. If you cannot let life keep going on as it is, then you have hard choices to make. Easy choices are not always the best. You may have to try a hard choice now. There may be no easy choice.

You can stay as you are and let life propel you, or you can take the rudder of your life and steer yourself through the rapids. You cannot wait for a prince on a white charger to come rescue you. Change the configuration of your life yourself. Set the course of your life.

Acknowledge your responsibility. This is a great step forward. From acknowledgement of your responsibility, change can come. If everything around you is someone else’s responsibility, then you have made yourself a victim and irresponsible.

You have also chosen your children, and they chose you. Are they not reflections of yourself? You may not want this to be true and can’t believe it, yet it is true. They may have chosen what you would not choose, and yet they are still a reflection of you.

Change the parameters of your world. Change what has to be changed. Change yourself, and when you seem to be unable to change yourself, then make the changes that need to be made. In some cases, We are talking about survival. We are talking about preventing disaster.

When you feel that life cannot keep on going on the way it is, you are often right. It may well be necessary to choose something now before choice is wrested from your hands. Your choice.

The Heart Chakra

By Master Jesus

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 24 January 2011

My beloved sacred and divine brothers and sisters, I return once more with a heart full of love to share with you as well as bestowing my words of enlightenment to inspire your spiritual awakening. I honour you with every aspect and energy of love within my being; it is the deepest of honours to speak the truth of the Creator and to connect with your energies. The fact that you are awake and aware of me is magnificent, it is a true blessing. Even people on the Earth do not get a chance to speak their truth to other humans, so it is a great honour to be able to connect with you even though we exist on two different vibrations of light. This of course doesn't mean that we are separated, we are always one energy, one being of light, one aspect of the Creator, interlinked more than you could possibly imagine at this current stage.

In my previous communication with you I spoke of how precious you are because you have been granted the ultimate gift of unconditional eternal love from the Creator. The mighty love of the Creator can never be taken away from you, it is yours to experience, appreciate, express and cherish. Even now as people exist on the Earth whether they are spiritually awake or asleep they have been granted the ultimate gift. The easiest way to accept the ultimate gift of the Creator's unconditional love is to love yourself first, unconditionally, and to surrender to the will of the Creator; to surrender all negativity to the Creator and to focus upon accepting the unconditional love of the Creator. If you are able to experience the unconditional love of the Creator during meditation and when you are following your path on the Earth, you will realise that there is nothing else that you will have need of. With acceptance of the ultimate gift you are allowing the Creator to treasure you, take care of you and guide you perfectly, so not only will you cease all suffering but you will gain a great sense of freedom in your reality and your ability to create. Remember this always that you have been granted by the Creator the ultimate gift of unconditional love so there is no need to fear.

When you accept the unconditional love of the Creator it naturally nourishes your soul, the Creator aspect within your physical body. Your soul already holds a wealth of unconditional love which is its essence and truth. Your soul wishes for you (as your physical body, personality, emotions and mind) to bathe in its unconditional love. I say 'its unconditional love' because for many of you the soul and the aspect of your being that you are familiar with appear to you as being separate, this is an illusion. Every aspect of your being is integrated as one, what is there to stop the flow or to put barriers between you and your soul, monad or the Creator? Nothing, the only truth is love; love is eternally flowing and constantly builds bonds and connections. If you imagine a person at a party, they are talking to a few people and are emanating such a profound love, joy and bliss, have you noticed that others in the room become drawn to this person like a magnet, captivated by the love that is oozing. This shows that love is integrated with everything, if you hold love then you allow your natural connections with the Creator and those around you to enhance and manifest fully.

Your soul naturally holds love, a love that is pure and easy to share because it is continuously being created by your soul, through your soul's intention and alignment. When you accept your ultimate gift from the Creator you also begin to realise that your soul has the ultimate gift of unconditional love for you also, as does your monad or soul group. Realising this you become aware that every person that you meet, every person walking the Earth has an ultimate gift which they wish to give and share with you. Think about this for a moment, how amazing it is that everyone wants to give you a gift of love and that you want to return this gift of love. This is of course everyone's soul, as the personality is unaware of the ultimate gift which is your divine right. This is essentially the ascension process and the result of the ascension process, when everyone realises the ultimate gift on all levels of their being. How fortunate we all are to be given such a beautiful gift of being loved unconditionally. Let us saver this thought.

The heart chakra is essentially the main aspect of your being that can express love wholly and expansively. It has the strength to hold an abundance of love within its sacred chamber and to radiate it to all of humanity or to an individual. Yet the heart chakra is very delicate, it can accept and hold onto pain, negativity and suffering if you command it to, which occurs often. In many ways the emotions of a human are linked with the heart chakra, this is due to training from a young age. The heart chakra can succumb to tremendous pain and torture because it is so sensitive. It easily can express love but this also means that it can easily accept negativity. Many people hold the suffering that they believe others have caused to them within their heart chakra. If we imagine that the heart chakra is your treasure box, everything that is important to you is stored within your treasure box, but you have programmed yourself to believe that the painful or negative experiences are precious and so you place them within your treasure box. Of course negative experiences allow us to grow and develop, they are lessons of truth realisation, but this doesn't mean that they have to be held onto. When pain is held within the heart chakra it stagnates and lowers the vibration of the heart chakra, eventually causing the heart chakra to close and become guarded, because it doesn't want to be hurt any further. When the heart chakra is closed or shielded then it makes it very difficult for the person to love themselves unconditionally, feel the love of others and express the essence of their soul. The ultimate gift of the Creator can become an elusive reality to those who hold pain in their heart chakras, and a separation can be experienced between the soul and the reality.

Your soul will be aware of the state of your heart chakra but will be unable to assist as you have free will on the Earth; you have to ask before you can receive. When the heart begins to close because of the shadows that it is holding then experiences that point to lack of love can occur, such as another abusing or controlling you, feelings of being unworthy or unimportant in the world. Illusions can develop and because the soul is not able to guide as it may wish the mind and ego can become very powerful.

In order to combat this there is a need to ask for your soul and your guides to work on your heart chakra, to dissolve negativity and to charge it with love. There is also a need to understand why you are holding onto the pain in your heart chakra. Remember that it is not your heart chakra holding onto the negativity but you as your mind and personality making your heart chakra suffer. Why do you want yourself to suffer? Do you deserve to suffer? Asking questions of yourself helps you discover buried beliefs about yourself and from the past. A simple realisation can allow a release.

There is then a need to focus in your daily life on aligning your heart with your soul and letting the light of your soul flow into your heart chakra, this will open it further. Beyond this there is a need to treasure and love your heart chakra. Your heart chakra holds its own vibration of energy and so you can speak with your heart chakra and it will reply to you. Conducting a conversation with your heart chakra can help you understand the needs of your heart chakra and whether further healing is needed. You may also surrender your heart chakra to the Creator to be cleansed and healed completed. This doesn't mean that your heart chakra will leave you but that a healing process can take place and that you are asking the Creator to assist you. Remember that your heart chakra has a voice as every part of your being does. Now is the time to honour your heart chakra as it is the link between your soul and your reality.

I hope that you have found my words of benefit to you,

You are sacred light and love on the Earth and I bless you,

Your brother and friend,

Master Jesus


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Observing the Power of Fear

By the Creator

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 10 January 2011

The energy of divine love flows like ribbons of light all around you, embracing you gently and softly vibrating within your aura. Love is the complete truth and this is the energy that I the Creator embrace you in now. As light and love beings upon the Earth, I care for you, honour and respect you as we are one.

Many people make this statement that they are one with the Creator but how many of you actually realise this completely, know it within your heart and feel it so powerfully within your being. It is time to contemplate upon the statement that, 'I am one with God, God is one with me,' understanding that this is your truth, there is no other statement that can be so important, so simple and yet have such vast and expansive meaning or understanding connected to it. In order to understand this statement you must realise that it automatically means that you are love, that you are held in love and that you create from and in love. It also implies that you are the magnificence of the Creator, the sacred qualities and energies of the Creator that exist as and within love. To understand the Creator there is a need to feel, experience and accept love; a love that extends deeper than a romantic love between partners. It is a love that fills you completely, encompasses you, heals and guides you. Now say this statement to yourself with its meaning fresh in your mind.

'I am one with God, God is one with me,'

Now say this statement out loud, say it louder and louder placing energy behind the words. Now try standing up and saying it, try moving your arms as if you are trying to get your point across to yourself and anyone who wanted to listen. Try marching, jumping or dancing around the room saying the statement out loud to yourself, feel the energy and enthusiasm you are creating. Go mad if you want to, do whatever feels right to you, shout it from the rooftops if you like.

Then when you are ready sit down again and breathe deeply, feeling the energy, the determination that you have created, essentially the life or life force energy you have created. Let the energy of the Creator flow and feel the peace, security and love that it brings.

If you really knew that this statement was true, not just understanding it in your mind, but identifying it in your heart, extending it into your actions and reality, all lessons of growth and discovery would dissolve. You would remember the truth. To reach this stage of realisation and knowingness requires a tremendous amount of focus and concentration because the Earth holds many distractions. It is your mission to remain aligned to the Creator at all times. Some may see this as impossible but once you devote a part of your day to aligning with the Creator then this alignment spreads, it will be like a mist spreading across your day. There is also a need to let go of the lower or ego self to reveal the soul self. Your soul already understands that it is one with the Creator; that it is in Holy Communion with the Creator at all times because it respects itself as the Creator. As the personality you may not have yet accepted the true presence of your soul and so maybe relying on the ego to guide your way and to create the reality that you live within. This is perfectly fine and acceptable; after all the ego cares about you and wants to assist you in every way it can. Why then do you not feel fulfilled, wish for something better, know you deserve more, know that there is more to you and your life on the Earth. For many it can be as if there is sadness inside, as if everything is going wrong for them or as there is something missing from their life. The ego can only support you for a certain period in your life before you begin to notice that your ego is creating your reality but it is creating it mostly from fear and control, hindering you from seeing the truth. The truth is seeing the Creator in everything or seeing love in everything. The ego's longing to have attention and to be loved is so strong that it emphasises everything, taking a single feeling or desire completely out of proportion. If you have a small fear that just pops into your head have you noticed that it is like a seed that grows into a mighty tree, this is the influence of your ego or lower self. To love, forgive and dissolve your ego is a great gift to yourself, your soul and to the Creator.

I wish to explain further the influence of the ego.

If you imagined that every single thing on the Earth including your body was an illusion, it was fake, all a part of your imagination, how would you feel? You would most probably feel fear that you had [been] trusting a fantasy or a false impression. You may feel sad as there are things about your life which you love and are attached to. You would probably grieve for your life as it is yours and so familiar to you.

Realising that everything was a fantasy you would probably want to find the truth and to detach from your reality. If you were to let go of or detach from everything while still holding the feeling that you appreciate and love everything but did not necessary need it, do you think this would make you feel better? For a start you would be detaching from the false impression and you may then be able to see the truth but it is most probable that you would then feel alone, lonely, vulnerable and lost. Why do you think you may feel alone and vulnerable? It could be because your ego is still deluding you, still affirming to you this reality and you believe it wholeheartedly, you must do otherwise you wouldn't create it so vividly or feel the pain and suffering so deeply. You may feel that there is no purpose to your life or that no one needs you anymore, these are also delusion. There is a need to look inside yourself and ponder where suffering and pain come from. Are they put onto you or caused by others? The answer to this is No, there is no person or being in the entire universe that can hurt you or cause you pain. If you realise the cause of suffering and pain then you will know this to be true. It could be your past experiences and past lifetimes that have caused you suffering but in truth this as an illusion. They may have caused you upset or an imbalance for a while, even creating a false belief but your experiences cannot cause you pain. I must stress that I am speaking of emotional and mental trauma as I know that you understand how delicate your physical body can be, but this is because it is allowing you to sense and feel in order to understand how energies influence, nourish or stagnate within you.

The ego can build a picture for you that you are vulnerable and alone, feeling pain and misery, that there is nothing else to life and you are condemned to suffer for the rest of your life. The ego will paint this picture until you believe it and of course you will because even though you know everything around you is a fantasy created by your mind, you are still trusting in the words and beliefs of your ego. The ego feels as if it is protecting you, your ego feels that the more it creates fear around you allowing you to exist in a hell, the more you will love it. Your ego will feel loved because you are catching hold of its creations and giving them attention. Don't children always feel loved when they have the attention of another? By this stage the ego is thinking that it is doing well, you are loving your ego and making it a large part of your life so it feels happy, but the ego forgets the power of the soul, of the Creator aspect within you. The ego is only like a fog that surrounds you; it can be blown away by you when you begin to redirect your attentions. Your focus needs to be placed upon your soul, the love aspect within you, the wise and expansive energy that is your god aspect. This part of your being knows and understands all that it needs; it doesn't succumb to illusions, fantasies or false impressions. Your soul will hunt out the truth and always bring it to your attention. When you think and act in alignment with your soul, which is to be aligned with the Creator, then everything is created with or from love. It may seem utterly impossible that a person can ignore the love, security, beauty and wisdom that exists within them, but they can and do easily, all because of focus.

The important thing to realise from my explanation is that the ego can control and delude you all the time, in some ways it can be tricky and cunning. Your soul will never deceive you and will always lead you to the truth, to the Creator and to love, how can you not allow yourself to accept the blissful reality that the soul has to offer? The answer is that you are so influenced by your ego that nothing else is apparent to you. So, even when you understand that you create your reality, that most of your reality could be false, even when you make a decision to view your reality from love, holding the understanding that you don't necessary need anything but situations and people will flow to you with divine timing, you could still feel suffering and pain because you are allowing your ego to control your thoughts by creating fear. You can feel alone when your ego is in control but you never are. When you engage the soul asking your Creator or god self to come forward and align to the Creator then your soul dissolves the ego and you feel fulfilled, viewing the truth and feeling a love that is so brilliant and inspiring. You realise that all you ever needed was a connection with your soul and the Creator, with this focus you can gradually dissolve the influence of the ego and understand who you truly are. So if you are feeling down, depressed, lost, fearful or are suffering know that this is a false impression, fear of any kind is a false impression. It may feel so real to you but it is simply your ego's influence. Your soul isn't hurting or suffering, your soul is simply emanating the vibration of love. If you attune to this vibration of love you can transform your reality and being completely, becoming enlightened and free.

Freedom is something that many desire, they see it as a freedom to do as they please but it stems deeper; it is a desire to be free from suffering that the ego causes. Free yourself now by connecting with the Creator and your soul. Your soul will remind you of all you need to understand and enact on the Earth.

It is important to remember that the ego creates fear; fear is one of the greatest illusions. If you imagine yourself as the Creator you would realise that love dissolves all fears. The power of self-love, a love for the Creator and for your fellow beings on the Earth means that you always feel safe and secure, you are always loved. Everything that you fear, doubt or worry about cannot exist in the reality of the Creator it is impossible because the Creator and your soul will only speak to you of love and so you will only speak of love to others and so it grows until all of humanity are knowing, feeling, experiencing and speaking love. What a beautiful image to end upon I think.

My message to you is to love, forgive and honour yourself as the Creator for you are the creative energy of your reality, through alignment and focus you can create a reality that is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. There is a need also to become aware of your thoughts, beliefs and ego, changing them to focus upon the Creator around and within you.

With sacred love,

I am the Creator, whichever label you choose to address me as I am the essence of life and you.