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Who Murdered Jimi Hendrix?

By David Comfort, 15 September 2010

“I pick up my axe and fight like a bomber now,
but you still blast me down to the ground.”

- Jimi Hendrix, Machine Gun.

Before becoming Jimi Hendrix’s manager, Michael Jeffery had been a covert operator for British Intelligence. According to one of his original clients, Eric Burdon of the Animals, Jeffery often boasted of his 007 escapades during the cold war – staging assassinations in Greece, torturing KGB agents, blowing up Russian/Egyptian bases in the Suez.

The Animals’ singer, Jimi’s future close friend, took these stories as drunken tall tales until, early one morning, the former MI6 agent invited him out to the London harbor where the U.S. Seventh Fleet happened to be trolling for some lost nukes. His manager emerged from the water in scuba gear, holding a black box. Grinning, pointing out to the armada, the ex-spy pulled a switch: suddenly the harbor was rocked with underwater explosions.

“Like most people of felonious intent,” Burdon wrote in his memoir, “he was charming, attractive, and sometimes a riot to be around.”

Jeffery had made the transition from demolition and espionage to rock and roll by studying under “The Al Capone of Pop” himself, Don Arden. Also known as “The English Godfather” and “Mr. Big,” Arden, Sharon Osbourne’s father, went on to manage the Small Faces, Electric Light Orchestra, and Black Sabbath. Known for his old-fashioned business methods – bribery, blackmail, assault, kidnapping – the diminutive Jewish businessman and his muscle had dangled rivals from windows, rearranged their kneecaps, and extinguished cigars in their faces. Jeffery proved his own mettle against his mentor when he stole the Animals away from him without losing life or limb.

The retired spy parlayed his MI6 and Arden experience into becoming a rock and roll Dr. No. “His own mob sprang up around him like morning mushrooms,” Burdon wrote. “His main enforcer was The Turk, a nasty bastard whose tools of choice were an ax and two highly trained German shepherds.” The singer went on to describe how Jeffery burnt down his Club Marimba for the insurance money, then how he absconded with the Animals’ money.

In the fall of 1966, the Animals’ bassist, Chas Chandler, discovered Jimi Hendrix in New York, flew him to London, and introduced him to Jeffery. The two co-managed the guitarist and helped him assemble the Experience. Several years later, Chas and Jimi became estranged due to creative differences. “The window of opportunity was there for Jeffery to scoop it all up,” he said. “I knew that something dodgy was gonna happen. But I never dreamt it would lead to his [Jimi’s] death.”

In his own memoir, bassist Noel Redding described Jeffery’s fondness for guns, throwing knives, electronic bugging devices, and roadie spies. As for his financial skills, to discourage frivolous audits, the ex-spy kept all his business records in Russian.

Jeffery toured Jimi and the Experience relentlessly after their apotheosis at Monterey Pop in 1967. By ‘69, the guitarist was earning $100,000 per gig, but was too exhausted and drugged out to realize that he was virtually broke while Jeffery was a multi-millionaire with off-shore numbered bank accounts.

At last, burnt out on touring, Jimi told his manager he was disbanding the Experience. No sooner did he reveal his intention than he was busted for heroin possession in Toronto. He came to suspect that Jeffery, desperate that he might lose his cash cow, had engineered the bust so he, Jimi, would be forced to keep the Experience alive to foot his legal expenses.

Four months later, just after Woodstock, Hendrix was kidnapped at gunpoint, held hostage for several days, then “rescued” in a dramatic shoot-out at his Woodstock compound. Soon he came to suspect that his manager was behind this intimidation too.

Still refusing to surrender to Jeffery and revive his golden goose, the Experience, Jimi formed the Band of Gypsies. At their premiere Madison Square Garden gig in January of 1970, Jimi collapsed on stage after only a few songs. Buddy Miles insisted he’d seen Jeffery slip him two tabs of bad acid. “He didn’t want Jimi playing in an all black band,” the Gypsys’ drummer declared. “One of the biggest reasons why Jimi is dead is because of that guy.”

Later that summer, Hendrix escaped New York for London, telling his friend and future biographer, Sharon Lawrence, “Lately I’ve been thinking that I’m circled by wolves.”

By this time, terrified of Jeffery, the star was in secret negotiations with Miles Davis’s manager, Alan Douglas. Hearing through one of his informants in Jimi’s entourage of the possible defection, Jeffery confronted Douglas accusing him of “trying to steal my artist.”

After the Isle of Wight concert, Jimi lay low in London trying to avoid Jeffery who had followed him there. Meanwhile, he finalized a new management deal with Douglas.

On the morning of September 17, Douglas phoned Hendrix’s New York lawyers, informing them that he would be relieving Jeffery of his management duties. Meaning, not only was Jeffery losing his cash cow, his nemesis Douglas would, in taking over the books, discover his embezzlement and mismanagement over the years. Meaning the end of Jeffery’s career, if not imprisonment.

The next morning an ambulance, called by an unidentified party, screamed to the Samarkand Hotel where Hendrix was staying with his girlfriend, Monika Danneman. The paramedics found the door open, the flat abandoned, and a body on the bed covered in vomit.

Dr. John Bannister, the physician on duty at St Mary Abbot’s hospital when the ambulance arrived, later testified: “Jimi Hendrix had been dead for some time…Red wine was coming out of his nose and out of his mouth. It was horrific.” He described how he tried to clear Hendrix’s windpipe with an 18-inch metal sucker but finally gave up due to the inexhaustible volume of liquid.

“Someone apparently poured red wine down Jimi’s throat to intentionally cause asphyxiation after first causing barbiturate intoxication,” Dr. Bannister concluded. “Without the ability to cough he was easily drowned.”

Waterboarding and forced ingestion were commonly used by MI6 and other intelligence agents during the Cold War. It was a preferred interrogation or assassination technique since it left no marks on the body.

Almost no alcohol was found in Hendrix’s blood. Moreover, friends stated that he didn’t drink red wine.

The coroner, Dr. Gavin Thurslon, listed the cause of death as “inhalation of vomit following barbiturate intoxication.” As for the cause of this fatal condition itself, the pathologist left an “open verdict.”

The paramedics, doctors, and hospital staff did not learn that the victim was Jimi Hendrix until later on. To them the body seemed to be just that of an another anonymous black man who had OD’ed.

Within hours of Jimi’s death, all his hotel rooms and crash pads in London as well as New York were turned over: clothes, instruments, writings, drugs – everything vanished. An investigation was not launched until 23 years later when all evidence was long gone.

Woodstock 1969

“I don’t believe for one minute that he killed himself. That was out of the question,” stated Chas Chandler who died in 1996.

Noel Redding, who died all but penniless in 2003, wrote that murder was “a distinct possibility.”

In his 2009 book Rock Roadie James Wright wrote that Jeffrey, his employer, confessed to the murder in 1971. “That son of a bitch was going to leave me,” the manager said. “If I lost him, I’d lose everything.”

Instead, he gained a fortune: his management contract was renewed by default, he reaped the immense profits of posthumous record sales, and he collected on a $2 million insurance policy which he had taken out on the star.

Michael Jeffery reportedly perished in a plane crash over France in 1973. But his remains were never found. Eric Burdon, Noel Redding, and others believe he may have checked luggage but slipped away during the boarding process. Jeffery was due in London court the very next day to defend himself in several huge lawsuits relating to his embezzlement, money laundering, and fraud.


Cordell •

A quick visit here will reveal that the British Government is closing down the Forensic Science Service citing lack of funds as the reason. It seems that justice may be being placed out of reach for many others in the UK inclusive of Jimi Hendrix.

john •

This last interview of JH shows he seemed pretty content with his future. Not to want to commit suicide. I think there was a quickening that happened that night. And all the signs point to murder. So obvious to us now, then before.

jason hall •

i think its disgraceful how such a major figure like hendrix could be treated in this fashion either by his so called friends or the the police/medics. how can a murder inquiry not even take place? i hope those involved, people like eric burdon and various others who new him and new what happened can live with themselves.

Buster •

This is stuff that any first year criminology student or detective would have seen right away. The reason it wasn’t investigated at the time is because Jimi Hendrix’s death was a political assassination.

British tabloids did CIA’s COINTELPRO dirty work by announcing Jimi had died from a heroin overdose even though the coroner said there was ZERO trace of heroin in his system or any traces of heroin use on his body. To this day, even with this screaming evidence of Jimi’s murder being so obvious and so brazenly denied by the authorities, Jimi’s death is still announced by those fascist Nazi murderers as being a moral lesson and drug overdose.

Some people need this interpreted to them. Jimi’s UPI reporter friend Sharon Lawrence heard about mess at Jimi’s death scene and spoke to Monika at the hotel Eric Burdon had her hiding out in the day after Jimi’s death.

Monika was mainly interested in discussing her new career as a Hendrix painter, an opportunity Jimi’s death now provided. And this was 24 hours after Jimi died in her flat. Sharon Lawrence said this strange detachment was creepy. She then asked Monika about the wine that was spilled around Jimi at the death scene. Monika’s reaction was to moan, whine, and whimper in response to the question. For those who are slow on the uptake the reason Monika reacted that way to the question is because she was aware Jeffery had waterboarded Jimi to death with wine and was cornered by something she hadn’t expected to be asked.

Again, for those who need this explained to them slowly, Monika’s response to Lawrence that she "washed 'sick' off Jimi’s face with wine" was the quick off-the-cuff excuse she thought-up at the moment and nothing else.

Let me frame what is happening in this discussion between Sharon Lawrence and Monika Dannemann on September 19th 1970 in London. Sharon is curious about exactly how Jimi died. Monika is aware Michael Jeffery murdered Hendrix but is trying to lay low and play it off as an accident.

Sharon sees all the clues but she doesn’t come to the correct conclusion and ultimately writes in her book "Jimi Hendrix Betrayed" that Jimi may have committed suicide. Sharon wrote the book prior to all this Tappy Wright confession business. She, or anyone else, could have pursued this by asking: "Why then did you say Jimi only had a trickle of vomit on his chin? And that if he only had a small drool of vomit running down his chin then why would you need to wash 'sick' off Jimi's face with wine of all things? Especially when the small flat had warm water and a towel nearby and just as close as any wine would have been?" Nobody ever asked these basic questions until now.

Again, for those who need this interpreted slowly Monika either committed suicide or was "suicided" right before being forced into court by Etchingham to answer these questions. It’s very obvious to anyone with any common sense why that happened.

No one bothered to point-out to Monika that the ambulance men witnessed a Hendrix with a face full of vomit that hadn’t been "washed off". Besides what person who isn’t retarded reacts to a choking dying person by washing their face with wine instead of trying to revive them by slapping the vomit out of their throat and getting them to breathe?

Face it, everything we know tells us Monika and everyone else knew Jimi was dead and that he had been murdered by Jeffery. Devon knew this which is why she was found under the 8th floor window of the Chelsea Hotel 5 months later.

The so-called "Hendrix Community" has taken a pass on this evidence. They have no credibility. They are basically spineless jellyfish who see it as easier to let Jimi flap in the wind murdered than disrupt their hedonistic sucking-off his music and talent. This is something that hasn’t changed since the day Jimi was murdered. I condemn them.

What needs to be done here is either a mock trial needs to be filmed and presented showing the real evidence and how it was criminally-avoided by the British Government -or- a movie needs to be made showing the real story. As sinful as Jimi personally was himself, his story is very Christ-like. Christ’s story being the "Story of you and me". Jimi knew he would be murdered by Jeffery for firing him.

Buster •

I’d like to add that denial of the screaming evidence for murder in Hendrix’s case is a typical example of people wanting to believe their government doesn’t operate like an evil machiavellian cult and that all the obvious evidence like Monika Dannemann being caught in outrageous lies about that morning, or Michael Jeffery’s visible-in-plain-daylight MI-5/mafia background and motives, or the forensic evidence, all don’t point towards murder. It’s pretty ridiculous to think classic government conspiracy theory slander would cover all the normally obvious intrigue involved in Hendrix’s death. That intrigue is easily shown and available in deep detail if one makes even the most simple effort to look into it – which the murder deniers grant themselves the privilege of not doing.

When Jimi died a forensic clock started ticking. That clock froze a 3.9mg blood level of barbiturate in Jimi’s blood. It also froze a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content into place for the autopsy to register. The autopsist, Dr Teare, also found undigested rice remnants in Jimi’s stomach. These three items create a forensic “triangulation” that can’t be fudged or distorted.

We know Jimi got back to the Samarkand Hotel with Monika shortly after 3am. We also know Eric Burdon admitted Monika Dannemann called him at around 5:30am. If we apply the forensic graph containing this triangulation to the time period between 3am and 5:30am we can show conclusive forensic proof of murder. This is something the British Inquest into Hendrix’s death never bothered to do.

Doctor Bannister, the attending St Mary Abott’s Resuscitation Room physician, came forward in 1992 to say he had witnessed lungs and stomach full of wine in Hendrix like he had never seen in his medical career and that instead of choking on vomit Jimi Hendrix had died from being drowned in red wine. He estimated the amount of wine he witnessed in Jimi to be “bottles worth”. This is forensically incompatible with the 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content recorded at the autopsy. So much so as to be proof of murder in and of itself. Murder doubters deal with this by attacking Bannister, however the murder scene had spilled pure wine on the bed and clothes, as well as soaking a scarf around Jimi’s neck, and what Bannister estimated to be “a half bottle of wine saturating his hair alone”. Since you can’t vomit out pure wine this wine is criminal forensic evidence of wine spilled during the act of waterboarding murder.

A 3.9mg percent of blood barbiturate content is a knock-out dose, therefore Jimi was unconscious when he died. A forensic clock starting ticking backwards when Jimi died. This was the minimum time period for him to die with only a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. That time period is very short, especially when a doctor witnessed “bottles worth” of wine inside Jimi and his lungs. In fact, the period needed is so short that it isn’t long enough to allow Jimi to be conscious while the wine was introduced into him. And that is conclusive scientific forensic evidence of murder. It can’t be any other way. You are battling the clock ticking on the barbiturate dose absorption vs the alcohol absorption. It will show that Jimi would have been passed-out at the point of time on the forensic graph that would have allowed a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. And people who are passed-out can’t drink “bottles worth” of wine – nor can “bottles worth” of wine only register a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content. The forensics clearly lock-in the fingerprint of a fast death after being drowned in wine.

Stomach contents usually pass through the stomach in 4-5 hours. Since Jimi was witnessed eating that rice at a party at around midnight that means he died somewhere around 4-4:30am. The forensic evidence locks-in that time. If you look at the circumstantial evidence, confession, forensic evidence, and lies used by Monika Dannemann to cover the real time of death you can’t escape the fact all evidence points towards Jimi being waterboarded with wine in combination with barbiturates, a classic intel method of covert murder.

In my opinion it is rather preposterous to try to deny this with evasions that don’t even bother to examine the otherwise screamingly-obvious evidence. The British Government is guilty of incompetence and failure to investigate evidence for murder.

Buster •

If Jeffery was stealing millions from Jimi why would he need to take out an insurance policy to collect? Insurance companies are the first ones to investigate foul play. Who can identify the exact policy Jeffery collected on? (Nobody)

Jimi Hendrix was most likely killed by a CIA/COINTELPRO political assassination operation. If you follow the money Jeffery kept the money he stole from Jimi in some offshore Bahamian banks that CIA also kept some very sensitive funds in. Read Michael Collins Piper's book 'Final Judgment' to understand the connection between the CIA and mob in those banks and how they were used to channel mob proceeds into CIA black ops bank accounts. CIA had a deal with organized crime that if they helped control communism CIA would look the other way. CIA then took a cut which ended up in those same Bahamian offshore banks that Jeffery kept Hendrix's stolen money in.

I openly suspect Michael Jeffery was recruited straight out of MI-5 in order to participate in the British branch of this program. He ripped-off the Animals, before he ever heard of Hendrix, through the same banks. I suspect Jeffery was the go-between for this program and was tapping unsuspecting rock acts as a funding source for this CIA black ops program. That explains why Jeffery had no problem taking those acts over from the mob.

Jimi was murdered while he was in the process of sending his lawyers to investigate those Bahamian bank accounts. They were literally CIA's most sensitive bank accounts and were their main funding source for their worst black operations. CIA used offshore accounts in order to prevent having to explain what they did with the money or where they got it from. Those monies could then be used to fund some very wicked anti-communist operations. CIA was not interested in having lawyers snooping around those banks. Jimi was murdered by classic CIA alcoholic waterboarding in combination with barbiturates shortly after he initiated a tracing of his money. The main Bahamian BCCI Bank was shut down a decade later when it was determined it was mostly a dirty money laundry. Wikipedia BCCI Bank if you don't believe me.

Jeffery told Tappy Wright "I had to do it, I had no choice". You bet your ass.

Interesting that two months after confessing to Wright Jeffery was called to Majorca to help fix an electrical problem at his nightclub. On the flight back to Britain his Iberia Airlines DC-9 collided with another commercial aircraft and crashed. All 68 on board were killed. It is my suggestion that after killing Hendrix by covert means giving Jeffery a heart attack or some other covert death would be too obvious. No one, however, would question a mid-air plane collision.

While Jeffery was drawn to Majorca French Air Traffic Controllers went on strike. They were then replaced with military controllers less familiar with the operation. It was during this time that Jeffery's flight crashed. It is my direct suggestion that intel were the only ones capable of creating the nightclub electrical problem pretext, as well as getting the air traffic controllers to strike, and also steering two jets towards each other. If Jeffery died there would be no one to publicly connect him to those CIA banks or investigate his background once it was established the money was unaccountably gone. Perhaps this is why Jeffery confessed?

Jeffery's charred and mangled body was identified by a Hendrix road crew member - either Stickells or Barret, I can't recall. He identified Jeffery through his unique jewelry. And although he never saw the remains themselves they were photographed.

I'd also check out Monika Dannemann's background because it is very possible she was used as an intel infiltrator. I suspect the super-strong sleeping tablets that ended up in Hendrix's reach the night he died were swung in there by a subtle CIA black operation. And, ironically, very possibly one Jimi may have inadvertently funded himself.

So it is very wrong to the point of a fairly egregious travesty to try to blame Hendrix as being a "co-conspirator" in all this, to say the very least.

A.B. Caliph •

What an ugly story. I presume it's a rehash of Chapter 1 from The Rock and Roll Book of the Dead: The Fatal Journeys of Rock's Seven Immortals (2009). But what are we supposed to make of this, David? You write that Michael Jeffery hasn't been seen or heard from since 1973. But you don't mention where Hendrix's royalties have gone in the ensuing 37 years. Who is executor of Hendrix's estate? What happened to the "fortune" Michael allegedly stole from Jimi? Why hasn't Hendrix's estate sued Jeffrey's estate to recover those riches?

Also, you write that by 1969, Hendrix "was too exhausted and drugged out to realize that he was virtually broke while Jeffery was a multi-millionaire with off-shore numbered bank accounts." In your article, Jimi comes across as a helpless patsy with no ability to control his destiny. I wonder. From watching films of performances by and interviews with Hendrix, my impression is that he was an intelligent and aware man. He was also evidently self-indulgent and self-destructive. If Michael Jeffery murdered Hendrix or had him assassinated, Jimi was at least a co-conspirator.

The shadow side is merely the aspect which you have judged unacceptable

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 30 June 2013

You are all one.  And that is becoming apparent to ever more of humanity in every moment.  The rate of growth of this awareness is phenomenal!  Never before on Earth has there been such an amazing and effective awakening process.  It is ongoing, unstoppable, and naturally, because it is divinely willed its ultimate completion is ensured.  There are a few who will stubbornly resist awakening, and their choice to remain asleep will be absolutely honored until they change their minds, as eventually they will.  In the end no one gets left behind or abandoned because God’s Will, with which your wills are becoming increasingly aligned, is always perfectly accomplished.

To align your wills with God’s is your task as humans, but you were created one with Him so your wills are already aligned with His; you have just lost your awareness of this.  At your centers, at the deepest levels of yourselves you know all this, but you are also intensely aware of your unloving attitudes, thoughts, words, and actions – the illusory attitudes and behaviors in which humanity always seems to engage – and you know, truly and deeply know, beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are not and never can be in alignment with the will of God.  That is terrifying, and so you refuse to acknowledge them, burying them instead beneath the level of conscious awareness that you maintain while operating in the illusion.  It is a massive state of denial that requires enormous amounts of your energy to uphold and maintain.  When something arises that seems likely to dissolve that state of denial or undermine it, you go into a massive defense mode to protect yourselves from the seeming horror of uncovering that hidden knowledge.

But the flame of divine Love burning constantly within each one of you is intensifying as it is being fed by the divine field of Love enveloping the planet and all the life that she supports.  The foundations of that massive state of denial are therefore crumbling inexorably, and what you have attempted to hide from yourselves will be acknowledged.  Acknowledgment releases it … and then you will breathe a sigh of relief as you realize that what had so terrified you was unreal.  You are Love – because it is from Love that you were created, and anything not in alignment with Love, with God’s holy Will is unreal, does not exist. All your fears are, and always have been, groundless.

Do not fear your “shadow” side.  The shadow side of your nature is merely the aspect that holds thoughts, ideas, desires, or impulses which you have judged unacceptable, evil, sinful, and then buried out of sight in your unconscious for fear that you might act on them.  They have no power over you and are quite normal thought forms that occur to humans as an aspect of the separated state that is the illusion.  It may well be inadvisable to act on some of them, but there is no danger that you would do so inadvertently as long as you acknowledge them and are aware of them.  However, when you keep them buried and hidden they develop a need to be seen, exposed, which you may sense and deal with by battening down the hatches on them, burying them more deeply in your unconscious.  Eventually they will burst into your conscious awareness, and when they do you can find yourself unable to restrain yourself from behaving as they suggest, or fearing that you will be unable to restrain yourself.

Instead of waiting for them to explode unexpectedly into your consciousness, address all those uncomfortable issues that you have been avoiding – thoughts that you might believe are sinful, offensive to God, that might drive you to do something bad, or whatever else comes up – and by looking at them and acknowledging them you will find that they have no power over you at all.  Then you can release them easily and enjoy the sense of peace it brings you.

Thoughts occur.  They are part of the collective illusion, and they float around quite freely.  Just observe them and let them pass.  You do that all the time in your daily lives: “I need to get bread … actually no I don’t, we still have some.” or “How dare that car cut me out! I’ll give it the finger! No! He’s just a bit stressed out … I won’t react.”  You always have a choice to engage or not, so do not fear your hidden impulses; just observe them as you do with normal thought processes and then decide freely whether or not you wish or need to engage with them.  Hiding your shadow side from yourself gives it power, but as soon as you disclose it to yourself its apparent power over you evaporates.

When you take your daily quiet time ask your guides to help you with this, to show you what you need to address.  Then be silent, still, and wait for an intuitive nudge to show you the way forwards to acknowledge and release all that has been troubling you.  That is why we are with you, accompanying you on your homewards journey, so that we can help you find your divine center, recognize that you are loved, and assist you with issues that can appear insoluble.  Ask us, we are here to help you, and we love to do so.

With so very much love, Saul.

Friday, 28 June 2013

How to Transform Suffering

The Book of Wisdom: Discourses on Atisha`s Seven Points of Mind Training

By Osho

(Excerpts from chapter five: ‘Sowing White Seeds,’ Commentary from 15 February 1979 am in Buddha Hall, Rebel Publishing House, 1993).

p.92-93. The art of transforming suffering, pain, evil, into something good is the art of seeing the necessity of the opposite. Light can exist only if darkness exists. Then why hate darkness? Without darkness there will be no light, so those who love light and hate darkness are in a dilemma; they don't know what they are doing.

Life cannot exist without death. Then why hate death? Because it is death that creates the space for life to exist. This is a great insight, that death is the contrast, the background, the blackboard on which life is written with white chalk. Death is the darkness of night on which life starts twinkling like stars. If you destroy the darkness of the night the stars will disappear. That's what happens in the day. The stars are still there - do you think they have disappeared? They are still there, but because there is too much light you cannot see them. They can be seen only in contrast.

The saint is possible only because of the sinner. Hence, Buddha says don't hate the sinner, he makes it possible for the saint to exist. They are two aspects of the same coin.

Seeing this, one is neither attached to good nor detached from bad. One accepts both as part and parcel of life. In that acceptance you can transform things. Only through that acceptance is transformation possible.

And before you can transform suffering you will have to become a witness; that is the third point. First: do not resist evil. Second: know that opposites are not opposites but complementaries, inevitably joined together, so there is no choice - remain choiceless. And the third is: be a witness, because if you are a witness to your suffering you will be able to absorb it. If you become identified with it you cannot absorb it.

The moment you become identified with your suffering you want to discard it, you want to get rid of it, it is so painful. But if you are a witness then suffering loses all thorns, all stings. Then there is suffering, and you are a witness to it. You are just a mirror; it has nothing to do with you. Happiness comes and goes, unhappiness comes and goes, it is a passing show; you are just there, a mirror reflecting it. Life comes and goes, death comes and goes; the mirror is not affected by either. The mirror reflects but remains unaffected; the mirror is not imprinted by either.

A great distance arises when you witness. And only in that witnessing can you become able to transform the baser metal into gold. Only in that witnessing do you become a scientist of the inner, a detached observer. Now you know the opposites are not opposites, so they can be changed into each other. Then it is not a question of destroying evil in the world, but of transforming evil into something beneficial; transforming poison into nectar.

Drive all blame into one.

The third sutra. The ordinary mind always throws the responsibility on somebody else. It is always the other who is making you suffer. Your wife is making you suffer, your husband is making you suffer, your parents are making you suffer, your children are making you suffer, or the financial system of the society, capitalism, communism, fascism, the prevalent political ideology, the social structure, or fate, karma, name it.

People have millions of ways to shirk responsibility. But the moment you say somebody else - x, y, z - is making you suffer, then you cannot do anything to change it. What can you do? When the society changes and communism comes and there is a classless world, then everybody will be happy. Before it, it is not possible. How can you be happy in a society which is poor? And how can you be happy in a society which is dominated by the capitalists? How can you be happy with a society which is bureaucratic? How can you be happy with a society which does not allow you freedom?

Excuses and excuses and excuses - excuses just to avoid one single insight that ‘I am responsible for myself. Nobody else is responsible for me; it is absolutely and utterly my responsibility. Whatsoever I am, I am my own creation.’ This is the meaning of the third sutra:

Drive all blame into one.

And that one is you. Once this insight settles: ‘I am responsible for my life - for all my suffering, for my pain, for all that has happened to me and is happening to me - I have chosen it this way; these are the seeds that I sowed and now I am reaping the crop; I am responsible’ - once this insight becomes a natural understanding in you, then everything else is simple. Then life starts taking a new turn, starts moving into a new dimension. That dimension is conversion, revolution, mutation - because once I know I am responsible, I also know that I can drop it any moment I decide to. Nobody can prevent me from dropping it. 

Can anybody prevent you from dropping your misery, from transforming your misery into bliss? Nobody. Even if you are in a jail, chained, imprisoned, nobody can imprison you; your soul still remains free.

Of course you have a very limited situation, but even in that limited situation you can sing a song. You can either cry tears of helplessness or you can sing a song. Even with chains on your feet you can dance; then even the sound of the chains will have a melody to it.

p.97-99. In order to bring any situation to the path quickly as soon as it is met, join it with meditation.

And remember, each situation has to become an opportunity to meditate. What is meditation? Becoming aware of what you are doing, becoming aware of what is happening to you.

Somebody insults you: become aware. What is happening to you when the insult reaches you? Meditate over it; this is changing the whole gestalt. When somebody insults you, you concentrate on the person - ‘Why is he insulting me? Who does he think he is? How can I take revenge?’ If he is very powerful you surrender, you start wagging your tail. If he is not very powerful and you see that he is weak, you pounce on him. But you forget yourself completely in all this; the other becomes the focus. This is missing an opportunity for meditation. When somebody insults you, meditate.

Gurdjieff has said, ‘When my father was dying, I was only nine. He called me close to his bed and whispered in my ear, 'My son, I am not leaving much to you, not in worldly things, but I have one thing to tell you that was told to me by my father on his deathbed. It has helped me tremendously; it has been my treasure. You are not very grown up yet, you may not understand what I am saying, but keep it, remember it. One day you will be grown up and then you may understand. This is a key: it unlocks the doors of great treasures.’’

Of course Gurdjieff could not understand it at that moment, but it was the thing that changed his whole life. And his father said a very simple thing. He said, ‘Whenever somebody insults you, my son, tell him you will meditate over it for twenty-four hours and then you will come and answer him.’

Gurdjieff could not believe that this was such a great key. He could not believe that ‘This is something so valuable that I have to remember it.’ And we can forgive a young child of nine years old. But because this was something said by his dying father who had loved him tremendously, and immediately after saying it he breathed his last, it became imprinted on him; he could not forget it. Whenever he remembered his father, he would remember the saying.

Without truly understanding, he started practicing it. If somebody insulted him he would say, ‘Sir, for twenty-four hours I have to meditate over it - that's what my father told me. And he is here no more, and I cannot disobey a dead old man. He loved me tremendously, and I loved him tremendously, and now there is no way to disobey him. You can disobey your father when he is alive, but when your father is dead how can you disobey him? So please forgive me, I will come after twenty-four hours and answer you.’

And he says, ‘Meditating on it for twenty-four hours has given me the greatest insights into my being. Sometimes I found that the insult was right, that that's how I am. So I would go to the person and say, 'Sir, thank you, you were right. It was not an insult, it was simply a statement of fact. You called me stupid; I am.'

‘Or sometimes it happened that meditating for twenty-four hours, I would come to know that it was an absolute lie. But when something is a lie, why be offended by it? So I would not even go to tell him that it was a lie. A lie is a lie, why be bothered by it?’

But watching, meditating, slowly slowly he became more and more aware of his reactions, rather than the actions of others.

This is what Atisha says:

In order to bring any situation to the path quickly as soon as it is met, join it with meditation.

Whatsoever happens - good, bad, success, failure - immediately become aware of what is happening. Don't miss a single moment. Don't lag behind - be present to it, and you will be surprised, errors will start disappearing from your life. And then whatsoever you do will be right.

People ask me what is right and what is wrong, and my answer is: If something arises out of awareness, it is right. If something arises out of unawareness, it is wrong. Right and wrong is not a question of what you do, but of how you do it. It is not a question of what, but of how - meditatively or nonmeditatively, alert, awake, or doing things as if you are a sleepwalker.

People ask me what is right and what is wrong, and my answer is: If something arises out of awareness, it is right. If something arises out of unawareness, it is wrong. Right and wrong is not a question of what you do, but of how you do it. It is not a question of what, but of how - meditatively or nonmeditatively, alert, awake, or doing things as if you are a sleepwalker.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to Get Rid of Your Fears

By Lazaris

Channelled through Jach Pursel

Fear is the base emotion absolutely. The base fear is fear of loss. From the very moment that you separated from your beingness, from God/Goddess/All That Is, there was that fear: What if I can’t get back? The very core fear, expressed biblically and mythologically in other forms, is the fear Can I return to paradise? That basic fear then produced all kinds of fears, which produce all kinds of emotions. A lot of your anger, hurt and self-pity comes out of fear. But it is its own emotion as well, and there are ways to handle it. It is, perhaps, the blockbuster of blockbusters. And one of the most powerful ways to handle your fear is to face it.
Now indeed, you can back up from a fear to get perspective on it. We’re not saying you have to jump right in to every one of them. But if you’ve identified and have a fear of something, move toward it, metaphysically, meditatively. You don’t have to literally go fly in a plane and see if you crash. You can play it through in your mind, and it’s just as real to your nervous system and to your body.

There are two approaches:

1. If there’s something you’re afraid of, play it through meditatively. That can release those kinds of phobic fears.
2. More of the fears are emotional fears, however, and those you work with by facing them. Go into a meditation and face it. Experience the worst thing that can possibly happen. I’m afraid I’ll lose my job. Fine. Go into a meditation and lose your job. Get fired in the worst possibly way. Play it through and then make an alternative plan. What will I do? I’ll sell the house, the RV, go on vacation, and figure it out when I get back. Plan out your approach. Then play it through the way you want it to be. It sounds so simple, and it works.

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Monstaville Book I. Chapter 18


“Make noise in the east to attack in the west: Through the art of distraction you may often reach your goal. If the direct path does not lead to success, a ruse may be necessary. To distract your opponent you should kiss him on the left cheek so that you can slap him on the right.”
- Chao-Hsiu Chen (The Chinese Art of Winning. Strategies for Success, Diane Publishing Company, PA., U.S., 2002, p.39).

A pre-journal note from September 1994: I’ve got to become strong and impervious to others’ failings and destructiveness towards me. Strong and tolerant.

My devilish neighbours: It takes two to tango, but your daughters have created a negative, menacing energy here, and I am trying to clear it. Shine your light to do just that. Don’t react to their ignorant pestilence.

You should be grateful to Pigsy and the other nasty neighbours for helping you to learn to shine your light. You have to learn to shine always - be continuously mindful of your inner sun, your spirit, and express it, subtly. Don’t hide behind anything. Embrace all.

In Touch with Raynor C. Johnson by Sheila Gwillam (Light Publishing, London, U.K., 1996).

The Nature of Evil.

p.179. It is better to know the Devil - I say ‘the Devil’ but in inverted commas; it is just an expression that is used and is not really a man with horns or a tail. It is the absence of light, the absence of love and the absence of knowledge.

p.180. ...we, as humans, do not really need to apply justice in the punishment sense as we do on earth because the punishment comes round, does it not?

p.180. ...if you make a curse instead of forgiving someone for hurting you, you can end up doing that which you have cursed somebody about.

p.180. So, if you do not try to work through the pain and the understanding that you have when somebody hurts you, or one of your family, will go on and on until one of you can become aware and cut the link.

I am the Sun

You have to be a Sun and shine out positive energy - give everything good away (express the pure being that is the real you) - just like the Sun. It doesn’t get used up. More is found. The more positive energy/light you give, the more you become, and the greater your identity.

Ask yourself: am I doing that? If you are quietly radiating light, positive energy, love, then yes. If you are doing this for much of the time that you are awake, then definitely yes. This is the meaning of life. This is what we call ‘mindfulness.’ It is a conscious awareness of the light that is the real you - even if your personality, your fears, emotions, instincts, desires, dependencies, concerns, needs, circumstances and immediate experiences are, or seem, so close as to be real, so personal and intimate, like the Moon is to the Earth. If you feel deeply enough you can dig for gold in the dark soil of the personality. See the flowers and weeds but do not engage with them. Don’t admire or curse them. Interact with them as little as possible on a personality level and try to replace that by being like the Sun. Digging for gold in the earth, one finds the light of Heaven, the gold of the Sun in the sky. It is the same! The Sun in the heavens is a higher manifestation of the gold in the earth. The fire in the cave. The light in the darkness. It is the same. The soil is the Underworld and the dark sky is the Underworld. In each case, the golden light of the spiritual Sun is found.


Be peacefully radiant. Relax and shine.

The Sun is still, centred. It just is. It shines. It has no need to be anything other than light and express it. Identify with the spirit. Speak and act minimally and only use the personal levels as instruments.

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” - Ben Okri. 

Retrospective inserts.

"Oh, Thou Sun, send me as far around the world as is my pleasure and thine; and may I make the acquaintance of good men but never hear anything of bad ones, nor they of me." - The Prayer of Apollonius of Tyana.

Personally, I was thrilled to discover the story of another Western Master named Apollonius of Tyana, whose miracles and benign influence on the Roman emperors (during the first century AD) whom he had known the Church duly suppressed. Apollonius appears to have lived for over one hundred years and might well have been the most widely travelled man in ancient times (the Nazarene, Pythagoras and Apollonius each appear to have achieved their enlightened state at least in part through spiritual Masters in India).

He disappeared without a trace, so no one knows if or how he eventually died. The same is true of Pythagoras, it seems. Indeed, “eleven centuries later there lived in Spain an Arab philosopher named Artephius, who claimed to be Apollonius of Tyana.” (Apollonius of Tyana by Reginald Merton, Madame Blavatsky wrote in The Theosophist, June, 1881 that “Apollonius Tyanaeus was the most remarkable character of that period, and witnessed the reign of a dozen Roman emperors.” (Robertino Solàrion, 1999, However, he was eventually the target of persecution by those for whom his popularity and influence was a threat. Blavatsky explains: "At Rome, Apollonius was accused of treason. Brought to examination, the accuser came forward, unfolded his roll on which the accusation had been written, and was astounded to find it a perfect blank...When nearly one hundred years old, he was brought before the Emperor at Rome, accused of being an enchanter. He was taken to prison. While there he was asked when he would be at liberty? 'To-morrow, if it depends on the judge; this instant, if it depends on myself.' Saying this, he drew his leg out of the fetters, and said, 'You see the liberty I enjoy.' He then replaced it in the fetters. At the tribunal he was asked: 'Why do men call you a god?' ‘Because,' said he, 'every man that is good is entitled to the appellation.’” (Robertino Solàrion, 1999,

I confess that I laughed hysterically and jumped for joy when I read the report that Apollonius’ trial was concluded with a death sentence at which the sage who possessed the Philosopher’s Stone (immortality), simply laughed and said, ‘You can’t kill me - I’m not mortal!’ Whether the story is true or not, it is perfect! For me, this is better than anything in the Bible. As Oscar Wilde pointed out, “Whenever I’m in doubt, I ask myself, ‘What would Jesus do?’ And then I realise Jesus got crucified, so maybe his decision-making skills weren’t all that great.” But, then, Jeshua, to his credit, came to demonstrate that it is possible to raise one’s consciousness to such a high frequency of Light (to activate and identify with one’s Light body) as to transcend suffering, to be beyond harm, regardless of what happens to one’s physical vehicle in this illusory plane of experience. [Retrospective note: Well, well well! Wonders never cease. It turns out that I myself was Apollonius in that lifetime. Sick!].

“Yeah, I tell the Christians…I say, ‘I don’t believe Jesus died on no cross.’ ‘Sacrilege!’ I say, ‘Well, wait a minute. He could walk on water, feed a thousand with a loaf of bread, raise the dead, but you telling me this nigger couldn’t handle three nails?’ I know brothers with nine bullet holes still walking. His name is 50 Cent. You telling me 50 Cent is taller than Jesus? Maybe you delusional, motherfucker!” – Eddie Griffin, American comedian.

On the subject of attaining immortality through “actively and consciously taking part in the evolutionary process” in our given lifetime, one cool Christian writing in the early 60s explained:

“The positive purpose of the universe is with us. Time (card 14) ever tries to weave us into a state of perfection, but as we see, the devil (card 15) stands there in her way influencing us always to deny our greater possibilities. He does this by playing upon our fears and doubts. Little wonder that Jesus tells us we must go without fear. Denial is the great power of the evil. Gurdjieff observed that the denying force was humanity’s strongest. This is to be seen at so many levels of our behaviour, starting at the simplest of invariably denying unfamiliar concepts the first time we hear them.
                Faith in our great future must be rekindled so that we may rise above the fears that hold us in bondage. We need to purify ourselves by not always seeking mundane advantage, and by becoming aware that all ill we do is ill to ourselves resulting over and over again in our death. Once we truly realise this, then no matter what earthly power we wield we would know that to abuse it was certain death. This realisation could produce some wonderful people! A great change from the present where everyone wants to be king or queen of the castle of death. A more glorious existence could be that of one who swept the halls of the castle of life.”
                - Richard Gardner (Evolution Through the Tarot, Samuel Weiser Inc., U.S., New York, 1962 and 1970, p.146).

“I come to you now in this form so that you may change your image of who I AM." - Jeshua ben Joseph in expression through Judith Coates (

Thomas Merton adds: “The world, for the spiritual development of which he worked so enthusiastically, has not done Apollonius full justice. He was surrounded with hatred as well as with admiration. He made too many prophecies, even though they were precisely realised, performed too many marvellous tricks. The mediocre minds that create the reputations of great men insist that virtue shall be muffled in tedium and that it shall not be illumined by anything of the marvellous. If a man lacks the audacity or has too much sincerity to present himself as a god, he must be content to remain within the limits of honest humanity. If the philosophers glorified Apollonius, the Christian world contrasted him with his contemporary, Jesus. While the ecclesiastical historians for centuries, even down to our own times, have made his name a synonym for charlatan and trickster - with such a tenacity that should suffice to prove his greatness of soul!” (\apollonius.htm). The same is true of St. Germain.

There also many legends of a white healer and ‘prophet’ who taught throughout the continents of North and South America whom some say could have been Jesus:

“The Shawnee told the author that this came from the Prophet...’Do not kill or injure your neighbour, for it is not he that you injure; you injure yourself. Do good to him, thus adding to his days of happiness even as you then add to your own. Do not wrong or hate your neighbour; for it is not he that you wrong: you wrong yourself. Rather love him, for the Great Spirit loves him, even as He loves you.” - L. Taylor Hansen (He Walked the Americas. Legends of Jesus (Jeshua) In America, Amherst Press Wisconsin, 1962,

Coordinator (Michael Palin): Crucifixion?
Prisoner: Yes.
Coordinator: Good. Out of the door, line on the left, one cross each. [Next prisoner] Crucifixion?
Mr. Cheeky (Eric Idle): Er, no, freedom actually.
Coordinator: What?
Mr. Cheeky: Yeah, they said I hadn't done anything and I could go and live on an island somewhere.
Coordinator: Oh I say, that's very nice. Well, off you go then.
Mr. Cheeky: No, I'm just
pulling your leg, it's crucifixion really.
- The Life of Brian (directed by Terry Jones, 1979).

In the early 60s, Vietnamese Buddhists felt it was time to resort to more extreme methods of protest in the form of staged suicides. On 11 June 1963, a Buddhist protest march in Saigon involving around 400 Buddhist monks and nuns suddenly came to a halt. They quickly surrounded a light blue Austin that was part of the procession and had its hood raised as if the car had engine trouble. Thich Quang Duc, a 66 year old monk, who had evidently been meditating in the vehicle, calmly stepped out and sat on a cushion in the centre of the circle to continue meditating in the lotus position. Two monks poured a mix of petrol and diesel over him, having discovered that this “would burn hot yet burn long enough to guarantee death.” Quang-Duc then lit a match at 9.22 a.m. and was instantly engulfed in flames. He burned to death whilst remaining in meditation 13 minutes later, his spirit having been liberated from his body which he sacrificed in protest against the establishment and the war it was waging. It was a way to make a point about the persecution of Buddhists as well as demonstrate the power of life over death.

This theatrical event was designed to make use of the media to show the world that there is a higher path, that the spirit lives on, that an individual can lay down his life and still be alive. This was the first of many suicides in Vietnam in which both monks and nuns doused themselves in fuel and set light to themselves. Most Western reporters had given up waiting for the rumours to manifest in such a display. Malcome Browne was the only one who was present to take a picture of the monk on fire. When John F. Kennedy saw the image he was heard to remark, "Jesus Christ…This sort of thing has got to stop!" This marked the beginning of the end of American support for the Ngo Dinh Diem regime. “The Buddhist protest exposed the hypocrisy of the American policy in Vietnam. The question of how could the White House claim to be protecting freedom by supporting Diem when the government practised such severe religious persecution was not answered.” ( Jesus Christ indeed! Zen style!

In Search of the Miraculous. Volume 2 by Osho (Chapter 4, ‘The mysteries of the seven bodies,’ 7 July 1970, Rajneesh Foundation, Pune, India, 1992).

If you go to the seashore you experience greater peace, if you go to the forest you experience greater peace, because the other is not present there and so your I remains firm and strong. If two men sit in a room, there are waves and counter waves of tension there even though these two may not be fighting or quarrelling or even talking. So even when they are silent the I of each is constantly working. Aggression and defence are there in full swing. These things can go on silently also and there is no need for a direct encounter. The mere presence of two people and a room is filled with tension.
                If you were to gain full knowledge of all the currents that come out from you, you would see clearly that a room containing two persons has been divided into two and each individual has become a centre. The energy vibrations from both stand facing each other like armies on a battlefield. The presence of the other strengthens your I. When the other leaves, the room will become a different place altogether. You relax. The I that was on edge will let itself go. It now leans against the cushion and rests, it now breathes freely because the other is not there. Hence, the significance of solitude is to relax your ego and to help it to let go. It is for this reason that you are more at ease near a tree than in the company of another person.
                This is why, in countries where tensions between man and man are becoming deeper, people tend to live with pets. It is easier to live with animals than with men, because they have no I. Tie a collar to a dog, and he goes about happily. We cannot tie a collar to a man in this way, though we try very hard. The wife ties the husband, the husband the wife, and they both go about happily - but these collars are subtle and cannot be seen openly. Yet each tries to shake off the collar and be free - but the dog walks happily along wagging his tail. So the pleasure the dog gives no other man can give, because another man at once brings your ego to your attention, and then the trouble starts.
                Gradually man tries to break his relationship with others and establish relationships with objects because they are easier to handle. So the bulk of objects is increasing day by day. There are more articles in the house than people. People bring disorder and confusion; objects give no bother. The chair remains where I place it. If I sit on it, it creates no trouble. The presence of trees, rivers, mountains, is not troublesome; therefore, we feel at peace near them. The reason is only this: the I is not standing in full strength before us; therefore, we too feel relaxed. When the other is not there, where is the need for the I? Then the I too is not. But the slightest inkling of the other, and the I jumps to attention. It is worried about its security, about its lack of information as to what the next moment may bring; hence, it has to be ready all the time.
                The ego always remains alert until the very last moment. Even if you meet a person of the seventh plane, the ego is alert. Sometimes it becomes excessively alert before such a person. You are not so much afraid of the ordinary man, because even if he hurts you the injury is not very deep. But a man who has reached the fifth body or beyond can inflict deep surgery that reaches up to the same body of yours that he has reached.
                Thus, your fear becomes more, because ‘God knows what he might do.’ You begin to feel something unknown as if unfamiliar forces are watching at you through him, so you become wary. You see an abyss all around him. You become alert and on guard. You begin to feel the experience of the deep valley, and you are caught by the fear that if you go within him you will fall into this abyss.
                That is why when men like Jesus, Krishna and Socrates are born we kill them: their very presence causes great confusion among us. To go near them is to go wilfully near danger. Then when they die we worship them because now there is no fear. Now we can cast their image into gold and stand with folded hands before them calling them our beloved master. But in their lifetime we treat them differently. Then we are very much afraid of them and this fear is of that which is unknown to us: you do not know for certain what is the matter.
                The deeper a man goes within himself, the more he becomes like an abyss to us. Then it is just like when someone is afraid to look down into a valley because it makes his head reel. Similarly, to look into the eyes of such a person will also create fear: our heads are sure to reel.

Extract from an email to a friend who said that some people were attacking her for a Pleiadian message she put on the Internet:

“The truth movement is full of personal biases. Semi-conscious people (who don't meditate or know their spirit) react and oppose what exists outside of themselves instead of shining from within and creating from their own being. Basically, they are interested in truth but they don't LOVE the truth...
                Loving truth opens us up to a higher perspective, to universal truth beyond what we might be prepared for as human egos, and to trust the Source (e.g. the Pleiadians and Sirians etc). It's very hard...when you're near the top of a mountain and sensitive to those who can only see the ridge before them lower down and they want to bring you down to conform to their level of awareness. The challenge is to climb up further and stay focussed on the Sun, to become more like the Sun, to know the Sun and to feel how it shines its light on all equally, smiling down on all who prefer the shade and don't know that they started this journey to find the Sun themselves.
                You have served by shedding light on a shadow, and planted a seed that may or may not germinate one day. They may have rejected that part of the jigsaw but when they are closer to completing it they will be looking for it! And their soul will tell them, 'Ah, do you remember that piece you threw in the cupboard believing it didn't fit?' Ding dong (rushes to the memory cupboard!). 'Yay!' Haha. :) It might be in another lifetime even but now that slither of light has peered into their consciousness through the door opening just slightly.
                So...LEO doesn't give a hoot what others think! That's why the Egyptians always chose Leos to be their generals...and why Obama is President in a time when the advisers are used to controlling the U.S. govt. A Leo attuned to God is incorruptible and will not be led astray in his heart. He might appear to go along with things if it is necessary but the centre remains and the light of the Sun will shine when the time is right, when old patterns and processes have run their course.
                Stay centred and keep a Leo Sun.”

“Always remember, there is more strength in you than you ever realised or even imagined. Certainly nothing can keep you down if you are determined to get on top of things and stay there.” - Norman Vincent Peale (

“When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth.” - George Bernard Shaw.