Monday, 24 September 2012

Being Christ vs Being Stuck in the Ego

Excerpts from Jeshua

Channelled through Jayem
[This is an email circular I received today]

"For many of you, you have come to the edge of your ring of fear......And yet rest assured, you have chosen to be transparent, you have chosen to reach out, you have chosen vulnerability, and these things are the cornerstone of awakening from the dream of the dreamer. For unless you confess, what is called the shadow, unless you confess and make obvious that which has been secret and hidden - because you thought you had to hold it private or otherwise you would not be loved - if you don’t (hmm) take off the wraps, so to speak, and lay it all out, how can you ever know that you are not that, which has been laid out? How can you be? You are the one doing the laying out, you are the one choosing to expose the ego’s thought system in your own case. This must mean that you have already intuited and put into practice the Truth – that Christ remains unchanged, unchanging and unchangeable forever. Therefore, indeed beloved friends, sing, laugh, dance and play - celebrate your Self......Indeed dance O holy Child of God, for whoso dances not, knows not what comes to pass, but we do know what comes to pass - for we know that together we awaken the Christ in all Beings." (Jeshua's message 3 'Jewels of the Christ Mind').

Jeshua's words seem so appropriate to share with you all at this time......

Also Jeshua's New Letters 1 & 2 have the pivotal practices which he later shares about (Letter10) saying "When the first two practices We gave you ARE permanent within you, the ground for all you do, and all you are ever doing in the midst of all contexts, THEN you will KNOW 'I and My Father ARE One!' WHEN this occurs, the Way of Mastery as a PathWay is completed in you, for you will have successfully evolved from ideas, through feeling-communion, into BEING CHRIST, and shall fully enter the final stage, that of genuine Servantship."

Finally from Jeshua's New Letter 7:

"As you would come to abide in the Heart, say simply:

All of my pain, my fear, my sense of loss in all forms
experienced as actual, and imagined in a future yet to come,
ONLY exists BECAUSE I have given my utter DEVOTION and LOVE to experiencing
AND maintaining it, in one form, or another.

MY DEVOTION and LOVE remain with me;
I can deny this no longer.
WHAT I direct them towards remains
the infinite freedom of Heaven: my Choice.

WHAT, then DO I want, truly?"

- Breathing as One, Felicity XXX

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