Sunday, 30 October 2011

Maintaining A High Vibration

By Lord Melchizedek

Channelled through Randall T. Monk, January 2009

Greetings beloveds. When basic needs are barely met and/or you are faced with other life challenges, you are in a perfect space to raise your vibration and the vibration of All That Is. Your first inclination may be to get caught up in fear. We invite you to look at your predicament in a new light, from a different perspective. First of all, we suggest that you embrace the fear rather than avoid it. Fear is merely energy - a vibration, a thought form. As a human you have the ability to change your thought forms, and thereby change your feelings, which will change your vibration and your connection with All That Is.

This may not be an easy task when you first attempt it, but it will become easier as you put it into practice more often.

What you have with challenging situations are opportunities. Challenging situations are opportunities to increase your vibration. We have told you previously that you are never given a challenge without the solution. The solutions to your challenges are always available.

Of course if you are focussing on the challenge you may not see the solution, so it is of paramount importance to focus on the solution.

As you focus on the solution you will receive guidance, which can come from many different sources. If you are able to see images you may get a mental picture of the solution. It may come in the form of an idea. The solution may come from something a friend tells you. It can come from anywhere; so we ask that you remain vigilant, remain aware and be present.

You are moving through a time of unprecedented opportunity for personal growth and spiritual development.

We encourage you to embrace your power and accept your role as the powerful human you are. We ask that you accept your role as the powerful spiritual being you are. Of course, we ask this only if it feels appropriate for you.

Will it be easy? Probably not at first, but it will get easier, especially if you ask to move through this phase of your life with ease and grace. It can be difficult and/or it can be easy; it is your attitude toward the situation that makes the difference. Do you look at your life challenges with dread or do you look at your life challenges as an opportunity to grow - an opportunity to raise your vibration?

Your attitude changes everything. Your attitude determines your vibration. Different things happen when you carry a high vibration rather than a low vibration: your world changes.

Peace and confidence about your ability to handle anything presented to you is available. You have the capacity to manage any challenge that comes your way. You are not given an obstacle that you cannot overcome. We ask that you reach inside and find the strength and determination to meet your challenges.

You have reserves available that you haven't tapped yet. You also have help available to you from the other side of the veil when you ask for assistance. When you take that first step, we will be there to assist you when you ask for our assistance. Once again, you must be conscious and aware of the guidance you receive.

You are on planet Earth by choice. You are here because you wanted to be here during this time to assist with the raising of the consciousness of your planet. All of the answers and abilities you require to move through this are already inside you, waiting to be released via your vibration.

Ask yourself periodically what kind of vibration you are emitting. Are you radiating a high vibration or a low vibration? Are you sending a vibration of strength and power or a vibration of weakness and defeat? Are you sending the vibration of one who knows that you are creating your reality, and accepts responsibility for it, or the vibration of a victim, thus avoiding responsibility for your creations? Are you worrying about the future or are you grateful for the present? Are you concerned about where your next meal will come from or do you appreciate the food you are eating now? We ask that you be present and appreciate the air you breathe, the water you drink and whatever else you have to appreciate. Are you worrying about your future or are you appreciating the beauty in your day, the smile of another person, the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, the beauty of the landscape, etc?

You are more powerful than you know. You are more capable than you know. Your willingness to accept and exercise your power and move through your challenges with a high vibration does more good for you and others than you know.

We ask that you embrace your power and consider looking at your world (which includes your challenges) with new eyes and a new approach. Rather than succumb to life's challenges we ask that you resolve to find your power and exercise it for your highest good and the highest good of all.

We remind you that you are a POWERFUL being and ask that you consider accepting your power.

We encourage you to embrace fear when it comes up and focus on the solutions to your challenges as you anticipate receiving guidance.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek.

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