Sunday, 9 December 2012

Love or Fear. The Choice is Yours

Excerpt from The Way of Mastery Lesson 15: 

‘Love or Fear. The Choice is Yours'

By Jeshua

Channelled through Jayem

In any moment, you can tell quite clearly what you are most committed to.

If the body is tight and uncomfortable, if you must speak with a louder voice,

If your words come more quickly, if the brow is furrowed and the jaw tense,

rest assured, you have chosen to be devoted to fear.

You are like one who carries a magic wand filled with such power

that you could merely wave it upon the face of the Earth and extend

the Kingdom of Heaven to every heart and every mind.

What, then, can prevent the expression of such power?

The fear you have made to replace the reality of Love.

As you look upon each segment, each scene, and each minute in your movie,

begin to cultivate the deliberate practice of recognizing that you are

in a field of energy that is your perfect servant. Within that moment,

you are the one with the power to make that moment be whatever you wish it to be.

It can be filled with Christ consciousness. Or it can be filled with temporary insanity.

The choice is always yours. And never, ever, has there been such a thing as a victim.

Therefore, as you enter into any one of your minutes, ask yourself:

What is this moment for?

What do I decree this moment to be?

What do I most want to learn by teaching it?

To teach is to demonstrate. To demonstrate is to express what you have decided

will hold the greatest value for you. Whenever you judge another, you are decreeing that

the thing of greatest value is separation, since judgement always causes contraction and,

therefore, separation from another. When you practice forgiveness, you are decreeing that

what you value is joining in holy and peace-filled relationship.


Vampire Lovers (1970)

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