Monday, 17 December 2012

Increasing Your Awareness

"What is useful in helping to create a more loving and light filled world, is to become more aware of the thoughts, feelings and judgements you are experiencing as you go about the day. Your consciousness has a huge impact on the world, and though you may feel small, insignificant or even helpless in your current situation, you actually have all that you need to change the world, within you already.

When you begin to have awareness of the thoughts and feelings that you are putting out into the world each day, this brings greater light to you and to others that you are interacting with. When you encounter pain, anger, judgement or blame within yourself, it is important that you not blame or judge yourself.

Instead, pray for God's love, light and truth to free you from these energies, and to show you the truth of who you really are. When you are able to truly see yourself as God sees you, you will also be able to see others through the eyes of divine love.

When you are able to take responsibility deeply for what you are feeling and experiencing, and for those situations and events that come into your life to teach you, then a new consciousness begins to awaken. It is the consciousness of love, that holds all things in the world, and which is the underpinning of the physically manifest world."

Beloved ones, the reason it is not possible to imagine a more positive future is that your consciousness is involved in such a profound transition right now. Your brain and consciousness, which were born into a third dimensional physical reality, are transforming. It is not possible to imagine, from where you are right now, what will be.

The future is more glorious than you can possibly imagine. There are also forces on the Earth that are clouding and covering the perception of spiritual light, which can also make it more difficult to attune to the knowledge that your soul carries.

Your soul contains all the wisdom and knowledge of why you are here on the Earth during this momentous and extraordinarily difficult time. Your soul and its knowledge, is your source for inspiration, love, light and hope. It is possible to connect more deeply with your soul, through prayer and intention."

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