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Astral Agitation

Excerpts from

Saint Germain on Alchemy. Formulas for Self-transformation

By St. Germain

Recorded by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet


“I do not deny that in the lower etheric realm which overlaps the denser astral plane, the negative forces have created focuses which are largely responsible for much of mankind’s current and past distress. From these mass entities, tentacles of sinister thoughtforms and demons reach out to control mankind, including the children of the Light, with elements of human discord, seducing them by addiction, astral enslavement and sheer viciousness, which are further amplified and manipulated against people’s own best interests by the false hierarchy of the planet (brothers of the shadow, imposters who oppose the legions of Light).
            Bear well in mind that man and woman arte also responsible for this, their own untoward creation. Due to their original departure from the choice of Truth in the garden of God – a freewill choice for which they alone are accountable – they began to weave cause/effect sequences outside the circle of Oneness. And ever since, their children and their children’s children have reaped unhappy situations and deleterious conditions which affect their souls, their livelihoods and families – most distressingly when they ever so often make contact with this lower etheric, or ‘memory,’ level where old, untransmuted evils gather as floating grids and forcefields of mankind’s negative momentums.
            Such contacts are triggered by many situations common to everyday life: everything from family arguments to violence on TV, horror movies, rock music, drug usage and astral connections through addictions, gambling, cavorting with spirits, dabbling in witchcraft or making UFO personalities and science fiction their gods.
            Although considered harmless as innocent fun or ‘pastimes,’ these activities as well as mankind’s endless fascinations with symbols of death and sex – favourite topics of the tabloids, the soaps, subliminal advertising and thriller movies – do hold their energies captive to the astral plane and the adepts of control who, in or out of embodiment, make the lower etheric their territory.
            Attention is the key; for where man’s attention goes, there goes his energy, and he himself can only follow.
            Children of Earth’s first godparents, attention! If you would rise in spiritual attainment and in the God-mastery of your life, you must go to the mountain of God and fast from all of these distractions to your true Selfhood which derives form the Universal One.
            If you would self-transcend the planes of human suffering in order to aid your fellow creatures, you must also be willing to part with painful pleasures which you know – deep down inside – re destroying your very soul by your own freewill consent. And place your attention on your I AM Presence!
            The Ascended Masters beckon the compassionate ones to confront the astral e-veil (energy veil) that besets the unwary who are daily falling before the four horsemen. The deadly illusions and adepts of the black arts to which the race have fallen prey must be challenged by the alert alchemist and spiritual benefactors of the race whom I have called to world service as Keepers of the Flame and organised under the fraternal order bearing my sponsorship.
            You may wonder why I bring all these things to your attention. It is because your souls have cried out for freedom and the God of very gods has sent me to tell you that you will find it only by your acceptance of the whole Truth and holy Wisdom. Therefore, consider well my words in this little book, for the hour is late and another may not come to knock again on the door of your heart.”


“Let the extremes of Light and Darkness, Absolute Good and the Evil one, hold no terror for any, for one moment before I spoke to you or you read these facts, they were still in existence and had been for centuries. Our concern is that by Christ illumination the mists of error shall not remain as a controlling or dominant force in your life in the world of form, but that the chains of all such binding human deviltry shall be broken and replaced by divine direction from the highest reaches of your own immortal God-free being.
            These facts concerning astral focuses of human discord (already fully known by you at subconscious levels) which I now bring to your waking attention must keep you on guard mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Of course, there are also radiant celestial focuses of divine harmony almost without number. These are presently accessible to the sweet children of the Light and sons and daughters of God in the highest etheric levels. Wondrous temples of music exist where celestial tones, unknown, unheard today upon the entire planet, resound from advanced instruments possessing the capacity for almost infinite harmony.”


“We do not deny that the violent rebels against the Cause of the Almighty God have taken heaven ‘by force,’ as has been said, piercing the veil by psychic means, drugs, Satanic rite and the black arts. They have penetrated beyond the strata of the ordinary, at times employing various chemicals, herbs and human pharmacopoeia in order to escape the realm of the present self and present karmic responsibilities, yet finding but temporal reward for their stealing of forbidden fruit – for the Law does not allow them to keep their ill-gotten gains.
            Let me point out that the way to paradise lost, the way to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life can be found by legitimate and wholesome means whereby the satisfactions of soul-mastery and personal integrity (integration with the Whole) are achieved each step of the way. This is a part of holy Wisdom. For merely to acquire Power without understanding the meaning of justice and mercy, as I have long stressed, is an error for which the lifestream is fully accountable, both here and hereafter.”

Summit Publications, Inc., MT., U.S., 1985 and 1993.

Cheerful movie clips from House on Haunted Hill, directed by William Castle, 1959

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