Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How May I Play the Game Another Way?

By P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, June 2014

Q: If there is something I create which I don't like, how can I differentiate between what I am afraid of and what would be good to transform.

P'taah: Well, beloved, first of all it is to say, "From whence have I created this?" By that we mean, you create whatever it is from a thought or belief. You know that. So it is to say, "All right, what is the gift in this for me? I do not like it. It does not please me. I do not desire it any longer. However, what is the gift here for me? What have I learned about myself and even what is it that I may teach others from this creation?"

And then to say. "Now what is it that I truly desire for myself instead of this that I have created?" And then you may recreate what it is that you want by giving thanks to this creation by saying, "I have brought this forth to myself in this way that I may know more about myself and know more about love."

Does that make sense?

Q. It does make sense. I am not sure if this is really correct but sometimes it seems like I am so attached to these old things, that after I transform them I seem to keep them with me for fear of not having them transformed enough or something like that. Is that possible?

P'taah: Or rather it is simply the attachment to the old story. But you may certainly change that by looking at the gift it has been. And once you have said "Thank you," what you do automatically is you create the space for the next thing to occur. So, that when you can recognize that all of it is just a story and that you have created it out of some idea, some belief, some fear, and that you do not need the story any longer. It is not part of this new reality that you desire to create for yourself and just say, "Thank you." Most of it is fear-based, you understand that.

Q. Yes, that I do understand.

P'taah: Indeed. But you know, beloved, it is all very easy for you now to take responsibility for that which you create that you do not like very much. Our desire for you is for you to more and more focus on the wondrousness that you create and take responsibility for that. You see? It has a totally different feeling about it. To say, "My goodness, I have created this wondrousness. It is I who has done so!"

And when you give thanks to the greater part of you and when you say, "Isn't it wonderful how creative I am that I have created it so," then indeed, you have changed the frequency. And from that new space, that new frequency, you create more of what you desire. And indeed, you allow that creativity that you are to flourish.

Q: So, why don't I just go and do it?

P'taah: Indeed. Indeed.

Q: There is something else I wanted to ask you about doubts. There are moments when I am so full of doubt about everything and...

P'taah: What is doubt really, beloved? A doubt is a belief in a negative outcome, isn't it?

Q: Yes

P'taah: That is all right. That is very old stuff, is it not? Beliefs in a negative outcome? Bless it.

Bless it, because the greater part of who you are knows the grandest truth of you. There is no doubt where there is knowing. In a way, doubt is of the mind and knowing is of the heart. So when you can simply allow the doubt and say, "Oh yes, busy mind, busy mind..." And then be still for a moment and breathe and just feel in the knowingness that there is no negative outcome because it is you creating your reality from this moment of peace and knowing. So then you change the frequency from that belief of a negative outcome and bring it back to Now because all of the doubt is about future. It is not about this moment in time. It is always about the future, is it not?

Q: Yes, it's not only that but I sometimes doubt the validity of what I have experienced.

P'taah: Indeed, then stop and breathe into your belly. Stop and breathe into your heart, because all of that is just mind games. Can you see it?

Q: Yes

P'taah: All of that is just mind games. And you see, all of your experiences, good or bad, have brought you to this Now and to this knowing, and by that we mean to this heart space.

So, certainly, sometimes the baby one is terrified of annihilation and says, "Oh, but it is all nonsense." That is all right. Give that baby you a bit of a cuddle. You see?

And know that when the imagination brings you forth ideas and visions of a grand and wondrous beingness or future or however you want to see it, that is a truth that exists in the Unified Field of Consciousness. It is valid, no matter how much the little mind may invalidate it and may say it is all nonsense and it could never happen because it is all just a big story.

No matter how the mind or the baby part of you, the little one inside you kicks and screams and says "NO!" the truth is, that all of the wondrousness you could possibly imagine for yourself exists out there in the Unified Field of Consciousness. And all that you can do is just to say "thank you" to allow it to come forth to you, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Q. Yeah.

P'taah: You know, you are here to be in life. That is all. You are already the Enlightened Master. You are already this Grand Creator God and you have chosen to come here to be all that you can be, however that is. You cannot un-know something really, you see.

We would say to you, had you never found yourself on a kind of spiritual quest to know more about love, then indeed your life is still valid. Your life is still perfect because it is the god part of you that is playing the game called Life. And it IS a game.

And you know, beloved, we always say to you, how would you play this game if nobody was watching? How would you play this game if nobody was judging? How would you play this game if you were free to play it any way your heart desires it? How different would it be? So that is also something for contemplation. And you know, beloved, you are very good at playing the game as if nobody was watching. You have great courage.

Q: Yes, that is true.

P'taah: So indeed, it is only that little one that sometimes keeps you from knowing more about love. And that is all right, beloved. You are just here to play the game. However it is, is perfect. And when you find yourself consciously choosing that which is not love and that which is not all that you can possibly be then just stop and say, "Do I really want this story? What is it that I really, really do desire?" You cannot get it wrong, you know? But you do forget that sometimes.

Q: Yes, I do.

P'taah: Now this is for all of you. You cannot get life wrong, you cannot make wrong choices and wrong decisions. And we cannot emphasize that enough to you. Because when you realize that it is all a game, that you are the gods playing the game, that you cannot get it wrong and that you cannot make the wrong choice and the wrong decision, then indeed you can allow yourself to go with the flow. You can bring forth that which you desire to bring forth and indeed you can see the gift in whatever it is you create, even if in that moment you say, "Well, this is not what I want at all." And you may say, "How may I play the game another way?"


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