Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Demise of Racism

Excerpt from Matthew's June Message
Channelled through Suzanne Ward, 2 June 2014

Many also are mulling over another issue that readers requested our comments on: racism in the United States. Let us separate the chaff from the wheat here—i.e., the cited individuals from the issue itself. By no means is racism confined to the United States and definitely not only to the few persons identified in news reports, but whatever is highly publicized in that country becomes newsworthy everywhere. This vitally important issue is showcasing—again!—the ugliness and cruelty of racism wherever it exists so your society will rid itself of this pervasive ill. Even though everyone on Earth has experienced the harshness of this discrimination in one lifetime or another—probably in many lifetimes—never was this intended for any of your races.

Let us for a moment go back into your planet’s antiquity, when several civilizations went there for various reasons. The purpose of one was to mine gold, and not wishing to perform the heavy labors themselves, they brought in a population with low intelligence to do that work. Later, members of the civilizations mated with the worker-population, thereby raising their intelligence level and producing various skin colors and features. When the civilizations saw that the different races greatly enhanced the entire nascent population, they bestowed upon them a conscious awareness of The Beginnings of all souls. The diverse-appearing population continued evolving spiritually and intellectually and lived peaceably until the dark forces moved into the solar system and introduced fear’s components of prejudice and divisiveness.  
The dark forces left the area decades ago and the last of their shroud of darkness that had engulfed the planet for millennia left when Earth emerged out of third density 18 months ago. The racism spawned by darkness must leave too, and giving this international attention is necessary so that love can replace the bias and perceived separateness due to superficial differences. In the stirring song, America the Beautiful, are the words “with brotherhood from sea to shining sea”—brotherhood of shining souls from sea to sea is on your world’s horizon. 
Barack Obama at the EU, January 2012

A reader asked this related question: To what extent is race a factor in US President Obama’s very low rating in his country’s polls?  We don’t know the percentage, but we do know that race is not a major factor, and it exists only in his own country. His election was met with exultation and hopeful expectations on a global scale, as if he could fix all the wrongs in his country and cure all the ills of the world—those expectations haven’t been met. Few foresaw the sustained opposition he would encounter, and while that quickly became clear in Congress, the Illuminati’s influence within and behind that body isn’t known. When that truth comes forth, all will understand what President Obama has had to deal with in his efforts to uplift his country’s peoples and bring peace to your world. Furthermore, the many strides he has made despite formidable opposition aren’t being heralded even by his own party.
We want to mention that along with racism, mainstream media in many countries are publicizing corruption in corporations, banking and investment institutions; sexual molestation of youngsters by priests and others in positions of trust; rape; mass impoverishment; discrimination, even punishment of homosexual unions; random multiple shootings; denial of human rights; environmental pollution; self-serving leaders in governments; spying into private communications. Those examples of plagues that still blanket your world are being thrust into the glare of the global spotlight to support your determined efforts to end those and all other forms of injustice.              
Also we have been asked to comment on the lack of proper healthcare for war veterans in the United States. Although this question, too, is country-specific, that lamentable situation pertains to all veterans and combat troops around the world. Earth no longer can tolerate the negativity of war’s physical, emotional and mental damage, which extends far beyond the troops, their families and the affected civilians. The collective consciousness of the peoples had to reach this level of intolerance so that the long era of warring in your world finally can come to a close and exist only as sad chapters in Earth’s history book. 
Something that is not getting mainstream media attention but was disclosed on the Internet is the recent resignation of a Jesuit in a prominent position after the International Common Law Court of Justice cited his participation in satanic rites. The resignation is noteworthy indeed and so is the naming of other individuals, including Pope Francis.  Mother, please insert what we have said previously about this soul.    
        Like his colleagues in the Vatican and some individuals outside, Pope Francis knows of situations hidden from public view, and he has the innate goodness to feel compelled to end the most ungodly—the international headquarters of Satanism in the bowels of the Vatican.  As the light keeps intensifying, that end will indeed come, but it remains to be seen if the Pope has the ability to defy those who are dead set against letting the world know that this diabolical situation ever existed within the Vatican walls.  [April 11, 2013]
      Pope Francis is another well-known and greatly respected person. The spiritually evolved soul who embodied as Jorge Bergoglio did so by request of the highest universal council so that later he could fill the powerfully influential papal position. In keeping with the soul’s acceptance, the universe “paved the way” for the opportunity that “fit.” Thus Bergoglio became the pope and, despite strong opposition in the Vatican, he is acting upon what he feels is his responsibility, to right the wrongs that body has perpetrated from its inception.  [July 21, 2013]

Thank you. Because Pope John Paul had the same intent, against his will he was cloned before being poisoned. Had Pope Francis resisted involvement, the same fate would have befallen him—to expose this evil long-perpetuated by the Vatican hierarchy, he had to stay alive.

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