Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Monstaville Book II. Postscript


“…one of them suggested that it was the start of the dark night of the soul. When I asked about this I was told that it is when your darkest days beseech you and you start to become purified by way of your energy returning back through your emotional body. The energy carries with it the emotions that previously somebody else was the target of.” – Gary Bate (Becoming a Christ. A Layman’s Journey of Self-discovery, Blue Light Publishing, Dyfed, U.K., 2003, p.49,

A friend on Facebook told me that, since we are all one, every last one of us is Irish! It was St. Patrick’s Day and I was protesting a little about tacky green tags being posted here, there and everywhere, reminding people that I am not Irish! I replied: ‘Then we'd have to all be everything...put it all in a soup and swish it around...and we’d find that we're none of it. So why go through all the trauma of multiple personality disorder for bazillions of years to reach that point?'s all a question of our preferred point of focus as unique sparks of divine Light inhabiting a very crazy world!’

“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” - Buddha.

If you live in close proximity to other people and the walls and ceilings do not offer much in the way of protection from noise, please show some consideration for your neighbours. If you want to be noisy in any way after ten o’clock at night and have no intention of respecting others’ space, please…go **** yourself! I mean please understand that we are all one and therefore interconnected and interdependent and that rolling about in the mud (lower density) is neither your true nature nor a key to happiness on any level. So please…love yourself!

“So many of you are struggling and suffering great sorrow; enduring many trials and difficulties. Yet all the problems of sickness and want and poverty (and even the problems of wealth) can be solved, if only humanity will give themselves to studying, to endeavouring to understand the law of love. What a time is this for hope! What do you hope for? All kinds of things. You are hoping that human kind will awaken from its nightmare and see the true purpose of living. You are hoping, as you do at the end of winter, that very son the bright days of spring will come along, that soon the buds will break and the green leaves open. Why do you hope? Because you have confidence in nature. Why do you hope human kind will awaken from its nightmare and seek to establish brotherhood and goodwill on earth? Because you know that in every man and woman is a divine spark. Hope is confidence in the invisible power and confidence in God.” – White Eagle (The Light Bringer. The Ray of John and the Age of Intuition, The White Eagle Publishing Trust, Hants., U.K., 2001, p.54-55).

“Your sacred task is to release any attachment to the appearance of disharmony, but to hold to the love inherent within all things, especially yourself. As you do this it will bring more Light to the planet. This job is yours if you choose. Come, heed the call and rejoice in the New Earth you are creating.” - Archangel Gabriel (channelled through Shanta Gabriel, ‘Terra Nova - Fulfilling Your Mission on Earth,’ 15 April 2011,

“The New Age is an aspect of yourselves, of each individual, that shows itself as love, respect and compassion for all with whom you interact, and it leads unerringly to peaceful and harmonious exchanges of ideas that will bring an end to the suffering and deprivation that has been endemic on Earth for eons.  And as a result trust among you will grow, be honoured, and become the norm, just as it should.” – Saul (channelled through John Smallman, ‘There is an incredibly bright future ahead of you,’ 2 January 2013,

"The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don't wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy." - Thich Nhat Hanh.

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