Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Divine Tool of Negative Judgement

By P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, 9 March 2015

P'taah: Greetings, my beloved ones! It is with great delight that we join you this day to talk about judgement. And indeed we know that in your so-called learning, you have been taught that negative judgement is wrong and that if you practice the judgement you will never get to heaven, eh?

Well, we say to you that negative judgement really is your divine tool and a grand opportunity to come to know who you are. Let us explain further. For as long as you are trying not to come forth with negative judgement, the more you are trying to keep it at bay, to resist the doing of negative judgement, the more you will find yourself in that place. Because as we have so often told you, "Whatever you resist, will persists absolutely."

So we say to you that you can come into the realisation of that which you all desire called enlightenment as the result, the natural result, of learning who you are and loving every facet of you absolutely.

Well, most of you really have no idea about who you are, although you are learning as you come more and more into expansion. And, depending on your emotional reaction and judgement, we say to you that it is in your Nows that you are coming to identify those facets of you that have thus far been hidden. Does that make sense to you?

So when you find yourself in a place of negative judgement and when you catch yourself in that moment, ask yourself, "What is it that I am really feeling here?" Because as you are in that negative judgement about something outside of you, then indeed what is occurring is that you are in reaction to something that you are judging about how you are or there is some fear that has not been dealt with.

So when you can find yourself in that place of negative judgement, bless it absolutely because it is your divine tool for expansion, for the knowing of where you are, for the unfoldment of who you are. Then you will find that more and more, you come to the habitude of being in the Now and paying attention to that which you are judging and 'How does it feel?' so you are allowing yourself to be more accepting of every facet of you and coming closer and closer to the yearning in your heart to become the most that you could possibly be. All right, be there questions because it is by your query that you indeed can come more into the knowing, at least intellectually, at this time.

Q: I tend to have a lot of judgement when I am with people I feel good with or if I'm in a nice environment. I'm just wondering. Does it matter if a person is with a meditation group for instance or with a group which is away from a negative environment? Is it better or does it not matter which way you live your life?

P'taah: It does not. It does not matter how or where you live your life. The only thing that is significant is, 'How does it feel Now?' You see, because as you say, you find it very easy to become bad tempered and what we call on a short fuse and to view your world through the lens of your anxiety. And that is all right. The point we are making is, do not make judgment wrong but rather use it. Utilize the judgement to come to the further understanding of who you are.

Q: So it can be even a more valuable tool by not avoiding it, but by joining some groups where you are never really home?

P'taah: Oh, beloved! We promise you that it does not matter what group you are with. Whatever is not aligned will come forth to be aligned. You understand?

Q: No matter where?

P'taah: No matter where. No matter what.

Q: Oh, I understand.

P'taah: You see? And so what we are saying is that which you judge outside of you is merely a reflection of what is occurring inside, an emotional record. You see?

Q: And it follows you around wherever you go? In other words, no matter where I place myself, something outside of me, if that is not aligned, will come up and I will have to align it?

P'taah: Absolutely. Well, you do not 'have' to. But as we have said to you so often, if you will not deal with those issues, they will keep coming forth and coming forth and eventually you will say, "I am tired of creating the same old scenarios and bringing forth the same old feelings." You will take the responsibility that it is YOU who is creating it all through your fears, through your beliefs about yourself, and that you regard the outside world through the lens of those beliefs and fears, and indeed the joys and desires too. You see? In this instance we are only talking about that which is negative but of course you also bring forth that which is wondrous and joyous and that manifests that which makes your heart sing. Hmm? The universe does not judge this one a good one and this one a bad one. But it will support the energy that you are putting forth whether it is fear or love, all right?

Q: So we will learn through that process to favor loving that so that it can be aligned and we can bring forth more joy and see more joy?

P'taah: (Softly) Indeed.

Q: Thank you, P'taah.

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