Sunday, 19 April 2015

Aligning Judgement 1

Message from P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, April 2015

(first half of message)

'Self-portrait' by Fallen Angelus

Q: P'taah, you talked last month about Judgement. You said that what we judge outside is a reflection of what is occurring inside and that the universe will support the energy we are putting forth. Will we will learn that as a process?

P'taah: Indeed, although we prefer not to call it 'process' because that is much about what you do when you are processing your issues and what you term 'going to your stuff', mmm? We would say rather to be in allowance and to bless the judgement and then simply to be still and go to the feeling. Because underneath that negative judgement there will be a fear or that way of looking at who you are which creates the perception of your exterior reality.

Q: What if you can't seem to get in touch with what that fear is?

P'taah: You know, much of the time it is simply to ask the right questions of yourself. The easiest way is to say, "What does it feel like?" And then you say, "It feels like this." "Well, what does that look like?" to come to your bottom line. You understand? 

Q: Mmhmm.

P'taah: Well, of course you know, my beloved, that the bottom line issues are always exactly the same. And that is that you are simply not enough and that you do not live in a safe universe. So you can get involved with the story, but truly it is just a little feeling. 

But it is to pay attention, whether it is judgement or anything else in your life that is not representing the highest - your highest - ideal of who you are. To pay attention to 'how does it feel?' and to deal with that in the moment. But judgement, indeed, is a grand and wondrous tool for you!

Q: Can you expand a little bit on the embracement and how to do that?

P'taah: All right. To align the judgement really is simply to bless it. To give thanks for it as a tool. You do not have to get involved with a grand ritual. It is simply to say, "From the God-Goddess of my being I give thanks, indeed, for this wondrous opportunity." And then to recognize this tool termed judgement. And that includes the judgement of yourself, the judgement of a situation, the judgement of people out there with whom you have co-created an event! You see? And as soon as you are in that allowance by giving forth the thanks and blessings, the judgement is no longer. 

And you recall that we have talked to you about your pain and anguish. What is pain? Pain is resistance to the feeling created by a judgement. If you have no judgement about a situation, it does not create pain within your breast, mmm? You would be totally detached from it.

And then you look at your life. You see how you have in your life created and recreated and recreated and recreated situations which have brought forth pain and anguish. 

Look how you have run in judgement and have been running since you were tiny children about what you think is the meaning of life. 'Love equals pain,’ is one of those things you carry. That you are not enough, because if you were enough, you would not create these painful and anguishing situations. You would not be betrayed and abandoned or feel that you are not worthy of wealth and abundance. You would not know lack in any fashion. You see? 

And so all of these judgements are really created by these ideas and fears, which is the way you view yourself and your world. And thusly you create and recreate these experiences. 


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