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Monstaville Book III. Chapter 8


Prayer for Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

- St. Francis of Assisi.

St Francis with the wolf that was terrorising a village

The Shining Brother. Recording the spirit return of St. Francis of Assisi and its sequel Francis Speaks Again by Laurence Temple (Compiled by Greta Freund and edited by Paul Beard, Psychic Press, London, U.K., 1941/1970).

The Shining Brother is my favourite book of all time. Although I have lost much of the purity and innocence of my twenties, I have gained more strength and wisdom through my subsequent trials. I believe I bought this book from a Spiritualist Church when they added new stock to their library (a bookcase in the corner). The book is by Laurence Temple (an architect at the time) to whom countless messages were given by St. Francis through mediums during the 1930s and 40s (sometimes in trance sittings). St. Francis refers to himself by his Italian name, Francesco, and he says that Laurence was ‘Brother Leo’ when they were together in Assisi (and Laurence is a portion of his Higher Self, whose name is Lorenzo). He describes himself as Laurence’s spiritual Father. I have read that when a person surrenders to a great soul and becomes devoted to such a Master Soul he or she is kind of adopted like a child and their spiritual growth can be quickened under that being’s guidance. A deep and enduring spiritual bond is forged. St. Francis mentions that he was James in the days of Jerusalem and that it was with St. Patrick in Glastonbury in another incarnation prior to that one that he was reborn spiritually and placed his feet firmly on the spiritual path.

I’m not so sure that James was the actual blood brother of Jeshua ben Joseph (or ‘ben David’). I suspect that the reference relates to his own rebirth in the Christ energy (through which we become one with the Light and the Word) in that incarnation. In his book, James, the Brother of Jesus: the key to unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Robert Eisenman “propounds that James, not Peter, was the real successor to the movement we now call ‘Christianity.’ James, he says, was ‘a leader of Christianity of his day and the popular Jewish leader of his time, whose death triggered the uprising against Rome - a fact that creative rewriting of early Church documents has obscured.’” (The Watkins Review, Issue 11, Summer 2005, p.31). Hence, James’ subsequent incarnation in Italy to restore a level of simplicity, innocence and purity in the most humble and loving way possible so as not to provoke but create something of lasting value for those in need to draw upon. I do not think he set out to reform the Patriarchal Church (which was, and still is, beyond repair). Rather, he seems to have been determined to establish his own monastic dimension - the Brotherhood of Love that “grew out of the flowers and birds” (Shining Brother, p.149) - within it, to create a parallel division in which his own vision could be preserved. In this endeavour, he was undoubtedly successful, and thus, his great mission has continued ‘beyond the grave.’ It has moved beyond the Franciscan Order to embrace a wider group of souls as, says St. Francis, the Holy ones have gathered together to pour a ‘great flood of illumination’ upon the earth. (ibid. p.121). Indeed, the old Order “became just another order; good enough and sensible, but not that band of free and flaming Troubadours of God for which Francis had striven,” says Laurence. (ibid. p.155).

The great Indian Master Meher Baba devoted his life to serving the ‘masts,’ of ‘God-mad’ (those who had lived for the spiritual life but lost touch with physical reality). He travelled to Assisi in Italy to spend some time in the cave where St. Francis often devoted the days and nights to meditation and contemplation to be closer to God. In the scripts, Francesco refers to these experiences as “‘sharing the life of the angels.’” (ibid. p.151). Meher Baba and St. Francis are both revered by artists, incidentally.

In those days, I was searching and I was open to all sources of divine wisdom. I no longer see much value in Christianity but, back then, I studied the writings of Christian mystics as well as many other mystical teachings from around the world. I do understand, however, that there is a full range of understanding and expression in all religions. Although the Church, as a political tool, has done its utmost to vanquish Truth, a ‘Stairway to Heaven’ lingers on, luminous yet hidden from view, a golden staircase beyond the veil of ignorance that prevails in the outward form of orthodoxy. Ever the student, I did not have the heart, the strength, courage and will, or the faith and purpose, for spiritual leadership that was, it appears, hoped for me. ‘Many are called, but few are chosen.’

Each and every word uttered by ‘Francesco’ in these readings is charged with unparalleled love and exquisite beauty. It is ‘pure poetry’ and quenches the soul’s thirst if one has sufficient depth of feeling. I was certainly moved by them anyway, filled with love and solace and sometimes with tears in my eyes. I read a comprehensive book on the life and teachings of St. Francis - the Spiritual Master - during a five-day fast. Some friends were taking their barge to a new mooring out in the country and had to abandon the journey before arriving at their destination since they had to be back at work on the Monday. I found myself in the middle of nowhere, in the most beautiful location, alone with the book I had brought with me to read. I spent my time meditating, walking and reading. I had this light purple top at the time which, with its hood, may even have made me look like some kind of monk! During one of my walks along the canal I sang in French but had not learned or known any of the words I was singing! I felt light, elated and at peace for the most part. One day, I took the little rowing boat off one a little adventure and had not realised that rowing with the wind was going to make my journey back impossible! I was quite weak’ physically by then but had to slowly make my way all the way back to the barge by pulling on clumps of reeds at the water’s edge.

I felt compelled to commune with this bright Light that was and is St. Francis on several occasions. I should point out that I have since communed with the Hindu god Ganesha during meditation on many occasions. It is said that Lord Ganesha is a kind of saviour during the Kali Yuga Age in that everyone is welcome to draw on his energy as a source of strength to assist in the battles in one’s life and to ‘remove obstacles,’ particularly those which exist between us and our divine selves. In other words, this energy helps to counteract the conditions and effects of density during this age. I mentioned these intimate and empowering meditations to a Hindu once and he stared at me blankly before talking about the statues of the elephant god that can be found all around India. When he grew anxious at my exuberance, I realised that we were talking about something completely different. For him the emphasis was on the icons themselves. I visualise Ganesha’s portrait and that creates a bridge and attracts the deity. The energy is very powerful but I have never really known if it was direct communion with a divine entity or with the imprint of it. For, it is said that all thought and energy remains in the atmosphere and that, consequently, it is possible to tap into the vibration of a Master or ‘god’ who once lived on Earth at any time during the past. If I have the cat on my lap he will, after a gentle pause, jump down if I connect with St. Francis. This happened more immediately and dramatically when I was visited by the mighty ‘Suicide Angel.’ If I attempt to commune with the Ganesha divinity and the cat is on my lap, the energy will not come to me.

When I used to commune regularly with St. Francis, I did so with single-minded passion and intensity coupled with all the humility I could muster, as an offering to honour that which this great being had himself exhibited. My call - my love - was answered on most of these occasions and I felt myself bathed in such radiant love and tenderness that soothed me to my very core and carried me away in the most beautiful feelings I have ever experienced. This sublime divinity is perfectly described in the book: “Francesco’s radiance; lingering, all-pervading sweetness.” (p.267). Once, I just cried for the sheer beauty of that energy which released me from all my unconscious pain for a while. I simply remained there for as long as I could. I would also visualise little blue flowers (bluebells) and lay them at his feet in a gesture of love, for I knew that ‘little things’ were dear to him.

“People don’t cry only when they are said or hurt. They cry when something beautiful happens such as when they are letting go of their guard, their defences, or tapping into a place deep inside themselves.” – Unkown.

And, if anyone thinks this is all mad, I’ll shoot ‘em! Haha. Yes, well, I am not quite the sweet soul I once was. I did not know then that I am a comparatively powerful old soul and that I would regain my power and be forced to start all over again and learn to integrate it harmoniously and responsibly through the development of strength and wisdom. Certainly, I know that innocence is bliss and that is what I finally lost. I tried, once or twice, to connect with St. Francis during the early days in this flat but received no response and I knew it meant that I had changed and had lost the plot spiritually. I had entered a long, dark tunnel years before but the light was still shining visibly behind me. Now, I was right in the middle, being tested and strengthened without mercy. My inner demons were being summoned to the surface. Anger and grief bested me so many times during this endurance test. Self-control cannot be attained as long as such psychological impurities are left to lurk within oneself. They must be fought on the battlefield of conscious identity. Light and dark must clash swords if ever the hidden obstacles to soul growth are to be overcome. While writing this chapter, however, I did indeed share the saint Grace during meditation and assure you that I intend to attune to his vibration on occasion in future. Surely anyone can do this and there are many other ‘deities’ with whom one can connect in this way. I have a connection to the Egyptian Goddess Isis as well, but I have never felt her draw close and share her vibration with me when I have attuned myself to her. We now hear of the Ascended Masters (which appears to be a rebranding of the Great White Brotherhood to emphasise the opportunity now at hand for human beings collectively) who have returned to assist in the Earth/humanity’s Ascension process: Sananda (Jesus), Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen, Kuan Yin, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Melchezedek, Lord Maitreya and so forth [Retrospective note: And Beloved St. Germain whom I now ‘commune’ with every day – and especially since learning that he has the gift of being able to be in several places at the same time]. According to a transmission through Natalie Glasson (8 April 2009), we can also commune (merge) with the angels, including the new trinity of Ascension angels Archangel Chamuel, Zadkiel and Raziel who can be called upon to cleanse and heal us, to prepare us for integration with the angelic ascension light deep within our being and share it with those in need on the Earth. [Retrospective note: I now also commune regularly with Lord Metatron and Mother Sekhmet].

“It is not ‘wrong’ to be a doubting Thomas. In fact, it means that you do ask. The doubting Thomas of biblical record was a very enlightened soul, who did double ask and inquire. This is a good thing and something all should do...I would say to the one who is the doubting Thomas, ask for my energy to come around you. Ask for my wings to surround you, beloved, and you will then understand who and what I am. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia [Earth].” - (through Candace Frieze, 9 October 2006,

I have not read The Shining Brother for some years but, since it has been such a comfort to me at certain times in the past, it is only fair that I pass some of this majestic beauty on to those who seek respite and understanding in these books of my own which began as a few private thoughts scribbled in a notebook. The following excerpts from the St. Francis scripts (unless stated otherwise) are, in fact, taken from another notebook, one of two that I filled with helpful quotations in 1991 in case I should ever find myself owning nothing but the contents of a single bag. I left them with my father when I traveller to India and, at the time, I wondered if I would become a permanent wanderer since this desire was strong in me at the time. I feel fortunate to have been given a taste of such a life. There is, indeed, for me, no greater wealth than such liberation. Perhaps, in a different age, that path might have been open to me.

p.107. “‘My son, the final struggle is a bitter one and pierceth to the bones and marrow; for all that a man is must be taken from him before he can put on the garment of the Holy ones and wait upon his Lord.’”

p.110-111.“‘Have faith and fear not, for short and bitter are the days of earth...The darkness is the gift of love as truly as the light.’”

p.111. “‘My son ye have suffered much, for thy way hath been hard for ye, and veils of darkness have enwrapped thy soul. Ye have lost much which was precious unto ye, and that which ye have gained is not yet apparent.’”

p.112-113. “‘Ye shall look back and understand that thine agony hath brought ye to a height that ye could attain in no other way, and thy tears shall be as sacred drops which sanctified and cleansed thine inward parts.
                ‘My son, we, thy Protectors and Teachers, see life not as dost thou, for to us naught is of value save the growth of the soul, the gradual deliverance from the illusions of earth. And to us it is a time of rejoicing when the test can at last be given and the beloved one raised a step nearer the abode of the Blessed.
                ‘Though we grieve with the suffering one, yet our vision embraceth that which is and that which is to be; and, in the gladness of the coming days, the dark night seemeth but a shadow through which we guide our well-beloved children. Therefore, my son, gaze ye ever on thy goal, and know that thy life on earth is given ye that ye may gather strength. For the Lord needeth those that are mighty men of valour, whose hearts quail not during the tumult, who have overcome the flesh and the desires thereof, and whose armour hath been forged and perfected by fire and by labour. For by endurance shall ye triumph, and the steadfast man shall climb to the stars.
                ‘Be assured that I am with ye and as thy feet crossed the deep river, my hand upheld ye. My love hath been thy shield and the Powers of Darkness shall not prevail, for ye are sealed unto the Lord, and thy work is before ye.’”

p.118. “‘My son, regret nothing in the past, all experiences have been necessary for thy growth; they are outgrown. But now that ye have come to the time of flowering see that ye bear thy blossoms in full and perfect beauty, letting no strain of earth pollute them or canker touch their heart, but offering the fragrance of thy being to the Pure Heavens to which ye aspire.’”

p.174. “Thy power dwelleth in thy faith, and as ye believe so shall it be unto ye. Therefore, my beloved son, look not on thy weakness, for thy Father knoweth thy nature and he will not expose ye to the cruel thorns nor to the jagged rocks until he hath covered ye with his vestments and shod thy feet with strength.
                ‘My son, my blessing is upon ye and ye shall share my vision and my joy: and thy Father will bear thy sorrows and comfort ye in thy distresses.’”

p.183. “‘For to the Pure of Heart will the Light come when darkness enshroudeth the outer world.
                ‘...for ye have received thy Baptism and have passed through the Valley of Humiliation thereby ascending to a closer kinship with thy Father and receiving the recognition of thine ageless companions.’”

p.275. “‘Only if man lose his faith in the unseen can he be defeated. It is for this purpose that we have apparelled ourselves in the lovely robes of earth, laying aside our gleaming garments and attuning our souls to the slow beats of your hearts, the dull measure of your minds, that we may instil some fragments of that heavenly love which is the food of the spirit and the wine of life.
                ‘The strength of the divine world shall be felt throbbing through the dun house of clay. Man shall no longer think of God as remote and inaccessible, but he shall be aware of the wonder and mystery of the presence of the Holy One, and he shall say in his joy:
                ‘’God is with us; God hath made His habitation with man and built His tabernacle upon earth!’‘”

p.286-287. “‘It has been necessary for you to experience the utter depths of misery and abasement that you may know the ecstasy of joy that balances your pain.
                ‘When you understand the laws of the Almighty, all anger, all disappointment, all evil, however great, are found to bring their compensating reaction, to have their place in the fashioning of the human soul.
                ‘So, my brother, read not the outward signs of woe, but look within and ask for wisdom to interpret the tribulations of the earth in terms of eternity. And your soul shall be filled with hope, for our God doth not stand without the world, but moulds the spirit of man to even finer issues as the soul responds more eagerly both to that which is evil and to that which is good.’” (From one of the four brothers, possibly Masseo).

“The energies of the old are frightened now. They know at some level that they are leaving. In this way, they are becoming ever more difficult to interact with, as fighting, fear, nastiness and an extreme effort to maintain some kind of control has the lower vibrating energies by the coattails.” – Karen Bishop (‘Time to Jump In...the Waiting is Over,’ 6 October 2008,

“Come, faithful ones. Come those who have delayed! Do not be afraid to smell the sweet perfume of eternity. In this very moment are you made clean and pure, brought forth in the flowering beauty of God’s creation. Brush the sleep from your mind and drop the dust-encrusted yesteryear from the garment of your soul. Gleam with me awhile in the quiet moments of our inner unification. Are your present activities so important that you would not trade them for the everlasting peace that love brings?
                Forgiveness is offered you again, beloveds, ere the Creator’s call takes us one step closer to home. Do not linger in your earthly toys a moment longer but raise your consciousness in meditation to the infusing movement of love energy which insists firmly and eternally upon peace within, and peace without. Does not the scent of truth fill your being? Then breathe with God, with me and all who divinely love you.”
                - Jeshua (‘The Christ,’ channelled through Virginia Essene, New Teachings For An Awakening Humanity, Spiritual Education Endeavours Publishing Company, Santa Clara, CA, U.S., 1986, updated 1994, p.83-84).

Retrospective inserts.

In an email received in December 2009, a friend asked me what I do during meditation. I thought I would include my reply here as a kind of update: ‘Oh when I meditate I do some energy work on myself and the planet, and for people I know who need healing, and I tune into a higher being to merge with me, or 'overlight' me. I originally learned to do this years ago courtesy of St. Francis of Assisi (after reading his beautiful channelled book from the 1940s I wondered if I might be able to connect with him during meditation and lo and behold! there he was in all his beauty and splendour...and love like I'd never known)! Then I did this with Ganesha for a few years, until this year in fact, who is said to be the antidote to the Kali Yuga (I consider him my best friend because he's always there for me!). And also with an angel for a while. When I need or want to treat myself or greater spiritual power is required to uplift me or give me confidence I attune to Mother Sekhmet (who lived, and ruled, for thousands of years during the Golden Age in Egypt, at the same time as Atlantis): her energy is delightfully powerful but feminine. Communion with Ganesha and Sekhmet is a warrior’s energy feast! On most occasions this year I have meditated with St. Germain and he has helped me in a more tangible and personal way for which I am very grateful. And recently I have also had the honour of being visited by the Goddess a couple of times. In fact, the first time was so powerful it affected me for a whole week! Occasionally, I also tune into Metatron, and I do the Ascension Angels meditation once a month or something (it used to be every Sunday). But this doesn't appear to be readily accessible for me, yet anyway. Plus, of course, there are various meditations one finds here and there and I try some of these sometimes. Nothing too complex though. I was using an alchemical technique recommended by the Barefoot Doctor for a few years as well and I experimented with an Egyptian one described by Tom Kenyon briefly. After that, I practiced a meditation based on bringing a golden ball of light down into each chakra but then replaced that with St. Germain's suggestions, and others. So I have my own little 'medley' as-it-were! I also include certain decrees and affirmations as and when I feel like it.

“Experience is not, however, the sole way to expand consciousness. For each moment spent with God or one of his cosmic band serves to exalt and broaden individual consciousness, conveying illumination on the instant – in the twinkling of an eye!” - St. Germain (recorded by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Saint Germain on Alchemy. Formulas for Self-transformation, Summit Publications, Inc., MT., U.S., 1985 and 1993, p.41-42).

"The same amount of time that it takes to walk into a coffee shop, order, receive, drink and walk out the door...take THAT amount of time each day, and your worries will fall. Give God a face, whatever you like, God cares not. Call it Goddess, call it God - does not matter. It is the intention. Go to God and say, ‘Listen here, I have heard that you’re here to help me, yet my life experience at certain times does not show that. Prove it to me. Show me. Breathe through me. Talk through me. Show me beautiful thoughts. Work through me. Express through me. For every time I went in front of what they call Masters, they looked quite happy!’” – St. Germain (channelled through Ashamarae McNamara,

I recommend communing with the Mother Goddess. I had planned to perform a ceremony on the evening of the Taurus Full Moon on 1 November 2009 but it was too late by the time I got round to it. Instead, I was privileged to be granted communion with Isis which I requested in response to her invitation in a channelled transmission from a couple of years earlier. It was 11.30 p.m. and I was very tired and yet Isis still managed to ‘merge’ with me (no one else, except Ganesha, seems willing or able to enter my aura so intimately so late in the day). Isis can do anything it appears. Ashamarae, who channels St. Germain, reports that she cooled an exceptionally hot room for them while they received a powerful solar activation from Her in Egypt. Consequently, I confided much from my heart because I felt her powerful presence and could also tangibly feel Her listening to me in a very motherly way that felt sweet and kind. Indeed, I have never felt so listened to in all my life. I was very touched by the experience. I also asked for Her miraculous intervention in my life [I believe it was principally She who was responsible for curing my attention deficiency]. Actually, I found that communion so powerful that it affected me for a whole week afterwards! It feels like a reunion.

"My children, I am your Universe Mother. I have been known throughout the ages by many names by the children of this world through their various religious traditions and practices. Yet through all of this I would be known as the great Unifier and Harmoniser of humanity. In me lies a power presence that you can come and experience to make you more loving and tolerant of your brothers and sisters who differ from you. The diversity of this world's cultures has been created to stimulate personal relationships and to expand your awareness into the vastness and variety of creation. You were not created to be all alike in all aspects.
Now that your planet's intra‑communications methods are weaving you closer in contact, allow yourselves to be woven closer together in your hearts. You all share the same basic endowments of humanity and the desires of your hearts are similar notwithstanding the ways you may express them through the various languages and cultures. You are designed to evolve into peaceful, tolerant, patient, compassionate, liberated sons and daughters of a high destiny. It is time to recognise your basic humanity that all may grow and truly be unified as one in the Spirit.
Come to me as your Mother Unifier and Harmoniser and allow me to weave you in that language of love that brings you closer to loving your brothers and sisters in ONENESS. Drink deeply of this word, my beloveds, and ask me to grow you in your ability to think, feel and act with the love that binds all things together in creation and beauty."
- Our Divine Mother (Centre for Christ Consciousness, 25 October 2009,

“I use humour to mask the fact that I want to fall off the face of the earth.” – Allison (aged 16).

“A man was walking in the street when he heard a voice. ‘Stop! Stand still! If you take one more step, a brick will fall down on your head and kill you.’ The man stopped and a big brick fell right in front of him. The man was astonished.
He went on, and after a while he was going to cross the road. Once again the voice shouted: ‘Stop! Stand still! If you take one more step a car will run over you and you will die.’ The man did as he was instructed, just as a car came careening around the corner, barely missing him.
‘Where are you?’ the man asked. ‘Who are you?’
‘I am your guardian angel,’ the voice answered.
‘Oh yeah?’ the man asked. ‘And where the hell were you when I got married?’”
– Unknown.

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