Sunday, 17 May 2015

Aligning Judgement 2

Message from P'taah
Channelled through Jani King, May 2015

P'taah: Last month we gave you a little recipe to align the judgment so it simply dissolves. You all judge pain to be bad energy, something to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. 

Q: Will it go away though, if there is something physiologically causing that pain and then we relate it to judgment? Will it eventually go away or do we have to keep aligning forever? I mean, if it's something that seems to be stuck there, know what I'm saying?

P'taah: Are you thinking now of physical pain or emotional pain? Because you know, all of the physical diseasement is created really from some kind of emotional diseasement.

Q: I think that I do mean a little of that too because if you have caused yourself to be sick, or if you have caused yourself great emotional pain, they are one. They are both together...

P'taah: Indeed, you find that where you have much stored anguish or fear that the embodiment will show forth that. It is stored, that energy is stored, within the cells of the body and your body really says to you, "Stop and deal with this!" And when you do not, the physical diseases becomes the more and more and more until you die of it. You see?

Q: Yes. So then you can cure yourself.

P'taah: Absolutely! When you heal the emotional embodiment, the physical embodiment will show forth that healing automatically. In exactly same way when you come to love absolutely every facet of you and align the judgment that you have about you, the automatic result of that is what you term Enlightenment, or the speeding up of your frequency. 

Q: And it doesn't matter if a person has mental problem, an emotional problem, or a physical problem, it can all be smoothed out by this technique of alignment?

P'taah: Indeed, because the ultimate desire of your soul also is that you dwell in a place of love. And where there is love, indeed, love is the aligner of that which be your ailments. 

What are the polarities? Love or fear, mmm? And so that which is even your pain really is created from the judgment and fear that you are not enough. Does that make sense to you? 

Q: It does. So I think what I'm understanding is that everything wrong with you, pain, physical, mental, any feeling outsourced from yourself or anything outsourced is caused by this basic fear and judgment and so we could...

P'taah: Emotional diseasement. Emotional diseasement. Pain-fear.

The fear is really underlying it. And you can see how the judgment of you creates it. When you believe the stories that you are not enough then indeed it becomes part of your belief structure. 

So you view your outside world through the lens of that belief and the Universe supports you absolutely. And so you will simply recreate and recreate stories to affirm that belief. When you change your belief and embrace the fear--you remember we spoke to you about the little one that lives within who is afraid and how to take that baby one in your arms--as you embrace and create the transformation within you, automatically everything is transformed in your exterior world and indeed in your physicality.

Q: So that belief can be gotten rid of, too? That basic belief that's causing all of these problems that's underneath the emotions, can we get rid of that? Can we face that issue?

P'taah: It is not to 'get rid of". You cannot get rid of anything. Let us remind you of that, because that is very important. Mind your verbiage here. You cannot 'get rid of''. Even that which is termed 'release' is a way of trying to 'get rid of'. 

The transformation is created by embracement. When you identify a belief that no longer serves you, bless it. And say, "Now it is that we embrace that Grand Belief that who we are indeed is a Perfect, Eternal Extension of the Mind of Creation." You see? 

Q: That's the grand belief that we can also embrace...

P'taah: Absolutely. And you are at choice to affirm that at any time. When you find yourself saying, "Oh here we go again with the same old, same old," when you catch yourself, when you are paying attention and you catch yourself at that, then indeed you say, "That belief, that idea, does no longer serve me because the truth of me is that I be in every Now a Perfect Eternal Expression of God/Goddess." 

Q: So what you're saying is that you're going to have to bless the belief that you believe. Is Karma your incorrect goal? I mean, if you believe your judgment, then you have a position and that position may or may not cause you pain, depending on your recognition of that judgment....

P'taah: Beloved, it is simply to look at your life and say, "Where is it not allowing me the greatest possible joy. Where am I not securing my desires, what I want in my life?" And then it is simply to say, "Well, this area of my life is certainly not as I would desire it to be. What do believe about this area of my life?"

You see? And very often when you contemplate that, there will be a little fear remaining. Do you see? 

Because it is, we remind you, the emotions wrapped around your beliefs - your E-motions, your energy in motion - that is your power base that the universe supports. So where you can identify the beliefs and, you see, sometimes these beliefs are so much part of the fabric of your persona that you lived in all of your life that you do think that is reality.

The truth of you is that you are Eternal. You are Perfect. You are an Expression of the Source. There is no death. In your life you have chosen to forget your Eternity for a little while. The way home is to embrace everything that is not Eternity and Love and Home. In this embracement, you will include All. All is All-That-Is. There is nothing other than all.

Q: Okay, I'll work at it.

P'taah: Oh we would prefer that you simply play with the concept rather than work at anything!

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