Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward)

“Now there is more to be said about vibrations. The vibratory levels of sound affect mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies positively or negatively. Noise jolts your entire energy system. Noise from a gunshot, car backfiring or thunder, for instance, has a short-lived impact; noise from an evening of raucous or dissonant music, for example, or a day of working with roaring machinery has exponentially longer lasting and more adverse effects.

When that kind of noise is unavoidable, its effects can be somewhat ameliorated with as much solitude and serenity as the affected persons can manage. The soft, gentle tones of melodious music, the sound of flowing waters and the energetic emanations of trees are extremely restorative and helpful in regaining the light within balance.

In addition to the sound of words, the words themselves have vibrations. Loving words spoken sweetly by parents to their children are nurturing and assist them in achieving balance. Conversely, not only does yelling harsh words to children—to anyone!—destroy their balance and the balance of the ones who yell, but when their thoughts of those instances come as memories, the low vibrations return too. Although with less intensity, written words also emit vibrations, so choose your words carefully to benefit those to whom you write and yourself, and select reading material that will lighten your heart and mind.

It is your high vibrations that are connecting you with kindred spirits and causing reluctance to spending time with some individuals, whose vibrations are low. When the latter kind of encounter can’t be avoided, keeping your thoughts positive will enable you to stay balanced, and the light within will help raise the vibrations all around."

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