Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Seven Golden Men

(Sete Homens De Ouro)

Directed by Marco Vicario, 1965

A film about a bank heist, it follows a gang of men and one woman. It followed the same story line as Topkapi, a Hollywood film made a year earlier, apparently. And that was based on the novel The Light of Day by Eric Ambler.

A professor of crime (Philippe Leroy), his mistress (Rossana Podesta - who is just heavenly and makes the film) and their gang plan to steal tons of gold from a Swiss bank. He's known as the Professor because he's so damn smart!  He monitors the whole operation on his sophisticated video equipment. And outsmarts Giorgia who attempts to double cross him. And calmly and confidently keeps his dangerous, devious, glamorous partner in crime with him because he's always on top of the situation. She would screw him over again if she could but, whether or not the opportunity arises again, it's still in her best interests to stay with him. With the male crew doing the actual labour they form a formidable team.

It looks like Dangerous Diabolik and The Avengers were inspired by these films, at least in part. Then again, it's probably based in the ancient story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in essence!

And here's hypnotic Giorgia again...

  and again...

and again...

 "One of the best intrigue/caper movies ever made! Delightful is the perfect word to describe this film that is full of sci-fi gimmicks, plot twists, slick and not-so-slick criminals, and gorgeous dames. Podesta is a 100% bonafide KNOCKOUT!" - IMDb.

irresistible seductress...

And the sequel, Seven Golden Men Strike Again...

[Video deleted by the Illuminati. They delete anything that's truly wholesome and inspiring from JewTube. lol]



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