Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Tiger of the Seven Seas

Directed by Luigi Capuano, (1962)

Tiger, an old pirate, is getting to tired to lead his men into battle. He has no son and therefore rightful heir. Consequently, he offers the Santa Maria and half of his secret treasure stash to anyone who can prove themselves in a sword fight there and then. His daughter, Consuelo wins - and against her lover, William Scott. The same night, however, Tiger is killed and William is charged with the killing and is sentenced to death. He managed to evade execution when the Spaniards of Grand Duke Inigo descend upon him. He takes the Santa Maria of which he is now the commander and Consuelo chases after him, determined to bring justice to her father. He goes to her under a white flag and explains that the real culprit works for the Grand Duke and goes after him alone. When he is captured at the garrison, Consuelo is obliged to lead a daring and complicated rescue mission. Then they are both captured. And the Duke's wife, Anna de Cordoba, who is as crafty and intelligent as her husband is moronic and conceited, exchanges their lives for Tiger's treasure. For, it is she who had sent Robert to infiltrate the crew and bring her the whereabouts of the treasure.

"Tiger of the Seven Seas is a pirate themed romance, tale of betrayal and intergender power struggle. A light beverage of buccaneering and bodices. Gianna Maria Canale is great in a lead role and throws herself into the enthusiastic and energetic swordplay with gusto. Her love interest and and sometimes rival, the one time Mr Anita Ekberg, is far less convincing, or indeed interesting." - Nigel Maskell.


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