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The purpose of going through duality

“My energy, the Christ energy that is being reborn in this time, is not solely my energy. It is not simply the energy of one man who lived on earth at one time; it is a collective energy field in which you take part in a way that is more profound than you realise...You are all in the process of birthing the Christ seed within." - Jeshua (channelled by Pamela Kribbe, ‘Dealing with Emotions,’ 2005,

By Jesus/Jeshua

Extract from ‘The New Earth,’ channelled through Pamela Kribbe

Please do not underestimate the meaning of your lives on earth. You belong to the most creative, advanced and courageous part of God (All-That-Is). You are explorers of the unknown and creators of the new. Your explorations through the realm of duality have served a purpose far beyond your imagination. It is hard to explain to you the deepest meaning of your travels, but we can say that you have created a new type of consciousness, one that did not exist previously.

This consciousness was first displayed by Christ when he walked the earth. This consciousness, which I call the Christ consciousness, results from a spiritual alchemy. Physical alchemy is the art of transforming lead into gold. Spiritual alchemy is the art of transforming dark energy into ‘the third energy,’ the spiritual gold present in the Christ energy.

Please note that we do not say that the purpose is to transform dark into light, or evil into good. Dark and light, evil and good are natural opposites; they exist by the grace of one another.

True spiritual alchemy introduces a ‘third energy,’ a type of consciousness which embraces both polarities through the energies of love and understanding. The true purpose of your journey is not to have Light conquer Dark, but to go beyond these opposites and to create a new type of consciousness which can maintain unity in the presence of both light and dark.

We will explain this rather difficult point by means of a metaphor. Imagine you are deep-sea divers in search of a pearl. Time and again you dive into the ocean to find this particular pearl which everyone talks about but nobody has actually seen. Rumours go that even God, the Chief Diver, has never touched the pearl.

Diving into the ocean is full of perils, since you can get lost or go too deep to catch your breath in time. Still you persist and you dive into this ocean time and again, for you are determined and inspired...Are you insane?

No, you are explorers of the new.

The secret is: in the process of finding the pearl, you are creating it. The pearl is the spiritual gold of the Christ consciousness. The pearl is you, transformed by the experience of duality.

What we have here is a true paradox: in exploring the New, you are creating it. You have become the pearl of God’s creation. God had no other way of doing it, for what you were attempting to find did not exist yet; it had to be created by you. Why was God so interested in creating something new? Let us state this in as simply a way possible.

First, God was entirely GOOD. There was goodness everywhere and all around. In fact because there was nothing else, things were kind of static. His creation lacked aliveness; it lacked the possibility of growth and expansion. You might say it was stuck. To create change, to create an opportunity for movement and expansion, God had to introduce an Element in his creation that was different from the Goodness that pervaded everything. This was very hard for God, for how can you create something that is not-you? How can Goodness create Badness? It can’t. So, God had to come up with a trick, so to speak. This trick is called ignorance.

Ignorance is the element that opposes Goodness. It creates the illusion of being outside Goodness, of being separated from God. ‘Not knowing who you are’ is the incentive behind change, growth and expansion in your universe. Ignorance breeds fear, fear breeds the need to control, the need to control breeds the struggle for power and there you have all the conditions for ‘Evil’ to flourish. The stage has been set for the battle between Good and Bad.

God needed the dynamics of opposites to get his creation ‘un-stuck.’ It may be very hard for you to comprehend in view of all the suffering caused by ignorance and fear, but God put great value on these energies, since they provided him with a way to go beyond Him/Herself.

God asked you, the ones that belong to the most creative, advanced and courageous part of herself, to take the veil of Ignorance. In order to experience the dynamics of opposites as thoroughly as possible, you were temporarily soaked in forgetfulness about your true nature. You consented to take this plunge into ignorance, but this fact was overlaid by the veil of forgetfulness as well. So now you often curse God for being in the situation you’re in: the hardships, the ignorance - and we understand. In essence though: you are God, God is you.

Despite of all the troubles and sorrows, deep down within you there is still a sense of wonder and excitement about living in duality, about experiencing and creating the New. This is God’s original excitement, the reason God started with his journey through You in the first place.

When you started out on your journey, you faced Evil (fear, ignorance) with only a vague memory of the Good (Home) in your mind. You started to battle fear and ignorance, while longing for Home. However you will not return Home in the sense of returning to a state in your past. For creation has changed because of your journey.

The end of your journey will be that you have become larger than good and evil, light and dark. You will have created a third energy, the Christ energy, which embraces and transcends both. You will have expanded God’s creation. You will be the New Creation of God. God will have gone beyond Him/Herself when the Christ consciousness is fully born on earth.

The Christ consciousness did not exist before the ‘human experience.’ The Christ consciousness is the consciousness of one who has gone through the multilayered experience of duality, has come to terms with it and emerges ‘on the other side.’ He will be the inhabitant of the New Earth. This one will have let go of duality. She will have recognised and embraced her own divinity. He will have become one with his divine Self. But his divine Self will be different than before. It will be deeper and richer than the consciousness from which it was born. Or one could say: God will have enriched Him/Herself by having gone through the experience of duality.

This story is simplified and distorted as anything we say is distorted by the illusions of time and separation. These illusions have served a valuable purpose. But the time has come to go beyond them. Please try to feel the energy behind our words, stories and metaphors. This energy is in a sense your own. It is the energy of your future Christed selves that is speaking through me, Jeshua. We are waiting for you to join us...

The earth is going to release the energies of struggle, competition and drama, on inner and outer levels. The new foundation that is dawning within her is the energy of the heart, the energy of balance and connectedness: the living Christ energy.

From Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde

“We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, 'Why did this happen to me?' unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way.” - Author Unknown.

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