Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Emotional Healing

From the Global Meditation Focus Group Archives

Reposted on 21 March 2010

As you know, these are challenging times on the planet. All of you receiving this, in one way or another, know that you are here to assist in bringing about the rebirth of planet Earth - building a New Earth that is centred in the heart.

Many of you are experiencing intense emotional challenges in your own lives right now. You are being asked to bring MORE LOVE into all those places within you that you have judged as anything other than Good.

Each one of us carries anger, deceit, jealousy, and fear. Each one of us, in one way or another, has been overcome by these emotions and done things that we have regretted later.

It is now time to FULLY bring love and acceptance into these places. As we love and forgive ourselves - as we allow God's love to enter into these dark places - healing can occur.

BE GENTLE ON YOURSELVES, Dear Ones. In times of challenge, speak to those places in you that are in fear or shame and tell them that they are loved. Fill your heart with love and bring that into your physical body.

As we do this, we begin to integrate our Soul Essence with our Human Essence. This is the healing that is so desperately needed on this planet. YOUR ABILITY TO FULLY ACCEPT AND LOVE YOURSELF HAS A DIRECT EFFECT UPON YOUR CAPACITY TO MOVE LOVE THROUGH YOUR BODY TO OTHERS.

You may be feeling frustrated, perceiving that you are failing your mission on Earth - seeing how much work there is to be done. Trust me when I say THIS IS THE WORK.

Try these exercises out. Incorporate what feels best into your daily spiritual routines:

1. When you are ‘spinning out,’ sit quietly. Become aware of your body. Ask yourself as though you are a loving parent ‘What's going on?’ Listen for the response. There will be one. Continue to bring loving presence to this part of you. You may feel anger arise. Allow it to come up. IT IS GOOD! Don't judge it! Let it express. You may feel sadness and begin crying. THIS IS ALSO GOOD. This is reconnecting your soul essence to your human-ness. Usually this will bring you peace almost instantly. You may even feel elated as the love begins to move through into these places.

2. Stop what you are doing. Become aware of your heart. As you [are] feeling the tenderness of it awaken, move this tenderness down into your belly (your emotional centre). This practice is VERY effective in calming the emotional body.

3. Rub your belly. As simple as this seems, bringing loving touch to your belly will often help the emotional body integrate and bring peace.

Remember that if you are ‘spinning out’ in your head about something, you are not connected in. Your spirit is hovering slightly above the body. Sink down into your body, even if you are scared of being overwhelmed. Rub your feet. Massage your lower body. Do whatever it takes to move your consciousness into your body.

Many of you have gotten used to the ‘spiritual high’ and have yet to fully marry it with your human-ness. Remember this body is a gift for your Spirit. It now needs your love for you to become a fully empowered being on this Earth.

You are SOOOO loved and SOOOO needed right now.

Be Gentle On Yourself.

- Your Guardian Angel

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