Sunday, 26 August 2012

Encouragement & Invocations for Challenging Times

This morning, preparing for the monthly conference call with members of the Legion of Michael, I was feeling terrible.  I am still processing deep shifts within my own energy field from recent healings. 

These days deep healing is occurring and may require
you to make difficult choices about your life. It is certainly happening with me. And I know things I need to do which I kind of frankly DREAD. But I will do them, as an act of love for myself and what I know is my path and what is right for me.

While preparing, I called out to Michael about the current state of my being, and I received both a very loving message from Michael and then one from Lady Faith. I shared these during the July Monthly conference call.  I see many of us are going through this time feeling the energy is creating "shaking us down to the bones kind of shifts" and that we're being "cracked open" (as members of the Legion described it today).  After that, I wanted to share these messages, and especially the invocation from Lady Faith with us all.

Love and blessings,

(The transcript is below.)
Message from Archangel Michael
14 July 2012

Dear One,

it is okay that you are feeling as you are. 

This is a sincere expression of where you are at and what is happening within you.  the clearing energies are quite strong and supportive of this transition within you and  you are meeting it with grace and willingness to transform.  Others are also feeling this way and it is comforting to them that they too are not alone.  Live as the light you know yourself to be--even when you do not feel like it, even when you do not feel joy, live as the light you know yourself to be.  Have confidence that this will pass and live as the light you know yourself to be, with faith and trust.

Message from Lady Faith
14 July 2012

These times are trying for all of you.  The intensity of the experience of your energy clarifying while the vibration on the planet rises, is challenging and when you lose your joy, it's disorienting.

It is easy for you to forget, in these moments, the glory of your being and the love that you are.  That is okay.  When you can, remind yourself of this.  When you think of it, when you want to feel better, reorient.  Do not feel a need to change your experience, simply ride it out with deep companionship.  This will evolve your experience more quickly and thoroughly than anything you might "do" otherwise.  The willingness to be one with yourself it the entry to Divine Love.  This willingness opens the flow removing all obstacles the Source of Divine Light and it realigns you with who you really are.  Be willing to be you in whatever way that shows up, while maintaining the intention to arise in Light with Gaia and your fellow Light Bearers.

Each of you will have different areas of life that are more painful, more difficult to return to wholeness.  So each of you will make different changes.  Recognize what you resonate with and use that as a mirror of your inner guidance.  But do not feel compelled to make life changes just because those around you are doing so.  The true guidance is within you and is customized to you, to your uniqueness, to your beauty, to your needs, your preferences and to what is arising currently for you.

It arises most clearly when you are fully present to yourself.  When you feel like doing nothing, do nothing.  When you are experiencing the release of old energies there may be times when there is an absence of joy.  Do not separate from yourself in an effort to change your feelings.  Allow your feelings to change naturally, knowing it is your natural way to be joyful and free and that if you are not consciously focusing upon things with a negative or dis-empowering story, and you feel lower vibrational feelings, you are simply allowing them to arise and clear.

Affirm this:

I NOW RELEASE ALL FEELINGS THAT ARE NO LONGER MINE.  I now release all feelings that are illusions, that in some way are distortions of the true nature of my being.  I trust the love I am to cleanse my being of all that is not love. I am willing to release all that is not love now, with ease and grace.  I am willing to allow my being to transform.  I will support myself with rest and water, with kindness and patience as my physical being remakes itself into a Divine Image of LOVE shaped as me. 

This invocation enlightens your being and lifts your spirits even while in the midst of cleansing, clearing, releasing, transforming.

This is dear ones, the focus for this time period between now and the end of 2012.  There are supportive energies from many streams entering your domain on the planet to further empower your energy systems and to give you the frequencies that you need to rustle up and out the old energies that are no longer suitable for your evolutionary intentions.

Trust in our collaboration with you and call upon us whenever you lose FAITH.

Michael and I are here and this is the moment of time we've long anticipated and waited for.  We are honored to be present with you in this way and to co-create with you, as light and love.

I AM that whom you call Lady Faith.

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