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Monstaville Book I. Chapter 30: Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty

“ learning a new approach to my life, I was able to drop my old patterns of fear, emotion, mental compulsion and self-judgement. It was like coming out of the darkness into the light.”
- Claire Montanaro (on her book Spiritual Wisdom: Practical Spirituality for People Today in The Watkins Review, Issue No.21, Spring 2009, p.22).

“No, as a matter of fact, I do NOT have a normal social life,” a Piscean, gothic friend on MySpace, ‘pimping her blogs,’ stated in a bulletin (she described the ladies of the Gothic Tea Party as “Creative and Unique with a wonderful dark aesthetic.” I took a peep and the word ‘Macabre’ is defined there as “a quality of certain artistic or literary works, characterised by a grim or ghastly atmosphere”). As I understand it, the fourth dimension is the domain of the emotional body, the next step up from the physical (the fifth dimension might equate to the ‘higher mental’ plane which would mean that the lower mind and the planes in between are also a feature of the fourth dimension). The Internet has empowered people, not just through information sharing, but also through the sharing of emotions/consciousness. Without being confined to physical existence, people are free to allow the natural expression of their inner world to flow. They are free to create and respond, to dream and commune. Anyway, I have realised that most of my (creative and intelligent) online friends operate through their throat and third eye chakras: truth, self-expression, vision, intuition, imagination and wisdom (as well as the heart: love and appreciation). The connections, the exchanges, the responses, have nothing to do with being in a physical body. There are no such barriers to communication fuelled by feeling and oneness on a deeper level beyond the ego.

“The Internet has taught us that we can communicate by words and pictures with a person that we know only by their consciousness. Gender, culture, religion, age and economic status are unknown and unimportant. As we ground more and more of our multidimensional SELF in our daily life, we will remember that:

Consciousness IS Communication and Communication IS Consciousness.

It is through our consciousness that we truly communicate with the world that we accept as our reality. If our consciousness is restricted by the mundane actions of third dimensional life, then we can communicate only with that small fragment of our total multidimensional reality.
Fortunately, as we expand our Personal Consciousness from our personal third dimensional reality to the Collective Consciousness of our fourth dimensional reality and into the Planetary Consciousness of our fifth dimensional reality, we can accept increasingly larger fragments of multidimensional reality as our ‘real world.’ We can then cross the threshold into the Galactic Consciousness of our Star Ancestors, as well as our own alternate/parallel realities in which we have taken form on other planets, galaxies and dimensions.”

  Dr. Suzanne Caroll, ‘Preparing for Arcturian Corridor Part III,’ July 2010,

People with a rich inner life, who are at home in the fourth-dimensional sea of feelings, dreams and imagination, find the external world dull and their lives in it rather dull. They live in a different world to those creatures who prefer to dwell on land. They are more introverted and like to swim in the transcendental waters of the mysterious world within. The Internet has provided such people (myself included) with a lifeline to those of like mind, their 4D kin. Few of my online friends are from Britain. I know only one or two ‘real time friends’ who can relate to the sense of freedom I derive from sharing my inner life with people on the world wide web. No one else seems to be able to comprehend it. Where some see wallpaper, others see worlds. Where some barely dip their toes in the water, others feel more at home swimming in it. I don’t mean sharing a 3D connection just as one usually does out in the world. I mean appreciating art, music and philosophy, inspiring and being inspired. It is, therefore, no wonder I have resorted to creating an online social network. We converge from all around the world, no longer as isolated as we once were. As someone who is deep, creative, introspective and highly individual, I have taken to it like a duck to water. I enjoy my own company and prefer it to those who, unlike myself, identify exclusively with the external world. If you are very sensitive, it is highly likely that you will find this 3D world tough going, and often painful.

Transiting Pluto was approaching my natal Mercury in 1999 and the ‘Pigsy’ period was played out beneath this shadow. The result, of course, was a profound transformation of the way I think and use my mind. This was also the period during which I kept a journal. Ultimately, I learned to observe my thoughts to some degree and direct them more consciously. By 2005, Pluto was applying pressure to my Moon and I experienced such a crisis of consciousness that I needed to have therapy to release repressed emotions. It feels like buried emotions were surfacing from deep within myself and weighing me down. The crisis was about letting go of people and emotions, not holding onto them when they need to be released. I endured great discomfort in my head and I was having trouble functioning at all. I had crashed because I had lost many of the good things in my life that were propping me up emotionally: my music and the old tai chi form that was incredibly energising and empowering even if it was clumsy compared to the graceful form I now practice (the effects lasted for a few days so I practised it twice a week for seven years and forgot the movements while I was learning the new form, which I have to practice daily to counter my ‘attention deficit,’ not realising I was throwing away my most valuable survival tool).

“Mi ka aloha, pau oli, maka hiki hou, brutha: never let that jewel slip through our fingers again! Love and grace. Love and grace.” (A Hawaiian offering from a MySpace friend).

I also lost touch or fell out with most of my so-called friends whilst living in my Monstaville pad. In addition, the hours I worked and the isolation required for my writing conspired to obliterate my social life. Consequently, relationships weren’t happening either although my attitude had changed after being disillusioned and also being, as I said, overly independent and dedicated exclusively to my creative and philosophical projects. All I was left with was my work, other people’s work, money problems, nasty neighbours and a less effective tai chi form (although it is much more pleasant to practice and I have since learned other internal arts which I love). That’s how life can slowly slip through our fingers, one step at a time, without us being aware of the price we are paying until we arrive at the calamity that lies ahead and drive over the edge of the cliff. Having therapy enabled me to recognise that there was a problem within me and that it was rooted in my inability to cope with living in an insensitive, materialistic and spiritually ignorant society. I was always much more suited to living in the East. Honestly, moving to London was just like falling down a drain. I’ve been trying to figure out how to climb out ever since but, then, it kind of feels like I want to run away from the country itself, or the world, or myself! Or, like a spider that’s fallen into the bath, I need a hand to come down from another dimension and lift me out again! Choosing, or having to, return to the physical realm is one thing, but living in a low-vibrational ‘ghetto’ is another. It has occurred to me that perhaps enduring a miserable childhood just wasn’t enough to remind me not to identify with the physical ego and follow the ways of the world. It would appear that I needed to fall into the swamp in order to fully appreciate my freedom and happiness in the Light if I finally decided to make such a commitment. Sinking in the quicksand is not the time to make peace with life! If being rescued is conditional I will rebel. If Life is a tyrant, it can go to Hell! Yet, the darkness of the world outside is but a dream experienced by the mind while the flower of the heart is closed.

“Our greatest treasure is not natural possessions or money, but is that which is hidden deep within our own subconscious. It is that dark unused part of our self that is, in fact, light that is unconscious of itself. Darkness is unconscious light.” - Carl Jung.

The rosebud is forming but has yet to open and, therefore, all is dark. It matters not the nature of the nightmares even though they hold meaning for us if we are gifted interpreters. The stem represents 3D while the bud is 4D and the blooming rose is 5D. The bud is a state of consciousness that is both light and dark because softness, sensitivity, compassion, the tenderness of the heart, has begun to reveal itself in the petals. Vivid colour has also emerged and inspired us to seek the beauty within us. The way I see it, there are two approaches to this dimension and, ultimately, the rose opens to the Light anyway, so it matters not which is adopted. Each has its value. Since it is primarily dark within this self-enclosure, attaching oneself to the finite light, the ‘good,’ the ‘pleasure,’ the ‘comfort and security,’ the ‘love,’ and so on, can have the effect of balancing the darkness somewhat. This approach would seem the most natural evolutionary path as the flower slowly grows and eventually unfolds in response to the light of the Sun. We can’t all be good Christians, however, welcoming the Light whilst fearing and denying the dark. Such a single-minded (or shallow-minded) approach to life on this 4D level (‘consciousness’) creates an inner conflict, ‘eternal’ war with our own unconscious darkness which is projected into our lives for the duration that we ignore or suppress it. We see it in the world and try to vanquish it because we cannot bear to be reminded of the beast lurking inside us. The hydra-headed unconscious is always ‘ahead’ of us. Always it reappears with a new head because we have not turned within ourselves to face the source of these external monsters that keep making our lives Hell. This path of light and expression is the path of power and the path of love. Yet, it is incomplete. Love and power must lead us within, to wisdom.

"It takes us back to primitive times when we worshipped dark gods as well as light gods. And it's a powerful metaphor for the outcast - and monster in all of us.” - Anne Rice (on the vampire as a hero).

The experience of duality is the result of identifying with a realm of illusion. Having lost touch with reality we are ‘in two minds’ because we are attached to the game which must eventually come to an end and, however much we forget, resist or deny the truth of who we really are Reality is eternal and is therefore always there somewhere within us, however remote from our point of consciousness. So, at the lower end (the third and fourth dimensions) we have a dark world of dense matter which appears to separate us from Source but can only do so in the form of a dream, an experience. At the higher end we have the worlds of Light, from the fifth dimension upwards, where all is One.

The other approach to consciousness gives attention to what is, allowing the current of feeling to flow even if it is cold and dark. This is a more dualistic approach since, rather than focussing solely on the light, the receptivity of the darkness accommodate and absorb. Indeed, wisdom is a matter of balancing polarities. We can only venture so far in the direction of finite light before we finally understand the need to expand our awareness and overcome the sense of exclusivity inherent in identity. Rather than being a creature of the dark who is comfortable with chaos, I am one who has insisted on order through light (over the course of many lifetimes, I expect) only to cause destruction at times.

Lily Munster (Yvonne De Carlo): Oh Marilyn! Oh my! Those circles under your eyes, how lovely you look today.
Marilyn Munster (Beverley Owen): Well, I wish I felt as well as I look. I just haven’t been able to sleep for the last two nights.
Grandpa (Al Lewis): I’ll go down to the lab later and I’ll mix you up something.
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): Erm, er, alright, but be careful! I, I don’t trust those homemade remedies of yours.
Grandpa: Hmm!
Herman Munster: Er, er, the last time you invented a medicine for which there was no disease!
- The Munsters (Season 1, Episode 12, ‘The Sleeping Cutie,’ directed by Norman Abbott, 1964).

The story of ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ as with many fairy tales, undoubtedly has its origins in the Goddess Mysteries of ancient times. The wicked fairy witch places a curse on the Princess, a sleep from which she will only awaken when her handsome Prince finds her and kisses her lips. The Dark Goddess confines us to the third dimension (the castle) and causes us to forget our true selves. Yet, this apparent act of cruelty places the soul in a kind of experiential cocoon in which it undergoes a process of transformation. Self-awareness gradually deepens until, finally, the Self joins – and illumines - the soul in physical incarnation and the two become one. The higher self (Prince) awakens the soul (Princess) - that drop of pure consciousness that is the Goddess - from its slumber in the material world. Emotions come back to life and long-forgotten childhood innocence is restored. The soul (feminine) is wedded to the spirit (masculine) in sacred marriage.
The dark includes not only wisdom but also feeling, imagination, intuition, healing, psychic perception and related gifts; it is deep and transforming, always to greater Light. Its elements are feminine water and earth. The light includes not only power but being (and therefore love too, although feeling love and being love may, ultimately, amount to the same thing; and, certainly, without feeling, love seems to become a love of power), purpose, creativity, motivation, recognition, thought, reason, awareness, and so forth. Recognising the light even though we may not realise it is a pale reflection of the true Light. Its elements are masculine fire and air. I am, of course, focussing on the more positive aspects of light and dark here. Just indulge me - you know you want to. Haha. Picture the Sun shining in the sky (fire and air). Beneath them lies water flanked and contained by earth. Consciousness is fluid and matter is rigid. The Sun glistens on the water’s surface creating ever-fluctuating patterns of light and dark. The light is not the Sun but a reflection of it. The dark water facilitates the duality of finite opposites. Likewise, beyond the Sun, lies deep, dark space which also facilitates Light and its expansion but the polarity of the macrocosm is part of the infinite whole rather than divided from it as fourth-dimensional duality is.

A love of light, of pleasure, of thoughtless action and reaction, of clinging to a sense of security, suggests emotional dependence. As I have discovered, even if we believe we are incredibly independent, we remain dependent on, and even at the mercy of, those unconscious emotions that we resist, suppress or refuse to acknowledge. This ‘love of light’ can lead to power and a love of power as the limited, physical identity of the conscious ego survives through ceaseless activity (thereby removing itself from the power of the feminine whole. It is also a love of the ego, not love of the Self, a love of the 3D world, not divine love, the love that is the Self. This limited, or primitive, light is essentially that of the lower self, the lower three chakras (there is some correspondence between the seven chakras and seven astral planes as well).

"A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life.
It is the tear [that results] from the injury of the oyster.
The treasure of our being in this world
is also produced by an injured life.
If we had not been wounded,
if we had not been injured,
then we will not produce the pearl."
‑ Stephan Hoeller.

Contrasted with this masculine expression of consciousness is feminine stillness which includes acceptance of and attraction to the dark (I am not distinguishing between men and women here though you understand although there is an implied social and biological affinity that may or may not reveal itself in the individual). Sooner or later, this outward-looking (‘positive’) ego must dive into the fathomless depths of the unconscious to find the hidden pearls within. This can be a painful experience because we have banished ourselves from this realm and may have many blockages to release. Naturally, most people are tangled up in sea weed stretching back several lifetimes, at the mercy of astral thought forms which we have created, veritable piranhas and jellyfishes in many cases. When more attention is given to feeling, there is a danger of falling under the spell of the unconscious and giving free reign to all emotions, both negative and positive, never balancing wholeness with centred, conscious awareness. A person with a more inward-looking (‘negative’) ego may fall ‘victim’ to the unconscious, wallowing in darkness without releasing or letting go of emotions in order to feel more deeply and claim the pearl of true love as the Source, Eternal Being. ‘Know the bright but keep the dark,’ says Laozi (Daodejing, Chapter 28). The height of awareness depends on the depth of wisdom just as a flower depends on its roots. Although it remains focussed on the sunlight, it does not separate its ‘head’ from its ‘tail.’ They are joined by the stem of life and the leaves of appreciation for all that is.

“When you forgive and release someone, you release yourself. When we forgive ourselves, we are released – into health both physical and emotional. When we ask for forgiveness, we help the other person release himself of a grudge. What does this have to do with dealing with difficult people? Once you have gone through your past inventory of grudges…you learn that you can release them as they come up…Because you lessen your ‘stuff’ by forgiving and releasing those who harmed you, you are better equipped to handle the stressful events that you will inevitably encounter. In addition, when you are free of your resentments, you are motivated to forgive on the spot…” - Betty Perkins (Lion Taming. The courage to deal with difficult people including yourself (Tzedakah Publications, CA., U.S., 1995, p.108).

There can be no transformation, no return to wholeness or growth towards perfection, without opening to the Mysteries of the Goddess, to the beauty shining in Her dark depths. Who knows…it is quite possible that I could never forgive myself for my destructive behaviour in lifetimes past and thereafter gravitated towards monasteries where I could renounce the world and forfeit my own will (although it may have been reawakened in the last one only to result in an early wartime death). Prior to incarnating this time around, I must have been determined to turn within and pay more attention to my emotions, realising that blocking our my unconscious had been destructive to others and then perhaps to myself, or at least hampered my spiritual progress. And, so, after years of holding my emotions in and not facing them, the Creature of the Black Lagoon surfaced to abduct my soul. The reason was perhaps a combination of my soul’s needs being ignored by my ego whilst also longing for release even if such a crisis was necessary to finally get my attention. My will needed to be deactivated for me to fall into the water, always the drowning man (vis The Cure’s precious song) until I was finally persuaded to surrender. A sacrificial lamb to the slaughter as a price to pay for the sacred pearl of wholeness (and wisdom).

The third dimension resembles a light surrounded by darkness, identity surrounded by consciousness (4D), a flickering flame in the shadows which has all but been snuffed out by the encroaching power of the unconscious. The ego’s light wants everything to be how it wants so it puts up a fight. Paradoxically, however, if it would but relax and be still, accommodating, adapting to and learning from the cave of consciousness as a whole, its trusting openness would create an atmosphere of inner harmony and its being would expand and grow. The limited, finite self would be magically transformed into a tall, complete flame, centred rather than restless, at peace rather than at war with its own consciousness. Whilst we remain unconscious of the inner, fourth-dimensional layers of ourselves, we may project or behave destructively either towards ourselves or others. For aeons of time, most people have just projected the negative conflicts within their unconscious minds without thinking or acknowledging what they are doing. And, dark forces operating from the fourth dimension have been doing all that they can to keep humanity in this ignorant state in order to prey upon us, control us and feed off our negative emotions, our fears and insecurities, our reactions and addictions to dramatic situations.

“The shadow is a combination of the unknown, the undifferentiated and the inadmissible. It is this last category which causes powerful, seething autonomous force. Where there is a refusal to acknowledge everything which exists, or to confront that which is negative, a particularly unpleasant kind of chaos, dissociation and disintegration will reign. Informed choice becomes impossible. Clarity goes into redundancy.” – Gildas (A Message of Love. A Channelled Guide to Our Future, Piatkus, London, U.K., 1994, p.57).

In his ‘Allegory of the Cave,’ Plato suggested that the flame itself is the ego self casting shadows on the wall which are mere projections in the world of appearances (the holographic 3D material realm). All that we perceive outside of ourselves as real are therefore illusions reflecting the movements of the flame, the ego mind. In other words, I expect, the shadows are brought to life in the fourth dimension first and then arrive on the dense wall of physical matter. One might say, however, that, when we sojourn in the astral planes without a physical body (and, therefore, without the physical ego) the area of the cave that we inhabit is closer to the entrance. This means that sufficient light enters the cave to make us ‘whole’ personally and collectively (like fishes swimming in the same river). There is not such a stark contrast between light and dark in terms of individual projection and expression, but there are very dark areas where negative spirits can hide and indulge themselves. There are also parts of the cave nearer the entrance that receive more light where those who are ready for greater illumination hang out.

To free ourselves from this self-created prison, we must stop casting shadows and identifying with them as real and look beyond this cave of duality, of finite light and the darkness of all that we keep trying to avoid and run away from, thus empowering it. The fifth-dimensional Reality of the true self is represented by the world of daylight outside the cave. Few have succeeded in mastering their minds but now, with the planetary Ascension process underway, and picking up speed, so much is surfacing in people that we either become more conscious or endure crisis or illness until we become more aware of what is causing them in our unconscious or transform it directly through love (which, we are told, can move mountains).

A Flickering Flame in the Shadows

The dark sky winks with her silvery eye;
It’s no fun when the sun’s on the run.
Yet, moonlight, she knows the beauty of night,
For, wisdom abounds in her starry queendom.
Seducing our sight and quelling our fright,
Her womb is a boudoir of pearls not of doom.
Sequins glow bright with mysterious light,
Beckoning, they loom, like lanterns in a tomb.
Fear, not life, conjures suffering and spite.
Deep in this cauldron, enchantment’s sweet song;
Pure magic, snow white, pure bliss taking flight.

Once I recovered from the crippling condition affecting my head and my brain, I agreed that I had become over-independent and, consequently, had neglected my needs, and my emotional needs in particular. The sales job I was doing hadn’t helped either. I had to ‘get back in touch with my feelings.’ There was a time when I would have winced at such a statement! These days, however, I realise how wonderful our emotional nature is and how much joy it can bring. I also understand that it represents a vital foundation for feeling the sweetness of divine love in the heart. Lazaris explains that we may need to go through similar experiences as those in our past in order to learn the lessons and take back our power. The feeling and condition of powerlessness I inherited from my childhood resulted in me giving up, feeling terminally crushed and defeated. Pluto, or the experiences coordinated through this vortex energy (as Lazaris refers to it), have succeeded in bringing something to the surface which has enabled me to learn the lessons or find my power to cope with intimidating situations. I was, of course, defeated all over again as an adult. However the recovery was such that I learned to let go of negative feelings rather than dwell on things and sink into depression. I thought I had hit rock bottom before but I found myself in a bottomless pit this time round. I can now feel, observe and understand things without so much fear, resistance or reaction. I deal with myself and others the best I can without allowing negative emotions and self-talk to take over. Basically, I am better equipped to deal with those aspects of life and consciousness that were holding me back with greater understanding and in a new way. My experiences have helped to bring buried emotions back to the surface, from childhood and even past lives.

“The nervous system, which is a highway within the body, can move at the rate you can process the data flooding over it into the cells. Many of you are still cleaning out caverns within portions of your being that have been filled with darkness. These caverns may be from this lifetime - they may go back to childhood - or for some of you they may be from other lifetimes.” - The Pleiadians (Bringers of the Dawn. Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak, Bear & Company, Inc., NM., U.S., 1992, p.173-174).

The ego might, perhaps, be defined as the sum of blockages in the lower three chakras (at the back and front of the body) which, consequently, confine us to this level; hence, it is also known as the ‘lower self.’ It is a limited, physically-oriented reflection of who we really are. It is the shadow side of the soul, the accumulated negativity as opposed to the purity and innocence of the Inner Child (which Jelaila Starr discusses), a shadow cast by the soul’s proximity and attachment to the physical body.

I imagine this polarity as the natural stillness and inborn quietude of water (the soul) being disturbed by the wind (mind) or incoming objects (challenging situations). Our confinement to the physical body along with all the conditioning to which we are subjected throughout our lives causes us to resist or deny what is happening. Thus, the ego arises as an identification with these passing emotional disturbances which have been caused by the mind and its reactions to life’s experiences. The identity of the ego is all that we deem good for us, that we want and hang onto for dear life. And that entity which is our physical ego fights to survive as it is besieged from all directions, including the shadow of itself: namely, all that we deem bad for us, that we do not wish to rediscover or awaken within ourselves, all that we have shoved into our unconscious, believing it to have been banished while, all along, this whole polarity, this constant tussle between finite definitions of light and dark, good and bad, drags us down and prevents us from moving beyond personal illusions to rediscover who we really are. The ripples on the water’s surface engage our attention and keep us distracted and keep us busy. Our self-awareness and understanding of life remains shallow – overstimulated in our superficial, external lives, yes, but paralysed by inertia when it comes to the deeper, fourth-dimensional layers of consciousness within us.

“That which is unacknowledged, unused, undefined or unfamiliar tends to merge into the shadow. The word ‘shadow’ cannot properly be used interchangeably with ‘naughty,’ ‘bad,’ ‘violent’ or ‘vile.’ I have noticed that it tends to be used frequently in growth circles when people are trying too hard to be ‘mature,’ ‘all-inclusive’ and fashionably ‘non-judgemental’ about the difficult side of other people’s psyches.
                The contents of the shadow can be powerfully creative. Fear denies the emergence of shadow material and so causes repression, not only of that which is truly frightening and destructive, but of much of the energy which, when released, can cause life to be more fertile and satisfying. If what is feared is pushed underground or into the unconscious, then it gains autonomy. If all shadows are allowed to surface they can be fully assessed. Decisions can be made about those which deserve life-force and those which need to be ‘starved out.’ Fear carries great energy and where it causes repression it gives power and vitality to the repressed object or drive, so that monsters indeed, are bred. Access to the creativity of the ‘bright shadow’ can only come when individuals become sufficiently empowered to recognise the destructive and deny it sustenance.
                If the privilege of choice is going to be used wisely and well as part of the changes, then there has to be something of a shift in the area of ‘woolly’ non-judgementalism. Too much tolerance can breed inefficiency, low standards of behaviour and insecurity. The meaning of integrity can become obscured. Understanding what causes certain negative behaviours in fellow human beings and offering the right sort of loving rehabilitation is an essential part of compassion. Neither understanding nor compassion is about condoning behaviour which is destructive to the potential of the human race.”
– Gildas (A Message of Love. A Channelled Guide to Our Future, Piatkus, London, U.K., 1994, p.66-67).

Water is fluid (to keep stating the obvious). Experiences, responses and feelings come and go naturally. The trouble (or dis-ease) we humans have is that our minds are wont to hold onto the disturbances because, with our emphasis on the mind, this part of us does not know what to do with them. We have not been trained to deal with them. We have not been taught that our human (lower) minds are merely tools for us to use and so we have not gone further and learned to apply them wisely to the realm of consciousness. Consequently, anything we are unable to deal with gets stored away and weighs us down until, hopefully, there comes a time when we can open the box and not feel so overwhelmed or disturbed by it. With strength, wisdom and maturity, we may find that what we were keeping in the chest is harmless but for the emphasis we placed on it and the denial and fear that became savage guardians of our private, self-created hell. What was too much for us to cope with in childhood can be dealt with in adulthood if we are able to learn from our experiences and reach in beyond the darkness to find the jewels hiding at the bottom of the chest (just as you have now stumbled upon one of the hidden gems in this book). Ultimately, I believe, we endure trauma in our lives because we have become separated from those precious jewels and they are calling to us, trying to get our attention, and they magnetise us through experiences that we need in order to become whole again. As a race, we have lost touch with much of our DNA, mental capacity, psychic gifts, interdimensional travel and communication, and creative potential. It is time to reclaim our ancient heritage. The mind boggles at how much else humanity will recover in the next century as we - or our descendants - raise our vibration higher and higher.

“What is in Earth is like a locked-away secret in the chronicles of time, and it has to do with emotion. In this gift of emotion there is wealth and richness; there is incredible ability to transcend many different realities and to move through and experience many different states of awareness. Emotion allows certain energies to coalesce, fuse, bond and come together in realisation of themselves. Without emotion, that bond could not be…Your emotions are simply wanting to show you something; you don’t like it because you think your emotions are interfering or will embarrass you…It is imperative for people to trust the feeling centre and operate with it. When ‘stuff’ activates your feeling centre and brings you into discomfort, face the feelings that you do not like. This is your essence. These feelings are your jewels, your treasures, and your gems, from which you can learn about your identity.” – The Pleiadians (Bringers of the Dawn. Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak, Bear & Company, Inc., NM., U.S., 1992, p.150 and p.155-156).

Our consciousness itself is unfolding regardless of our responses and hang-ups because personal consciousness is but one facet of universal consciousness, of the Goddess, and cannot remain separate indefinitely. And, with the increased Light of the Goddess shining upon us now (affecting our planet before other parts of the galaxy, hence the keen interest from ETs as to how this all pans out on Earth, according to the Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn), this process, this attraction, this opportunity to face our fears, is occurring at a much faster pace than ever before. ‘WHAM, BAM, thank you ma’am.’ No, not like that. It’s more of a romantic love affair with the mysterious depths of consciousness from which we have all come. We come from Mother Dao and all that we experience and discover about ourselves is shared with Her, just as fish in the sea add to the quality of the whole. Indeed, that is how I am tending to perceive All-That-Is now, as an infinite ocean in which resides an astoundingly diverse range of species. The treasure chest is literally teeming with precious stones just as we ourselves are many entities, or bodies, on various planes of consciousness, all awaiting our recognition.

"The wise wear common clothes and carry the jewels in their heart." - Tao Te Ching.

A portion of ourselves has become stuck somewhere in the mud, in dark corners of the universe, in the bellies of sharks; caught by clever, carnivorous shells lying in wait on the sea bed. Octopii and cuttlefishes, along with many other predators, which are more evolved than the slower moving portions of ourselves, the lower frequencies of our consciousness, have preyed upon us for many lifetimes. We fall for it time and again, either causing or allowing our own downfall while, all along, our higher selves, those parts of us that dwell on higher planes (spiralling upwards into infinity), in calmer waters, who love and care about us so very much, endeavour to reach us, to guide us to sanity and safety, without interfering with our free will. If we are unable to respond to situations, suggests Lazaris, we are not being ‘responsible.’ He defines ‘responsibility’ as the ability to respond. Our “physical, emotional and mental limitations” can prevent us from picking up the receiver and saying ‘hello’ and engaging in conversation. (The Sacred Journey. You and Your Higher Self, NPN Publishing, Inc., NPN Publishing, Inc., FL., U.S., 1988, p.39). We are too distracted to pick up the receiver when the telephone rings. So it is that our lessons in life come to us as golden opportunities for spiritual growth and eventually intensify if they are ignored. Then we wonder why we encounter a crippling crisis while the more spiritually-evolved dolphins in the next bay smile their serene and gentle smiles with inner knowing that the sea of life and consciousness has finally gotten our attention and persuaded us to focus on a significant hurdle to our transcendence of limited self-awareness. They long for us to find our way out of darkness to rejoin them in the wide open sea which is warmed and radiantly lit by the Sun shining up above, where dolphins play and gigantic whales blow and sing.

A veritable bounty awaits us. A magical, momentous, magnificent heritage is ours to behold - not least a continuous flow of love and abundance, of power and wisdom, of rapture and miracles, the like of which we have never known as mortals - if we would only open our hearts to receive it. We keep being tricked, devoured and excreted, returning to this same old grim nightmare until we are able to wake up. Once we do, however, once we become strong and wise enough, once we find our power to create our lives through conscious intent, we learn to avoid or outmanoeuvre such predators. No longer will we resemble poor baby seals trapped and ambushed by killer whales.

“I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tan Hauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time…to die.” (Roy Batty’s dying soliloquoy in Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, 1982).

The Indigo cyberpunk is born into a corrupt word controlled by corporate predators whose own personal mission as his individuality took over from his cultural conditioning led him to rebel and help to bring down the elite. Alas, for Roy (played by Rutger Hauer), as an old soul whose power and wisdom is derived from a vast richness of experiences over the course of many lifetimes, it is a tragedy not to be able to live longer and express his full potential. The age in which we live binds us to physical matter and, consequently, we never become the immortal magicians we could otherwise be. The alchemy of liberating ourselves from bondage to the illusion of this third-dimensional hologram is something that the wayshowers have often had to overlook as they focussed on challenging the System that has kept humanity ensnared for aeons of time. Roy will have to return to Earth in the more enlightened future if he wishes to expand his consciousness further. He will then inherit the collective wisdom of activating the Light body (or, most likely, it will be automatically activated upon birth into the physical – or fourth-dimensional - realm). He has sacrificed himself for the greater good. He has sabotaged his own potential to become all that he can be because he was forced to focus on surviving. He has invested his time and energy into this crusade to be free and, being a warrior model replicant, he died young just like Achilles in Ancient Greece. For, as Tyrrell (Joe Turkel) proudly and arrogantly tries to comfort his helpless creation, his ‘Atlantean automaton,’ "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy.”

Roy Batty turned to the creator of his mortal ego and programming for answers instead of centring himself in his true Creator, the God within him. He reacted to the injustice of his own existence because his short lifespan was a deliberate feature of his programming. The powers that be (the forces of control both in this world and beyond) feel tremendously insecure. They are frightened of us because they know what power is locked away within us. Consequently, they do everything they can to lock down our natural abilities, our psychic awareness, our conscious intent, our creative intelligence, our innate genius, our depth of feeling, our imminent unity once we become telepathic and release ourselves from the mental chains that bind us to low density. Their weapons are (lower astral) fourth-dimensional devices and are designed to stimulate negative emotions (which controlling entities also feed off). The higher arts, mysteries and philosophical understanding are kept out of reach as though sitting on the top shelf while we retain the stature and spiritual immaturity of mere children throughout our lives. Our higher minds remain out of conscious view through our programmed emphasis on rational materialism or addiction to drama. “Without art,” said Friedrich Nietzsche, “we would be nothing but foreground and live entirely in the spell of that perspective which makes what is closest at hand and most vulgar appear as if it were vast, and reality.”

“There is no beauty without some strangeness.” - Edgar Allan Poe.

We are programmed to self-destruct before our prime. Those who are gifted are cajoled into serving the very System that is watching and leading them astray. They are burdened with taxation and fed on a diet of chemical foods and banal and violent entertainment for light relief to keep them dumbed down until, never accessing their true potential, they become caricatures of themselves through conformity and commitment. They become dead to themselves so it matters not whether they live or die because, by that time, they have become zombies who could never make a difference to the world even if they wanted to. Those who make waves are silenced, sent to mental institutions or even assassinated. Those who are not actively seduced by the carrot-and-stick ploy that the System uses to control its minions may live out their years until released from their decrepit condition, caused by deeply ingrained, inherited ignorance. Given more time, perhaps Roy would have figured it all out and realised his true nature as an expression of God (or a god). He was a trailblazer in the frontline of the Aquarian Revolution, a mapmaker, as the Pleiadians say, one who “set up a vibrational frequency that those of you who are new joiners can feel. You who are new joiners don’t have to go looking for the new frequency and discover it; the mapping is done, and the mapping hits your body.” (Bringers of the Dawn. Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak, Bear & Company, Inc., NM., U.S., 1992, p.174). When we speak of ‘God,’ of creator gods and of ourselves as up-and-coming co-creators, we are, figuratively speaking, referring to certain types of mammals in this vast ocean of life, of pure consciousness, the Mother of All Life.

I mention this observation regarding the Pluto transit over my Moon because my father, who can see people’s chakras, informed me in March 2009, that my sacral chakra has started to open again (which basically amounts to opening up to the flow of creative energy and abundance and sharing this socially too, connecting emotionally, receiving). I was, by that time, several months into a spiritual rebirth which coincided with the new impetus of accelerated energies arriving on the planet. My inner work was starting to pay off. My long crisis of consciousness had finally shut my emotions down completely. So, it appears that, as this dark planet of death and rebirth devoured the Moon, the planet of emotional security (which can also be affected by financial difficulties and debt) and responses, home life and consciousness generally, there was also a direct correlation between this astrological transit and the blockage of my sacral chakra. My trust in life had died and, without the emotional and financial support from those close to me (including my therapist), I would not have made it this far. I also felt abandoned by the entire universe! I have kind of let go of the past even though I’m still carrying some heavy baggage from childhood. Attempting to go back into the past to release negative emotions didn’t really work for me and I am now working more on transforming it through the potentials of the future (which, I feel, my ‘Inner Child’ finds fun too). Returning to the past, we are both miserable. Dreaming the future, we are both happy. In the past, we are divided. In the future, we are one. And, as we play with the future, we are bonding in the present. At least, this way, that part of me surfaces and joins in the imaginative, futuristic game. So the past will just have to empty itself and stay where it is. It’s history and it’s only real value to me now are the more delightful qualities that I need now and in the future. I feel that my therapist also helped to clear my solar plexus to some degree (people tend to store emotions in this chakra, apparently) which enabled me to regain conscious clarity and move into a new direction as a parent to my Inner Child, listening to that part of me and honouring its needs.

“…a 2nd chakra blockage is basically about fear, a sense of personal weakness, low self-esteem, emotional upset, sorrow, self-pity (which is somewhat like anger turned inside, but it's ‘watery' and emotion-based). So in the Hindu system, the material element associated with the 2nd centre is water, as the element of 3rd centre is fire - which figures: anger is fiery, sorrow is wet. These are two forms of distortion, very common, and won't necessarily be alleviated or totally removed by meditation, but meditation can give you the quiet of mind to open the heart, consciously, and consciously to allow those feelings to arise in an open heart, self-accepting system…” - Scott Mandelker (‘The Time of Global Shift,’ seminar transcript, 28 April 2002, Louisville, KY, U.S.,

My theory regarding the first two chakras: The root chakra is masculine and connects us to the Earth and can act as a conduit for the Earth’s energy. It also relates to the savage, predatory instinct in carnivores and is generally valued more by men because it fuels their will, supplying energy for physical action. Physical energy is generated more quickly in men and it is directed in a linear direction, gravitating down towards the groin, out through the solar plexus (will) or upwards through higher purpose. The sacral chakra is feminine relates to our dependence on other people, to sharing emotions with them and belong to the collective whole. Such union is also a source of joy. This chakra is also known as the Seat of the Soul or Mother Flame chakra. [1] It represents our need for personal security and wholeness. Fear is really just the Inner Child’s need for security and nurturing, for safety and love, for emotional intimacy (this is also the sex centre). As with animals, we derive these feelings most naturally from the social group, from being together, bonding as do families, not hiding our emotions but letting them out, sharing them. One who has attained self-mastery shares their energy with the collective without the dependence that personal emotions produce. Jonah (through Hossca Harrison) refers to the sacral chakra as “the giving and receiving chakra,” which makes perfect sense to me. This relates to our openness to life and living, to people, relationships and energy. When it is open, emotional response and expression flows freely, or ‘openly.’ [2]

Being very sensitive and emotional, my shell closed but has also been opening in response to the release of blockages and the increased flow of love and light within me. The emotional pain I have experienced as a result of antagonism at home and financial difficulties has encouraged me to be more conscious of my emotions as an adult. They have simply been too powerful to suppress. Having learned that repressing my emotions is not healthy, my attitude towards them has changed. Interestingly, I have found myself responding to people in a more relaxed and open way. I’m becoming more sociable. Also, rather than simply closing to certain people, I have a deeper understanding. As a result, I am also more conscious and aware of my relationship to them, not simply governed by unconscious fears and reactions. As for Pluto slithering through my birth chart, the next stop is Mars which should prove interesting. I wonder what effect that will have on my root chakra. No doubt, any remaining anger will be transformed and blocked energy released and transformed through action.

“The longer I live, the more I realise the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company...a church...a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past...we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you...we are in charge of our Attitudes.” - Charles R. Swindoll.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear.” (Bible, I John 4:18).

‘Harness Your Emotional Turbulence’ (‘Dealing With Pain’ and ‘Nonviolent Communication’) by Deepak Chopra (from SynchroDestiny. Harnessing the infinite power of coincidence to create miracles, Rider, London, U.K., 2003), p.220-231.

Ultimately emotional freedom leads to psychological and spiritual freedom as well. There are really only two emotions: pleasure and pain - either it feels good or it hurts. Most people believe that the two fundamental emotions are love and fear, but these are really just the ways we respond to the potential for pleasure and pain. Love means we want to get closer to it because we think it will bring us pleasure. Fear means we want to move away because we think it will bring pain.
                We spend our lives seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. The things that bring pleasure or pain are different for each of us. Pleasure or pain are different for each of us. Pleasure and pain flow from the needs that you’s all about perception and interpretation. It’s the ego that interprets thins as being pleasurable or painful, and the ego experiences any crossing of the boundary of ego without permission as being painful.
                The optimal and truest condition is one of balance. Any time we have emotional turbulence, we upset our natural internal balance, which can block our spiritual evolution and may even disconnect us from synchronicity. This is not to say that emotions are, in themselves, harmful or to be avoided. As human beings we will always have emotions, these are part of the human condition. But extremes of emotion will set us off course for our true life purpose. There will always be events or relationships in our lives that trigger strong emotions in us. There will always be things in this world that cause great pain or anxiety. But we need to avoid getting stuck in one emotion.
                Think of life as a river with two banks - pleasure on one side, pain on the other. The best way to float down that river is to stay in the middle, moving evenly between the two banks. If you stray too close to either side, your passage slows, and you run the risk of running aground. Too much pleasure leads to addiction. Too much pain can eclipse your enjoyment of life.
                It is important to note that pain does not have to be physical. It can be emotional pain, or even the memory of a past pain. Although our natural instinct is to avoid pain, we must deal with it when it occurs, otherwise, it will resurface later in life in some form of emotional turbulence. The form it takes may be different from what you expect, but it will resurface, perhaps as insomnia, or illness, or anxiety, or depression.
                Perhaps the most destructive emotion is anger. The ultimate goal of spiritual transformation is enlightenment, the perpetual state of unity consciousness, the constant awareness that you and I and all the rest of the universe are patterns of the same fabric, woven of nonlocal intelligence. Anger motivates us to harm others, moving us in the opposite direction from enlightenment and unity consciousness. Anger clouds any perception of unity. Anger is about only the ego. Rather than moving you forward toward synchronicity and enlightenment, anger pushes you backward, closing you down to the transformative messages of the universe.
                It is therefore critically important to control this form of emotional turbulence. Venting anger really does not help. Venting simply gives fuel to the anger and allows it to grow. Angry feelings need to be dealt with in a positive way as soon as possible after they arise. The goal is not to fuel the anger, or to try to smother it by burying it. Instead, we must convert the anger, or any other destructive emotion, within ourselves.
                The first step to converting emotions is to take responsibility for what you are feeling. In order to take responsibility, you must recognise the emotion. What are you feeling? Where do you feel it in your body? Once you can identify the feeling, witness it. Experience it as objectively as possible, as though you are another person looking in. Anger is triggered by pain. Describe the pain from this objective point of view.
                After the pain is identified in these ways, you can begin to express, release, and share the pain. Transform the painful experience into new awareness. Eventually you may even be able to celebrate the pain as another step on your road to spiritual enlightenment. When you embrace the pain in this way, emotional turbulence will disappear and the path to synchronicity again becomes clear.

"The strong man is not the good wrestler...The strong man is only one who controls himself when he is angry." - The Quran.

"For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“The human race is quick to judge and anger. Alongside doubt they are probably our greatest flaws. It is evidence of the animal in us and of our emotional addictions.” – Gary Bate (Becoming a Christ. A Layman’s Journey of Self-discovery, Blue Light Publishing, Dyfed, U.K., 2003, p.161,

“As human beings we have become nothing more than bodies that carry boxed of attitudes. These attitudes represent the very limited intelligence of our animal natures. They cause us to be quick to anger, to judge and blame, to fight and flight, to fear and be territorial: to be survivalist, sexual creatures that seek money, power and control. When we retire our boxes we gain wisdom and discover that we are indeed gods playing out a drama to further expand ourselves and thus the whole mind of God.” – Gary Bate (Becoming a Christ. A Layman’s Journey of Self-discovery, Blue Light Publishing, Dyfed, U.K., 2003, p.200,

In the succeeding pages, Chopra offers a useful exercise for releasing tension, changing the way we choose “to react to incidents in the world” and using painful experiences “to transcend to a higher level of consciousness” and free ourselves of “emotional turbulence and pain.” In addition, he includes an exercise “derived from Marshall Rosenberg’s excellent book Nonviolent Communication.” (SynchroDestiny, p.226). He explains: “There are four basic steps to nonviolent communication, which involve four questions you ask yourself when you find yourself becoming defensive. When someone pushes your buttons, it’s tempting to want to push back. But that is not an optimal response - it is not productive, it wastes valuable personal energy, and it creates more turbulence in the world.” (ibid. p.226-227). The four steps are: Separate Observation From Evaluation, Define Your Feelings, State Your Needs Clearly and Ask Don’t Demand. Further, an exercise for Healing Childhood Anger is provided as well as the following liberating Sutra Statements (ibid. p.234-235):

  • Imagine that you are without physical form, a field of awareness everywhere at all times.
  • Imagine that you have left behind forever any sense of anger or resentment.
  • Imagine that you are free from blaming, free from feeling blame and guilt.
  • Imagine that you are never drawn into melodrama or hysteria.
  • Imagine that you can choose any emotional feeling you want to experience.
  • Imagine that you can set any goal you want to achieve and actually achieve it.
  • Imagine that you are free of your habitual compulsions and patterns of behaviour.
  • Imagine that you are free of any addictions.
  • Imagine that you never participate in any gossip.
  • Imagine that you are free to respond at the highest level, no matter what the situation is or how anyone else behaved.
  • Imagine that there are no limitations to what you can manifest.
  • Imagine that you can see infinite possibilities at all times.

‘The Power of Human Emotion.’ From an interview with Gregg Braden (YouTube video posted on 21 January 2009).

The key…is unresolved frustration, unresolved anger. That’s where we get in trouble with our bodies…We all feel them because they’re signals telling us about our environment. What’s happening in the world. We want to feel those. The key is, when we do feel them, to recognise what they’re saying and what to do about them, what they mean to us personally and to resolve and reconcile whatever it is that is being brought to our attention in that moment…The world will mirror back what it is we’re feeling in our hearts. If we’re feeling anger, hate, jealousy, rage, you’re going to see it in your relationships; you’re going to see it in your health; you’re going to see it in your body. Intuitively, we know that. And the flip side works as well. The key is to have that feeling of peace, or of healing, to feel the things as if they’ve already happened, to feel the peace in our world as if it’s already happened…and, in that way, we’re giving this field something to work with so it can mirror that back in the quantum world…Everyone learns differently. So, what works for my anger and your anger and someone else’s may not be the same thing. But the key is to honour the language of human emotion in our hearts.
                Forgiveness is vital. It’s necessary for us to move forward in our lives…The Essenes…wrote entire texts about how we get through those times in our lives and they said what we do is we bless the things that hurt us. When we bless the things that hurt us, we’re actually acknowledging bringing that forward and saying, ‘Yes, it happened’ and then that allows them to work through that energy and to transcend the energy. When you bless something long enough - it’s just something everyone has to experience on their own – it actually changes chemically what happens in our bodies. And, when we understand that the world around us – and this is the language of quantum physics…it’s nothing more, nothing less than a mirror of what we have become from within. Our anger, our hate, our rage, our jealousy as individuals is mirrored around us, and collectively. Our love, our compassion, our forgiveness, our understanding…The emotions that we hold in here [heart] become the physical reality in the world around us. They literally turn the atoms off and on of the stuff that our world and our bodies are made of. And that is a huge statement to make and it’s a very empowering way to look at the world. When we choose peace and healing and love and compassion and forgiveness and understanding and tolerance in our hearts, we know that that changes the chemistry in our bodies and we’re healthier. That’s a fact. We also know that more changes extend to the world around into our communities and families in ways that can be measured. And that’s a fact. And, with those two facts, I think that we can move on in this 21st century and not let the frightening conditions of the world disempower us. We can look at the world square in the eye and say, ‘Yes, these things have happened.’ There’s a power within us. Maybe we’ll outgrow the need for war.

Gregg Braden has written a paper titled, ‘Local & Non-local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA,’ which examines an experiment done by the Institute Of Heart Math determine the effect of emotions on DNA. The researchers demonstrated that DNA actually changes shape according to our feelings. ‘When the researchers felt gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by relaxing and the strands unwound; the length of the DNA became longer. When the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration or stress, the DNA responded by tightening up. It became shorter and switched off many of our DNA codes.’ ‘’Holding emotions in does affect our physical body. Negative emotions can therefore lead to the body shutting down. Similarly, the DNA codes can be reactivated by positive feelings like joy and compassion.’ The body’s power to heal itself is also improved when the twin strands of DNA is relaxed and elongated. Braden explains that the energy that connects all of creation resembles a tightly woven web that connects all matter. We have the power to influence this web of creation through our vibration. In this way, our feelings do shape our reality; we choose our reality through our feelings. ‘We attract that which we focus our attention upon.’

‘A Letter from Alberto’ by Alberto Villoldo (The Four Winds Newsletter, March 2009,

The shaman understands that all problems that we face are caused by our unhealed emotions, which distort our perception of reality. We mistakenly perceive a situation as real, and then the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, proves us right! To solve any problem in our lives, we must heal our emotions. Otherwise we will continue perceiving ourselves as victims of circumstances, and not as heroes embarked on an epic journey. We cannot simply change our minds and see the world differently, because our way of perceiving the world is rooted in emotionally charged neural networks buried deeply in our primitive Neanderthal (limbic) brain.
Changing our minds without changing our brains is merely wishful thinking. Only when we exchange our toxic emotions can we establish new neural networks which can change our perception. Then the Universe will prove us right once again, but this time in a life affirming way. Until then, we will continue attracting to ourselves people that share the same wounds and stories we believe to be real. When we re-wire the neural networks programmed for failure, self-sabotage, shame and fear, we can redirect our life force and free ourselves from our self-created suffering.
Initiation is the shaman’s art for transforming emotions such as anger, fear and despair, into love, purity and compassion. Initiation is the way the spiritual warrior heals her emotions, lets go of the need for growing through adversity and becomes a creative force in her own life. Although many cultures design elaborate rites for the initiation of young men and women, true initiation is always internal, a private act of courage between you and the Divine. In fact, all initiations are an invitation from Spirit to discover the significance of your existence and play the game of life at a higher level. Initiation heals the emotional wounds that keep us inflicting pain on ourselves and maintaining a state of stress, crisis, and denial. It is a natural process that requires the death of the old and the birth of the new. Once our initiation is underway, we can recover the passion and vitality that we once squandered in rage, lust, or greed and invest it in our well-being, discovering our power to create instead of feeling continually beleaguered.
                Life invites us to be initiated through many means: Tough love, or the death of a parent or friend, or when we give birth to a child or face a health crisis. When we refuse Life’s invitation to initiation we become trapped, like the moth in the spider web, battling our way out of a medical diagnosis, or a bad job or relationship, only to create another predicament for ourselves. The spiritual warrior knows that such crises can be an opportunity for rebirth, and the doorway through which we can step onto an illumined path that leads to a life of passion, authenticity, and grace. But it requires that we say yes to life, and step into unknown territory.
In Peace, Alberto.

The emotional body, which is connected to the spiritual body, is the body that everybody wants to skip. You say, ‘I want to evolve. I want a rapid acceleration, but I do not want to go through the feeling centre to do it.’
You are connected to your multidimensional selves through your feelings, and it is in your feelings that you primarily get stuck. Accept that your ‘stuff’ comes up for a reason. Many of you would like to bury your ‘stuff’ and throw it out in the trash as if it is something ugly and not who you are. This ‘stuff’ is the shadow portion of your identity that you don't like to deal with or accept.
We understand that sometimes, when something comes Lip, you label it and say, ‘I hate this part of myself. I want to just finish it and sweep it under the rug and forget it. I'm finished with this stuff.’ Guess what. Your ‘stuff’ - your issues - are the treasures of your life. They are how you learn.
You have agreed to mutate, to pull light into your body, and to birth the Family of Light on this planet. Since light is information, you must deal with all of the things you have hidden from yourself.”
- The Pleiadians (Bringers of the Dawn. Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak, Bear & Company, Inc., NM., U.S., 1992, p.216-217).

“Please understand that being multidimensional also means loving one's self. Each individual carries within them a sort of well. This well is usually full of anger. In order for an individual to achieve full consciousness they must drain (release) the anger from the well, so that it can begin being replenished with love. What I am saying here is that until your anger is released you cannot begin to feel self love.
                Mankind has been taught that expressing anger is wrong. So when they go into the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process they attempt to go straight to compassion and skip the anger so as not to have to express it. I am here to say that this will only lengthen your recoding process and the only compassion you will feel is intellectual compassion. And we haven't even mentioned the physical pain that suppressed anger creates. True heart-felt compassion comes after the anger has been expressed by you and released through your High Heart. Remember, the body is programmed to express all emotions. The cells of your body beg you not to delude yourself into thinking there are shortcuts around expression of the lower frequency emotions of anger, hate, lust, shame, and guilt. Your body can only recode the cells that have been cleared of these emotions. So, you see denial of these emotions is only harming you.
                So once again, let me say to all those who read this and desire the accelerated version of recoding, that releasing the stored anger is a must for recoding. The physical body will not be able to increase its frequency unless the blocks of anger are triggered and released.”
- Jelaila Starr (extract from ‘Releasing Old Anger in Accelerated DNA Recoding,’ June 1997,

“If you are experiencing great emotional and physical challenges and/or great money shortages, just remember that those challenges are your chosen vehicles for clearing your emotional and physical bodies and integrating your fears, and that they will take you into multi -dimensionality. So relax! You are right where you are supposed to be and the money shortages will eventually end. Remember, when you look around at your friends and envy their easy life, that you are being prepared for a greater purpose, a near future event that will change the world.” – Jelaila Starr, The Nibiruan Council (‘Building Your Multidimensional Ark,’ April 1999,

“In other words, I focus upon things that are less immediate and, therefore, in human terms, seeming to be less important. But, actually, I’m focussing on THE most important thing which is how I feel right here and now. Step back into that more general place of finding things that are less resisting in nature as you focus upon them. In other words, feel how, when you think about your job, you get frustrated and when you think about your lover leaving you feel lonely and when you think about your body and its condition you feel worried and when you think about your finances you feel frightened and angry. Any of these things are not anything you can do anything about from your current point of attraction. So, what did we say earlier? I’m going to do something about what I can do something about…You cannot disallow well-being and allow well-being at the same time. You’ve just got to make a determination: ‘I’m going to pay attention to my emotional state of being. My emotional state of being is the only thing that really matters. What is doesn’t matter diddly squat. What is is only a snapshot of some vibrational pattern I got going. But how I feel right now is everything about my point of attraction. So, it doesn’t matter what has been and it really doesn’t even matter what is. All that matters is how I feel about what is. And, since there’s so much to choose from about what is, I can do something about the way I feel.” – Abraham (channelled through Esther Hicks during a workshop,

"Forgiveness is a great attribute that comes from being able to ‘Love All As Yourself.’ Compassion is also a sign of a mature and advanced soul. These are the levels that you should be aiming for, but do not falter if you make mistakes. It is through them that your greatest lessons are learnt. Learn also from others, as you do not necessarily have to go through everything yourself. Consider a family situation that involves many people, and how they come out of it together. Sometimes it is their sole/soul purpose for doing so, and often it is to clear karma that has involved them all in previous lives." - SaLuSa (channelled through Mike Quinsey, 17 July 2009,

“You. You alone will have the stars as no one else has them. In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night. You, only you, will have stars that can laugh.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Foot notes

1. Interestingly, the theme of St. Germain’s Summer Solstice event, 2009, was ‘Wholeness’ and appeared to focus on releasing and healing the Inner Child – particularly mine! He was working on my sacral chakra basically.

2. A theory: It is possible that the Inner Child (soul) is your body’s consciousness. Like the deva of a plant, you could say, it is there to nourish and protect your body as well as absorb and channel your spirit. Perhaps the soul has an etheric body as well, another layer, like the interior of a vehicle. I tend to view the soul/Inner Child as the 4D astral body which is, I believe, reborn into a physical body and a portion of it becomes its consciousness. The rest just remains part of one’s overall consciousness (including memory).

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