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Monstaville Book III. Conclusion


“That which you give your energy and your emotion to becomes your reality. It is every human’s gift. Whatever you give your emotion to becomes reality for you.”
– Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther (from a workshop in Zurich, November 2010).

The Conclusion to this book touches more on St. Germain's thoughts and the higher perspective of the Masters. It is really a combination of the Conclusions to books one and two. They represent steps on quite a speedy journey to where I am now. Learning on many levels has been pretty much non-stop for me since I finished writing the Conclusion to the first book! Kind of like cramming a full decade into one year (and then some). There is no doubt in my mind that we most need to develop love in our hearts first and focus on this primarily (and, ultimately, to Be the Love we already Are as prodigal sons and daughters of God). I did not fully appreciate what this meant when I wrote the initial Conclusion. Now that I do, I can honestly say that it has become the most important thing in my life. It feels like I was looking over a wall on tiptoe at that time. I knew that the answers were to be found beyond it but I was unable to keep my balance and sustain my vision. So I came down again and eventually turned my attention to the Trinity, concluding that power and wisdom are equally significant as expressions of the Triune God that we all are. [See Appendix I: Joshua David Stone]. On higher levels of consciousness, I believe they are but, without first attaining the level of the Christ, of Divine Love, the other two qualities remain limited for us. You could say that an ascended being then appeared on my side of the wall having flown here from beyond it to assist human beings in finding and exercising their own wings. Anchoring the Christ Love on Earth is such a pressing matter that the Masters are keen to teach humanity that “Only love is real,” in the words of Jeshua.

“The most difficult part of all of that for you is when you realise that there truly is nothing outside of you but a story and that the being that is requiring the love is you. And if you want to get into enlightenment, then indeed it is simply to say that the enlightenment is the natural result of loving who you are absolutely and unconditionally.” – P’taah (channelled through Jani King,

The concept that we create every detail of our reality is something I really find impossible to grasp, although I have finally learned that it is the subconscious, or the wounded Inner Child (as Kryon explains), that chiefly paints our experiences on the canvas of life. Yet, that is just the beginning of dealing with difficult people and situations from a place of awareness. Therefore, the conclusion of this book and the whole project really is that this is just the beginning of fathoming such a subject! It touches on the range of 'human' perspectives but only just begins to rise to a more divine perspective. It is an introduction, a path, to that plane of thought. I have been growing so fast even since the Conclusion to book two was written. It feels as though, throughout 2009, I was moving up and down like a yoyo, not least in my responses to my neighbours. Releasing, reacting, retaliating, relaxing.

I have released a lot of ‘stuff’ both from childhood and past lives this year (2009) and finally entered a new heart space. It is my intention to centre myself in the higher vibrations of joy and love, to be happier and more awake. I don’t feel so frustrated with everything in my life. I no longer get so angry and upset which means I can endure more and I now also incline to listen to music of my own in order to focus on enjoyment rather than the torment that my neighbours would have me suffer. It is highly possible that various people have tormented me during my life because I need to stop tormenting myself, which I may well have been doing for more than a few lifetimes now, partly, I guess, because that repressed beast is also a major source of energy that has been denied. This relates to the need to face my fears (particularly of my own ego and my potential for power, which is quite a responsibility) and let go of the past which means, in particular, forgiving myself and forgetting in order to move on, to return home to the Love and Light of the Source. In addition, there is the will-to-live factor which appears to have slumped dramatically (which St. Germain brought to my attention)! As Lazaris (through Jach Pursel) explained to Merv Griffin twenty-odd years ago, “You create your own reality under all circumstances through the power of choice, through the power of change, through the power of love.”

Ram Dass tells us that, "All spiritual practices are illusions created by illusionists to escape illusion." Gratitude and forgiveness are still illusions which assist us on our way out of the Theatre of Illusion. Higher still is simply pure Being, beyond all mind. Yet, while we are still stuck down a hole we still benefit from each rung of the ladder. As Mooji explains: “The self can only use an illusion to wake itself up illusion because it’s never been asleep. Even that it’s asleep is also an illusion. So it has to use an illusion to break its own illusion.” (Satsang, 2 December 2010, ‘Eternally Home’). It was always possible to simply ‘wake up’ in a flash, just not quite as easy as it sounds. The odds are turning in our favour more and more but even the initial upward ascent can help to encourage and inspire us to keep going and make our way to greater heights. The Seven Magical Healing Energies of Kryon, which might conceivably be likened to such steps, help to loosen us up on higher levels and activate our higher centres so that the divine energies can enter our crown chakras and flow through us once again, like a river. The seven energies that Kryon asks us to open ourselves to are: Responsibility, Apology, Forgiveness, Love, Surrender, Gratitude and Letting Go. [See Appendix X]. Each of these energies can be likened to light being allowed to enter the physical vehicle, a step towards grounding full consciousness. They help to open the curtains fully, not just a half-hearted attempt which leaves the sides covered. As P’taah suggests, it is possible to release and receive energy from every aspect of life rather than closing the door and saying, ‘No thank you,’ thereby allowing resistance to drain energy from us.

“Let Me speak to you about surrender. It is not giving up things you want. This is the ego-mind's opinion of it, but dearest ones, it's far more the opposite. Surrender is the full acceptance of that which is Real about you and about life. It is the surrender of the ego. Nothing more. But nothing less. It is only the ego that hangs on, that has a ‘certain way’ it wants things. The heart is alive in the moment. The heart simply IS. So surrender is a pro-active experience, not a passive acceptance of loss of something. Surrender is releasing the ego and opening the heart. When you surrender is when at last you are totally full - full of the Real abundance, full of all of My Love, full of your experience of great Love together. All that is Real, then, is yours if you are living a surrendered life.” - From the Messages from God (channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 13 December 2012,

Appreciation, gratitude and forgiveness are positive energies which can serve to counter the negative conditions around us and the negative feelings, anxieties and reactions which may arise from the fearful ego. This, of course, relates to my initial study of Buddhist doctrines in Book One so we have come full circle, or spiralled into a vortex of richer experience and deeper understanding. It’s that ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’ principle again. [See Appendix XII: ‘Your Attention to it Invites It In’ by Abraham].

By courageously loving and forgiving we are creating space for the love and bliss that we are to grow in our hearts. When we yield to fearful or violent reactions we stir up the pool. We allow a storm sent from the ego mind to bring turbulence to our hearts and it forms a barrier to the true Self that resides there. I continue to bless my neighbours when they’re being noisy knowing, at least, that the power of the Word helps to change my own energy, dissolving any negative reactions that might surface. Using this tool helps me to be less affected by the noise although, when things get too much in this environment in which I live, I also feel that I have a mature awareness of what my options are and I refuse point blank to put up with others’ selfish behaviour and take their shit (pardon my French).

"In the beginning we attempt to cultivate loving kindness. Later, loving kindness cultivates us." - Stephen Levine.

If you are just living, even if you are living loudly, then of course I will put up with that. It is not my place to react to that or complain. Even if you are deliberately being loud. Even if your coughing and sneezing all-year-round is fake and deployed like a form of sonar missile (or Nature Modification Weapon). That, too, doesn’t bother me (much). Providing it is not late at night when I need to sleep. And, having the television on loud is not something I consider to be general living. That is just plain selfish and callous in terraced living conditions like this. All you have to do is turn the volume down! Wearing shoes in an upstairs flat after the poor fellow beneath you has mentioned how excruciatingly loud it is? Well, no excuses for that either really. That, too, is selfish and callous behaviour in my view.

Blessing is, of course, another way of forgiving, potentially at least. At this important time in the history of Earth, we would be wise to make inner peace and happiness our goal because these states are now more available to us than ever before. Indeed, these and other wholesome qualities of Oneness will eventually replace all of the symptoms of the disease known as duality for the entire human race! Love makes the world go round. Everybody knows that despite the relentless programming by the global banking Elite who want us to believe that money (most of which they are hoarding – meaning that there is much, much more money in existence than we have been led to believe!) makes the world go round. According to St. Germain and others, love is the key to abundance. While we are focused on money alone, we are restricting ourselves to linear thinking and rational materialism which keep us confined to third dimensional identification. Our hearts remain closed and the Light of the Spirit, the Love of the Self, remains in exile.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you." - African Proverb (someone pointed out on Yahoo Answers that Muhammed said something similar: "The spiritual warrior has no outside enemies."

And, so, we must go on with the quest for precious stones and magical jewels having faith that we are searching in the right place, not outside of us but in our very own hearts, contrary to what the authorities of this material world have been telling us for aeons. Now that these colossal truths have been brought to my attention, it feels as if I am standing at the foot of a mountain, starting a new journey towards self-mastery, a new life. There is no turning back now and yet the size of these challenges looming over me seems most intimidating. For, how can one achieve the perspective from the zenith when one has only just arrived at the foot of the mountain? It’s all very well for the Ascended Ones to offer their perspective but I have to confess that, after the awe-inspiring ‘Who Are the Ascended Masters?’ talk, it seemed to me that climbing that that mountain was a very daunting task. I felt grumpy for the whole of the next day and told someone, ‘It’s what you’d expect a talk by the Ascended Masters to be: a bunch of boffins and school prefects who passed all their exams first time and got A grades. Now, they are at University and visiting the reform school that our world has become to say, ‘Well, if you just do this and this and this’ then you will awaken just like we have.’’ Grrrr! All I remembered, in fact, that there was this huge dark obstacle in my path: a heart of darkness! Yet, that apparent darkness, really, is only the unknown territory of the Path. The Masters kindly described some of it for us just as a dragon might appear in the cave and speak of the wonders to come, the gleaming jewels hidden within the deep recesses of the cavern. The unknown has the appearance of a dark cave or mountain because it has yet to be illumined by our own conscious attention and awareness, our own realisation. It is an illusory construct of fear, nothing more [1].

Another slice of Wisdom, offered by Jeshua and the Messages of God in particular, is that we need to love everything in order to transcend and release it (which is why, perhaps, the practice of gratitude is considered to be so valuable as a spiritual tool because, as it has been claimed, 80% of love is gratitude. Forgiveness, too, of course, is another quality of love). Jeshua, or Jesus, of course demonstrated this principle rather grandly in his last incarnation on Earth - albeit overlighted and empowered by Archangel Michael and other powerful beings – which, although this shows humanity what is possible, for me, it does not really show us what we can expect ourselves although if we aim high we will grow more quickly of course (and who knows where the Ascension process will take us? Imagine millions of Christs walking around on this planet, and increasing in numbers all the time!).

"As you walk through this world, when you cry out wondering what your purpose is, bring your attention back to the simple fact that you are here to bless the world through forgiveness. Look, therefore, gently upon all that you see. Learn to return the mind, the emotions, and as long as it lasts, even the body, to peace. So the graciousness of Christ can flow forth through you unimpeded, unlimited, shining with joy. And let that light fall upon whomever you see and whatever you see." - Jeshua (channelled through Jayem, The Blessing,,
). This quote appeared in a newsletter relating to The Way of Mastery accompanied by the following statement which would be a fitting epitaph for this project:

"The sincere spiritual student seeks to forgive everything that is experienced and witnessed. They no longer question whether to forgive, just how it is best carried out. Jeshua makes it sound easy and sometimes it is. Other times it takes herculean effort. The lessons of Jeshua were given to assist us in the art of forgiveness. To choose Love over resentment, hatred, and fearful thoughts takes practice. One has to remember that just by virtue of making a commitment to spiritual progress, everything standing in the way of that progress is going to show itself. We should congratulate ourselves for all the negativity that comes up. We are succeeding in our quest! Although it may not feel too great, Divinity is answering our prayer."

Gratitude, I have found, is a ‘method’ of keeping the door of the heart open to enable energy – joy – to flow. It opens the door to innocence and allows us to return to a state of Grace which is our original and real nature. We should be grateful when negative behaviour surfaces in others towards us because it is a reminder that there is still unconscious fear or violence buried within us somewhere that needs to be loved and released. The most efficient way to do this is to forgive those who wish us harm. It would be wise to create a practice, perhaps daily, whereby we spend a few moments reflecting on anything negative that has emerged within or outside of us so we can then breathe it out and release it with love and forgiveness. It is through this alchemy of love that we are able to dig down deep enough to pull up the roots of these weeds to prevent them from appearing in our lives again in another form, another person or situation.

“But whenever you default to self-pity mode without awareness, you’re lost in playing the part of a whining child, no matter how you dress it up or justify it. Whenever you carry your responsibilities without complaint, having reached a stage of personal development where you’ve now learned to value your life and everything it brings you, that’s the point at which you enter the ‘state of grace.’ The Taoists call one who walks in a state of grace a person of true virtue, or ‘te.’ Te people (and I don’t mean Tetley’s) are the world’s heroes. But no one is in a state of virtue all the time. You flip in and out of it, hero to cur, adult to spoilt brat at the drop of a hat. The art…is to remain mindful as you transit from one to the other.” - Barefoot Doctor (Dear Barefoot. Taoist Wisdom For Everyday Living, Atlantic Books on behalf of Guardian Newspapers Ltd, London, U.K., 2004, p.95).

The way I see it, consciousness is flowing and circulating everywhere and we are, just as continuously, receiving and being part of this infinite sea. All else is resistance which means constricting the flow in our personal sphere of thought and experience as well as holding on to energy in an effort to control and inhibit consciousness. We close the door and separate ourselves from the higher levels of consciousness. In other words, we are closing our eyes, denying reality and remaining asleep, locked inside our own dreamworld or nightmare, our own bubble of limited consciousness which we fear will burst. Either we fear that the world or other people have the power to destroy the little world we have created (which is all in our heads) or we attempt to impose on the world through our views and behaviour and hope that our ego will endure that way. When we practice love, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness, when we chose peace, joy and happiness deep in our hearts, when we surrender to cosmic wholeness (and gives ourselves to the Divine Feminine), we open not only to the flow of universal consciousness but to all the Divine Grace that comes with it. Those clear, shimmering, powerful waters are deeply cleansing for the soul and, as they wash out all the residue that’s built up and stuck to our ‘insides’ over the course of many lifetimes they also replace the stagnant water with that which glows, which is life itself, which is fresh liquid light. Life and Light return as the Sun shines into our souls once again, as water rushes in carrying with it light from the Sun above and teeming with dapper dolphins flapping their fins, friendly fishes fancy free, silly little seals - or wise old walruses - sporting canes, tweed waistcoats and bowler hats, talking like this:

‘I say, I say, I do hope the old girl’s home, you know.’
‘Rather! Last time I was invited to Alice’s for tea, we had a ball! Absolutely spiffing (chortle)!’
‘By Jove, Thackeray, I do hope the coachman knows where he’s going.’
‘Yes, this fellow does seem a tad lost, what? [Bangs on the roof with his cane] I say, could you hurry it up a bit old chap? We don’t want to be late you know.’
‘Don’t worry Sir, ‘Despair is perfectly compatible with a good dinner, I promise you.’ [William Thackeray quote].
‘By George! What insolence! LOL!’

...and, er, playful plankton that never ask any questions about their destination. Mmm...all in the belly of a whale! And, how seriousness can just, all of a sudden, flip head-over-heels into frivolous nonsense in the twinkling of an eye!

"Be aware of the need to be grateful for the suffering and struggles that are part of the fabric of your life. Sometimes it's easy to simply be angry at your suffering rather than to know that it is the catalyst for your searching and awakening. Your ability to know the power of kindness and love most likely grew out of some darkness and pain in your past. Without those experiences you would still be stuck. Addictions teach the elixir of purity. Anger teaches the ecstasy of love. Ingratitude teaches the need for gratitude. Hoarding teaches the pleasure of giving. Your own pain taught you how to be more present and loving with others. Your chicken pox taught you how to avoid it later in life, by giving you the opportunity to build up the antibodies in your immune system. Life gives exams! Be grateful for those exams rather than critical of them." - Wayne W. Dyer (Manifest Your Destiny, 1997).

“Every positive change - every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness - involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception.” – Dan Millman.

Can we ordinary folk (including those of us who have lost touch with ourselves as Masters) simply withstand any negative treatment and remain unaffected? No. We suffer. And even if we try to endure patiently either this causes us to break down and suffer eventually or we snap and lash out in anger at some point. Life is both a form of torture and an initiation in my view. Of course the Initiates view it as the latter (which I accept to be the objective truth as opposed to the subjective experience). Yet, what distinguishes the ‘ordinary’ from the ‘initiated’ is essentially just this simple state of being ‘in heart,’ of feeling in the heart and, consequently, being reacquainted with the love and power of the Spirit beyond this troubled world of illusion. And, so, surely, yes, anyone can do this, in time and with practice, feeling more and more, going deeper and deeper. Those of us who are still suffering might have the occasional glimpse of this truth but, generally, until one has awakened to full consciousness and is oblivious to extreme negativity in this world of duality, it is torture. It is Hell (although, as I suggested in the Introduction, I am beginning to make some headway now, personally)!:

"My resurrected body also showed you that I overcame negative thinking though it surrounded me. I modelled that you can rise above evil through contact with the eternal source which resides within you even while you dwell in the flesh. My example has been frozen and deified, not followed. I come in thought to free you then, and to return you to the God within, for care and keeping. Will you accept your awakening?
I say to you that my appearance on the planet earth was to demonstrate the power of the mind - good thinking over negative thinking, of positive belief over the darkness, of love over hate...
The difference between you and me is small in principle but wider in practice. I believe totally in the Father/Mother and nothing else. I have mastery. You have doubts. You have not totally committed your heart and mind and therefore need further growth. All the other great teachers of the world religions also seek to assist you in growth and practice of love and compassion. That is our function; that is out purpose; that is the reason I came...
The coming age is the time of connection with God, but also with the soul life in the brothers and sisters around you, both visible and invisible. We are now at the culmination of 250,000 years of learning and self-mastery for those who seek it. Your souls have not been sitting idly in heaven all this time, but growing through love and service even as I have done."
(ibid. p.52-53).

As the titles [the original subtitles, since dispensed of] of this series suggests, most of what is written in the pages of these books is from what I consider to be an ‘Indigo’ perspective, from the vantage point of having more than two active strands of DNA (two strands representing the functioning of the physical body and twelve active strands of DNA representing the ‘Crystal’ or ‘Christ’ state). As Shekinah states, Indigos are ‘enlightening humanity’s genetic code’ through their expanded DNA. The individual truth, expression and experience of the Indigo therefore sets the person at odds with society. I mentioned in Chapter 101 that someone carrying Indigo energy is able to develop crystalline energy if they undergo purification. When I read that this included a pure diet of raw fruit and vegetables I admit that I wrote the idea off and did not believe that I had what it took to make such a transition. However, to my surprise, St. Germain offered me the assistance I needed, inferring that they (the Ascended Masters) believed in me and could see me awakening but I could do with a little push! (I have been told before that I am closer to my ideal of perfection than I think but that I cannot see it because I am in the body. “We don’t see you as you see yourself,” St. Germain explained). 

Saint Germain

The journey from Indigo to Crystal is a shift from (the love of) truth to (the truth of) love. As a result of this loving assistance I myself now appear to be verging on Crystal Christ consciousness as my crystal body is activated by certain codings and attunements, personal responses and progressions, and whatnot. As I understand it, everyone is developing a new crystalline body and much work is being done behind the scenes from the inner planes, especially at night while we sleep. Naturally, we each have our own rate of development. While the Earth and the nature kingdoms have already made this transition without too much fuss, we humans tend to be held back by our own emotional issues, habit patterns, attachments, identities and the rest of it! It is for this reason that we are advised to spend an hour in nature each day, to benefit from Her heightened energies.

St. Germain he told me that I now have a new body and that ‘everyone will experience this jump.’ I have wondered, therefore, if this ‘diet and rest’ aspect of developing  the crystal body might not require such pure conditions in the future because this process will somehow become more accessible. Eventually, everyone's body will change naturally in response to the higher energies, the unstoppable collective quantum leap to Christ consciousness and the new systems of love which are set to replace the political systems of control. This does not mean that people will be able to get out of working on themselves where this is needed in order to make the shift. It just means that it might become easier and quicker as higher frequencies arrive and more human beings anchor and embody them – potentially through all twelve strands of DNA. It is just harder to achieve now because we are endeavouring to release our programming (purging our emotional bodies) in a world which does not yet reflect or even accommodate the new being that is emerging from its chrysalis. In my case, a window of opportunity was required. The initial work for me included the summer months, from May to September, so it coincided with four months of eating more raw food to allow for this shift. After that, of course, the more raw food I can manage, the more Light I can store in my body so I can activate more of my DNA, but if the weather's freezing cold and I can't then that's that!

“Absorbing light requires ones at the negative end of duality to change from violence to peacefulness, from greed to generosity, corruption to honour, unjustness to fairness, anger to reason, oppression to freedom. The bodies of those who refuse to stop the negative behaviour that boosted them into powerful positions will die, and the souls will go to worlds where the energy is the same as those persons generated during their physical lifetime.” - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 11 January 2010,

It is really important to 'intend to ascend.' These are exciting times. More and more energy is on its way. Ascension itself is really just releasing and healing in preparation for embodying full consciousness. Individuals such as myself are blazing a trail through the jungle of dense vibrations (however tangled up we might also be during the process!). In future, I believe, it will be easier for people to release negativity and become channels for the Love that we all are. The return of the Light, including the accelerated energies arriving on Earth now, means that anything is possible from now on!

“You may have strong Indigo traits as well some Crystal energy. You may be a Crystal with some Indigo traits. You may feel like you are a little of both…The goal of these energies is to bring change to the world and they are doing it in their unique ways. The fact that the world is not quite ready for them is not a challenge. They will be who they are until, in their own way, they bring about the change they came here to create…Whether you are an Indigo or Crystal or have a combination of these energies, you came here to do very special work. Finding that path can be a challenge and it may feel like many doors are closed to you. Do not be discouraged - you are the change the world needs and the secret to success for you is to believe in yourself and in your gifts, use your guidance to help you find the best outlet for them. Once you find your path you will be unstoppable and will have the joy, peace, understanding and acceptance that you desire.”-  Jennifer Hoffman (‘Today’s Children,’

I now believe I was always part Indigo and part Crystal - like Michael Jackson too! - Indigo-going-on-Crystal since birth. We are mountain peaks of love and Light, just not risen suns yet. The Indigo tends to rebel against the encroachment of the jungle and challenges the System because his or her truth cannot be denied. In the Crystal being, conflict is replaced by peace because Love simply flows from the heart regardless. There is nothing to rebel against because their Light shines upon this plane of illusion and animates and uplifts it. The Crystal human has attained the level of Christed consciousness. We are then, as Lauren C. Gorgo states, “fully realised, self-empowered and self-sustainable due to the unobstructed connection to Source through our activated DNA and enlivened crystalline cells.” (‘2010: The Year of Truth in Action,’ 8 January 2010, According to Isis, the physical body will then move from a Crystal to Diamond structure before we are ready for Cosmic (as opposed to planetary) Ascension (channelled through Petra Margolis, 12 February 2009).

St. Germain asked us what qualities describe the word ‘majesty’ (being derived from ‘majestic’). The result was pretty much all the qualities of the authentic Self, the real Self that is our eternal spirit. These qualities all relate in some way to the trinity of love, power and wisdom. He chuckled at the notion of the Queen of England being majestic. “Majesty is in the heart,” he said. This word is more suggestive of the higher, spiritual state of consciousness of the Christed Ones.

“Living from the heart will become the norm. We will come to know that our hearts are our best navigators and we will use them often. Our hearts have been opening for quite some time these past ten years, simply because the first phase of ascension has opened so much in our upper back and neck areas, allowing for the sprouting of our angel wings. But in recent times, our hearts have opened for other reasons as well. Although some of us may have known about living from our hearts intellectually for quite some time (and some of us are better at this than others!), because of all the pain and suffering many of us have recently seen or experienced, our hearts have opened even more (before this, they may have ‘closed’ from the experience of departing from the old reality and needing to separate from it and leave it behind!). Having an open heart and giving and receiving love is perhaps the only thing that felt good and right during these recently challenging times after we left the old reality, and we can now remember this well and access this space of higher level being and feeling with more ease. In addition, when anything feeling ‘good’ occurs for us as well, our hearts again open and we may feel like crying and may become very emotional. Gratitude and an open heart are frequently by-products in times of great suffering and challenge…It is all about hearts now…all about hearts.” – Karen Bishop (Wings, 1 January 2010, ‘2010...The Year of Creativity, Manifestations, and Self-Expression,’

‘Collected verse of Rudyard Kipling’ with illustrations by William Heath Robinson. Published 1910 by Doubleday, Page & Co., New York

We have been cut off from the Oneness and unconditional love known to ourselves on a higher level and to those who have ascended from the plane of physical illusion to the realms of Light, in this galaxy and others. We have not fully known love because we have not received or experienced much of it in this life and this has blocked our emotions, thus causing our heart chakras to vibrate slowly or even shut down completely. In other words, opening to feel and share more love is not necessarily something we can achieve alone. We can set our intention to love, and want to know the love that is our eternal Being, our natural state, but it is likely that we will also require the presence and assistance of beings who are already consciously centred in that high frequency energy. I myself, for instance, benefit enormously from my communions with higher beings during my daily meditation practice and these now even include one of the multidimensional versions of myself who is a high priestess in the Andromeda galaxy no less! (Yeah, far out!). It is interesting to me that I stated in the Conclusion of book one in this series that my ideal was to become more like ‘M’ (I’m still not sure if he hails from Sirius or Andromeda) before I realised that this, really, means that I aspire to be an ascended being myself. Ascension was not on the menu for me at that time. The floodgates to the new channelled information were about to be opened for me! And, I now find myself on that path to Ascension.

"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?" - Jean Jacques Rousseau.

During my one-to-one with St. Germain (3 July 2009 before receiving the Archangel Michael/Archia Faith Attunement), he also asked if I trust my heart and I said I think I do, about 75%, to which he replied that ‘either you do or you don't, there's nothing in between’! I think he meant surrendering to inner guidance, to ‘what feels right.’ He said something about life remaining limited until I stop looking outside of myself for things and look within for everything (you see what I mean by ‘Huge Mountain’ or ‘Heart of Darkness’?).

“Your sole mission in this life is to love, to express the embodiment of love that you are. Every experience is only there for you to express love. If you express it, you will get it from within you. How simple is that? There is no complexity in life.” - St. Germain and the Ascended Masters (channelled through Ashamarae, 12 June 2009, ‘Who Are the Ascended Masters?’

“Allow yourselves to tune in to the new energy. You are the ones who have said you are ready for new energy. You are the masters who have said, ‘I will come one more time into a reality that yet believes that there can be other than love, other than harmony, other than Light, and I will bring my Light, and I will bring my awakening consciousness.’” – ibid.

On another occasion, St. Germain smiled and informed me, ‘The challenge is to be love in a world of conflict.’ Actually, this made me quite angry for a few days because I took it as a direct reference to the advice I had received through that channeller back in 1993, just prior to moving to London and I figured that it meant that I had been encouraged from the inner planes (perhaps by the Ascended Masters themselves) to move to London and go through all this shit! I mean, I could hardly even cope with life as it was let alone making things much, much worse! It certainly couldn’t have been a challenge to find the will to live! “Everyone’s heart is too big for this world,” St. Germain told me. We have so much love inside us. My Conclusion wavers between ‘Expressing love while others are hostile is impossible’ and ‘OK, up to a point - up to a higher point on the scale than before - this is quite natural now.’ In other words, while I have not yet attained the level of true, unconditional love (at least consistently) or of owning my experiences and all people and situations in my life, the path towards self-mastery has at least begun. That, for me, is what this whole book is about.

“The only way to truly rid yourself of this experience is to acknowledge that if you did not have these emotions in you, then you would not be affected by them. So there is a mirror effect here for you. You may feel that someone is dumping on you or giving you negativity, but if you were not on some level attracting this experience as a teaching for yourself, you would not bring it to you. So I can give you all the advice in the world about calling on your teachers and guides and Sananda to surround you with light. This is always beneficial. But this will not protect you from your own lessons. So I suggest that you look within and see how it is within yourself that you are still attracting these experiences. They may be coming simply so that you can see what there is to release. It is a matter of releasing this within yourself. Release density from your own emotional body. Then you will not attract it from without.” – St. Germain (channelled through Eric Klein, The Crystal Stair. A Guide to the Ascension, Oughton House Publications, CA, U.S., 1990, p.119).

St. Germain

"Remember that only love brings a state of no anxiety ‑ and only love. Everything else creates a new anxiety...Jesus says, 'God is love,' and I say, 'Love is god.' It is not enough to say that god is love, because god may be many more things. Love may be just one attribute. I say that love is god. Love is all and all. Nothing else is needed...In love you are lost. In prayer the other is also lost. A moment comes when there is no lover and no beloved...only love energy. That energy is delight and that energy is no anxiety. That is the goal. Forget everything else ‑ never forget love!" - Osho.

"You, as humanity, must focus more clearly on love than ever before if you wish to return to God purified of violence. For return is scheduled, soon, but only the loving ones can proceed." - Jeshua ('The Christ,' channelled through Virginia Essene, New Teachings For An Awakening Humanity, Spiritual Education Endeavours Publishing Company, Santa Clara, CA, U.S., 1986, updated 1994, p.70). And: "Those who choose wisely to know the truth of life will assist the planet in her, and their own, ascension to higher realms. The remainder will insist that the material world is the only reality and will fall short of the challenge that is being presented to them. For the planet must demonstrate love and wisdom for her evaluation and graduation, and humanity must do the same. Intellect cannot bring love and peace! That is not its purpose." (ibid. p.75).

I told St. Germain that it is sad to have written a conclusion about love and then to have rejected it and added an epilogue and postscript [which eventually became the Conclusions to books two and three respectively] which give an indication of his ideas. He asked me, “How do you know it had no effect?” (referring to the love I sent to the neighbours). He also said that my rejection of love as a conclusion is because it was only conditional love not unconditional love. "Unconditional love is vast," he added. I asked him what he meant and he added, "Big. It is big." He then proceeded to share a couple of examples with me to illustrate that nothing can compare with the unconditional love that is one’s true Being. In fact, I asked him, ‘Is that because you’ve got something more valuable?’ He found this question encouraging and smiled, ’Yes!’ Consequently, my understanding is that unconditional love is an expression of having something more precious and sacred in oneself than anything one might be required to sacrifice; that is, one’s very own Being and all the joy and happiness that goes with it! [For a deeper insight into the nature of unconditional love see the article ‘Six Steps to Truly Enjoying Life’ by Salem in Appendix XI].

“Even from birth, as we chose challenging paths and dark situations in order to transmute these energies though ourselves, we have been on that ascension road for a very long time…Above all of this is the energy of love, and this connects us no matter who, what, or where any particular situation is. As someone recently told me, love is the simplified version of our true purpose, and indeed it is. This pronounced experience of giving and receiving love is really going to take over now as never before, as we have evolved to a much higher vibrating state of being. So even though things may get rocky, feel dark one day and light the next, and make us feel bi-polar at times, the love energy always serves to keep us steady, as it can never be affected. This is indeed the energy that over-rides all else. It does not really matter then, what our individual purpose is, or how we can help another, when all we really need do is simply love each other. We will find in times to come, that extreme feelings and actions of love and caring will emit from us like never before, and for me, this is when I indeed feel the best and in the most alignment of all. The energy of love will come to the fore-front like never before in times to come. This is indeed an integral part of our new space.” - Karen Bishop (Wings post, ‘Falling Into the New World,’ 8 December 2009,

I said I have mentioned in the Introduction [of book one] that I believed I was learning unconditional love. I explained that the book was already the size of two books and that I don't have the time or the experience yet to add any deeper insights. I have stated that the end of this book [trilogy] is just the beginning for me, I said. St. Germain smiled and agreed, reaffirming that everyone will experience this sudden leap in consciousness as I have and not be able to explain what's happened. He said that I am relating my experience, my journey, like a travel writer. I have been through this shift so my experiences will help to support other people as they also go through the same thing. He asked me, "If a traveller is on his way to here but halfway decides to go here, to Italy say, what can he write about the journey to here (the original destination)?" I said he can't (because he has not been there). He said, "Yes, exactly." I am at the beginning of a new journey.

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - Dalai Lama.

I have not yet arrived at a state of unconditional love so I cannot write about it (I’m not sure I could or would wish to write about something I am simply expressing and enjoying anyway). I do not, personally, believe in unconditional love unless it is a way of expressing the kind of powerful and ecstatic love energy that I felt in my heart for that day a few years ago in which case self-sacrifice is a natural way of sharing the potent sweetness that one feels, removing the dam so that the reservoir of love can flow freely wherever it wishes to. Indeed, I now wonder if THAT was the Christ energy! Being possessed by the power of love is not such a bad thing (although I still think the crown of thorns and stuff is taking things a bit too far! And who wants to see all the kindest and wisest people on this planet martyred? The Second Coming, however, might just be the rise to power of the Christed Ones, heralding, in their droves, a New Earth on which love prevails – and I’m all for that). Osho mentioned that he was like a hollow bamboo through which the divine melody was played. I believe that he, too, became a channel for a collective energy. That might well have been the Christ.

"This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet." - Rumi.

I do, however, believe in choosing to express unconditional love in relation to an adored one so I have experienced it and know how beautiful it can be. It is well worth exploring in this regard at least and I do feel that I display unconditional love generally albeit combined with wisdom and will (power) to some degree (applying it to your ‘Designated Asshole,’ however, is another matter altogether!). I expect that is what qualifies me to write this stinker of a book [trilogy]! Spiritually, of course, our aim is to love the God we see in each and every person, to love the One Source that we all are in everything and everyone. On New Year’s Eve, St. Germain explained that the reason he keeps going on about love is that love is the highest form of energy there is. ‘Nothing is higher than love,’ he told us. ‘Why would you choose anything lower? Like frustration? Love is self-fulfilling: you benefit just by giving it.’ He is offering the truth and appealing to our reason rather than our sense of guilt or moral obligation which are negative and illusory. Well, this is the conclusion that each soul eventually arrives at after many lifetimes. We are, however, living in a time when it is possible for billions of people to ‘get it,’ to choose this direct path to Light, this quantum leap that is on offer as a result of Earth’s own Ascension and the expanded energies that are here to assist in this operation. St. Germain added that surrender is the first step to love: that is, surrender to one’s Higher Self. It is a matter of spiritual growth and alchemy, awakening and freedom and has little to do with religion I might add.

"If we love everyone as a mother loves her dearest child there will be no basis for any problems to arise because our mind will always be at peace. Love is the real inner protection against suffering.” - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (Transform Your Life).

"The quality of unconditional love denotes that we must love ourselves and others free from judgement, negativity or restrictions, emanating love at all times whatever occurs in our realities or whatever intention or energy another emanates to us. Unconditional love teaches us to accept our inner power and the strength of the love that we hold within our souls and heart chakras, allowing us to manifest our power in the most appropriate and caring way. Unconditional love helps us to communicate with others, our soul and the Creator on a new level dissolving all relationship and friendship problems and allowing our communication skills to accelerate and develop. Unconditional love allows us to connect with humanity, our souls and the Creator free from blockages and fears allowing a new form of integration and oneness to manifest. It is important to understand that love is the essence of the Creator and your being; love is needed on the Earth as a foundation for growth. As we allow ourselves to look through the eyes of unconditional love we will break down negativity, judgemental or hateful feelings and thoughts that humanity holds to each other, as well as allowing loving thoughts to replace the un‑programmed thoughts that exist and stagnate within the atmosphere of the Earth. Unconditional love allows us to achieve a major healing process for all on the Earth as we focus on sharing and receiving love." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Natalie Glasson, The New Energy Wave of Acceptance, 8 September 2009,

At a ‘Heart Blessing’ in November 2009 St. Germain offered me an ‘everlasting’ butterscotch sweet (with its shiny golden wrapper) to suck while I was waiting for him to see to someone else and told me not to speak until I had finished it. I am sure that he applied some magic, sending me an intention through the sweet! [2]. I soon found myself staring out of the window and I felt amazed at the crystal clarity of my mind for those few minutes. A question appeared (‘as if by magic’) in my mind like an eagle in a cloudless sky: How can I triumph over the problems in my life? Perhaps it was the singlemost important question I could ask; the question I would ask if only my mind were clear enough! Perhaps it was the burning question I would like to ask God. Of course, I did not need to speak for St. Germain to receive the question. I was off on another plane of consciousness beyond time and space. I was aware of my physical surroundings but found them much less appealing and so I avoided paying them any attention in case I lost this moment of clarity and Light. I then received some kind of solar activation (a level of Light body activation) and St. Germain made a point of telling me that I have a ‘strong heart and a big heart.’ I went to say something (forgetting the everlasting sweet that was still in my mouth!) and he stopped me, saying, “There is nothing to say.” He was showing me yet again that the Ascended Masters love me for who I really am (they see each of us as we really are, as beings of Light). I guess it was their verdict after being part of my life and serving and working with me closely for five months as well as being an endorsement of these books as well.

Specifically, I believe, it was because I could not afford the solar activation from Isis earlier that day and St. Germain seemed to give it to me anyway. I was also getting over a cold after refusing to put the heating on in my flat. I had not paid for last winter’s bill (which had been estimated previously and then, months after I had paid the original bill, suddenly trebled) and the Ascended Masters, as an example during a talk, told us, ‘You chose to have the heating on,’ or something. They explained that one ought therefore to be grateful for bills because we have agreed to this energy exchange. Gratitude shifts bills, they said (they overlooked the fact that we should have had free energy a hundred years ago which the Elite continues to suppress; what’s more, prices have rocketed instead). Artists have always drawn the short straw in terms of material subsistence. Writing books to increase people’s awareness whilst struggling to survive in a Capitalist society even after having had a traumatic childhood and later losing my musical outlet certainly has not been an easy endeavour (endurance test).

Prior to the healing, I was called upon to explain to someone what had happened after St. Germain had advised me (back in June) on how he could assist me in ridding myself of the condition from which I suffer. St. Germain said I had cleverly (unconsciously) made myself ill because I don’t want to be here and he defined the illness as toxicity in my lymph nodes which causes fatigue and a resulting difficulty in paying attention. Well, that did not work out and I was disappointed and upset but not enraged or anything. In fact, a week after this Heart Blessing, I experienced a shift within myself and found that I felt only love for St. Germain, probably as a result of the healing energy I had received for my condition and my Inner Child/emotional state. [Retrospective note: I later learned that this was one of two related illnesses from which I was suffering and this one was cured by the Ascended Masters while I was meditating alone one day in May 2011, apparently].

“As humankind drew deeper into heavier and denser physical matter, men and women became concerned only with their physical appetites, losing contact with angelic beings and the Sun-beings, and almost losing contact with the solar force; almost, but not entirely. The secrets of the solar force were very jealously guarded. The only way this knowledge could be passed down through the ages was through the initiates or the sages. If you study the ancient philosophers with a certain amount of understanding and knowledge, you will recognise in their teaching knowledge of the solar force. Had the masses possessed the knowledge, or the power which the knowledge would give, they would have destroyed themselves. For all that (you may know from legend), there have been occasions when the mysteries became known to certain priests who were not strong and pure in love, and these priests conveyed the mysteries in the wrong way to others. Then the power, the solar force, was used destructively. This was not intended at first, but when an individual's lower self was not under control it rose in selfish desire for power over other human beings.” - White Eagle (The Light Bringer. The Ray of John and the Age of Intuition, channelled through Grace Cooke, compiled from previous communications, 2001, The White Eagle Publishing Trust,

Further, I was given the task (and test) of conveying truth to (and about) someone that he did not want to hear which made him so angry that he turned violent towards me (but, thankfully, the situation did not have a chance to turn physical). To me, this was as natural as it would be on the fifth dimension whilst he reacted like a savage beast in the third dimension. He was totally ungrounded, uncentred and out of control. I stayed true to my ideals and expressed my higher nature rather than being pulled down to express my ego to react in fear. It was a job well done I felt. Other people were also involved and the right result for everyone was achieved. I was able to forgive and forget. I no longer allow negativity to stick to me. I release or let go of it. I owe it to myself to be happy if possible!

The ‘big, strong heart’ statement was also related to the animal with which I most identify - the leopard, or panther – as a symbol of my heart and inner being. According to Avia Venefica, “the panther is a symbol of courage, valour and power.” She explains: “Individuals with panther totems are usually people who come into this world with a spiritual knowing - a deeper understanding of spiritual things. These people often are very intuitive, psychic, and many are artistically inclined.” The black panther “is a symbol of the mother, the dark moon and the power of the night. The black panther encourages us to understand the shadow powers available to us all, to acknowledge these powers and to eliminate our fears of the darkness. When the black panther totem appears in your life, it is also a symbol of releasing your passions, and starting a new phase of your life. A phase in which you are discovering your desires, and living your dreams. When the panther animal totem comes to us (whether it be in the form of images or real sightings) we must begin paying attention to the strength of our inner being - our internal fortitude, and the condition of our spiritual strength and valour. Panthers also beckon us to consider our darker side - analyse this side of ourselves and determine its motivation.” (

Well, I definitely forgive all of my enemies. My concern is with dissuading them from continuing (their focus is, I believe, persuading me to move out!). I want my neighbours, all of them, everyone everywhere, to be happy…just not at the expense of my happiness. The people living next door to me want their happiness regardless of mine and a few of them seek their happiness at my expense. One can tolerate only so much (if you do not believe that hearing people coughing falsely and loudly through a thin wall each and every day for months at a time, as a form of abuse, is not torture, for example, I assure you that it is). A big heart is open, loving and generous of course. It relates to embracing the Oneness of life. A strong heart, I suggest, is required to defend your principles, stand your ground and speak your truth (and protect your space!). It relates to individuality. Neither am I easily manipulated or influenced nor do I care for anyone’s approval, whoever they may be. I have somehow managed to remain on the edge of society. I have tended to use the System rather than allowing it to use me. I observed how it really tightened up during the 90s and how many people were forced to choose: they were either dragged in or pushed out altogether. I have remained true to myself albeit by making certain sacrifices in order to preserve relative freedom. [Retrospective note: I have since learned that this was negative karma from my life as an aristocrat during the Spanish inquisition.].

Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) to Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) on why she saved him: “You have a strong heart, no fear.” (Avatar written and directed by James Cameron, 2009). [3].

Whilst carrying my cat back from the vet’s after a post-op check up I was recalling how brightly I shone after that healing and activation. I could have used a little of that energy. I had a cold and found the journey by bus and foot with my heavy, sulking and protesting feline companion a struggle. Not long after I reached the bus stop (on a dual carriageway) to return home the street lights came on which is the first (possibly second) time I have ever seen this. The lights were dim at first and then suddenly glowed brightly. It occurred to me that such activations have a similar effect: they switch the light on and one may, indeed, glow brightly for the first day, but then it might be a while before the light shines fully and consistently. One must also remember that all of the ascension tools we are using and the activations we are receiving are in preparation for the planetary awakening after or at the end of 2012. A very powerful light will be switched on, shall we say, and, unless we have awakened to the Light (the ‘Christ’ as some call it) within us, the contrast, the jump from dark to light, density to intensity, is likely to be difficult to cope with. We are all being prepared on some level and all will receive an opportunity to raise themselves to the light that is going to shine upon our world.

After the 12:12 DNA activation in December which, as I stated earlier, Isis Herself conducted, I suddenly found myself crying. Some anger with God, or the Universe, had surfaced when the activation meditation commenced and I quickly transcended it partly because we were asked not to think of anything! I was not willing to tolerate any negative thought anyway. At the end, however, I had one compelling thought which was that I wanted the nightmare to end! Afterwards, some of the people attending shared their thoughts or experiences and I kept quiet. I was holding back the tears. I couldn’t just ball my eyes out in front of a room full of people although I am comfortable enough with short bursts (for example, hearing this Ascended One known as St. Germain say the word ‘surrender’ at a later date induced in me such a deep feeling of longing for peace and freedom that I burst into tears and then quickly slammed the lid closed again. At other times, the divine energies accompanying St. Germain in the room have themselves caused shifts and released tears. Being in the presence of God can have that effect on one! Remembrance of our true home, beyond this long sleep, is about as emotional as it gets. Another way of putting it: we become unglued where the eternal glue that is divine love is missing). So, I told myself, ‘No, don’t,’ even though it was a powerful experience that I felt should be shared. Eventually, however, I changed my mind and suddenly announced, ‘OK, I will share this with you. The reason I can’t stop crying (I was still holding the tears in) is that I just want the nightmare to end!’ Actually, I think I avoided explaining this further in case I did actually cry! I did, however, add, “Not for me, for everybody.” Well, I meant not for myself alone but for everyone. Yet, I also meant that I want this whole paradigm of third-dimensional experience to end, preferably to be erased from the cosmic map altogether! I was thinking about this earlier today actually. It is not the material plane itself that is the problem. It’s the lack, the limitation, the coldness, the extremes, the stress and the suffering, the separation from the realms of Light, Love, Abundance, Serenity and Eternal Joy. St. Germain was back and he gave me another ‘knowing smile.’ “So be it,” he added confidently (as though we were all playing our parts in a play).

“It is only when you take full responsibility for everything you see in your world ’the good,’ ‘the bad,’ ‘the ugly,’ do you have the power to change it.” - Elizabeth Anne Hill.

A few months later, God spoke to me directly for the first time ever (in this life anyway). The reason I’m sure it was God because I was deep in communion with the Source during my meditation, something which I am fortunate enough to be able to experience now. The energy of the communication had the same feel and seemed to be one and the same. It was an expression of that communion, a message conveyed to me from its source which is unlike any other I have known in meditation and, of course, which ‘arrived’ in my field of conscious awareness in response to my intention to commune with the Source. I was told that it is not just me who is suffering but that everyone is suffering similarly. In other words, it is really a collective nightmare as much as anything. Jeshua said that the Prince of Darkness rules this world and that’s how it is until love sets us free.

After all the hugging, everyone danced to a tune that had no rhythm and someone pointed out that I was not moving very much! Just before leaving our presence (physically), however, St. Germain then slyly switched the music to ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ which was a relief since I always enjoy dancing to Michael’s music, even the old stuff. What I did not know, however, was that St. Germain had somehow sent me some more magic (no doubt with Michael Jackson’s help!). For, on the following day, I felt an urge to dance to some tracks on the Dangerous album. During the second or third song I listened to, I suddenly burst into tears. I was totally taken over by its impact and basically threw myself to the floor, curled up in a foetal position, as the tears poured out of me uncontrollably. It felt a bit like a cannonball being blasted out of some dark place inside myself. I believe that this was whatever I had managed to keep under control the day before after the activation. It was all over within ten minutes yet it left me exhausted for the rest of the day and my eyes were still stinging later that evening. It has left me wondering if the energy that was released has been the source of all my nightmares! We’ll see! Additionally, it has occurred to me that Michael’s music is channelled clearly through his own Inner Child and therefore appeals to the Inner Child in those people who respond on this level. For me, it is both healing and liberating for the soul.

I can only say that this whole process has been about preparing to set out on that journey. I cannot discuss the new unconditional love and happiness into which I am (potentially) being born. It may take many years to embody that kind of love, who knows? Until re-reading this just now, I thought that St. Germain meant that I was heading in a certain direction, perhaps only going so far in my journey, my growth in relation to these personal crises, but that I am now changing direction and embarking on a new journey, to a new destination, which is further than the original one. Yet, it seems that what he really meant is that I would not be able to explain the jump, how my journey suddenly altered its course and how I got from the Conclusion to Book One (believing that love might hold the key…naively, I considered in the Conclusion to Book Two) to the more mature outlook of the third Conclusion (knowing that love is the answer to everything even if I have yet to explore this principle fully) basically! Yep, just one c-r-a-z-y journey! This is a continuing journey but one that is now firmly anchored in higher ideals (indeed, a higher plane of consciousness no less!). So, this is the beginning not the end of the journey! It is the beginning of a new life…and the dawn of a new world, a new Earth! And, since the 12:12, our connection to God has been cleared. There is really nothing to prevent us from exploring our relationship to Source any longer. An age of communion and co-creatorship is upon us.

“…there is a new world coming, a completely new point of view, a completely new stand point. There is much love in the air and this is the change; the love is coming. The energy of love will flow. By the end of the year there will be a completely different perspective on life, a whole new point of view, there’s a new world coming. For those of you that have been working on yourselves you will be able to see the changes in your life. The challenges you are facing become completely different and they are non-the-less challenges. Once again we speak of love for love is the answer, it is always the answer. Wherever there is a problem there is an absence of love.” - Kryon (‘Love is coming,’ channelled through David Brown, 10 September 2009, Vienna, Austria,

And this is why all this contemplation of unconditional love and its place in the context of human conflict is of great import to our lives today. For, as Bashar, further states:

“Your world is preparing to experience a level of unconditional love in the near future, unprecedented on your planet. Even in ancient times, with civilisations that were far more connected, far more in remembrance of their connection to Spirit. Never before on Earth have you gone through the darkness to the Light in this way. And the remembrance shall be profound by having taken that path. And the love, once regenerated, shall never be lost again.” (

“Your presence is necessary not only for your own evolution, but also to help the deeply sleeping multitudes who are, themselves, due to take this momentous evolutionary step. It is a move out of attitudes that are self-centred, defensive, competitive, fearful and confrontational into ones that are loving, cooperative, and harmonious. All must and will take this step, and to do so it is essential to release all those ancient unloving attitudes that in the illusion, for your own safety and well-being, seem so normal and sensible. You are receiving enormous assistance with this task from those in the spiritual realms, so that you can demonstrate these loving attitudes and behaviours continuously. Many of you are already doing so most effectively, and you must continue to do so in every situation and interaction, even if it seems that you are being denounced, threatened, or attacked. To respond to those kinds of situations in any other way just draws you back into the illusion. It takes great courage to demonstrate unconditional love constantly, but you chose to be here to do that, and you most definitely have that courage. When you feel doubt, anxiety, or fear, turn inwards and ask for help because your guides, your angels, and the Holy Spirit will respond instantly to your call for help; that is why they accompany you and watch over you at all times. Yes, you may still experience those doubts, anxieties, or fears, but you will also realise that you are not alone, but constantly supported so that you can maintain your energy field as a calm, peaceful, and loving space in the centre of any storm that may be raging around you. You are love, you are peace, you are stability, and you can and will demonstrate this in spite of any misgivings you may feel, because you know that your support will not fail you – in fact it will strengthen and intensify.” - Saul (channelled through John Smallman, ‘You are love, you are peace, you are stability,’ 7 September 2011,

Oh boy! All of the books I am writing feel like mountains of various heights to me. We go up and then down the other side to arrive at the end, the conclusion. Well, as you can see, this book [and this trilogy] doesn’t really have a conclusive end. It does, indeed, remind me of that rocket being erected on the launch pad…ready for takeoff. This mountain goes up…and then as we reach the summit we do not look down but leave the past behind and carry on going up. Our feet leave the ground as we reach for the Sun. Now, where did I leave those wings?

In these magnificent times of great change, always remember that we are here with you. Those of the higher realms are here with you in every Now Moment. We have never left you. It is the illusion of the third dimensional frequency that leads you to believe that you are alone. In each Now Moment, when you stray from the love of your Sacred Heart, breathe deeply and return your consciousness into your Sacred Heart. Return to this love, beloved ones. It is here in your heart that you find your deepest connection to your God Self. It is within your heart that you will find your deepest connection to all of the beings of the higher realms who are here to assist you. Never doubt that we are with you. We are all One.” – Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘The Oneness of All Creation,’ 9 November 2010,

What I can say, however, regarding my own path, is that I have certainly become more heart-centred since 9 September 2009 (which, according to Archangel Michael was about this). When I am more centred in the heart, and therefore spirit, I feel less like reacting or defending myself. I also do not feel affected by things so much. It is a stepping stone to feeling more love and therefore allowing the power of the spirit to be the hub round which everything revolves in the midst of the holographic illusion – and, ultimately, being awake in the dream. And now, writing some months after writing this conclusion, I can also say that, since the energy boost on 10 October 2010, I have definitely noticed that my ‘memory of my Oneness to God and to All’ has ‘increased as a result of this activation,’ which Maureen Moss wrote in the World Puja Network mid-month newsletter (‘After the 10-10-10: Active Magic,’ 14 October 2010), “was the point of this particular magnificent activation.” She adds: “Now you are asked to take your memories of Oneness and bring them into an active state in the Now.” My awareness keeps coming back to my relationship with Source and to the loving energy within my heart. This is a fabulous experience because, however much I lose my way or get stuck in my head (and, believe me I do!), I keep returning to the inner reality of the spirit and remember that we are living in a dream. Consequently, I can no longer get through the day without frequenting the Love Inn wherein lies the bliss of my very core. ‘What are you having?’ ‘I’ll have a pint of bliss please!’ Yeah, the usual: the bliss is there, the love and the joy and magic. Just remembering them and tuning in at various times throughout the day, is uplifting even if I do not actually manage to drink much of it. Sipping it here and there keeps the momentum going and one’s frequency afloat and mood relatively upbeat.

“Unconditional love is really about wanting so much to remain in connection with your Source of love that you deliberately choose thoughts that allow your connection (no matter what manifestations may be happening nearby). And when you are able to control your point of attraction by deliberately choosing better-feeling thoughts, the conditions that surround you have to change. The Law of Attraction says that they must.” – Abraham (Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks,  Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA., U.S., 2008, p.201).

The Ascended Masters

That simple practice of blessing people which I mentioned in the Conclusion to Book 1 has now deepened, through conscious effort, into the richer energy of forgiveness which feels much more like expressing my higher self directly, or allowing this natural quality of the Spirit to shine into my consciousness and, therefore, life. I now feel thankful for the opportunity to feel and practice this in order to restore my awareness of who I really Am as pure Spirit. What is it that keeps us human beings apart from the higher vibrations of the eternal Self? We are tangled up in a world which does not express this inner Light because we have forgotten what we are Love, that we are Light. We have identified with what is outside of us, or what appears before us, and we give all of our attention to that world, or that nightmare in which our experiences tend to be dark because there is insufficient Light shining forth from our hearts, from the Source, because we are not feeling it enough or giving sufficient attention to it.

Our resistance to lighter energies is derived from accepting and acknowledging the world of concrete form and lower density. We have slowly spiralled to a standstill over the course of many lifetimes until it has become unbearable to be reminded of the sweetness we can no longer sustain and, finally, we have even forgotten it exists, or we automatically block it out. Survival mode has become our default setting and, therefore, we never remember to change gears, to create and expand and move with that forward momentum. We are either stationary or going round in circles. Perhaps the two alternate as each time we accelerate we forget to take the handbrake off as well. So we never even have a chance to consider the option of changing gear because we must be rolling forwards for them to have much effect.  We are simply too distracted with everything in our external lives.

“As long as you are more aware of what you do not want regarding this situation, what you do want cannot come to you.” (Ask and it is Given. Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA., U.S., 2004, p.50).

It is important to understand the basic premise that if we give our attention to what we don’t want, which is the shadow of what we do want, we are creating the opposite of our desire, as Abraham teaches. Focusing on the shadow, which is the lack of what we want to experience, brings darkness into our lives. The reason for this is that it involves the energies of fear and resistance. So, we might be thinking about one thing yet feeling something quite different which is why many of us tried and failed to use positive affirmations. Abraham suggests that we can easily determine what our ‘vibrational offering’ is through how we are feeling. Are we choosing ‘better-feeling thoughts’ or simply observing what has appeared in our lives and therefore paying it so much attention that we’re stuck with it? Whatever we are predominantly thinking about moves towards us in our physical and material lives. Accepting and owning everything in our lives is therefore a very practical matter. That is really the choice that takes the handbrake off and restores our natural power as co-creators. So, I now say that I take ownership for everything in my life and accept that I created it for one reason or another (such as, living unconsciously, spinning out of control and identifying with external circumstances). Sprinkling a little gratitude and grace on top makes this energy sweeter. The whole point, really, is to flow smoothly - emotionally - with the current of life so that the reality we are consciously endeavouring to create can make its way towards us (dancing with the Universal Dinner Lady as Barefoot Doctor might refer to it!). This is the inner work of Ascension which requires that we release tension, breathe through it and do whatever we can to be in high spirits so that any negativity in our lives does not drag us down.

“Have faith that you’re open-minded enough to accept that you’re the cause, if you believe in effects; accept responsibility for everything that has, or has not, ever happened to you. So that, finally, you recognise your unmitigated super powers, claim them and rock the world!” – Mike Dooley (Notes from the Universe, Book 3, TUT Enterprises, Inc., 2005, Florida, U.S., p.117).

Once you are spinning out of control it takes a radical shift of consciousness, involving a break from everything one believes in, to regain the centre. Achieving such a feat may well require a crisis. Indeed, the major stumbling block for many people is that the ego’s logic tells them that the physical reality outside of themselves is all that exists. Many people will therefore not even entertain the notion that there exists a much greater world deep within themselves, in the Being who is dreaming all of this. Yet, that is the only source of joy and creative power there is. As I also mentioned previously, we have to stop associating the feelings of love, gratitude and forgiveness - which are expressions of divine energy and therefore states of being - with Christianity and rejecting them as ineffectual moral codes or signs of weakness and religious delusion. Forget all of that. Break open the egg of fearful beliefs that may once have served to protect us from the harsh conditions outside and allow the chick to finally hatch, the Spirit to shine forth. And stretch thy wings and fly! And always remember:

"Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted." - Deepak Chopra.

Each person’s Ascension path resembles a mountain; indeed, a path that winds up the side of this mountain towards a higher state of consciousness. As we approach the summit, we find that there is less density (our mountain, or heap of ‘stuff’ from past lives) and more Light. The air is thinner and our minds are clearer. We also have the advantage of looking back at our experiences form a higher vantage point with the possibility of seeing them for what they are and how they all fit together and facilitate our upwards ascent towards the peak, or centre, the Sun of who we really Are.

As we move upwards on our journey back to Reality, we are in a better position to piece things together, to understand situations because we have been dealing with certain themes and endeavouring to release emotions relating to specific issues. So our outlook matures with time and wisdom results from experience. We may not remember all the alleys, all the nooks and crannies, in the labyrinth, but, intuitively, we know where everything fits, how the projections form on the canvas of life, the tests they present, they gifts they conceal and the reminders to raise our frequency and feel in the heart that they truly are. We have a sixth sense. We are rooted in that strength and wisdom which was born of being lost and suffering in a hostile environment. Even if we could remember, we have transcended the form, learned the underlying lessons and made the necessary shifts, to take the right turns and find our way out by the quickest route (which is foreseeing, or knowing, where each thought and action leads so that we never actually enter the maze in the first place). What’s past is past. We take what strength and wisdom we have gained from our trials and apply them to our new lives. And we also take with us, of course, the gifts of joy and truth, freedom and love, power and Oneness that were ours all along as expressions of God/Goddess.

Whoever you are, reading this book, the Light really has returned after a 13,000-year absence (and more fully than it has for much, much longer than that), we really are co-creating a New Earth and we really are loved by many unseen beings who would love to help but cannot lift a finger until we ask them for assistance. Consequently, as Osho says, there is every reason to celebrate, to be loving, to be grateful. Happiness is but a decision away he assures us. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget, a little laughter goes a long way…

Vicar (Alan Bennett): So now I draw to a close. I want you when you go out into the world, in times of trouble and sorrow and helplessness and despair amid the hurly-burly of modern life, if ever you’re tempted to say, ‘Oh, shove this!’ I want you then to remember, for comfort, the words of my text to you tonight…’But my brother Esau is an hairy man, but I am a smooth man.’ (Parting words of ‘Take a Pew for Today’s Lesson’ Anglican sermon performed in Beyond The Fringe, written by Alan Bennett, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore and Peter Cook, 1963. The biblical quotation is from Genesis 27:11).

Foot notes

1. In an article titled ‘While On The Way To Ascension’ (channelled through Ronna Herman, February 2010,, Archangel Michael suggests that we have all commenced some way up the mountain but that those who become embroiled in competition, status, selfishness and gossip through their egos choose to remain in the low-level village where they are either content with the status quo or afraid to risk venturing further up  the mountain. Others are not so impressed and move on together to seek higher ways of living which also bring new challenges. Some may settle and establish a new village while others are determined to reach the summit and see what lies beyond it.

2. St. Germain says that while they, the Ascended Masters, serve us, we also play our part and work together. However, their intentions appear to be effective when we do not know what is happening. Somehow that diminishes the potency and spoils it. I would say that it is necessary for them to catch us unawares to work with us heart-to-heart whilst bypassing our minds

3. She added, however, that he was stupid and ignorant like a baby! He was attacked by a pack of dogs after lighting a torch thereby scaring them. After this episode, he discovered that, as night falls on Pandora, the plants themselves light up, some even as one steps upon them.

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