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Denial is a choice

“If you ever want to come home, you are going to have to become very, very divinely selfish. You are going to have to become so selfish that you will not tolerate judgement in yourself – of anyone or anything. Because you will begin to recognise that every such act catapults you to the other side of the universe from where you want to be.” – Jeshua (channelled through Jayem, The Way of Mastery, Lesson 3, Heartfelt Publishing, 1997,

‘Effects of the Incoming Energies of 2012 on the Manifestations of Denial’

By Vywamus

An article channelled for the Sedona Journal of Emergence through Patricia Marston-Snow and Halsey Snow

Welcome, my friends, this is Vywamus and I would like to share with you some interesting information regarding denial and the effects which the current influx of energy is having upon the manifestations of denial. This information will help you to understand much of the underlying reactions that you are all experiencing within and seeing in your world. In order to reference what I am going to say you need to remember what I have been teaching you about denial. A couple of points to refresh your memory in regards to denial, and the manner in which you have become accustomed to playing with it in your creations.

Denial is a choice

Remember that the experience of denial is - as all experiences - a manifestation of a choice.** Yes, denial is a choice and it has always been a choice, regardless of the different types of manifested states that it appears in. Choice always manifests regardless of the choice. ‘Positive’ choices manifest as easily as ‘negative’ choices. Choices do not compete for the right to manifest. They simply do manifest, regardless of your conscious desire for or not for the choice. With the choice of denial, the only aspect of Self which is ‘affected’ so to speak, is the conscious self, for the effect of denial is to HIDE another manifestation (choice) from your conscious awareness, but the manifestation of denial does not STOP the manifestation of other choices from happening. (** I am referring to choice as a spark within the root consciousness of Self rather than as a decision within your mind.)

The purpose of denial is to hide something from the creator self - you. The purpose of denial is to hide something from the creator. It’s purpose is to support the creation of an illusion. So when one looks at something – some aspect of one’s creation - one does not see what is actually there. Now this seems quite reasonable if one were a magician playing to an audience of children...the ability to create an appearance that really isn’t. The audience is wowed and the magician is pleased, yet everyone remembers that the show is a show of ‘illusion.’ When a person engages the choice of denial, they tend to do so for the purpose of creating an illusion, a hiding of something that they do not want to feel, see, touch or experience. The main thing to remember with denial is that even though we choose it as a means of hiding something from our awareness, it never appears that way on the surface. When you see a manifestation of denial you do not automatically say to yourself ‘Oh I can see that I am hiding something from my awareness here.’

For example...let’s say you are judging something. (Remember judgement is a form of denial). The most common response to the experience of judgement is to focus on that which is being judged, and then follow the judgement with another reaction, successfully leading the mind away from that which is being hidden. Therefore the ‘decoy’ of judgement (denial) and that which you have linked (attached) the judgement to, is successfully working to ‘hide’ something from self.

The manifestation of denial appears in many forms. The form that denial takes is determined by the dimension in which the denial is being manifested in, and your desired effect of the denial. When you are playing in the dimension of the mind, denial appears as thought forms of judgement, confusion, fear, overwhelm, ‘no,’ past, future, comparison, linkage, polarity, ‘why’ and lack. When you are playing in the dimension of the emotional body, denial appears as the feelings of victimization, blame, guilt, fear, shame, non-reception, and contraction. When you are playing in the physical dimension, the manifestation of denial appears physically as ‘what is not,’ lack, disease, illness and delay.

The appropriate illusion is determined by the your desired need not to see, feel or know about what is being hidden from Self. This sounds a bit extreme because you would hope that you would want to remember when you are ‘making believe’ about something, but this awareness is competing against your desire to forget, to add a veil in regards to your awareness of Self and your experiences that you are creating now. In general the choice to forget, the choice to make believe that something is not happening, and the choice to hide something from yourself, is currently given greater precedent in yourself and most of humanity than the desire to remember who and what you are.

When your need for the experience of denial is slight or surface, then the manifestation of the denial is quite simple and easy to see if you want to see it. When the desire for the experience of denial is to heavily shield that which it is tended to hide, then the use of denial and it’s manifestations become very contorted and the forms tend to twist within each other, making the denial appear to occur in layer upon layer of forms of denial (yes, there is denial of denial, and so on.) When denial is layered into your experiences in such extremes, other choices that you are seeking to manifest appear to completely ‘disappear.’ Such is the perfected state of the choice of denial.

Denial is considered a ‘normal’ state of mind. Spirit, yes spirit and humanity - have engaged the choice of denial so often that denial is now the norm for consciousness. For even the most advanced thinkers, philosophers and spiritual seekers many times have come to believe that the illusions of denial are actual ‘truths.’ They then work with these ‘truths’ hoping to apply them to the workings of the universe, only to be discouraged time and time again in regards to the effectiveness of their conclusions. Hence the belief (for example) that manifestation can only happen if certain ‘conditions’ are met and even then, one is not guaranteed that - even though the conditions are met - the manifestation will occur.

You can see this happening at times in your flow with your mind. How many times do you find yourself expressing a judgement and believing it, and then reacting to it and attempting to change it without even acknowledging that it (the judgement) is an illusion? How many times do you find yourself playing with your fears and then undertaking therapies to take the fear away or overpower the fear? How many times have you heard spirit speak about the veil between the dimensions as if it was created by something other than the choice of denial? How many times have you heard spirit speak about the separation between itself and humanity as if it was reality – a fact of life, ‘the way it is’ – as if it was created that way with intention and purpose rather than it being a result of Self’s/Creator’s use of denial? Who is creating the experience of the fear, judgement, veiling and separation in the first place? When does something that is an illusion warrant you behaving as if it is real? Only when you have decided that it needs to stay an ‘illusion that is believed to be real and forgotten that it is an illusion.’

When we from the ‘spiritual level’ speak to you about illusion, we are asking you to consider not only your mental need for illusion, but also your emotional and physical needs for the illusion . Yes, I realise that you think you know what an illusion is, but my question to you is this: have you ever considered how much illusion you are playing with in your everyday waking consciousness? Probably not, for you have come to believe that fear, judgement, delay, overwhelm, guilt, shame, past, future, linkage, non-reception and all other forms of denial are real within themselves, created by circumstances beyond your control, and certainly not creations in their own right, independent of what they have been connected to. You never consider that these experiences are all simply manifestations of denial, experiences that you have and are creating to successfully mask, hide, deceive, and deflect your attention from that which you as personality/ego and spirit are seeking to receive in your experience of Self.

For those of us on the spiritual plane who have come to recognise this extensive game of denial being played out in creation, we have asked ourselves why would we, as spirit, play with such a deceptive, illusionary game designed to help us forget who we are, what we are capable of, and the unlimited possibilities that we can play with? I, Vywamus, have asked myself this question many, many times and have yet to discover an answer that does not lead to another question. Perhaps we have become bored with our ‘un-limitedness.’ Perhaps we desire to create a Gordian knot, and then dismantle it. Whatever the reason has been, it is now time to stop and recognise what we are doing to ourselves and our creations.

I realise that many of you desire to believe that spirit would never do such a ‘stupid’ thing...create a game of make-believe and forgetting and then ‘work like hell’ to remember, constantly battling self and abusing self on all levels as we seek to extract ourselves form the separation of our own making. But consider this my friends, as much as you like to play the game that spirit is separate and immune to all the follies that you perceive sleeping humanity is and has created, I can tell you that spirit has been and is very much part of this flow. And that it is time that we (both spirit and humanity) all consider the consequences and recognise that we (both spirit and humanity) are in this together like it or not. No, we are not sitting here basking in a golden white light and patiently waiting for sleeping humanity to awaken. We are actively working and seeking, ourselves, to unlock the cage we have inflicted upon ourselves. I wish I could say that we always know what is going to happen and that we always know and can stop that which we know creates hurt and abuse, but we do not. What I can tell you, is that our experience here on the spiritual dimension is much like your experience on the physical, mental and emotional levels, and that we are communicating as much as we can through this fog of denial (the ‘veils’ between dimensions) what is happening and what we can see needs to happen.

Do we expect you to do the all the work here? No. But you have to do your part just as we have to engage with our part, so together we can spark and move all of creation into a new framework. And hence here is the topic that I wish to speak with you about at this time.

This new framework of energy that I am speaking of is a flow that many are referencing now as the experience of 2012. As these new energies are anchored within the earth’s experience, within humanity’s experiences, the effects are becoming more conscious to a wider range of humanity. These new energies are having a profound effect upon many aspects of your creations here on the planet. As 2012 approaches, the energetic framework that you are accustomed creating within to will be changing greatly.

One creation that is being deeply affected is the ‘effectiveness’ of the manifestations of denial. As the new framework slowly merges with the old framework, the manifestations of denial are losing their ‘potency of illusion.’ At first glance, you probably will receive this awareness with great glee - for who needs denial? Who wants denial? This is great!...for it will finally eliminate the veils that Self has placed over Self. ‘Oh yes!...this is exactly what I have been asking for.’ Now consider this...You are the ones choosing to play with denial and choosing the veils. It serves a purpose for you. And when the manifestations of denial are altered in such a manner that the ‘old’ way that denial manifested is no longer in alignment with the purpose of the denial, then SELF has – and is having – major reactions, inside and out.


In the old framework of creation, the manifestation of denial literally ‘locked onto’ the energetic framework of the choices which the denial was being played on. Think of a framework in which the building blocks are cubes. Everything created within that framework is created by the arrangement of the cubes: small cubes, large cubes, whatever size cube is necessary is used to create the manifestation. The cubes are stacked on top of each other in various patterns to eventually manifest the shape of the creation. The creation is then infused with an energetic blueprint and ‘voila!’ we have manifestation. When the choice of denial moves in conjunction with another choice (which it always must), we have an identical manifestation set up, but with the intention of illusion. Because of the cube-like shape of the building blocks, this identical flow is not distinguishable from the original blocks, and since the only difference here is the actual vibration of the cube, depending upon the frequency used, one may or may not recognise the small, nearly invisible, difference in vibration. But the difference in vibration is enough to throw the manifestation into a realm of ‘invisibility’ to the eye of the beholder, especially when the eye of the beholder does not desire to see the original creation.

The influx of the new energies of 2012 have now reached a crucial level of concentration - meaning that most individuals, whether they consider themselves awake or not, are sensing that something very different is happening in their world. Some are speaking about it, some are attempting to qualify it and quantify it, but everyone from the aborigine in Australia to the CEO in New York is recognizing that something is happening. These new energies are replacing the old energies and will continue to do so, faster and faster, as we approach 2012. And how do these energies impact our game of denial? Quite simply. Remember that I just said that the old energies can be considered ‘cube like’ in nature. The ‘new’ energy that is being delivered is not in the shape of a cube, but is more egg-like in nature. When you stack egg shapes together there exists much more space between the structures, than there is when you stack cubes together. This space is allowing for a greater diversification of creation, and by it’s nature is allowing more and more influx of ‘raw’ energy, which is then sparked to support the creation. Unlike the old structure, when you seek to create with denial in this new framework, the framework has within itself space in which denial is not vibrating, hence it is more difficult to maintain the illusion which denial has delivered in the old framework.

You could say that denial is now more easily seen for what it is. Sounds great doesn’t it? Yet within humanity and in some parts of spirit as well, there exists a deep reaction to this. For the game of denial is no longer working as well as it did before. How is this seen within the human psyche? Well, many more people are reacting to the fact that they no longer can deny their expressions of how they really feel inside, or their game of fear, or their hidden judgements, or their disconnect from their responsibilities. And when we desire so much to continue in the old way, then we have a ‘temper tantrum’ when we cannot. Many people are choosing to energise more and more coping mechanisms, in a last-ditch effort to create the illusion of denial that they had before. This experience is very painful to see, because you can see the desperation and the excuses that are being delivered to the psyche in an attempt to avoid dealing with one’s creation – one’s experience which IS one’s creation. You could say that this beginning decline in the effectiveness of denial (as a means to forget, deceive, hide or make believe that something is not when it is) can be seen as a wonderful opportunity to create the transformation that is so needed. However for many this transformation will not come easily, but rather with great struggle as they create experience after experience where they are asked to face their creations and themselves, and they attempt to once again run away. Many people will come to recognise that the coping mechanisms of anger, co-dependency, fear, guilt, shame, lack, self abuse, and disease are no longer sufficient to deny the responsibility of the soul and personality/ego in relationship to one’s creatorship.

The next few years will be an interesting journey into what many have come to call the ‘shadow side’ of self. Please remember, my friends, that you are by no means alone in this journey, for we in spirit are also journeying there. May we all remember that, as we receive the spark of the next cosmic day with the depths of Spirit, no one is alone. Remember, you are not here on the planet at this time due to an accident. You are here - we are here - because we all agreed to do this together, AND THAT WE WILL. Blessings on you all. My love to you. Vywamus.

The Vywamus Foundation, Cumberland, Maine, USA, 10 July 2007

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