Thursday, 31 January 2013

Intense anxiety is a trap because it muddies the waters of your mind

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 30 January 2013

[Prior to reading this, I managed to get myself very stressed over things I should know better than to give high priority to. Someone has taken the best wood I was storing for my open fire in an unused shed over the road from where I live. It was one huge branch which I had dragged, cut and carried home in four loads, taking a couple of hours in all one evening. Anyway, I was gutted when I went over there and aw the big space left in the shed and all my precious wood gone. I then juggled with the idea that, although the person didn’t clear all of my wood out of the shed, the fact remains that a third of the wood that I have in the cellar consists of these long, chunky wooden beams that don’t burn! I put a rechargeable one in my guitar only to find that it got stuck in the stupid battery box which is both very tight and the catch is broken (I bought this guitar second hand last year)! Took me ages to push and prise the battery out. Then I tried a few different 9v batteries in the new distortion pedal I bought on Ebay and the damn thing does not work. So that was a waste of money I don’t had and still no fuzz sound or anything! Then the window cleaner knocked o my door just as I’d started meditating and I hurried downstairs to pay the guy but he’d already gone as though he had waited but twenty seconds for a reply!
Had I meditated earlier I might not have reacted to these things. However, the task at hand was to centre myself in meditation. It was not easy but the gentle light and intelligence deep within me began to grow and shine. My spirit or guides helped me to realise that these things are not worth getting stressed about. And helped me to reason that I can live without a distortion pedal, for now anyway, and to surrender to grace and let go of the wood and just imagine that I had used it already on the fire. There’s nothing I can do about it. I was soon looking at these things from the higher perspective of a calm state of consciousness in which my ego mind was not fretting and flustering. Grace. Identify what is important in life and don’t sweat the small stuff. Appreciate the good things that you have, the things you find enjoyable and rewarding. And don’t go bananas over trivial matters. Actually prior to reading the article below, I had also been thinking that being in a physical body is like being in an initiatory box, lying in the dark. We have simply imagined and experienced so much in our minds that we have identified with this world and all of our projections onto it. We believe it is all real when it is just a dream. What is real is the spirit, the love, joy and peace of our true, eternal nature. And what is most important is our lives is honouring who we really are by expressing these qualities in any way that we are able to.

Update: It appears that the wood was taken by gypsies, having opened the shed whilst stealing my friend's washing machine which cost him a ton and he had only put it by the backdoor an hour or two earlier!]

When you are relaxed it is quite easy for you to enter into a quiet and meditative state, but when you are anxious or disturbed and your mind is racing, it is considerably more difficult.  And that is when it would be most helpful if you could relax into that peace and stillness.  If you are over-stressed, driven by fear or anxiety, go to some place where you can be alone, without interruptions (turn off your phones!), and ask your guides, angels, ascended masters – whoever you are most comfortable calling on – for help.

Keep asking and asking and asking, because when you are very stressed your ego will be extremely persistent in filling your minds with worrying thoughts — thoughts that must be attended to now.  This is not the case.  If you are over-stressed you cannot think clearly, and to take action in this state of mind is inadvisable at best.  To quieten your ego mind, it can be most effective to keep repeating a short prayer or mantra until it stills, and this you can reprise should it start to race again.  Intense anxiety, which many on the earth plane frequently experience, is a trap because it stirs up and muddies the waters of your minds, preventing clarity.  You know this because you have all experienced it, so it is essential that you establish a quiet place of peace within, to which you can withdraw to still those raging waters.

Many who meditate imagine themselves in a peaceful setting they have personally experienced, or they use an imaginary one from a story they have read and with which they feel comfortable.  It does not matter which you choose so long as it is a place with which you resonate and to which you can return in your mind’s eye whenever you choose to do so.  Your ego will likely interrupt your peace, by trying to block or disturb that peaceful, visionary place in your mind, by telling you that you are wasting precious time — time that could effectively be used to solve the problem(s) that are causing your state of anxiety.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Sitting quietly, peacefully, with your racing mind stilled allows your intuition to come into your awareness.  That alone greatly reduces the stress that you are experiencing.  And when the mind is stilled your guides can connect with you through your intuition, offering the guidance that is most appropriate in that moment – it could well be  “Do nothing right now.  You are not ready to make a decision.  The situation is not as urgent as it appears.”

If this is the guidance, the intuitive sense, the feeling that you get, then honor it. You are all aware of the damage that can be done when you act in haste. Obviously we are not talking here about any high-speed activities in which you may be engaged, where well-trained reactions that have been carefully rehearsed have to be put into effect instantaneously.  When you are feeling stressed you often feel the need to do something now, and apart from the situations just referred to, that is generally not a good idea.  If you have not already created a place within to which you can withdraw when your stress levels become excessive, then please do so.  You need and deserve an interior place of seclusion and peace, and it is well worth spending time creating one for yourselves, one that really appeals to your senses and entices you inwards.

Having created this space, use it daily.  It will help you re-energize the flame of divine Love that burns constantly within you.  Fires need air so you need to create a draft for them: the flame of Love within you simply needs your attention, your acknowledgment, so use these to fan your flame and it will blaze up enthusiastically, warming your hearts and strengthening your faith that you are the divine and beloved children of God, forever in His thoughts.

You need the nourishment that your daily visits to your inner space provide.  If you neglect or forget to go there regularly you will find your stress levels rising, also your doubts and frustrations.  When you find yourselves becoming short-tempered, irritable, exhausted, it is a sure sign that you need to withdraw and restore your vitality, your life energy, and re-arouse the flame of Love that burns constantly within you.  It wants to work with you but can only do so when you allow It to — by opening your hearts in acceptance of the now-moment in whatever form it presents itself.

There is only Love.  Anything else is a distraction, an illusory temptation to engage egotistically with the world around you.  Yes, you are in the world, but you are not of it, so to engage only lovingly will fortify that awareness, shining your Light brightly in the dark places in which you may find yourselves, and bringing solace to those around you.  This is your task, your reason for this earthly incarnation, and with the constant intensifying of the divine energy field enveloping the Earth, you have an abundance of Light and Love to share in every situation, in every relationship, in every moment.

You are Love incarnate; do not attempt to dissuade yourselves of this truth. Many of you judge yourselves as too unworthy to even consider that this might be true, but that is just your egos trying to undermine your faith and your knowing by offering you a false sense of humility in which to wrap your doubts. Don’t be fooled; your ego has no wisdom.  It employs faulty reasoning to divert you from your path and to persuade you that you are not good enough.  Yes, you have all engaged in unloving behavior, but it is the behavior that is not good enough, not you, and you can change your behavior.

The field of divine Love is infiltrating the hearts of all on the planet, arousing awareness of unloving attitudes and behaviors, and of the damage that they cause, and encouraging people to release all that is not in alignment with it.  For the most part their responses are positive because they are becoming increasingly aware of the rightness of aligning with Love, and their will to do so is growing ever stronger. These are indeed incredible and wonderful times to be on Earth.  Look for the beauty and wonder in every moment, and amaze and delight yourselves as you all chose to be here to participate in humanity’s awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

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