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Elizabeth Anne Hill

Visionary, author, mystic, world traveller

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Elizabeth Anne Hill is an author, visionary, mystic, and International traveler. Her Spiritual journey began in 2002 after the death of her identical twin sister Catherine Mary Hill. Elizabeth soon learned that her sister was still with her in spirit and that they would work together (one in body, the other in Spirit) to help lead the world into an unprecedented evolutionary leap in consciousness. With Catherine's help Elizabeth wrote her first book "Twin Souls: A Message of Hope for the New Millennium," soon followed by a spiritual book for children called "The Circle of Life," illustrated by artist Lena Gardelli. In 2008 Elizabeth met trance channel medium Glenna Dietrich and together they co-created "An Interview with the Universe." With Glenna in a trance, Elizabeth had the opportunity to interview a group of multidimensional beings they called the Guides. As part of the "Interview with the Universe" project Elizabeth was told that she would let go of her possessions and all traditional safety nets including a job, a car, a home, and even money, and travel the world guided solely by her strong connection with Spirit. The story of this extraordinary journey will be told in Elizabeth's upcoming book. Stay tuned for more information.

Every quote or piece of wisdom on this page comes from many years of my own direct experience, so it is all tried and tested!

I thought about the fact that a lot of what I am quoting originally came from a group of Guides working with me on a project called "An Interview with the Universe" (Ascended Masters et al) But then I realized that actually this all has become my wisdom because I have lived it and lived it and lived it. The Guides said I would be going on an experiential journey that would take great courage, and man they weren't kidding! LOL. Everything we talked about I experienced in some form.

"See only what you want to see. It doesn't matter what the body's eyes show you. Gradually the world, which is really on the inside, not the outside, reflects that which you decide to see."
- Elizabeth Anne Hill.

"This is a typical conversation I have with people: Mary: I can't believe the way so-and-so is treating me. E: Do you understand the concept of responsibility, and that everything you see in your world is about you? Mary: Yes. But so-and-so is ignoring me and treating me very badly.

If you are still talking about someone else then you are not in full responsibility. Any time a difficulty occurs with someone, I deal with it as I feel guided, but immediately I go inward to ask, 'What fear or limiting belief does this reflect in me?' And I feel hugely grateful for the opportunity to look at that piece of myself that still needs to be healed and released."

- Elizabeth Anne Hill.

"Whenever you encounter a person that you don't like, or you feel is difficult, strange, different, not easy to get along with, and you may meet others who then agree with you, compounding the dislike of this person, stop, breathe and look at this person through the eyes of an Angel, and then send this person extra love and blessings, for in truth you are looking at parts of yourself that you do not like very much and want to learn to love."
- Elizabeth Anne Hill.

“People have asked me if I feel lonely traveling the world, always moving around by myself. If you had asked me a few years ago I might have said, yes occasionally I do feel that way. But what I have discovered is that when you truly connect with your Higher Self and follow your heart, even through discomfort and fear, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction. When you make choices each day that bring you to a state of joy and peace, you feel at One with the Whole Universe. When you walk your talk and embody the most authentic, powerful version of yourself, you are walking the true path of the Soul and cannot help but feel completely fulfilled.
- Elizabeth Anne Hill.

“One of things I have learned about the idea of ‘manifesting’ is that it is incremental and it has mainly to do with beliefs (many which we do not even know are there). Because we are in a time of such astronomical shifting on the planet, many people have agreed to take on challenges from the past to clear them once and for all. The main ingredient is 100% responsibility. No matter what happens in your world, it is really happening within your own consciousness, even though it seems like something ‘outside’ or ‘other.’ And so when you see something that appears to be a challenge, bless it, and ask yourself what other things in your life are like this and how can you come up with a new belief that reflects how you want things to be. And then take action showing yourself the new belief. This cannot be done all at once, it must be done step by step. So when a challenge comes that seems similar to something you have dealt with before, notice how it is different, how it is easier, and how things have gotten better. Focus with all your heart on the ‘better’ and ‘easier.’ Celebrate better and easier. And this will continue to be the case. It really is quite miraculous if you pay attention.
- Elizabeth Anne Hill.

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