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Monstaville Book II. Appendix VII

Appendix VII

‘Those who would control humanity are rapidly losing their ability to do so’ by Saul

Channelled through John Smallman, 1 February 2012

Things are coming to a head, as those who would control humanity are rapidly losing their ability to do so. They have seemingly been in control for a very long time and they have surrounded you all with an energy field that encourages dissent, disagreement, and distrust. This field is not strong nor can it prevent you from moving through it, but because it encourages dissent among you, you very easily engage in arguments with one another – part of the illusion – and become distracted by the need to prove yourself right or others wrong. In that state you close off your hearts, and the divine Love flow that is always present is barred from entering because you want instead to experience the excitement of conflict. When you let go of the need to be right and choose instead to engage with loving attitudes and behaviour, the energy field with which the would-be controllers have surrounded you dissipates very quickly indeed.
Over the last couple of hundred years, ever more of you have opened into awareness of the futility of such attitudes leading to the emancipation of women, the freeing of slaves, and general freedoms for individuals in countries that have chosen democratic systems of governance. Over the last fifty years, this awareness has been spreading rapidly, and now there are very few on the planet who remain unaware of the benefits of these freedoms – which are spelt out very specifically in the American Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights that makes up the first ten amendments to their Constitution – and of the concept of individual sovereignty which no person, organisation, or government has the authority to overrule, regardless of any laws that may be enacted to allow them to do so.
Again, over the last few decades, many governments have been passing laws in attempts to reign in these freedoms under pressure from those who would control humanity. However, people now have access to far more information than ever before, understand what is taking place, and are responding with demonstrations and civil disobedience to peacefully express their total dissatisfaction with this state of affairs.
As they meet and interact peacefully and lovingly, their power increases. They are unwilling to act with violence against anyone, and their infectious enthusiasm to bring about peacefully vast changes in the way society operates affects everyone, including individuals enrolled in the forces that are sent to control and disperse them. Love conquers all, and those employed in the armed forces and in the various police forces are not immune to its effect, and are becoming increasingly reluctant to use force against these peaceful citizens.
The changes necessary to unseat those who would control humanity are occurring all across the planet, and news of these events is being widely promulgated. As the news spreads so does the love that is distributing it, and any desires to engage violently with the misguided ones who would control you dissipates. It is becoming very apparent that violence is not the way to bring about the changes that are necessary for peace to prevail across the world, and as a result of that awareness violent means are not, and will not, be engaged in.
Water is soft, but in vast quantities nothing can resist it, and the peaceful means that people all over the planet are engaged in to bring about these marvellous and essential alterations in attitudes and behaviours are equally effective. Those who would control the masses feed on fear because they are fear filled; all their activities demonstrate this overwhelmingly, and they attempt to disguise it under the blustering and bullying masks that they display when disagreed with. Fear is like a cancer that eats away at the heart of a person, eventually destroying him. But as it does so the person involved attempts to share that fear because to be alone in fear is quite terrifying.
Fear is contagious, but love is the perfect and completely effective antidote and cure, and that is why all the channelled sources continually emphasise the need for you to behave lovingly in all situations and in every interaction. Love dissolves fear, love enables peace, love heals wounds, and love is your natural state because God created you in Love. Focus on that divine Truth at all times as you bring all to awakening. That is why you are on earth and engaged in the illusion at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution. Wondrous celebrations await the momentous event of humanity’s awakening, so prepare yourselves for unrestrained enjoyment.
With so very much love, Saul.

“We are one. There is no separation. Everyone’s attitudes and behaviours have far-reaching effects way beyond their immediate physical placement. Consequently, as humanity engages lovingly with itself with increasing intentionality, great changes are occurring all across the world that are having wonderful and most profound effects which are enormously beneficial to all on the plane…
Now the smoke and confusion is clearing as you choose to replace those old damaging attitudes and behaviours with loving intent. The difference that this change in attitudes and behaviours is having planet-wide is truly astronomical, and, of course, as Love is always expansive the effect of these essential changes strengthens and intensifies in every moment, dissolving the barriers that eons of distrust had erected between you on so many levels. As the barriers disappear your ability to interact lovingly with everyone with whom you come in contact, regardless of their ethnic, social, religious, cultural or political persuasion, becomes ever more apparent. These changes, that are an essential part of your awakening process, are occurring with ever-increasing rapidity, and you can easily observe their effects all over the world.”
– Saul (channelled through John Smallman, ‘It will be like an awakening before the awakening,’ 8 February 2012,

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