Saturday, 15 February 2014

A few pointers on the path of life

Written for a teenager in despair (like the one I once was)

"Don't worry. Be happy." - Meher Baba. 
Everything seems urgent when you're young. Without being condescending, you haven't really waited years for things to improve in the grand scheme of things. You're just breaking into adulthood and there are so many emotions, hormones and changes flying around. It's like a rebirth, birth of the individual adult you. Suffering kind of saves us from the clutches of the ego and enables us to grow stronger and wiser with time. Some people go through life like caterpillars and we're told they're the lucky ones for whom things appear to work out. On a soul level, which is all that's real, no they're not. They've got crisis yet to come. If you're going through hell keep going (Winston Churchill said that). Because if you’re in the dark chrysalis phase you're kind of lucky in that you're closer to waking up from the illusion that we are just these physical bodies munching on cabbage leaves. Closer to breaking free from the confines of the ego mind. Closer to finding the eternal peace, joy and love that are the only true Reality. Feel in your heart. Get the momentum going. Deeper and deeper. The real you is in there somewhere. The Light of Love.

No one tells us the meaning of life. We have to find it ourselves. But if you want a little heads up (if not, read no further!).....This planet is a karmic school and we are graduating from initiations that have lasted many lifetimes. The lessons are hard but worthwhile not least because we are waking up against the odds and with each step our emotions are charging the Earth's new magnetic grid and influencing others, making it possible for others to find their way. We are Indigo wayshowers, leading the way. It's important to see the big picture. Russell Brand's got it now! It's true, by turning within, meditating daily, one can immerse oneself in that magical energy that is divine. The authorities don't want us to know all of this hence the crappy education system and the rest!

But it's important to develop a spiritual practice. Yoga and tai chi are powerful grounding, centring and balancing tools. People resort to taking prescription drugs because they're encourages to look for solutions outside of themselves but that is death. The very source of life is within us waiting to be rediscovered so it can shine in this world. Bit-by-bit we shall make a heaven on earth. There is a new global economy just around the corner which will make things easier so ignore the state of the world. The future is nowhere near as bleak as it looks. Try to feel through everything. That's how we release negative emotions. It's all just stuff we've brought with us from other lives when we denied them, projected them, escaped from them, fearing to face ourselves. So it's all piled up through much foolishness, otherwise known as fear. The first 13 years of life are largely there to set us up for the personality and experience we need in order to release it all, much of it being karmic of course.

Osho said that the two most important words are ‘Let go.’ We have to relearn how to relax because this world takes us away from, or out of, our selves. We were naturally relaxed when we were very young and we never held on to emotions. We just released them as they surfaced. We need to breathe more deeply which is more natural and connects us to our higher selves. We need to drink more water because that helps to release emotions. We need to listen to our hearts because that is where the truth resides. And, oh yeah, as a little girl once told Kurt Cobain at a family gathering when someone had asked how we should live or something: ‘I think people should concentrate more.’ In other words, we must become more conscious, more aware and focused. No one can afford to go about their lives on automatic pilot anymore. Our world is being charged with higher energies and they are not going to relent. Gradually, density will be replaced with lightness and en-lighten-ment. The days of people living from their subconscious are nigh.

One cannot go through the whole of one’s life without knowing frustration, anger and despair. Yet, these shall pass also. We need the contrast between dark and light to really embrace and awakening back to our true nature. Never underestimate the power of compassion for ourselves and others, forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation, stillness and patience because they help to align us with what is Real…………………………………….

Love and blessings,


p.s. Also, don't underestimate the power of a Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde to fuck things up for a little while!

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