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My letter of support for the release of Charles Manson

Charles Manson is just an Indigo rebel with subversive ideas, an animal right and environmental activist and an outlaw who has neither accepted or conformed to the corrupt system of hijacked democracy in America. As such, he became a petty criminal as a young man but, by not turning up at court or paying fines, etc, he ended up doing a lot of time. As an upcoming singer-songwriter to whom some younger people looked to for guidance on the ranch where he lived in a commune (and also cleaned up after everybody and looked after them, as he says - far from being a 'cult leader') Manson was an ideal candidate for this role of Devil leading kids astray and example of what not to be. The criminal Elite (having sent convicts to San Francisco to turn hippiedom into something seedy and scary) wanted it to look like a criminal was a leader in the hippie movement to put parents off and make it out to be something terrible and sinister. So, when a drugs deal went wrong, and the FBI and mafia had to be kept out of the picture to keep the American public in the dark, Charles Manson was framed, prevented from defending himself in court, tried in the media via the wild Helter Skelter myth that was concocted for this purpose and thrown back in jail. And they threw away the key it seems (Manson is the longest serving prisoner in the world!).

I have done my research (by no means an easy undertaking) and I am very passionate about making it known that Charles Manson is a political prisoner and also calling for his release which is not only long overdue but should never have been required in the first place since he did not do anything! He was connected to the mafia and biker gangs but, ever the individual (and shaman), he was never one of them and did not embrace the dark so he was considered a liability since he knew so much about the truth of how the United States (and the world) has been controlled by a network of satanists (of which 34 million reside in America according to Jay Parker). Anyway, I hope to see him freed for the few remaining years of his life but I realise that this can probably only happen if the US Government exposes the whole shebang: not just this absurd charade but that of the secret shadow government and their conspiracy to enslave humanity. Everything is a LIE my friends! So don't beLIEve any of the BS that they feed us through the government, the media, the education system, the economy, the corporate hegemony, big pharma, Monsanto, the legal system and, of course, religious and other institutions.

And, fyi, regarding the swastika on Manson's forehead: he cut an 'x' there as a statement that he was not given his rights (denied a defence in court). Then, at some point, he added the arms, not because he is a 'Nazi sympathiser,' but because he is a man of truth who preceded many thinkers, researchers and whistleblowers in the truth movement today. And, while this knowledge includes the unbiased, unhyped version of what took place during WWII, it also extends to the fact that the Swastika is essentially a Hindu Sun symbol. But, know that he has been beaten, burned and tortured for decades and also subjected to psychotic drugs and also says that he is free in his mind and not attached to the physical realm as the majority of people are. So, I guess, one day it made sense to add the arms since everyone seemed to believe that he was the Devil incarnate! He does not care what the public thinks and probably feels that this is a good mirror. In other words, people see what they want to see and that is their lookout.

31 December 2013

P.O. Box 303
CA 93212
United States

To Whom It May Concern

Wake up!: Disclosure on all levels is imminent!

We are seeking JUSTICE for Manson, and justice for our planet Earth. Manson is an honourable man, with much insight and wisdom that is recognized by a great number of people of all ages and cultures. We the people are demanding that Charles Manson be released now. I support the immediate and unconditional release of Charles Manson.

There is a train known as the Truth Movement and its destination is not The Twilight Zone but a new world and a new reality, a new consciousness oriented in and elevated by love and truth. Various (old) souls are already onboard that train and the more that more it the faster it travels as it picks up momentum. It is an unstoppable force that was scheduled thousands of years ago as part of a dimensional shift of a universal scale.

Now, this letter I am writing concerns a rather special passenger, an individual so far ahead of his time that he stands as a beacon of truth in the darkness for three generations. Indeed, it is because he knew so much about the Underworld and the way that the control systems of Earth function that he has been incarcerated as a political prisoner for most of his life. A growing number of people no longer give any credence to the lies spewed out in the mainstream news media. We things as they are and we know when someone is enriching our awareness. And so it is that Mr Charles Manson is on a fast track to becoming a national folk hero.

The multilayered Tate-LaBianca case is apparently recorded as being unsolved and yet, perhaps for the first time in history, thousands of people around the world have contributed to solving it: for the people, by the people. The trial, although lacking a court, has taken place in the world itself and has been building up for many years. The pressure now demands release!

The criminals who have hijacked the political and economic (not to mention legal) systems of the world and who have undermined its social structures and cultural conditions, found in Charles Manson an ideal fall guy to frame for murder as part of a campaign to discredit and destroy the hippie movement of the sixties. Those of us who know that the fabrication presented in the media created so much fear that few questioned the fact that Manson was never tried by a jury and was never even accused of murdering anybody are among the thinkers who are set to influence the next generation. This means that the cat is already out of the bag so-to-speak. The real criminals operating behind the scenes (the ‘dark cabal’ as they are known to us) found it expedient to manipulate and exploit Charles Manson for their own ends by keeping him locked up, robbing him of his music and suppressing a creative genius and denying him any positive influence on the masses. At the same time, they have deceived the public by painting Manson as a monster, a serial killer, a psychopath - (‘Cult leader’ my ass!) - all for temporary gain and fleeting power. For, the time is now up and well do they know it. And they knew it would be so all along yet they were blinded by their own arrogance and obstinacy, believing that their luck could never run out. How foolish when the facts of the matter were staring them in the face the whole time. A little delay, a little mess to clear up: this is all that they have accomplished as Earth now embarks up a new Golden Age.

And one person who has never sold out, who has remained true to himself and who has upheld the truth as an awakened individual in a world full of fear and hate, is Charles Manson. For this reason, he has earned his seat on the truth train. And, whether or not he is released from prison in his old age and receives an apology from the American Government and the FBI (yes we know about the sloppy sting cover up), to live a few final years in the desert, in his beloved mountains, anywhere he wants, playing his music, loving the earth, this man will serve as an icon for future generations as an individual who represented true freedom in an age when the world was enshrouded in darkness as a veneer of ‘democracy.’

Mr Manson has fulfilled the role that he, as a soul, intended to play during this incarnation on Earth. For, this was in no way dependent on his location or environment, but upon his awareness. As he says, it is laughable that those who think they are free on the outside are usually found to be locked up in a prison of their own minds. Had he been released from jail a decade or two ago (even though 14 years was the maximum penalty he could have received even for an erroneous verdict alluding to aiding and abetting the real murderer, Tex Watson), I am certain that he would have happily agreed to live a quiet life away from the masses, in peace and safety, continuing to promote ATWA with its peaceful goal of ecological restoration, a noble calling in which many others are involved today.

The fact remains that both the American Government and the FBI, not Charles Manson, have blood on their hands. And this is set to become common knowledge. Manson has known all along that our history books are false, a situation which is about to be corrected. I believe that releasing Charles Manson now would be a wise step for the American Government to take. This need not be accompanied by a full confession but simply a statement to the effect that they consider him to be of no threat to society. The American Government would then come out, not smelling of roses, but looking a lot better than it does at present. It would be a clear sign that corruption and insanity in the political world are coming to an end. It would, I believe, be one positive step towards regaining trust not only in the United States, but across the globe.

At the age of 79, Charlie deserves a respite from the extreme persecution inflicted upon him. No doubt this cross he has borne was a karmic responsibility, perhaps a debt to society from a previous lifetime, but it has also represented an opportunity for him to hold an ideal of strength and inner freedom up to humanity. The media holds one mirror up but those who have eyes to see look into the mirror that Charlie himself also shows us through his very being which is the result of all that he has been through. Great souls thrive on great challenges! Whether or not he and Star actually intend to tie the knot, his fiancée must be a wise old soul to have come to Earth remembering such a mission, knowing intuitively that this bond of nurturing support will help to heal humanity as a whole. Good vibes in other words!

You see, this sad state of affairs (the denial of a human being’s rights as well as the endurance of physical and mental abuse) is a deep wound not in Charlie himself but more in the American people and, one some level, the entire world. Healing this wound will have a powerful effect on humanity, energetically. I am asking you humbly, and filled with forgiveness for the real perpetrators of crimes against humanity, please release Charlie and release all injustice NOW! It is DUE! It will be a truly great day for the human race and will be remembered in the (new) history books as a significant landmark in our progress towards true liberty, peace and equality. It is hard to believe that Manson is the longest serving prisoner in the world. Shame on those who know the truth yet maintain deceit and injustice. With the regime change just around the corner, I hope, at least, that President Obama considers this act of mercy to be of the utmost urgency.

I urge you on behalf of the next generation of thinkers and leaders on Terra: feel the impact of these words and FIND A WAY!

Yours sincerely,

In peace and compassion,

Antraeus de Herschia
Singer/Songwriter/Author/Astrologer, Aged 48

p.s. my True Love is music too!
The new American folk hero

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