Monday, 17 February 2014

Only a Story

Q&A with P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, February 2014

Q: If we play a game called, "I've forgotten where I come from" when we incarnate, why do we do this?

P'taah: In a way to maintain the integrity of the experience. When you think that you have many, many lifetimes, all occurring simultaneously and your desire is to incarnate to have this most vivid intense experience  called human life, then in a way you would choose to maintain the integrity of that experience by kind of blocking out everything that is not of this experience.

Q: And when we choose to have this experience, we're not looking at the fact that it may be painful or uncomfortable. What we are looking at is simply, "It will be intense."

P'taah: Correct. Because in a way, the greater part of you could be likened unto this present self of you reading a book that is very sad, and you say, "Oh dear, what a sad story." However it is only a blip, we would say, in the totality of your own being. You understand?

Q: I do understand.

P'taah: All right. So the greater part of you understands that no matter how intense the experience, whether that be what you would term cataclysmic or whether you would term it a most wondrous time in any particular span of time in your life, the bottom line is the greater part of you knows that you are eternal, knows that you are perfect, knows that you are this extraordinary extension of the Mind of Creation simply having and creating moment by moment these experiences called your human lives.

And of course it is to remember that you have other lifetimes which are not human -  well, we would say not lifetimes, but experiences which are not human.

So in a way this human lifetime that you are experiencing in this now, it is so large in your beingness of the present, and yet really kind of an in-breath and an out-breath of your greater self.

Q: Very good, and I would think from what you said that the more we come to know who we are and the more we love ourselves, the less suffering there will be. There may be intense experiences, but it won't necessarily be what we call suffering.

P'taah: That is correct.

Q: Okay. So the aim is to become more at one with yourself, and then...

P'taah: That is correct.

And we would say at this time also for those peoples who have experienced what is termed other lives, traumatic experience affecting this present lifetime, we would say really that "past lives" in a way is just a story and the reality is that you are to deal with and transform in this Now whatever is occurring, no matter where it may have originated.

Of course sometimes it assists you to put a logic unto this phenomena or that phenomena. But the truth is, everything is just a story. And you are to deal with and hopefully transform the fear or the, what you would call, bad experience, into love, into acknowledgement and embracement so that you change the frequency. You change the energy surrounding or involved with whatever experience it is.

Q: So in a sense it really doesn't matter whether what you are calling the story is true or whether it's something that you at some level made up, it doesn't matter...

P'taah: No, it does not matter. The bottom line is whatever the feeling is, it is that which is to be transformed from fear to love. Of course you may create a story that brings forth the feelings of great joy and playfulness and love and acceptance, etc. Well, all of it is just about the feeling, not about the story.

Q: This seems a good place to ask, "Is there really anything out there?"
P'taah: No, it is only "in there."


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