Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Monstaville Book II. Chapter 15


"I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole."
- Malcolm X.

Black to the Future II

An isolated incident about eight years ago: a young black guy and his white girlfriend came and sat behind me at the cinema. The guy sat directly behind me and kept knocking the back of my seat (and no he was not a tall guy with long legs!). In the end, I turned round and asked him to stop but he continued. I turned round again and told him angrily to stop knocking my seat. There was a little exchange that could have led to a fight. He did it just once more after that. It was as though he was trying to impress his girlfriend somehow and he may even have sat behind me for that express purpose.

11 November 2008.

Ah, well, I’ve done it now! I was having a crazy day, feeling inspired by a magical energy, and I had forgotten that today there was “a major wave of energy flowing through the planet which will be very activational for everybody and raise the collective consciousness higher than it is already.I think this 11:11 energy today is like a bit of chaos between old and new...a bit more energy releasing things and encouraging change...a chance to leap forwards perhaps. Anyway, I should have meditated earlier. In the evening, I cooked on a fire in the garden, something I neglected to do all summer this year. There’s nothing like sitting by an open fire watching the vibrant flames and then embers. I then popped out to the shop up the road. On my way, I passed the No.1 menacing black guy in my area. I haven’t seen him around for about seven months. I thought he had moved (perhaps he was in prison). He’s the guy who walks around aggressively saying nasty things to people and reacting to just about everything in existence. There was another one whom I encountered in town before the tide from East London sprawled out in this direction. I later reflected that he resembled a scout for evil preparing the way.

“Have courage to act instead of react!” – Earlene Larson Jenke.

This tall young man - this public menace - appears to be full of anger and hate. His nasty intolerance and evident superiority complex certainly generate an atmosphere of fear. Well...he was walking in that obscenely intimidating way that he has, swaying dangerously and hurriedly like a fireball ready to burn up anything in its path. The sight was so absurd that I looked away, into the road. Alas, mischief got the better of me! I was in a crazy, carefree mood...somewhat warrior-like as well. I turned to look at him and just laughed at him. I heard him shout something behind me as I carried on walking, no doubt challenging me. Up ahead a group of Asian boys were arguing and a fight almost broke out. I was scared but the guy never chased after me. I guess he must have thought I was crazy or perhaps too hard to mess with. I seemed confident at the time even if I then lost my nerve yet tried to prepare myself mentally for a physical confrontation. Sure, not many people can claim to have been that courageous - or stupid - towards him, so it may have helped to sow a seed of change in his attitude towards people. Unfortunately, he uses the same road as I do to get into town. I hope he doesn’t recognise me if we pass each other in the street again! He could be looking out for me in future and I’m like a ‘belicia beacon’ with my white, shaven head around here! I don’t know. He didn’t wait to see me enter the shop. Then he would have known I would shortly be on my way back again. Perhaps he saw that there were people around and thought better of it.

When I got home, calling myself a crazy fool, I picked up the Angel Card ‘Love.’ Consequently, regretting my negative reaction, when I did finally meditate, I included him in the special round of energy transmission (I sent love and light to the Earth, various countries, our Prime Minister and Opposition leader, the new American President, Barack Obama, and a few people I know personally to participate in the 24-hour meditation event in which Lightworkers around the globe directed energy to amplify the divine frequency entering our world). No doubt, this was all meant to happen. I do wish I had just smiled at him and sent him love at the time though! An alternative to the Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times,’ is surely the ‘sweet curse’ (as a painter friend calls it), ‘May you live as an artist’! Candy-coated torture!

Actually, this part of me that laughed at him is the same trait that acts on compassion to support vulnerable people when no one else is. It is the part of me that takes action. It is a rebellious will that can defy any fear or inhibition and cut through any status quo or social condition such as collective beliefs, habits and apathy. It can pull me out of my own inertia, at least temporarily. And, sometimes, that seemingly temporal seed, that initial burst of energy, defiance and determination, can lead to a long-term sense of purpose, conviction and identity. The masculine drive sets the direction and boundaries by enabling us to remain centred in our own truth, our essential being.

Tell me why are we so blind to see
That the ones we hurt are you and me
- Coolio (‘Gangsta’s Paradise,’ 1995).

I admit that I am trying to live an ideal country life here even though these surroundings are never going to reflect my own sense of dignity and self-worth. It was reasonably feasible to pretend that I hadn’t fallen down a sewer until these other kinds of people moved into the area. Naturally, in Monstaville, I am concentrating on destructive forces in society, sharing my bad news in a contemplative way in order to increase awareness. It is therefore, by its own nature, a one-sided view of life (this project, you will recall, started life as one thread in an otherwise very playful, relaxed and joyful spiritual journal!). I am reminded to repeat this since a young black guy offered me some assistance on the following day as I struggled to climb over the park gates (they have evidently started closing them earlier with winter approaching). I had passed him and his girlfriend in the park earlier. I doubt if many people would have thought to make such a gesture. As it happened, I was just looking for another gap in which to place my foot, but I was grateful for the offer of support which seemed genuine.

I love seeing couples who seem truly happy together, cocooned in feelings of warmth both for each other and the world. Actually, I particularly like seeing young, Oriental couples being intimate together in their particularly innocent, gentle and playful way. I find it soulfully inspiring (my Inner Child approves!). And, no matter where they are from of course. Well, I say this because I have also made a special note of both Asian and African couples walking, sitting or playing peacefully in the park during the Summer. I like to see people being happy without trying to enjoy themselves loudly or through other extreme means of excitement at others’ expense. It is this level of tenderness that my own sweet and sensitive soul requires which is why I tend to turn inwards to meet my emotional needs.

I have a more ‘Eastern’ soul as I have mentioned before. I’m just more emotionally, and therefore fourth-dimensionally than materially and third-dimensionally, oriented than many Westerners. Emotionally, I do not really connect with many British people. Hence, I am not married I suppose you could say! Mind you, it has to be said: I rarely even meet the actual natives these days! But it is possible that at least one of the reasons I ended up here is that I was not finding myself responding or connecting enough to ‘my own kind’ in a cultural sense. No one really brought me out of myself in this country and my Inner Child decided it was content to hide and play its own games anyway. It could not adapt even though it tried because living life from the principle of creative freedom (without the funding to accompany such an existence) just became more and more alienating, in fact. Yes, we have been living like an aristocrat in pauper’s clothing!

“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and in reach of every hand.” - Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

It must be pretty horrible being from an ethnic minority and fearing a backlash caused by others’ irresponsible behaviour. When bad elements from a similar background draw attention to decent people there is potentially a fear of society’s perception of them as individuals, which requires strength, almost as though having to compensate for others’ weakness. We are all carrying the burden of selfish, ignorant and greedy people regardless of what race or class they hail from. So, of course, it is imperative to avoid painting whole groups of people with the same brush. It is always preferable to relate to people as individuals, even if they are not expressing their individuality, than to label them as belonging to groups. For, that is to recognise the truth, even if they do not see it themselves, to see the inner person beyond the outer form, the husk which will one day be discarded in favour of the soft, rich and sweet fruit within. I believe that we as a society need to be more courageous and mature in regard to these issues. We will be better off in the long run if we all engage in positive discrimination and use wise judgement as opposed to denial and political correctness which merely sweep problems under the carpet and perpetuate the tensions caused by subconscious orientation.

As I’ve suggested previously, it is not just a racial type that feels threatened by, or resentful, of me. The same insecurities exist in most proud, macho, egocentric men - who are resistant to the very potential of deeper individuality (and higher consciousness) - resulting in a violent urge to vanquish the untapped beauty, peace and sensitivity within themselves. The same week, I passed three young black guys walking side-by-side in the street. They took up most of the pavement. The one on the end stuck his elbow out at my arm as I squeezed past as if in a kind of ‘why should I give you even that much space when I feel powerful walking with my mates?’ gesture. Chung Fu counsels that one very positive thing we can do during meditation is to breathe in each person in our lives with whom there may be some level of conflict and breathe them out. They will feel the release of tension, the letting go of negative energy, and feel more loving and harmonious towards us. I have done this on several occasions. So, as I continued walking down the street, I breathed the energy out so I could let go of the tension. I don’t want all these little incidents building up somewhere, principally within myself but also in others and the pool of collective consciousness that we all share on this planet.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." - William James.

11 December 2008.

I often worry about these comments and the part of me that believes in peace as a natural birthright does not wish to acknowledge such observations. Another part of me, however, understands that, where society is right now, peace can only be brought about by truth – not just mine but the truth inside every citizen as they find and see it - and by confronting these issues head-on. Growth is often a painful process. A little synchronistic incident occurred to me today. I was walking through town and it was freezing cold and I became acutely aware of how everyone, especially those who live in areas like this, struggle to survive and find life very difficult. I was concerned, in particular, for ethnic minorities, wondering how those who come from warmer climates cope with weather like this. My train of thought led me to reflect on whether living in a culture in which you don’t quite fit justifies a degree of hostility towards other people. Immediately, however, I considered my own struggles and the fact that I, too, am an outsider. I don’t go around provoking people or causing trouble. So I dismissed the notion. Tonight, I looked up Kryon on the Internet in search of some dietary advice and came across the following equally controversial but intriguing statements:

Question: I’m a black woman who enjoys your teachings tremendously. It seems that there aren’t a lot of black people involved in these discussions. Is this true, and is there a reason for this? Is it cultural? Or am I wrong in this assumption?
Answer: Dear one, yes. If you’re speaking about black Americans, you’re right. It’s cultural. There are two basic reasons you won’t find many blacks in metaphysics in your culture: The first one is that in your land, your race is a minority with a history of oppression. This has created a very strong spiritual support base. Almost from birth, most of you have been exposed to very high church and spiritual support and a feeling of belonging and sticking together. There are few groups that have this kind of support and prayer base. So spiritually, you don’t look around much for answers other than what you have already learned about the love of God. This works for you and is honoured.
                The second reason is perhaps politically incorrect in your culture to speak of, but Kryon is not of your culture. Many of you are in survival mode due to sustained second-class citizenship you experience from birth. This causes despair, poverty, and a shift to crime among many due to despondency over life and a need to survive in a system that does not honour you. When a Human is consumed with survival in a difficult environment, they don’t have time or a desire for introspection or a search to better themselves spiritually. All their time is spent spinning within the challenges they have, many of which they assume to be their plight, many of which they have created themselves.
                The sadness here is that if they did look within, they would find the tools to co-create a life outside of survival, and start processes that honours their endeavours and their lives. Blessed are those with life challenges, as so many of the minorities have, but who have decided to increase their spiritual knowledge as a solution, instead of trying to force-manipulate the reality of the cultural situation.
                (, 2005). [Retrospective note: I have known one black lady, an online friend, since August 2011, who has attended a Kryon talk, in fact]. [1]

A few hours earlier, in fact, I happened to catch This Week (on BBC1) in which Michael Portillo claimed that the creation of the welfare system for black Americans by John F. Kennedy brought the process of social and economic integration to a halt, with men leaving home, abandoning their children and the matriarchy breaking down. Barack Obama appeared to concur with this view in his race speech on 18 March 2008. I would argue, personally, that, everyone is entitled to the essentials of life as their spiritual birthright whereas, while there are limited resources available, nobody has the right to accumulate and hoard wealth at the expense of billions of other people on the planet. Progress just takes longer in some cases than in others. Welfare does not remove hardship but merely lends some much needed support to those who have yet to find a way to create wealth or discover their own individual potential. It is a foundation, not a dictatorial one, but one of love and brother-sisterhood because human beings are all one family - essentially one and equal yet ultimately with limitless individual potential - whether they know it or not.

Crow: Well, just don’t lose your coolness, cat. I mean, don’t lose your coolness.
Fritz: Easy for you to talk, you’re a crow. I wish I was a crow. If I was a crow, I’d fly away man. I’d fly away from this town for good.
- Fritz the Cat (directed by Ralph Bakshi, 1972, based on Robert Crumb's comic strip Fritz the Cat).

Instead of trying to drag everyone back to the Dark Ages (or Victorian times as Diane Abbot gently but perceptively pointed out on the show), back to a system of even worse exploitation, poverty and misery, there ought to be more encouragement to look forwards. People feel frustrated over time when the only work they can get is low paid drudgery. It breeds low self-esteem and an attitude of angry reactionism. It causes inbuilt resentment in those who have lived in the U.S. or U.K. for generations and have been treated as second-class citizens. It is unfortunate that some people who are living outside of the box react to their stress with fear and anger and that a culture dominated by violent bullies may result. Displays of power are used as a survival mechanism, to overcompensate for the deep-seated insecurity that is felt. Surely, these are the very people who ought to see a window of opportunity for awakening to their unique purpose. Some do take a quantum leap and express themselves creatively. The walls of hopelessness and despair require that we stand tall in order to see over them. If we are too short then perhaps we need to join forces with like-minded people and search for solutions. It is all a matter of motivation as well as setting a positive example, showing what is possible and inspiring others through one’s own leadership and initiative. I am confident that there are many seedlings among us that are about to emerge from the soil and point the way towards the sun through their own personal breakthroughs. Plus, it is national karma of course anyway.

Only savages would endorse slavery as a means to generate power and wealth. Ain’t that the truth! We now know that a group of Mongolian, incestuous, phallus-worshipping and child-sacrificing savages – and, via their sojourn in the Khazarian Empire in Eastern Europe, so-called Jews, as Benjamin Freedman refers to them (Talmudic satanists) - during the Middle Ages are indeed responsible for the transatlantic slave trade. They are responsible for the infiltration of European aristocracies and all Western religions and major organisations. They own of 98 per cent of the world’s media. They control our legal systems. They have enslaved humanity through governments and taxation via central banks which they own (such as the Bank of England in the U.K. and the Federal Reserve in the U.S.). They funded and supported Communism and Nazism as well as Napoleon and the French Revolution. They were behind Oliver Cromwell and the establishment of so-called democracy, not as a foundation for freedom and equality, but as a means of control in the same way that Communism pretended to empower the people, and the barbaric slaughter of Irish people as well as the Gunpowder Plot. Their kinsmen, the satanic Jews who hailed from Babylon, were responsible for the murder of Julius Caesar and the bloodthirsty ambitions of the Roman Empire thereafter as well as the crucifixion of Jeshua the Christ. Together, as the ‘Black Nobility’ of Europe and their global network of mafia and criminals, they are responsible for the ruthless occupation of the Americas, of Australia and South Africa, India (through the East India Company) and Palestine.

This secret network also attempted to take over Western Europe a couple of years after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 by marching Russian peasants at gunpoint westwards but they only got as far as Poland. Then, when Stalin showed no interest in spreading Communist control on an international scale, International Jewry, aka the global banking Elite, got behind Hitler. The Global Elite wanted to give Eastern Europe to Stalin because he was not interested in actively going out and expanding his borders himself. According to an article by L.C. Vincent, the British Crown used a group of witches to confuse Hitler and turn him against Russia when he was planning to invade England. Vincent also reminds us that Rudolf Hess was lured to Britain (with the help of Aleister Crowley) when the Germans were persuaded that the British wanted peace. In fact, he says, they locked him up after having exposed and neutralised all the Nazi sympathisers in this country.

Sophie Scholl, Excecuted by the Nazis

It says in the Torah that 6 million Jews have to die in order for Israel to exist. At least this is what I have heard but have not been able to verify. Anyway, six is the Jews’ special number. In 1936, a certain fellow by the name of Chaim Weizmann said of the Jews that "6,000,000 were imprisoned in Germany." The Elite had already screamed ‘holocaust’ in reference to six million Jews having been starved in Eastern Europe back in 1919 (six being the Jews’ special number), as reported in the New York Times on 1 January 1939. This figure was again cited in 1938 and later during the Nuremberg Trials. And both of these wars, the Communist Revolution and the messianic plot to justify the creation of the Israeli state in Palestine, were hatched further back in the 19th century! So, the idea of a ‘holocaust’ was a 19th-century invention as an excuse to create Israel, fill it with Jews rounded up from Europe and establish a Global Empire in the Middle East. The Nazis were originally executing this plan on behalf of the Elite, not Jews. But it all went wrong when half-Jew (and Rothschild bastard) Hitler refused to join forces with half-Jew Stalin in about 1942 which is why the United States eventually stepped in to end the Second World War and went on to recruit Nazi scientists (which also appears to have been a trade-off calculated by the Nazis in their think tank in Madrid in the event that they should lose the war). Or he agreed and then went back on his word.

“The gas chamber that they show the public at Auschwitz was built in 1948 and the Poles have admitted it,” says controversial Historian David Irving. “It’s a totally fake building. It has a chimney behind it which isn’t even connected to the building. It’s like Disneyland…There’s no doubt that tens or even hundreds of thousands of people died at Auschwitz of various causes…They’ve made it a criminal offence in many countries around the world even to look at what happened in Auschwitz. Look what happened to me when I started to question what happened in Auschwitz. That should make people suspicious. What’s wrong with this place?” (BBC interview, 2000).

Whether or not the Nazis then killed ‘millions’ of Jews in concentration and death camps I don’t know but it wasn’t 6 million and, since the real figure remains to be confirmed, I am making no assumptions personally as to what it actually is. Some say the figure, including the extermination of Protestants and other groups is 18 million. It has also been noted that the figure ‘6 million’ was propaganda to counter the positive news that Hitler had provided jobs for 6 million people who had been out of work in Germany: 6 million jobs versus 6 million corpses. It is as though ‘6 million’ is the phoney Jews’ round number which represents ‘a lot,’ like the figure 10,000 in China. Myron Fagan states that the Nazis incinerated 6000,000 Jews (The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations, 1967).

No mention of holocaust, Jews, or anything like that in this Elite propaganda programme. We're told that these are concentration camps where "several nationalities and types" were kept in appalling conditions and that their bodies were disposed off if they died as a result.

The Secret Holocaust by Eustace Mullins (1984) provides a detailed overview of how the Holocaust Myth was concocted in the sixties and suggests that, actually, the Jews had sacrificed comparatively few of their own people, having stated at a Rothschild meeting in 1773 that, for every Jew who happens to be killed, he will be avenged by the death of one thousand ‘cattle.’ “The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians,” says Mullins. He also discusses Russian concentration camp survivor Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s account of how “blood-maddened Jewish terrorists had murdered sixty-six million victims in Russia from 1918 to 1957.” He explains that the Jewish cult is out to kill the Goyim (non-Jews): “fifty million victims in World War I; a hundred and fifty million victims in World War II; sixty-six million Christians murdered by Jewish fanatics in Russia since the success of the Bolshevik Revolution. Many, if not the majority, of these victims of Jewish terrorism were women and children. Millions of them perished of starvation and exposure in campaigns of Communist expulsion from their homes.” In addition, Mullins explains that the fifteen Polish officers who were captured and shot in the back of the neck in Katyn Forest, in 1940, we killed by Russians, not Germans, “the Soviets having claimed this atrocity had been committed by the Germans” at the Nuremberg tribunal. (There is only one copy on Amazon but an html version of this short exposé can be found here: and

We should at least put all the facts on the table and debate such matters objectively. We must be wary of belief systems, manipulation and emotionalism and eagerly await actual evidence. Even intellectuals like to take what the Establishment says as gospel without acknowledging how irrational they are being particularly now that so much information has come forth to denounce it and show it for what it is (a control and propaganda machine)! The fact that holocaust denial is a crime in some countries and that a few historians have been extradited and imprisoned, in the wake of 9/11, for objectively and intelligently reviewing the evidence against this hyped-up atrocity tells me something is up and that the Elite are hiding something from us. They have gone out of their way to cover up the truth which means they do not want us to question this event. That, for me, is all the more reason to delve deeper. It is going to be so liberating once the corporations’ hold over governments and the mainstream media is removed. Mmm…I can smell the coffee already! Imagine: journalists being encouraged to ‘boldly go where no news man or woman has gone before.’ Courage is contagious!

The Zionist Elite’s plan may not have been to kill Jews but take their wealth and ‘persuade’ them to leave their homes and move to Palestine, although perhaps the idea was to sacrifice/murder some and move others. This could not be achieved voluntarily so they employed a race war tactic under the banner of National Socialism to achieve this end. Controversial history revisionists claim the evidence suggests that there were no gas chambers in which millions of people perished - which could be the real reason why it is a crime in countries like Germany, Austria and France to deny that the ‘holocaust’ took place. It is an effective way of stifling the truth as well as deterring people from criticising the Zionist overlords who themselves persecute the white races, including non-elitist Jews, and Muslims, as well as black people. It has been claimed that people were exterminated in ovens after being made unconscious in gas chambers. And that the reason there is little evidence remaining is that the allies (at the top) were quite possibly involved in this whole scandalous pre-planned extermination project lasting 30 years and not only did they not bomb any of these facilities (the gas chambers and ovens) but also helped to remove most of the ovens as well as the statues of Mother Mary at the camps. Or so I read - and it is always worth having an open mind.

[Update: It would appear, really, that this plan to exterminate Jews was hatched by Zionists to kill off the real Jews who really are Ju-dean (Judah was originally pronounced ’Yudah’) descendants. Originally, after funding the German war machine for WWI to wage war on the Czar along with Russia’s allies (Britain and France), the Zionists had turned against Germany after striking a deal with Britain to involve the United States in the war in return for Palestine, which was not Britain’s to give, according to Benjamin Friedman. So, a number of false Jews settled in Palestine with all their possessions while millions of real Sephardic Jews who were related to the Palestinians were stripped of their possessions and slaughtered in concentration camps (another figure is million real Jews and 7 million non-Jews). Hence, when asked why there were 150 or so Jewish men in the SS, Hermann Göring famously replied, “I will decide who is a Jew!” In other words, many Ashkenazi Jews, who were descendants of the tribes who once formed the Khazarian Empire, were, and still are, involved in the global conspiracy. And, after the war, they had the audacity to feign offence whenever anyone questioned what really took place regarding the holocaust, as though it were these false Jews who were the victims when, in fact, they were the aggressors! These criminals protect themselves by vilifying others whilst demanding sympathy. And of course they are also concealing the truth and do not want people prying into real history and finding out whom they really are and what they have really been doing to humanity: including the Zionist Party’s transfer agreement of 1933 with the Nazi government. Besides, they were the ones who declared war on Germany which lead to WWII purely in an effort to suppress the truth that they had sold Germany out after having been treated very well since the Czar threw them out of Russia (according to Benjamin Freedman, Zionists from Eastern Europe approached the British Government with a deal, offering to bring America in to end WWI in exchange for Palestine, which was not even Britain’s to give. Adolf Hitler realised that the Jews would love to turn every country into a Communist slave state and drain all the wealth. Being a Catholic (and therefore also, whether directly or indirectly, answerable to the same criminal Elite, he opted to resist the real scourge of humanity and fight to keep Europe Christian. However, the victor writes history, of course! And Wall Street funded both sides, eventually demanding, as I said earlier, that Hitler work with Stalin because he had no desire for imperialistic expansion. My understanding is that the Elite ended the war when Hitler refused to do this. I do not know what possessed the German army to march on Russian soil, or who gave the orders, but evidently those deaths did not aid Hitler’s cause. According to Charlotte Iserbyt, who had relatives in the Skull and Bones order at Yale, three types of socialism were developed with Wall Street funding: Bolshevic Socialism in Russia, Welfare Socialism in the United States and National Socialism in Germany. Wall Street financed Hitler and Stalin in order to create Communism, says Iserbyt. And, presumably, spread it gradually, capitalism being little more to the Zionists than a superficial semblance of freedom and democracy from which they would eventually pull the plug once they were in a position to rule the world from Israel)].

"The Jewish supremacists want you to believe that this so-called holocaust was the result of what the Nazis did, but, in reality, it was really a gigantic con job pre-planned by the Jews to fool the world into accepting their scheme to take over Palestine and to keep the rest of mankind apologising to them for their shameful treatment of the European Jews.” – Judson (forum on The Zionist Khazars’ speciality is vilifying the people they wish to attack by accusing them, often of ‘offences’ of which they themselves are guilty. Anti-Semitism is merely a tool by which the Jews can get away with their crimes without being confronted or challenged. It is the perfect cover for a gang of criminals, a Jewish mafia.

Whatever the truth is about this and other areas of history that have been distorted for propaganda purposes (mostly to hide the real truth – i.e. crimes against humanity - but also to condition the masses to think in a certain way and hold beliefs that keep them ignorant and powerless), until they have become little more than grotesque or fabulous Hollywood myths, I believe, personally, that it is about time we grew up and questioned everything we’ve been told with a view to exposing lies and revealing the truth. I, for one, now take everything in the mainstream media and the official consensus on history and all other areas of knowledge with a pinch of salt. This demonic plan for global domination goes right back to Atlantis and surfaces periodically (for example, Babylon, Rome and the Communist-Capitalist power structures of the 20th century). Friends, we have a common enemy. A very cunning, secretive and powerful enemy that warrants putting our differences aside to unite, not in resistance, but in the creation of a new world in which they cannot breathe unless they change, unless they raise their own vibration and consciousness through the power of love. (See ‘Black to the Future IV’ in Chapter 17 for further enquiry into this subject).

“Everything is sneaky up around Sneakyville. Ha ha ha ha. Everything they have to do to get to the truth has to be sneaky. It seems a shame to sneak to get to the truth, to make the truth such a dirty old nasty thing.” – Charles Manson.

Slavery still exists in many forms throughout the world. We will never be free until everyone is free, free to move forward and express their unique potential as individuals. Such abuses of power will not be supported by the new energetic of the earth as we start to move into the new Age of Peace. We are living in a monumental period of transition and must therefore strive to balance the chaos with patience and kindness and wait for conditions to produce the prodigal son (which could well be self-love or self-esteem). Gradually, all of our social and economic problems will be solved, not least because of the many older souls living on Earth now. Celebrate the Indigo Revolution. Be part of it. Joy as well as peace is our common destiny. These endurance tests are designed to be spiritually motivating.

“I desire only to know the truth, and to live as well as I can...And, to the utmost of my power, I exhort all other men to do the same...I exhort you also to take part in the great combat, which is the combat of life, and greater than every other earthly conflict.” - Socrates (from The Gorgias by Plato).

One ought to appreciate that, during the 70s and 80s when there were far fewer people from ethnic minorities in Britain, they suffered untold racist abuse from ignorant people. One might say that we live in more enlightened times perhaps, unless one perceives that the tide has turned in the opposite direction and indigenous English folk in poorer areas are bearing the brunt of the chaos caused by unlimited and unselective immigration (which, of course, is designed to keep wages down, another effect now being that British plumbers, electricians, tillers, and so forth, are unable to find enough work and are struggling to make ends meet). But, then, we must be smart and understand that the corporations and their government puppets are responsible for such misery. The dual culture that many people from ethnic minorities have (those without chips on their shoulders or who don’t even respect British values) avails them of a broader perspective of life. Some British people also have a dual culture, however. They have developed an acceptable outer persona which is practical and enables them to earn a living and engage with mainstream society on some level. Thoughtful, creative people also possess a less conventional, more authentic identity developed through exploring the depths of the culture, becoming familiar with its essence but as unique individuals. Most people never touch this core but many do. Yes, even spiritual depths can be found here, like gems hidden deep underground, utterly overlooked by the mainstream media (surprise, surprise!), despite contrary forces. We are as active as they but we often have to conceal the power we have found because it is not accepted by the shallow, oppressed, subconscious masses (pardon my frankness).

“There’s been constitutional racism in Britain for years and years and that’s gone now. My generation was 1971, Love Thy Neighbour. You know, ‘Snowflake’ and all that bullshit that no one really needs anymore. Everyone now gets [to like?] people come over from Africa. And of course we like them because we’re not racist. And, then what do they do? They make them fucking traffic wardens…’Fuck off back to Kenya.’ [Looks put out] ‘But I come from Watford!’“ – Jim Davidson (On the Offensive, Cyprus, 2008, entertaining the Royal Welsh Regiment).

17 December 2008.

Yet another young black guy – got on the bus and kept clapping his hands loudly right next to me and continued when he sat behind me, music blaring out in his headphones. So I stood up and had a go at him, asking if he wanted the whole bus. He carried on grinning and denying that he was causing a problem. Clearly out of pride though. Just always seems to be black men around here although, in run-down white areas, it’s white youths of course. I went and sat at the front of the bus and could still hear the ‘music.’ He’d hijacked everyone’s space in one foul swoop. He (and his friend) didn’t look so happy when we both got out at the same stop though. Unbeknown to him, I’m not into physical violence. [Retrospective note: I have since realised that guys living around here who are sensitive like me usually walk everywhere, up to about one hour on foot!].

Shortly after this, I was in a supermarket and an older African man who was talking very loudly on a mobile phone appeared to keep following me! As if my wish for him to bugger off served as a honing device. In the end I turned round and told him to go away – which he did but then eventually came back to where I was. I laughed (as you do…in the loony bin!) and left the shop then anyway. I often sing and talk to myself when I’m out and about but not when other people are about because it’s annoying (not to mention bad-mannered, and un-British!).

Democratic Republic of Congo (Belgian Congo) - Kuba King Photogaphed in 1947 by Eliot Elisofon by RasMarley on Flickr

24 February 2009.

I don’t know. I have a few black American friends on MySpace. I’ve received friend requests from other black Americans but they seem to have a taste all of their own which makes me cringe to be honest. Just the opposite of what I deem refined and aesthetically stylish. Anyway, I like sensitive, gentle people and ‘B,’ who is a seeker of truth, occasionally messages me to thank me for a bulletin I’ve posted or to ask for further information and he expresses gratitude for the exchange and the info. It’s humble and polite and kind of leaves me feeling that he might have been more oppressed than any black guy I’ve known in England. Sure, it could also simply be that he’s a really nice guy, and also that he finds my bulletins helpful. Just makes me wonder, that’s all…that perhaps he doesn’t feel he is treated as an equal by white people so much in the States. Of course, the situation here can’t even be compared to what it must be like over in the States. Equality is a natural result of increased awareness. It’s just how life should be, which also means that we are free to criticise each other too. So I only know this one black guy in America but, well…

“Sorry, I’m being so negative. It’s a bummer. I don’t know. I shouldn’t be. I’m a very, you know, lucky guy. I’ve got a lot going for me. I’m healthy, relatively young, I’m white which, thank God for that shit, boy. That is a huge leg up. Are you kidding me? Oh, God, I love being white, I really do. Seriously, if you’re not white, you’re missing out because this shit is thoroughly good. But let me be clear on that. I’m not saying that white people are better. I’m saying that being white is clearly better. Who could argue? If it was an option, I would ring up every year: ‘Oh, yeah, I’ll take the white again, absolutely. I’m enjoying that. I’m gonna stick with white thank you.’
                Here’s how great it is to be white: I could get in a time machine and go to any time and it would be fucking awesome when I get there. That is exclusively a white privilege. Black people can’t fuck with time machines. A black guy in a time machine is like, ‘If it’s before 1980, no thank you. I don’t want to go.’ But I can go to any time. The year two. I don’t even know what was happening then. But I know, when I get there: ‘Welcome. We have a table right here for you, sir.’ ‘Thank you. Well, it’s lovely here in the year two.’ I could go to any time. In the past. I don’t wanna go to the future and find out what happens to white people because we’re gonna pay hard for this shit. You know that…And I’m a man! How many advantages can one person have? I’m a white man! You can’t even hurt my feelings. What can you really call a white man that really digs deep? ‘Hey cracker!’ ‘Uh. Ruined my day [looks grumpy]. Boy, you shouldn’t have called me a cracker. Bringing me back for owning land and people. What a drag!’” – Louis CK (from his stand-up tour ‘Chewed Up,’ 2008,

Weird: the next day, I received a friend request from a black American guy into Voodoo and black magic. Haha. His page was quite tasteful in fact, but I declined all the same.

30 April 2009. On my way home from the doctor’s I passed by a scuffle outside the shops at the top of my road. A black man (English-born) in his thirties (possibly forties) was arguing with two (older) Asian men who had ushered him out of their shop (a travel agent). The black guy said, “You know what your problem is? You don’t like black people. You’re racist!” One of the Asian men quietly replied, “You’re the racist. You don’t understand Pakistanis.” The black guy, who was being loud and aggressive, told them, “I like Pakistani people. Do you know how many Pakistani friends I’ve got? I could get five of them here now to cut your throat!” Perfect! I found the whole thing surreal: it was as though they were following a script to be inserted on this page!

Unsuitable Bloke (Lenny Henry in a black leather jacket, sporting a beard and moustache): [Starts to sing]
Auditioner 1: Next!
Unsuitable Bloke: Is there something wrong?
Auditioner 1: No, no, no, it’s fine, absolutely fine. No, but we, er, are looking for an eight-year-old girl, about so high, with curly red hair.
Auditioner 2: Thank you. Can we see the next one please?
Unsuitable Bloke: [Nods knowingly] Yeah [Sniggering] I know what this is [Nods some more, still smiling] It’s cuz I’m a black man innit? [Shouting] Innit? Huh?
Auditioner 1: No, no, no.
Unsuitable Bloke: Yeah! Yeah.
Auditioner 1: No!
Unsuitable Bloke: Yeah!
Auditioner 1: Traditionally…
Unsuitable Bloke: [Thrusts his fist vertically in the air, ‘black power’ style] One day we will be free, you know!
Auditioner 1: [Yes, that was good?]…Ah, but traditionally, Annie is a small girl.
                - Lenny Henry in Pieces (Series 1, written by Lenny Henry and Gina Yashere, BBC TV, 2002. Description from Wikipedia: “Unsuitable Bloke applies for jobs he is unqualified for and has no hope of getting. He believes the only reason for his rejection is because he's a black man, so he ends up getting the job anyway.” Unfortunately, I don’t know of a comedy sketch involving a Pakistani man who doesn’t take himself seriously. Otherwise I would include that as well. But give it time!).

25 May 2009. The Africans over the back were playing very loud music with the back door open during the afternoon. I tried to get their attention by calling out and even shouting at the top of my voice. No luck. I was working on the garden. I stuck it out for as long as I could but decided to hurry and leave the rest for another day since I was working equally hard to control my temper. So I went and had a bath to relax but I couldn’t because the music was so loud. It was a hot day and I had the back door open. I ought to have closed it first I guess. At the moment when I just had the thought, ‘This is hell,’ they turned their music up even louder. It was phenomenally loud. So, there I was in the bath, unable to relax. I flipped! I got out and went into the garden naked and dripping wet. I wanted to go and talk to them like that to freak them out (not that they’d have seen much because I’d have been talking over the fence) but thought better of it (and didn’t feel like getting myself arrested…especially in the nude!) and went and put some trousers on. I walked to the back fence and I was more persistent this time. I continued shouting to try and get their attention, encouraged by spying someone through the back door. Eventually, two African women came outside. I said, ‘Please could you turn your music down. It’s ruining everyone’s day – there must be a hundred people around here who are having to put up with it.’ They didn’t seem very amenable to the idea so, before they had a chance to protest, I added, ‘If you don’t, I’ll have to call the Council; sorry.’ And then I just left and returned to my bath. By the time I was lying in the tub again all peace and quiet had been restored. Heaven! That is exactly what I needed to do. The woman and her husband argued later however and I figure it must have been related to this incident because I rarely hear them shouting. [Retrospective note: The Jamaican guy who lives directly behind me later told me that his wife had eventually urged him to confront them about their loud rituals which took place each night after midnight! He said he could only describe it as sounding like some kind of voodoo chanting. They endured it for several months but his wife just couldn’t take it anymore because it was keeping her awake].

“Our capacity to make peace with another person and with the world depends very much on our capacity to make peace with ourselves.” - Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen Master).

Q: So, Master Kirael, is it fair to say that in this expanded consciousness, as the brain is re-circuited, peace will prevail on Earth and love will be the prevailing consciousness?

Kirael: You’ll suddenly realise that it doesn’t matter what colour you are or what language you speak, because you will speak something that’s beyond language. You will speak like the Creator, in love, and you will have thoughts that don’t come in language, but you’ll know what to do anyway. Suddenly you will realise that you have no enemies, that your human brothers and sisters are a life support, and then everyone will learn to love one another. So, yes, the world will look different fast.
                When you wake up, the first thing the lightworker will say is, ‘What about me brethren?’ You will feel safe and snug as a bug in a rug. If you live in New York and it’s twelve below zero and you’re a lightworker, you will immediately start to work with your photon energy. You will be warm in the middle of a snowstorm. You could stand in the middle of a snowstorm with a T-shirt on.
                You will want to pull together as a community of humans. Your thoughts will be the thoughts of your brothers and sisters. You will think into each other. You will be that pulsation of energy that travels on photon, and that’s how everybody will receive it. 
                ...When you come out of those great three days of darkness, or when you awaken to whatever it is you will awaken to, you will want to jump for joy. When you do, you will float up and come down slowly in your newly in-lightened bodies. You will meet with your galactic friends, who will be right here to meet with you. You will not be afraid of them. You’ll have access to your ninety percent brain and, in that, fear will be gone.

- Master Guide Kirael (through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, ‘The Great Shift and the Freedom of Photon Energy,’

Retrospective note.

“A sense of humour is the ability to understand a joke - and that the joke is oneself.” - Clifton Fadiman.

I appear to have left one little story out. I can’t recall why I opted not to include it in the book but I expect the decision was made prior to writing so much on this theme owing to my subsequent experiences. It was not my intention to offer my thoughts on racial differences as part of this already very controversial tome! A few years back, I knew a guy who was bottled in the face in Brixton where he lived. He had popped into the local off licence for some beer and a young black man in the shop asked him to buy him a can of beer! My acquaintance, who has a rather middle class accent and some of the physical awkwardness to go with it, made a little joke, purchased his goods and left the shop. The young man followed him out into the street and proceeded to smash a bottle over his head. As I said, the bottle struck his face. He had a black eye and needed countless stitches around it. The blood that had surfaced to make the left eye black had also run into his other eye. So, in actuality, he had two black eyes. Incredibly, when the invisible stitches were removed (or dissolved by themselves or whatever) was very little trace of the incident remained for which he is, obviously extremely grateful. I asked him if his assailant had been black because I, personally, would not feel safe living in such an area. I would not wish to live in a rundown area populated by English people, Turks, Oompa Loompas or any other brand of thug for that matter! I have, however, had enough experiences of being threatened physically by black men to make this option unthinkable. And, as I have mentioned previously, a former gay friend received a great deal of harassment from black youths around the council estate in Hackney where he used to live. Hearing those stories caused me to affirm that I would never allow myself to be in a similar position. The victim of the bottling took offence at my question and seemed horrified or even disgusted that I should ask such a thing – as if the young man’s race had absolutely nothing to do with it! Reluctantly, he confessed that, yes, his attacker had been black. I let it go but I was surprised by his response. To me, it was the most logical and natural question. I was confident that it had been a black man and I was right. So what’s wrong with being a know-it-all? Oh, I see, we have to deny the truth in case it makes someone somewhere feel slightly uncomfortable. Great! Meanwhile, violence like this goes unchecked. I told him drunks and psychopaths have no sense of humour, reflecting on my humorous response to Pigsy when he rang on his doorbell to see if he was at home before concluding his mission of ringing my doorbell, accusing me of telling him to fuck off and then holding a knife at my throat and threatening to kill me! Ah, if only it were a comedy show!

“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – George Orwell.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling for some kind of Inquisition through mob rule. Perhaps people are afraid that acknowledging the truth could lead to that. The very opposite is true, however. Social awareness leads to greater unity, more responsible behaviour and true civilisation. This has absolutely nothing to do with prejudice. I have known black people, white people and Asians who have expressed regret in regard to the more violent and ignorant people with whom they share the same skin colour or racial or cultural background. Indeed, who is prejudiced here, the victim or his attacker? The truth does not hurt, ignorance or denial does. Greater awareness and openness to truth would allow light to spread far and wide. There would then be nowhere for thugs to hide. It would be clear that they are a minority and these individuals – and gangs - would be easily identifiable because the contrast between light and dark would be that much clearer. Denial simply condones darkness and inhibits truth and light, love and, ultimately, peace. At present, in this atmosphere of fear, menacing gangs are easily able to prey upon innocent young people and infect them with their darkness like a black hole that has been given a licence to expand and extinguish the light of the soul. What we need is a social environment which is conducive of hearts opening confidently and like little suns radiating their light victoriously. There must then come a point where light, not darkness, gathers momentum more easily and goes from strength to strength until love replaces fear as a collective belief. It will happen. The types of ignorant and hostile behaviour with which we are familiar today will be unthinkable and appear ludicrous to future generations.

“This country was built on gangs. I think this country is still run on gangs. Republicans, Democrats, the police department, the FBI, the CIA…those are gangs. The correctional  officers had a correctional officer tell me, ‘We the biggest gang in New York state.” – Tupac Shakur.

I am telling this story now because someone recently said to me that a person they knew was punched in the face and another guy asked if it was a black man who’s assaulted him. This was employed as an example to me of how such a question is irrelevant. I would argue that its relevance increases in parallel to the black population. Just because the police and news media are too afraid to state the colour of attackers so we have a clear idea of the proportion of black people to others in this area of human catastrophe does not diminish the truth that violence by black people is likely to be higher than by other races. Of course, such a statistic is not intended to paint all black people with the same brush just as wariness of terrorism ought to apply to any and every Asian person. That would be utterly ridiculous and would inhibit those very citizens who are, as loving, authentic individuals in their own right, contributing, both behaviourally and vibrationally, to making this multicultural society a potential success. The good guys are far in the majority. It is simply that our society encourages the worst in people and empowers the more ignorant and egotistical among us. And this, of course, enables the corporate mass media, by highlighting trouble, to make things look worse than they really are. It allows the powers-that-be-to dumb down society, keep people’s vibrations stuck in low-density fear, and to divide and rule. Same old same old.

So, my question, ‘Was the guy black?’ relating to this incident in Brixton was highly relevant. In fact, I would add that this applies to anyone in South London or areas such as Hackney and, increasingly now, in East London as well. As an afterthought, perhaps, with many physically-oriented black men it is something of a choice between Hong Kong Phooey and the Tasmanian Devil: hero or thug! So what? The truth is always refreshing.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell.

Incidentally, I know a guy (again, a ‘white English guy,’ also in his thirties) who lived in a bedsit on the firth (top) floor of a building near Brixton. The locks were crap and a thief had seemingly looked in the rooms on each floor and found nothing worth running off with. Finally, he reached the fifth floor and grabbed this guy’s mobile phone. My acquaintance must have heard something because he came out and chased him off. The thief, who was black, turned round on the stairs and, shaking his hand, told him, ‘There’s no need to follow me. I’m from Jamaica. It could have been worse.’ That’s what he said! As if to say he was lucky not to have been seriously injured as well as robbed! He then put his hand inside his jacket, produced the guy’s mobile phone and handed it back. That’s kind of like me saying it’s OK for me to write about racial differences in this book because I’m one of the more sweet, sensitive men. Rather me than some snotty-nosed BNP fanatic writing about this subject. I see. Point taken! I may revere truth and praise awareness but I am essentially about love not hate. Of course I am disgusted by racist attacks by violent Nazi mobs. My desire is always to increase understanding in the hope that we may become more aware of ourselves and others. Ultimately, we are all one Being expressed in diverse forms and dimensions and, as we evolve to the higher dimensions there is much less distinction between ourselves as individuals and those with whom we serve and interact in a group consciousness.

Lily Munster (Yvonne De Carlo): [sigh] Oh Herman, you’re so sweet and thoughtful. When they made you, they broke the mould.
Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne): The doctor always was a butterfingers.
                - The Munsters (Season 1, Episode 2, ‘The Sleeping Cutie,’ directed by Norman Abbott, 1964).

What about Hendrix? And Marley? And Michael Jackson! Yeah, I know another Michael who is also a beautiful old soul and also happens to be ‘black.’ As if skin colour, as I have explained, means anything much at all when an individual is beyond cultural identity and genetic programming. When we speak of racial ‘role models’ we really mean people who have transcended racial identity with all its hang-ups and complexes, fear and pride, and become sovereign beings in their own right even though they may have an appreciation for their cultural roots and an understanding of whatever tensions may exist collectively. I would also like to make it clear that no one is suggesting there are no spiritually switched-on black people! Of course there are, and increasing in number all the time.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix.

There is an amazing black guy in California named Astarius whose ‘Spirit Rap’ is nothing short of genius (check him out at and Then there is the wonderful, warm presence of Mooji who hails from Jamaica and Brixton. Mooji is a spiritual teacher whose guru Harilal Poonja himself was a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi. The biographical page on his website ( accurately states: “There is an energy that radiates from Mooji's presence, a kind of impersonal intimacy, full of love, joy and a curious mix of playfulness and authority. His style is direct, clear, compassionate and often humorous. Once caught in the grip of his questions, there seems to be no place to hide. So unsparing is his scrutiny and uncompromising stance, that the 'I' concept is inescapably exposed as a mental construction, when viewed from the formless awareness we are.” There is also a very gifted American lady (also born in Jamaica) named Sonia Barrett, author of The Holographic Canvas. The Fusing of Mind and Matter, whose clear yet scientific knowledge of the holographic Matrix in which we are living, how it is managed by the Elite and how we can free ourselves from it is very empowering and enlightening. Beautiful souls! “I was born curious,” explains Barrett. “I grew up in the Church like everybody else and I always wondered, ‘Who is God and why does He get to be in charge?” she laughs. “I always wondered, ‘Who is God and how can I get that? How can I be part of that?’ While everybody else was operating in a more of a subservient level. I felt that I was the child of a royal design and that, if I am the child of then I am people too.” (From a lecture at KRST Unity in Los Angeles. YouTube video posted by sovereignmindradio on 31 May 2008). Another hero of mine is Louis Farrakhan who is such a special and important man! I’m sure he is another adult Indigo. Devoted to God, fearlessly exposing truth, radiating love, serving humanity, bridging Heaven and Earth, bringing wisdom to the black and, hopefully, Muslim communities in America and beyond, holding a UFO conference at the Nation of Islam. Oh yeah, love that man!

Steven Seagal once told a reporter that he has many heroes, including Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Kofi Anan; that is, he was making a point by not including any Westerners!

“When strong, be merciful, if you would have the respect, not the fear of your neighbours.” - Chilon (

According to Abraham, we have developed resistant thought patterns gradually along the way and will eventually release them and become the kind of person who allows our own natural well-being to flow to us. People will then be amazed by the ‘joy that we will obviously be radiating’ and by some of the things that appear in our experience as a result of learning to practise the art of allowing so that this flow remains continuous. (Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA., U.S., 2008, p.189).
When I was 25, I stayed in a place run by this Italian hippy named Vijay who had travelled to India in the 60s and remained there in Auroville, near Pondicherry. After breakfast one day he told me that someone had once explained to him that one must simply wait for all the patterns that had evolved over the course of many lifetimes to come to an end before one could awaken and attain self-realisation. “But,” says Abraham, “one thing is very clear: If you do not do something that causes a different vibrational offering, then nothing in your experience can change.” – Abraham (ibid. p.187).

“Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God.” - Karl Barth.

Foot note

1. On Coast To Coast AM, 4 January 2009, David Wilcock told George Noory: “Another thing I’m really fascinated by is Obama winning the election simply because there’s only one type of human being on Earth that doesn’t appear to have been seeded here by extra-terrestrial races. In other words, most of the human beings on this planet are not local…the only people actually seem to have been generated by the Earth’s own evolution is black people. Those are the only racial types that we have on Earth that you don’t see in people [who] come from other planets. And that makes them very special…We are very, very unique in the sense of the sheer amount of racial diversity on this planet…It’s like there’s different groups that all showed up at once.” Well, it is not true that the black race of humans was not seeded from another galaxy. Even so, perhaps there is something in the genes of black people that generally provides them with much physical energy and power, or a strong root chakra, which, when harnessed by a disciplined mind and will can be used for the good of all but, otherwise, is wont to lead to quite raucous behaviour. So, perhaps we will see a shift as the third dimension loses more of its density and the higher frequencies promote an elevated state of consciousness in human beings. The genetic and cultural limitations of all races are likely to diminish and the love and power of the creative spirit will shine through and replace such differences as we enter the fifth-dimensional plane of oneness. This whole discussion will become irrelevant in time as the younger generations rise to prominence.

Louis Farrakhan interviewed by Mike Wallace in 1996...

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